Review of Delta Air Lines flight Houston Atlanta in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1912
Class Economy
Seat 21C
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 02:01
Take-off 22 May 18, 13:00
Arrival at 22 May 18, 16:01
DL   #29 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
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Published on 12th December 2018
Greeting Flyers!

It's been a while since I last flown Delta Airlines and with my traveling arrangements directed me to use Delta, I decided to make this trip report. However, this will not be all of them, as I will different airlines throughout my summer break.

Itinerary was as follows for this trip segment;

MAY 22-23, 2018

July 5

Arrival and Houston Hobby Airport

On the day of departure, I had my uncle drop me off at Houston Hobby Airport around two hours before boarding. I made my way towards the luggage drop (as I had my e-boarding pass) and dropped off my suitcase. And made my way towards security. Surprisingly, it wasn't as congested as I expected to be, so I was in and out in about five minutes or so.

photo img_20180522_103739 1

Check-in area for AA, B6, and DL

One of the unique things present in Houston Hobby is their live concert that they do from time to time at the central area by the food court, which includes Wendy's, Pappasito's, Barry's Pizza and Hunan Garden.

photo img_20180522_105025

Performers entertaining the travelers that goes by, myself included.

Like with check-in, non-Southwest airliners are consolidated to left side of the terminal from gates 28 to 32. I decided to find a plug spot and recharged my phone, looking outside the windows periodically to see what was going around the apron and runway area. Pretty much only activities were Southwest flights arriving and departing Hobby airport. But off to the side, I saw a American Eagle CRJ-700 and strangely enough a Delta 757 (because Delta operations to Atlanta from Hobby are usually the 717).

photo img_20180522_110257

Nope, no sight of my aircraft yet….

Then about 40 or so minutes before take off, I finally spotted my aircraft coming to our gate 32,

photo img_20180522_121618

My flight has arrived! Featuring a Southwest 737 in the foreground.

Aircraft details:

Boeing 717-200
Delivered to TWA as N418TW in April 2001, arrived to Delta in 22 July, 2014 from AirTran.

(Taken from

Boarding started at 1230, about 10 minutes behind the proposed boarding time, but the boarding process was smooth.

photo img_20180522_121736

My gate area, an American Eagle flight to Dallas was boarding during this time.

On Board

Once I got on board, the FA's greeted me and I made my way towards 20D, an emergency exit row. As I sat down, a couple asked me if I can move a row back so that they can sit together, me being a moderately generous person said yes, so I was now in 21C, which wasn't a big deal for me.

photo img_20180522_124345

The door closed at 1252, about 8 or so minutes before our scheduled departure. The FA went on to inform us about or flight which would take us to Atlanta in 1 hour and 42 minutes. We pushed back about three minutes before our scheduled time (which is always welcoming despite only being three minutes) and before we know it, we were on our way to Atlanta.

Once we got to above 10,000 ft, the cabin crew sprung into action making their way from the front to the back. Once they got to my row, I asked for Ginger Ale with the snack mix they were handing out (I know, should've gone for their biscoff but I was not in the mood for it).

photo img_20180522_133231

Once that was done, rest of the flight was very uneventful as I just spent my time listening to music and playing sudoku. We landed into Atlanta 15 minutes ahead of schedule but making our way to our gate made our arrival right on time.

We will pick up when I write the next report.

An AF 777 to CDG taken at the Terminal E.
photo img_20180522_161459
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Houston - HOU


Atlanta - ATL




Delta, for me hasn't been something that I have loathed flying with compared to AA or UA, for me as long as the CA are reasonably attentive and friendly, I won't have too much of an issue. Houston Hobby is an airport that I like flying out of because of its size compared to IAH (at the expense of less international flights since it's mostly a hub for Southwest) and it's pretty well maintained in my opinion. Atlanta can be a mess depending if they're doing any sort of work but I understand they're trying to improve the services and accessibility for all of us flying.



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  • Comment 479895 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Hi there!

    Awww...!!! I tip my hat to you for your willingness to switch places with that couple. You're their hero!

    I didn't even know of the existence of the 717! I thought they were updated aircraft, no longer in use! I mean, the 737-200 is quite old, and I thought that the 717 was even older, but I see that they were produced until not so long ago. Interesting.

    What would be the necessary mood for biscoff? :D

    I'm amazed to see that signage at HOU is written in two languages. It's very thoughtful of them. I read some time ago that more people speak Spanish in the US than in my country!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing! :D
    • Comment 479928 by
      KOJ97 AUTHOR 7 Comments
      My mood for biscoff is if I want sweets (Since I don't always crave for sweets that day included). But Delta took over the 717 when AirTran merged with Southwest some few years back.
  • Comment 480515 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi KOJ97, thanks for sharing this report! I always like seeing 717 reports--I used to fly AirTran 717s a lot, so it's always nostalgic to see a DL 717 report. The cabins are much nicer now than they were under FL.

    "Delta, for me hasn't been something that I have loathed flying with compared to AA or UA"
    - Haha, yep, that's a good way of putting it. DL is definitely the best of the US3 service-wise. So I guess you can say it's the least awful lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

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