Review of Japan Airlines flight Beijing Tokyo in Business

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL22
Class Business
Seat 9K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 07 Jul 18, 16:30
Arrival at 07 Jul 18, 21:05
JL   #15 out of 98 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 149 reviews
By 1465
Published on 6th August 2018
Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. In this series I will present a really fun round-the-world party including Lufthansa, JAL, and ANA. While these are all familiar and sought after experiences for me I was able to bring a friend along this time and groom a new airline geek and Flight Report follower. We visited some fantastic lounges, saw some wonderful cities and were spoiled with culinary delights and divine intoxicants the entire way.

Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

American Airlines - LAX-ORD - A321 - First - No Lounge - Cash
Lufthansa - ORD-FRA - 747-8i - First - United Polaris Lounge - United Mileageplus
Lufthansa - FRA - PEK - A340-600 - First - Lufthansa First Class Terminal - United Mileageplus
Japan Airlines - PEK-HND - 787-8 - Business - BGS Premium Lounge (No Review) - United Mileageplus (This Report)
ANA - NRT-LAX - 777-300ER - First - ANA Suite Lounges - Virgin Atlantic Flying Club


photo 20180706_225248

Check in was quick end efficient. We were able to secure window/aisle seats that are next to each other.

We made our way to the BGS (not so) Premium Lounge but I didn't document the experience. It was rather dreadful but it gave us a chance to drink some water and fill out our Japanese Immigration and Customs cards.

We arrived at the gate well into boarding and were able to head straight aboard.

This was my first time on an aircraft featuring the Apex Suites and I was happy to get a window seat as it appears to be one of the more popular J seats out there.

The cabin is clean and handsome. I'm immediately taken by the size of the IFE screens. Impressive.
photo 20180707_010330photo 20180707_010335photo 20180707_010337

Here's 9K, in the last row of the J cabin. The privacy is great after you raise the divider between 9H. The space to get in and out is a little tight and the shoulder space is somewhat constricting when compared with reverse herringbone configurations. Lake many J seats storage space is not plentiful.

Mark is in 9H.

photo 20180707_010315

Slippers and a light blanket are on the seat.

photo 20180707_010700

We are greeted by the flight attendant taking care of our section. She is absolutely adorable and addresses us by name and offers a bow. While oshibori is offered on the ground beverages are not.

photo 20180707_011458photo 20180707_011504photo 20180707_011733

Boarding is complete but some weather in the area has caused a delay. At least that is how it was presented to us byt he flight deck. One never really knows with the notorious Chinese ATC. I took the opportunity to put my seat flat and take a much needed nap. I woke up an hour later to the aircraft pushing back from the gate. I found the bed to be sufficiently comfortable and appreciated the larger foot well then some other J beds offer.

Taxi was short and soon we were aloft and eventually above the weather.

photo 20180707_025313
photo 20180707_031601

I got up to use the lav before meal service began.

Back at my seat I deployed the tray table.

photo 20180707_032156

Some music,moving map, and window IFE before meal time.

photo 20180707_032412photo 20180707_032423photo 20180707_032515

The menu for tonight's hop to Haneda.

The bar service was first and I requested Champagne and water. A rice cracker snack was served with the beverages.

photo 20180707_033037photo 20180707_033045

I selected the Japanese set for dinner. It's a lovely presentation of flavors and textures. The Japanese pickles, eel, and beef main were all excellent as was the miso soup.

Ice cream and green tea for dessert.

photo 20180707_042443

A short nap after dinner and we were on approach to HND.

photo 20180707_053823

Bonus: JAL Maintenance Facility Tour and Sky Museum - Haneda

Bonus : Click here display
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

BGS Premier Lounge - 2


Beijing - PEK


Tokyo - HND



The Ground Service: N/A.

The Lounge: It's not a pleasant space. The furniture is quite worn and does not appear clean. The food on offer was not appealing so I did not partake in anything. There was cold water and beer.

The Cabin: I'm a fan of the Apex seat. The privacy in the window seat is fantastic, the screen is large with high resolution, and the bed length and width are sufficient.

The Crew: Virtually flawless, as expected. I can't comment on how the delay was handled as I slept through almost all of it. I assume updates were given but cannot confirm.

The Food and Beverage: An ample dinner was served featuring a great variety of tastes, colors and textures.

Overall: The Apex seat on the JAL 787 is an an excellent way to fly. I would not hesitate to select this aircraft/cinfiguration for a long haul flight.

Thank you for reading and happy flying.

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