Review of Turkish Airlines flight Copenhagen Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1784
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 03 Jun 18, 11:15
Arrival at 03 Jun 18, 15:30
TK   #16 out of 88 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 733 reviews
By GOLD 2586
Published on 6th June 2018
I went on a two week holiday in June to:
- visit Moldova, one of the few countries in Europe where I'd never been before,
- visit Transnistria, a self-proclaimed independent country,
- visit Odessa, a city where I'd been planning to go for a very long time,
- visit a friend in Tel-Aviv,
- fly to Geneva to meet my family taking the direct Icelandair flight from Keflavík, and then spend a week in France.

I booked the following flights:
- Icelandair from Keflavík to Copenhagen, economy, successful bid to business class
- Turkish Airlines from Copenhagen to Istanbul, business class,
- Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Chisinau, business class,
- Ukraine International Airlines from Odessa to Tel-Aviv, economy, extra legroom and pre-booked hot meal,
- Alitalia from Tel-Aviv to Athens, economy, extra legroom,
- Aegean from Athens to Geneva, business class,
- Icelandair from Geneva to Keflavík, economy, using my Icelandair miles

I booked this Turkish Airlines business class flight as a one-way ticket at a very reasonable price. I wanted to have a wide-body aircraft between Copenhagen and Istanbul and also to have enough time for the lounge in Istanbul. This schedule also allowed me to have lunch on the first segment and dinner on the second.

I took the train from Malmö Central to Copenhagen Airport through the Øresund bridge. It took only 20 minutes and cost SEK 110.

My flight was from Terminal 2.

photo 01

The building won't win any architectural competition for its outside look.

photo 02

It's very functional inside.

photo 03

The check-in area for Turkish.

photo 04photo 05

"Are you familiar with our new lounge?" asked the lady. "It's after passport control. I'll give you an invitation".
"Can I also use the SAS lounge"
"Yes, of course"

photo 06

I had access to priority security which was very good as there was a long line at the normal security.

photo 07photo 08

You have to go through a huge duty free shop first.

photo 09

Copenhagen airport is one of my favourites in Europe. It's beautiful, modern and efficient.

photo 10photo 11

The entrance to the SAS lounge.

photo 12

This lounge is very nice, spacious, has a typical Scandinavian design and well separated eating, working and resting areas.

The breakfast offer.

I left the SAS lounge and went to passport control approximately 80 minutes before flight departure. While there were a lot of people for the regular passport control there was almost no line at all at the automated passport control (available for EU citizens over the age of 18 travelling with a passport).

photo 25

The Prime Class lounge is in the non-Schengen area - turn left and go up one floor.

photo 26

Although the lounge is quite small it is still a good place to spend some time before your flight. There is a nice coffee machine and alcoholic drinks are available from the staffed bar. The lady working at the lounge was friendly. The lounge is also available for Priority Pass holders.

The breakfast offer.

Some apron views - yes, we're at a SAS hub.

photo 35photo 36

Priorities were respected at boarding.

photo 37

My plane today was an A330-200, registration number TC-JIO, aged 10 years, named Eskişehir.

photo 38

It didn't have the herring bone configuration I expected but the standard 2+2+2 in four rows with a total of 24 business class seats. There were only seven passengers today. Obviously it was very comfortable for a three hour daytime flight within Europe - perfectly fine for me.

photo 39

I was booked in seat 2A but moved to 1A so I wouldn't have a neighbour. Legroom for seats 2A and 1A.

photo 40photo 41

Seats 1D and 1F had the biggest legroom.

photo 42

The controls were not very modern.

photo 43

The screen was in the central armrest for the bulkhead seats. A small table could also be folded out. The main table could be folded out from the side armrest.

photo 44

A simple pillow was waiting on my seat.

photo 45

Turkish Airlines signature welcome drink.

photo 46

Headphones were offered.

photo 47

Turkish roasted hazelnuts.

photo 48

Boarding was completed at 11.05 for a scheduled departure time of 11.10. The captain announced a flight time of three hours and five minutes. Push-back was exactly on time. We had a long taxi followed by take-off at 12.21 from runway 22. The view immediately after take-off:

photo 49

Menus were distributed before push-back. A good point for Turkish: although I didn't order seafood it was added to my booking as it was in my preferences registered with my Turkish frequent flyer number.

photo 50

Drink orders were taken after take-off. I asked for some Turkish white wine, but no details are given on the menu card about it.

photo 51photo 52

Hot towel.

photo 53

The meal was served very quickly, only about 15 minutes after take-off. The appetizer (mezze), the salad, the cheese and the pudding were served on one tray. Salmon tartare was added for me to the standard appetizers of tabbouleh and hummus - a very nice touch! Everything tasted very good, including the pastry and the butter.

photo 00

Knives and forks with the THY logo.

photo 54

I had grilled swordfish as a main course. The fish was good; the lentils very tasty but a bit salty; the celeriac potato puree had a strong and characteristic taste. So while it was not necessarily my all-time favourite dish it had the merit of being original and tasty. The salad was fresh. The pudding was good. The Turkish sauvignon blanc wine was light and OK. Altogether a very efficient and enjoyable lunch service.

photo 55

Cognac, coffee and tea offered from a trolley alongside a smile and a "How is your flight?" question. Hot towel was distributed after the end of the meal service.

It was time to rest after lunch. The seat reclined and there was enough legroom but it wouldn't be really comfortable for an overnight flight.

photo 56

In-flight entertainment: the screen was on the small side for the bulkhead seats. The screen was not very responsive as a touch screen but I also had and old-fashioned remote control which was faster.

photo 57

What matters more is that there were a lot of choices: 298 movies, 923 TV shows and 1786 songs. This selection was good and I could easily find something interesting.

I found this video - I'm quite sure I was the only person onboard interested in this. A very detailed tutorial about airline economics, especially pricing.

photo 65photo 66

View over the Bulgarian coast and Varna airport.

photo 67

The construction of the new Istanbul airport

photo 68

We had nice views over Istanbul before landing

photo 69

We landed at exactly 15.00.

I've never heard of Bosphorus European Airways

photo 71

Yes, we're at Istanbul Airport.

photo 72photo 73

After arrival I went to Turkish Airways' famous Istanbul lounge - see my next flight report to Chisinau.

Thank you for reading.
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This was a very, very enjoyable flight. This is as good as busines class can get within Europe: wide-body aircraft, plenty of legroom, good catering and very friendly cabin crew.



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  • Comment 448995 by
    socalnow 978 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this excellent report Bldavid. The catering on TK never ceases to amaze me. The base tray and mezze look very inviting. The main a little less so. Wide body aircraft and angle flat seat are a great way to cover the three hours. Thanks again for sharing and happy flying.
  • Comment 449203 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Hi BlDavid, thanks for a great report as always! I love that TK uses widebodies on so many European routes. Combined with their stellar catering in J, it really makes for a much better experience than the competition can offer with Euro-biz blocked middle seat on similar routes.

    Wow, interesting, I've never heard of Bosphorus European Airways either. They don't have an IATA code, so they must only do charters. And is that an A300!? In 2018!?! LOL, I had to look twice! I guess that's cool from an AvGeek perspective. Not a fan of the BEA logo though--makes me this of the French BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses) which is the French equivalent of the U.S. NTSB, the French agency that handles aviation accident investigations :-/

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 449251 by
    bldavid GOLD AUTHOR 265 Comments
    Hi KévinDC, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, this widebody aircrafts offer a much better comfort than the typical Euro-business configuration. The BEA aircrafts seemed to be completely out of use for a long time.

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