Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Tanjung Pandan-Belitung Island Pangkal Pinang-Palaubangka Island in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA7127
Class Economy
Seat 21K
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 17 Aug 18, 14:15
Arrival at 17 Aug 18, 15:05
GA 205 reviews
Eric V P
By 544
Published on 11th September 2018
Report #48: GA7127 - Interisland joyride on Garuda's newest ATR72

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia economy class from Tanjung Pandan TJQ to Pangkal Pinang PGK, an intercity flight within Bangka Belitung province, on board their ATR72-600.

Here are the 3 parts of the trip:
CGK-TJQ on Garuda Indonesia CRJ-1000ER economy class: Read here
TJQ-PGK on Garuda Indonesia ATR72-600 economy class: You are here
PGK-CGK on Sriwijaya Air 737-900ER economy class: Read here


When I planned the trip I realized that as TJQ only serves CGK and PGK there are two possible combinations for the trip:
- A quick return to CGK (i.e. CGK-TJQ-CGK), or
- Add a trip to Bangka island and make the itinerary a circle trip (i.e. CGK-TJQ-PGK-CGK).

After assessing both options I opted to add a trip to Bangka island, While IN and IW offered lower cost alternatives I opted for GA as not only it was more comfortable, the schedule also allowed me to do a quick side trip at Belitung island in the morning as well as allow me to get the silver status (i.e. the lowest elite tier) on GA's frequent flyer. The flight costed me Rp521.250 (~US$35) after a staggering 25% OTA discount, which was again not shown.
photo ga7127 17082018 receipt

Trip to TJQ and check-in

I took motorbike taxi to get to the airport.
photo 20180817_122634

The airport was quite far away from the city centre, so it took me ~30 mins to get there.
photo 20180817_124103

Belitung island is known for its tourism, and especially for quick getaways from Jakarta, so the view in the carpark consist of quite a number of buses.
photo 20180817_124121

A bust of the airport' namesake could be seen as well.
photo 20180817_124207

I went to the terminal building and as usual I needed to go through the initial ticket check.
photo 20180817_124228

After the initial ticket check I proceeded through the initial security, which was fast.
photo 20180817_124310photo 20180817_124422

The check-in area was quite small. I then checked in again for my flight and also verified the latest load, which was quite reasonable.
photo 20180817_124417photo 20180817_125506

The boarding pass printed from the sales office earlier, which was as usual in GA's stock paper - this would be my last boarding pass on GA with non-elite frequent flyer level at least until the end of next year.
photo 20180817_125204

Its sole canteen inside the terminal building is located beside the check-in counters, with its hot food offerings limited to instant cup noodle.
photo 20180817_124557

I then proceeded to the security.
photo 20180817_124606

Security was fast and I was done in ~2 minutes.
photo 20180817_124623photo 20180817_124914

TJQ transit area and departure

The transit area consisted of an open room containing seats - in fact, something as simple as visiting the toilet meant getting out of the area and having another screening.
photo 20180817_124935

This airport, like TKG, was managed by the Ministry of Transport as it was on the smaller side.
photo 20180817_125514

The sole place available at the waiting lounge to charge my devices is at the charging point at the front of the waiting lounge (they don't even provide one elsewhere, and not even a power plug at the pillars or wall.
photo 20180817_130002

One plus side of the waiting lounge is the rare opportunity to do some basic plane spotting at the ground level.
photo 20180817_130006

The plane for the afternoon soon arrived, which was PK-GAR, a 2 months old AT7 and also at that time the latest AT7 delivered to GA.
photo 20180817_133137

SJ's 738 then arrived, which was bound for CGK.
photo 20180817_133734

Situation at the gate.
photo 20180817_134001

SJ's 738 was quite severely delayed, which was the reason behind the crowd.
photo 20180817_134303

As the passengers from the delayed SJ flight left the plane it was my flight's turn for boarding, which was fast.
photo 20180817_134326

The culprit for the packed waiting room for the afternoon.
photo 20180817_134551

It was a short walk on the tarmac to our plane, which was parked facing the side of the apron instead of the buildings.
photo 20180817_134533

-GAR as seen from behind.
photo 20180817_134632photo 20180817_134648

I was the first to board so by the time I was about to enter the plane the last cleaning staff on board disembarked and the flight attendant apparently preparing for the next departure.
photo 20180817_134700photo 20180817_134705

On board

Flight: GA7127
Plane: PK-GAR
STD/ATD: 14.15/14.12
STA/ATA: 15.05/14.51
Load factor: 54%Y (38/70)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

When I boarded I also asked whether this was a quite new AT7, to which the flight attendant said that this was even the latest AT7 delivered to GA.

