Review of Wings Air flight Jakarta Bandung-Java Island in Economy

Airline Wings Air
Flight IW1720
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 28 Mar 18, 13:45
Arrival at 28 Mar 18, 14:30
IW 9 reviews
Published on 22nd July 2018
Hello friends! Welcome to my report.

Firstly, as usual, sorry for my bad English, and also bad quality of the photos as I took all of them by my cellphone.

This was probably the craziest flight I've ever had. Why?
The road distance between Jakarta and Bandung is about 130 km, and trips using land transports normally takes 2 hours. But recently Wings Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air focusing on short flights especially to "remote" airports using ATR 72 planes, launched Jakarta-Bandung flight which is scheduled to take only about 30 minutes. Taking planes to travel between these 2 cities is never thought by most people, even until today. But I heard that the flight has became an alternative for many people, considering heavy traffic jams on Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.

Wings Air designated fixed ticket price on this route for IDR 275,000 (about USD 19.00). Still very expensive compared to shuttle vans and intercity trains, the main public transport modes to travel between these 2 cities, which generally cost IDR 70,000-100,000.

Built initially as military air base, the airport was opened for civil flights after the closure of Kemayoran Airport while waiting for the completion of current Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA). The opening of SHIA made Halim Airport only used for chartered flights. In 2014 the airport was once again opened for scheduled civil flights. Today the main users of Halim Airport are Citilink, Batik Air, and Wings Air. The airport is loved by many people especially in East Jakarta and Bekasi for the strategic location in the city center, compared to the quite far SHIA. The airport only serves domestic flights. International flights to Jakarta are still operating only in SHIA.

Located in Bandung city, the airport is main air gateway to the capital of West Java Province. I can say that AirAsia, Malaysia-based carrier, has made the airport growing. Before that, only SilkAir and chartered flights are operating at the airport, and the main air gateway for Bandung was Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Since the entering of AirAsia, more and more carriers are entering the airport. Mainly serving domestic flights, Husein Airport currently also serves international flights to Singapore (SilkAir, AirAsia) and Kuala Lumpur (AirAsia, Malindo Air). It once had international routes to Johor Bahru and Penang but the routes didn't exist anymore.

Now let's enter the main story.

March 28th, 2018
From my residence in southern side of Jakarta, I took the commuter train to Cawang Station and continued my trip to the airport by "Gojek" motorbike taxi.

photo 41570873591_c345a2b65a_b

Self-check-in computers are available but only for Citilink passengers.
photo 41570872561_18f80f16bc_b

I had done the online check-in, and the only thing to do was to print my pass at the check-in counter.

photo 41570871961_c01829c8d2_b

The boarding pass.
photo 41570868761_5e601bdc3e_b

Flight schedule.
photo 41570871591_cea3966971_b

Entering the waiting room after usual security checks. Electrical plugs are available to recharge your phones.

An announcement was made that my flight was delayed for 30 minutes, as the plane was still on its way from Tasikmalaya, another airport in West Java Province located about 250 km from Jakarta.

Then we were called for boarding at 1.25 p.m.

photo 41570866471_d9c313a795_b

photo 41570864051_5cfba6d2b7_b

Some photos at the apron.

The ATR 72-600 plane, with reg code PK-WGI, which would bring me to Bandung.

The interior.

I was surprised the plane was almost fully-occupied, though the seat beside me was vacant. I also saw a group of Korean people and Western travelers on this flight.

Then our flight began at 1.45 p.m. While on the way before take-off, private jets could be seen.

A special plane owned by Partai Nasdem (National Democratic Party).
photo 41529992452_87af5951b8_b

Time to fly.
photo 41529992172_e88b9c5532_b

photo 41529991952_7a03e22ab3_b

A great sight of Jakarta city from the top.

Then we crossed the rain. All passengers were requested to sit and fasten the seat belts.
The "shake" was quite hard, and of course always harder in turboprop planes like this.
photo 41529989602_d77ffaecdf_b

photo 41529989402_ffe9c89e9b_b

I was quite sad because the rains and clouds made me couldn't see Jatiluhur Reservoir, the main sight on this flight.

Time to check all stuff inside the seat pocket.

photo 41529987412_083d5c61c3_b

Invocation card.

photo 40859885844_7c65426fa3_b

photo 41529987112_78c541cf36_b

"Wings" magazine, with Lake Toba in my hometown as the highlight.

