Review of Middle East Airlines flight Beirut London in Economy

Flight ME201
Class Economy
Seat 40A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 16 May 18, 07:35
Arrival at 16 May 18, 11:15
ME 65 reviews
Published on 9th August 2018
Dear readers and reporters. It has been a long time since I posted my last flight report, my apologies.

Let me report this flight from Beirut to London Heathrow.

It was a conventional early morning for me, usually this is me waking up for early work. But this time was a day to start a real smile on my face.
Obviously as you may have all guessed already, I am flying!

My flight today is a Middle East Airlines operated flight, on one of their Airbus A330-200 (OD-MEC).

Middle East Airlines usually is my one and only choice, that I make according to their reputation, service, on time performance, great products served on board, aircraft choice and staff friendliness.

There I arrive at the airport, this is where I could spot a few MEA aircraft and a Cobalt Airbus 320 right before arriving to the Departure concourse.

photo img_4238photo img_4240

Check-In is done very smoothly at a Sky Priority and Cedar Class dedicated area, and immigration takes about 5 minutes to complete.
What a great morning till now! Apologies for not taking any pictures in the above mentioned areas, as it is restricted photography zone.

After then, I head directly to the newly renovated Cedar Lounge. Absolutely speechless. Very well done MEA! Such a shame Economy-Class passengers / Or Non FFP members (or members with their status below Silver Cedar / Skyteam Elite) cannot purchase a lounge visit. Maybe MEA should reconsider this?

Let's take a moment and enjoy the view of the Cedarjets parked at their designated gates.
photo bjyo1633

Let's have a few sneak peaks of the Lounge before I head to the Duty Free.

photo img_4250
(Apologies this is an Instagram story I have saved, I was way too happy eating in the Lounge that I actually forgot to take other pictures)
I am a true food lover and I've got to say, I am impressed.

photo ssasd
You'd say you are in an FBO VIP lounge! Agree?

photo img_4248
Foul and Hommos Balila (Fava Beans and Chick Peas, a traditional Lebanese breakfast). MEA done a great job adding this dish, as they serve another Lebanese breakfast Specialty on board, the Knefeh, that I did not opt for, because I have eaten it the day before the flight, why not for a bit of change, right?

photo b2lewaphoto banana
Unfortunately the other pictures were unclear and blurred, there was a choice of a selection of Ham and Turkey, Cheese and Fruits, Sweets and more!
photo lounge foodphoto smooothei
Before I leave the lounge, I cannot miss this Strawberry Smoothie, a worth trying drink, that you can greatly accompany plane spotting!

Speaking of spotting, our best greetings to the Lebanese Plane Spotters!

After leaving the lounge, I decided to head to the Duty Free to grab the final requests and gifts to friends abroad (that is totally Lebanese by the way !)

The bird of the day is OD-MEC, delivered to MEA in May 2009, brand new. The aircraft on the date of the flight was only 9.2 years old. She's still young! EC was parked on Gate 1. A small fact, the first A380 that landed in Beirut for the first time parked on this very same gate, on the 29th of March 2018. Just a few weeks ago.

Welcome On Board MEA!
photo atrf9441photo img_4270
To our left, you can spot an Iran Air A300. Such a shame those aircraft are disappearing.

Now is time to push-back. Good Bye Beirut!
photo img_4280

5 Minutes later, we're airborne. We are leaving Lebanon with the last sights of the Neimeh Coast.
Notice the beautiful winglet? Isn't it really eye catching?

As soon as we reached our cruising altitude, 40,000 feet, the meal was served. Each passenger had a choice of either Knefeh or Eggs. I opted for the eggs.
The cabin were very friendly and came twice to offer drink for the passengers. As you may know, it is crucial to stay hydrated on flights!
photo img_4286
I ate everything, and was very satisfied of the portion for a 4.5 hours flight, even though I ate in the Lounge.
Here are a few in-flight pictures, time passed fast and we began our gradual descent to Heathrow.

photo img_4289photo img_4299

Final approach to Heathrow:
photo img_4302

And we are on ground! Taxiing after a smooth landing and a beautiful Trent 700 sound! Of course you all know what I am talking about ;)
photo img_4307

Thank you for reading this flight report! I hope you enjoyed it!
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Middle East Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Cedar Lounge


Beirut - BEY


London - LHR



Check In, Immigration and Boarding in Beirut ran very smoothly. Beirut Airport is a small airport, but clearly needs innovation.
The Cedar Lounge is simply breathtaking and the Gourmet up there is fantastic! A chef is always at your service. I simply recommend you all visiting this lounge!
The Cabin Crew were very professional and very friendly! I really was impressed of their products and service in the Economy Class.
The IFE can be much more updated, 18 movies for a 5 hours flight is fine, but they should be more innovative in this specific area. Boarding music was played, and reflected Lebanon's culture. That was top!
MEA is improving their product very rapidly and can clearly deserve to be in the top 10 first Economy Class rank. (Currently the First, and can always hold this position). They clearly have the potential.
Well Done MEA.

Immigration and Deboarding ran very smoothly at Heathrow Airport, to be by far, my [b]favourite [/b] airport.

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