Review of Vueling Airlines flight London Rome in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY6227
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 14 Aug 18, 23:45
Arrival at 15 Aug 18, 02:50
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Published on 15th August 2018


Hello everyone!
The first days of June I decided to move to London for summer in order to find a job. The 19th of June I left Rome and after less than two weeks a I found a room in Kensal Green and a job as waiter in London Bridge. Since in September I'm starting university I set my return time around mid-August.
Around late July I booked the return flight. As for the inward Vueling had the best price with luggage included. Return date set on August 14th.


The scheduled departure time was 20:50. Since I had to take London Overground and than the Souther Service from Clapham Junction to LGW I decided to leave home around 17, in order to be at the airport no later than 19. I took the Overground in Willesden Junction, 5 stops to Clapham Junction.
photo lgw-fco 1

Clapham Junction is a very big station. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to book train tickets online, but buying them at the ticket machine was quite easy and quick.
photo lgw-fco 2

The train takes around 30 minutes to get to Gatwick Airport Station. While on the train I got a message from Vueling stating that the flight had a 3-hour delay due to operational reasons.
London Gatwick Airport Station
photo lgw-fco 3photo lgw-fco 4

The station is directly connected to South Terminal, the one where Vueling departs from. To get to North Terminal it's necessary to take an APM.
photo lgw-fco 5

Vueling check-in at row E
The departure hall is quite boring and dark
photo lgw-fco 6

Vueling has an almost entire row of desks
photo lgw-fco 7

At the check-in desk the agent confirmed me the delay, stating that it would have been "just" 2 hours and half.
Passport and boarding pass
photo lgw-fco 8

Departures are located upstairs
photo lgw-fco 9photo lgw-fco 10

Initially the FIDS showed my flight to be just 1 hour and 20 minutes late
photo lgw-fco 11

Heading to the security checkpoint
photo lgw-fco 12

eGates to check the boarding pass
Despite the terrorist attack in Westminster happened in the morning the security checkpoint wasn't stricter than usual. It takes around 10 minutes to complete everything
photo lgw-fco 13

Going downstairs to the departure hall
photo lgw-fco 14


As in every London airport the security checkpoint is followed by the obliged passage through World Duty Free
photo lgw-fco 15photo lgw-fco 16photo lgw-fco 17

The departure lounge was quite big and bright
photo lgw-fco 18

Large FIDS
photo lgw-fco 19

Confirming what I was told by the check-in agent, the flight was delayed of 2 hours and 20 minutes
This pic was taken on 19:30 and the boarding was said to begin at 22:30…
photo lgw-fco 20

Having a lot of time I went upstairs to the food court
photo lgw-fco 21

Departure lounge seen from the upper level
photo lgw-fco 22

I went to Wondertree Restaurant, the only place in LGW South Terminal with an apron view
Time for some plane spotting
photo lgw-fco 25

Nice line-up at the pier
Thomas Cook A321, British Airways A319 and A320s, Flybe E195
photo lgw-fco 24

Aurigny E195
photo lgw-fco 23 737s, Vueling and easyJet A320s and Aurigny E195 waiting for takeoff
photo lgw-fco 26

Just landed TAP Express E190
photo lgw-fco 27

Tui 757
photo lgw-fco 28

Flybe E195 in "Welcome to Yorkshire" livery on pushback
photo lgw-fco 29 737 named after Dirch Passer, a Danish actor
photo lgw-fco 30

Thomas Cook A321 on pushback
photo lgw-fco 31

Many BA tales
photo lgw-fco 32

I spend a bit of time at Wondertree having some fries and a lemonade with mint. When the restaurant started to close I move to Nando's to have my dinner: chicken wrap with fries and garlic bread. Sagres portuguese is very good
photo lgw-fco 32a

When I finished my dinner the airport was silent and empty
Almost all the flights had left
photo lgw-fco 33photo lgw-fco 34

Having some time left I walked around the now closed shopping area
photo lgw-fco 35photo lgw-fco 37photo lgw-fco 38

Victoria's Secret, what makes an airport a hub XD
photo lgw-fco 36

I went to the quiet zone to take a rest
I was really nice with chaise longues and phone-charging area
photo lgw-fco 39photo lgw-fco 40