Only 30 minutes after take-off, we had been preparing for landing. Very quick flight.

The scenery of Bandung city.

Touching the runway at 2.30 p.m.

Time to disembark.

photo 40678208075_f42792f255_b

photo 40678205565_976c26456b_b

Some pics at the apron on my way to the terminal building.

Malindo Air preparing to take-off to KL, Malaysia.
photo 40859892784_e13da48b12_b

photo 41529970302_1c8595f24c_b

Citilink touching the runway.
photo 40859892584_3676a4470a_b

photo 40859892344_19cca2ca3d_b

Entering the terminal building.

Final shots of the terminal from the outside. The roof is inspired by Sundanese architecture.
photo 41529966922_c59431bd10_b

photo 40859884944_50751043b8_b

As there was still no public transports from the airport, I had to walk about 500 m to the main road to access public transports.

I explored the Bandung city some hours before returning back to Jakarta at night, but not by plane because Wings Air operated only 1 flight per day, and the cost was still too expensive for me, so I chose to go home by "Lintas" shuttle van.
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Wings Air

Cabin crew7.0

Jakarta - HLP


Bandung-Java Island - BDO



A very short but pleasant flight. Once again, considering the heavy traffic jams on the Jakarta-Bandung toll road due to the constructions of new toll road and railway lines, the flight can be the option for fast trips between Jakarta-Bandung. No meals and entertainment provided, and I think those are unnecessary for a 30-minutes flight.

Halim Airport is very close to Jakarta city core. The cleanliness and service still can be improved. I hope that Trans Jakarta bus can enter the airport for the public transport options.

Bandung's Husein Sastranegara Airport is also located near the city center and very easy to access, but I also hope that more public transport options are available at the airport.

After the opening of Kertajati Airport in Majalengka as the main gateway to West Java Province, I'm still not sure about the fate of Bandung's airport, whether it will be closed or still operating for next years.

That's my report. Hope you enjoy it!

Information on the route Jakarta (HLP) Bandung-Java Island (BDO)


  • Comment 455332 by
    pokcay 66 Comments

    Thanks for the report and hello from fellow Indonesians here!

    I've heard about this short hop to Bandung before. While i was keen to try it, the notion of constant delay turns me off. Besides, flying is not a viable option for me (ex- resident of Bandung), since navigating Bandung without a private vehicle tends to be cumbersome.

    Nevertheless, if you're the kind of people who prefer to hike a taxi or rent a car in the destination, then this flight is for you. Sure beats driving 4-5 hours, even up to 12 hours (!! - this really happens during peak holiday season, especially with the ongoing structural maintenance of the tollroad).

    All in all, enjoyable report, keep it coming!

    • Comment 455569 by
      anaknegeri AUTHOR 53 Comments

      I agree. The flight is quite useless if you still prefer going everywhere by your own car. But it can be the option if you're too lazy to drive, and yes, infrastructure projects on the roadside has made the traffic jams worse than usual.
      Thanks for your comment!

  • Comment 455589 by
    Eric V P GOLD 110 Comments

    Thank you for sharing your experiences on this short flight!

    Wings Air designated fixed ticket price on this route for IDR 275,000 (about USD 19.00).
    - It's too bad that now it has gone up to Rp385.000 (US$27.5) - but did you actually save time compared with, let's say, taking an intercity train?

    Self-check-in computers are available but only for Citilink passengers.
    - Was ID also included? I saw its logo there.

    Only 30 minutes after take-off, we had been preparing for landing.
    - Was there any service available (e.g. buy-on-board)? Also, how was the lavatory - did you happen to check that as well?

    Once again, thank you!

    • Comment 455711 by
      anaknegeri AUTHOR 53 Comments

      "It's too bad that now it has gone up to Rp385.000 (US$27.5) - but did you actually save time compared with, let's say, taking an intercity train?"
      The train journey normally takes about 3 hours. But don't forget to count the journey time from your house to the station. For example, my house in Cibubur is closer to Halim Airport than to Gambir Station. But the train is still probably the main option for anyone living or working in Central Jakarta (Gambir, Menteng, Thamrin etc).

      "Was ID also included? I saw its logo there."
      I've tried for ID but it's unavailable.

      "Was there any service available (e.g. buy-on-board)?"
      No. No service available.

      "Also, how was the lavatory - did you happen to check that as well?"
      Sorry, I forgot to check.

      Thanks for your comment.

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