Review of Air France flight Paris Seoul in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF264
Class Economy
Seat 46A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 31 May 18, 13:52
Arrival at 01 Jun 18, 07:17
AF   #27 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By 4450
Published on 22nd July 2018

Flight Review AF264 from Paris to Seoul

Welcome everyone.
Here we go with part 2 which covers my flight from Paris to Seoul.
Enjoy it. :)

Trip Overview

1st Segment: MUC > CDG – AF1423 - CLICK HERE!
2nd Segment: CDG > ICN – YOU ARE HERE!
3rd Segment: ICN > CDG – KE901 - CLICK HERE!
4th Segment: CDG > MUC – AF1122 - CLICK HERE!

Pre Flight @ CDG

I arrived at the M-Gates quite in time and relaxed a little bit, as tiredness kicked back in after I got up so early.
There were many stands where the inflight magazin was available to take.
As there was an intersting story about the Seychelles in it, I took one and read some articles until my flight was ready for boarding.

Flight AF264

As I already mentioned, my flight from CDG to ICN was operated by a Boeing 777-300ER (F-GZNU).
She was just over 2 years old.
That Air France paint scheme looks really amazing on the B777. <3
photo 20180531_112850

Boarding took a while but shortly after I took my seat, an Vietnam Airlines A350 parked right next to us, so I had some action to watch.
photo 20180531_124534

My seat was in the last section of the Economy class - 46A.
Window seat once again, but I had to pay 20€ to reserve that seat.
Seat was much much more comfortable than on the A320.
Seat width - as usual in a B777 with 3-4-3 Economy class config.
Seat pitch was okay, but could have been better.
photo 20180531_124845

Amenity kit for the night flight to Seoul.
photo 20180531_125359

When I looked around the cabin, I saw that there were some crew members working in the kitchen area.
Shortly after that some technicans joined the action and tried to repair something.
It didn't get any better as the captain also took a look whats going on.
To sum it up: We were delayed for about 50min with some minor technical issues and some thunderstorms in the area.
photo 20180531_124911

Finally 40min after scheduled departure we were on our way to the runway.
photo 20180531_134610

A flying start and the heavy heavy B777-300ER roared up into the air.
photo 20180531_135131photo 20180531_135138

Some clouds over Paris after departure.
photo 20180531_135247

We departed into the West and made two right turns to head towards East.
The projected flight path was towards North Germany, heading North-East passing North Europe and then Russia before we enter China, followed by another left turn to cross the Yellow Sea towards the Korean peninsula.
photo 20180531_135555

Wing detail during the beginning of the flight.
photo 20180531_141026

As usual, about 30min into the flight snacks and drinks were offered for the first time.
photo 20180531_142430

Another hour later, the crew started with the meal service.
View of the tray - was really packed.
photo 20180531_150843

Salad with meat as appetizer.
photo 20180531_151145

Main dish - Beef with rice and vegetables.
photo 20180531_151459

Pineapple as dessert.
photo 20180531_152554

After the dinner, I watched a few movies and enjoyed the view across North-Europe.
photo 20180531_163948photo 20180531_164143

5 hours into the flight, some ice cream was served.
photo 20180531_181931

During the flight there were some baskets with snacks in the kitchen area free for everyone.
I had such a lovely Korean couple next to me, who always shared their snacks with me. :)

The sun set slowly as we headed towards East.
photo 20180531_183740

And half way into the flight it was finally a little bit darker outside.
photo 20180531_190608photo 20180531_195140

Mongolia was already in sight.
photo 20180531_211701

… and it got brighter outside once again.
photo 20180531_214618

I tried to sleep a little bit, but most of the time I was just napping a little bit while listening to music.
2 hours before landing in ICN, breakfast was served.
photo 20180531_224900

It was some sort of potatoes, eggs, mushrooms and spinach.
But the taste was not mine - it tasted strange.
photo 20180531_225213

Almost in Korea - crossing the Yellow Sea between China and the Korean peninsula.
photo 20180531_233340photo 20180531_233458

Yeah … some land in sight - one of the many islands.
photo 20180601_000912

Weather was awesome in Korea, too.
Clear skies welcomed me!
photo 20180601_001330

Final at ICN.
photo 20180601_001538

I can see your shadow. ;)
photo 20180601_001716

Touchdown @ ICN.
photo 20180601_001749

… and another great lineup of sky blue aircraft - well which Airline could it be^^. ;)
photo 20180601_001804

Behind us, a B747 was on her final approach.
photo 20180601_002157

And another one departed on the parallel runway.
photo 20180601_002053

As Air France and Korean Air are partner of SKY Team they also share the new Terminal 2 in Incheon.
Taxiing took about 10min and we parked right next to the many Korean Air aircrafts.
photo 20180601_002733

Post Flight @ ICN

In January when I flew with LH from MUC directly to ICN, I arrived at Terminal 1.
This time it was Terminal 2 and in some areas you can really see that it is the newer Terminal.

Compared to January the exerpience with immigration and picking up my baggage was totally the same.
Immigration was so fast, lots of personal and not too many people waiting.
But also, the personal at the airport was very friendly.

Bonus pictures from Korea

Bonus : Click here display
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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

Paris - CDG


Seoul - ICN



First long haul flight with AF and it was quite okay.
The B777-300ER was very new as she was just a little bit more than 2 years old.
Overall the inflight entertainment is quite okay.
The crew was very friendly and the food was good - except the breakfast.

Nevertheless AF is quite a good option if there are comparable cheap flights via CDG available.

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