Review of Air China flight Nanning Beijing in Economy

Airline Air China
Flight CA1486
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:02
Take-off 27 Jun 18, 17:01
Arrival at 27 Jun 18, 20:03
CA 186 reviews
Published on 15th July 2018
Hello, welcome to my First Post here on Flight-Report, I'm usually found on with the same alias.

We start another wild adventure from the beautiful and green Nanning, Guangxi, China and slowly work our way back to Boise, Idaho in the US. This flight is my first A321 flight so definitely exciting and oh boy, what a wonderful time in Beijing we will have!

Wednesday June 27th, 2018
Type: Airbus A321-200
Registration: B-6383
Departure: 16:05 (17:01)
Arrival: 19:25 (20:03)
Duration: 03:20 (03:02)

photo UswECLL
Palm trees near our temporary residence

photo VWXO5l0
Last little raw fried noodles

photo LDaJf9p
Driving to the Airport

We left at about 13:00 and quickly made it through to the airport, which is about an hour away from near the city center.

photo 8O9O13B
Our flight on the FID

Afterwards we checked-in through the very generic check-in area for non-CZ, MU, and GX flights and received our generic boarding passes even through our first connection, which ultimately we never used (yes! we get actual CA boarding passes)

photo pG2DCCu

photo CCXZ84a
Interesting carriers at NNG

photo yHZV7P7
Gate 43, in the more remote section of NNG where our plane was

photo ZSRO3hk
West section of NNG

photo CPCdkah
Heavy rainstorm which caused some issues on the ground and delays (galore!)

Eventually boarding began at around 15:50, pretty close to departure time

photo OIZDHc4photo tAX1kWq
GX E190 (This is GX's main hub)

photo kXeigsv
The A321 today: B-6383

photo 1ysP20Pphoto 4mYCkP9
Seatback pockets and the generic BP

photo Tzn73Vy
That GX E190 now with its registration showing

Then the series of unfortunate events occurred which was the APU not working, which lead to the cabin rising to a pretty hot 31 Celsius or 88 Fahrenheit for fellow Americans like me.
The engines also had to be manually started too which took around 20 minutes

photo VICG5rd
Free water

The awesome crew interacted well and informed passengers all the prior statements and even poured drinks for the passengers.
Eventually around 16:45 we pushed back with both engines running and chugging.

photo 86y03Su
Never knew Chinese Registrations could have letters after the Bravo Dash (JD A321)

photo IHQ6r87

photo swzTxMVphoto fBwCZZ6photo PRBbBPT

Take off was at 17:01 almost an hour behind schedule

photo HmHVqRr

photo 6Ko3ritphoto rvyxyvu
Crew preparing for service

photo kVAB5CR
OJ, one of the things I didn't like was the lack of drink varieties

photo jjbZoVXphoto UF9w6b6

After the drink service they commenced a hot meal service with a choice of Braised Chicken Meatballs or Fish with Rice

I chose the chicken since I am afraid of the fish having bones as the custom here is to cook fish bone-in

photo byt6VTsphoto rhiRcS8photo c134LQp
Better look at that IFE

photo b0AFiqN
Green tea

photo XWo8juv
In flight magazine (Nice shot Zabivaka!)

photo Cc8j5F2
Route map

photo Cjqudsuphoto pvRWk7tphoto NbL0k2T
Polluted Beijing

photo cpyy15z

photo ZfbXAWc
Landing at a remote part of PEK

photo 66A47Ekphoto Ogta7Pb
Hainan remote stand

photo ctOeP3m
Mahan Air A343

Unfortunately we were directed to runway 36L, which was really far from T3 where CA resides and took another 20 minutes

By the time we reached our gate, D06, it was too late to connect to the next flight to LAX at T3-E, and we needed to be rebooked, on a special plane, the Boeing 747-8i

Anyway we had to be accommodated for the night and of course, we had to be home late 20 hours :/
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Air China

Cabin crew10.0

Nanning - NNG


Beijing - PEK



It was awesome to fly the A321 for the first time, and the crew were amazing. The only issue is the unfortunate events of the APU not working and happening to be assigned to 36L and sitting in the back of the plane. The CA crew did a good job giving us some compensation but nonetheless caused a 20 hour delay.



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  • Comment 454381 by
    OH-LWE 33 Comments
    Great report by the way!

    The reason why Chinese registrations now include letters is because they've been running out of registration numbers since the original combination allowed for 9999 aircraft registered in China. (Had they switched with Taiwan, it would have been easier because that combinations allows for 99999 different registrations) For example, China Eastern's first A320neo was registered B-1076, but their most recent one was registered B-301Z. Historically this combination has only been used as test registrations for aircraft built in China before customer delivery.
  • Comment 454396 by
    bgboiflyer AUTHOR 38 Comments
    I see, thanks for clarifying. I see that the aviation business in China has grown quite so much that well they will soon reach over 10000 aircraft, which means well they are gonna need to add letters too, then they can accommodate 1679616 aircraft!

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