At 22:30 the gate was announced
Fortunately gate 5 was quite close to the quiet zone
We were the last flight of the day and all of the people move to the gate when it was announced
The gate is located in the newest part of the Terminal
Since the concourse is located next to the Baggage Handling System building, there are some windows to let passengers see the conveyors
photo lgw-fco 41photo lgw-fco 42

When we got to the boarding area the plane was still about to land from FCO
photo lgw-fco 43


At 23:00 our plane was docked at gate 5
Our bird was EC-MVN, leased to Vueling on March '18
photo lgw-fco 44

5 minutes after the jetway was placed and desembark started
photo lgw-fco 45

At 23:30 (2 hours and 20 minutes after scheduled time) the boarding started
photo lgw-fco 46

Fuselage shot (spotter unfriendly window)
photo lgw-fco 47

Door shot
photo lgw-fco 48

I gave the flight report form to the Purser and made my way to my seat, 5A
photo lgw-fco 49

View from my seat
photo lgw-fco 50

HSBC branded jetway
photo lgw-fco 51

Titan Airways A320 parked next to us
photo lgw-fco 52

Doors closed at 23:45
The crew explained that the delay was due to bad weather at FCO
According to them the airport was "slowed down" totally
photo lgw-fco 53

BA maintenance area
photo lgw-fco 55

Differently from usual we departed from RWY26R
As I was explained after, this happens usually at night for noise limitations
We took-off at 23:55
photo lgw-fco 54

Since the plane was not completely full (139/180 pax) I moved to empty row 3
About 30 minutes into the flight the Purser came at my seat

Purser: "Are you the guy who gave me the paper?"
Me: "Yes, I am"
P: "The first officer asked if you would like to fill it with them in the cockpit"
M: "Okay, I can come there after landing"
P: "If you want you can come now"

For the first time in my life I was allowed to visit cockpit during the flight
I had been in many cockpits (A320, 737, 747 and 787), but always on the ground
At that moment we were flying over Paris and the view was absolutely amazing
We were also able to spot the Eiffel Tower light
photo lgw-fco 57

The Captain was Spanish and the F/O was Italian
I spent half a hour inside chatting with them about the A320 (they showed me all the in-flight systems) and about our favourite planes
Talking about the the fueling system they switched on the crossfeed to show me how it works
I really appreciate when cabin crew are so available with avgeeks like me
photo lgw-fco 56

The flight report was very well filled
photo lgw-fco 58

We spotted Genova from air
It's so sad to see it after the Morandi Bridge tragedy happened the morning :/
photo lgw-fco 59

I spend the rest of the flight listening to music and resting
Around 2:40 (Italian time) we started our descent to FCO
photo lgw-fco 60

We landed on RWY16L
Landing was smooth, but quite long
Boarding area D, used for Schenghen flights at FCO
Ryanair and 737s, Vueling A320 and another airline I wasn't able to recognize (the third from left)
photo lgw-fco 61

The newest part of the airport, boarding area E11-24, used for non-Schenghen flights
British Airways A320 and Turkish Airlines 737
photo lgw-fco 62

This pier is equipeed with 4 gates able to handle the A380
photo lgw-fco 63

I hoped to be desembarked there, but it didn't happen
photo lgw-fco 64

The Satellite, boarding area E31-44, used too for non-Schenghen flights
photo lgw-fco 65

We parked at a remote stand, next to a Blue Panorama 737
photo lgw-fco 66

I greeted the crew and thanked them so much
Fuselage shot while desembarking
photo lgw-fco 67

Bye bye EC-MVN
photo lgw-fco 68photo lgw-fco 69

R(H)ome Sweet Home
photo lgw-fco 70a

Passport control hall
photo lgw-fco 71

Unfortunately the eGates couldn't be used
There were just two desks opened for European Passports
photo lgw-fco 72

The control takes less than 3 minutes
photo lgw-fco 73

Baggage reclaim hall
photo lgw-fco 75

Our baggages were reported to be delivered at belt number 8
photo lgw-fco 74

We waited for about 20 minutes before realizing that some baggages were being delivered at belt number 7
And that's where I find mine ahaha
photo lgw-fco 76

I made my way through customs and exit and met my parents
See you at the next report!
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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

London - LGW


Rome - FCO



I want to make a special thank you to Vueling cabin crew who made me visit the cockpit! It had been a wonderful experience

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