The cabin was still immaculate.
photo 20180817_134752

I then reached my initial seat at 21K.
photo 20180817_134828

Being a bulkhead seat, the legroom on the exit row seats weren't that spacious
photo 20180817_134912

A foldable table could be found at the armrest.
photo 20180817_134935

On my right side was the shared literature pocket.
photo 20180817_134945

The safety card was unfortunately a copied version of the original one in mica.
photo 20180817_135012

The emergency exit row safety card was properly printed.
photo 20180817_135037

An inflight magazine was also present, though due to the short-haul nature of the flights operated by AT7 no inflight shopping magazine was provided.
photo 20180817_135022

The side view of the seat. Since there were nobody in the entire row I ended up having the exit row safety briefing for myself.
photo 20180817_135421

Is it starting to become a trend to have fabric window shades?
photo 20180817_135650

The view from my seat consisted of ground support equipments.
photo 20180817_140103

The PSU above my seat.
photo 20180817_143527

Selfie test: while the seat was a bit on the narrow side it was at least comfortable enough.
photo 20180817_143114

Safety demonstration was then manually done.
photo 20180817_140210

As TJQ is a small airport the taxi to the runway was fast.
photo 20180817_140320

After a short hold we then reached the runway for departure.
photo 20180817_140424

Take-off was uneventful and we soon climbed away from the Belitung island.
photo 20180817_141032

Unlike Java island, Belitung island still has a lot of greenery.
photo 20180817_141156

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the flight attendant seated at the front jumpseat then left.
photo 20180817_141600

Snack service commenced shortly afterwards.
photo 20180817_141748

I went to the seat pair behind mine, which was unoccupied as well, for seat test. The seat belt was normal.
photo 20180817_141834

Seatback consisted of a table and a literature pocket.
photo 20180817_141839photo 20180817_141851

The legroom was more spacious than on the bulkhead seat.
photo 20180817_141859

Anytime is snack time on all GA's flights under 2 hours, so I received mine as well in the standard economy class snack box (and yes, they have their own business class snack box - more on that in the subsequent review).
photo 20180817_141927photo 20180817_141946

The snack when unboxed.
photo 20180817_142008

The snack service for the afternoon consisted of:
Savoury snack: Battered glutinous rice with shredded chicken filling
Sweet bread: Bread with sweet chocolate filling
Drink (default): Mineral water

As usual on GA the filling amount strongly correlated with whether it was meat or non-meat.
photo 20180817_142032photo 20180817_142201

I then visited the lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20180817_142421

For a regional plane, the lavatory was surprisingly quite spacious.
photo 20180817_142427

One thing that I hated, though, is the hissing sound every time the sink stopper was opened.
photo 20180817_142434

I then did a galley visit and found out that:
- The entire crew is KNO-based, so they first repositioned to PLM and then stayed there before the trip.
- The rotation of the day for them was PLM-PGK-TJQ-PGK-PLM-TKG-PLM (note than PLM-PGK-TJQ as well as TJQ-PGK-PLM each carry one flight number).

As usual I took a photo of the cabin from behind, which showed just how many passengers were seated on the left side compared to the right.
photo 20180817_142912

GA's regional network map.
photo 20180817_143429

Being an interisland trip, the view during cruise mainly consisted of sea.
photo 20180817_142940photo 20180817_143915

As we started our descent we started to approach Bangka island.
photo 20180817_144119photo 20180817_144213

Our final approach brought us closet to the city.
photo 20180817_144711

Being the capital city of the province, Pangkal Pinang was much more developed than Tanjung Pandan, yet somehow PGK was far closer to downtoen Pangkal Pinang than TJQ is to Tanjung Pandan.
photo 20180817_144835

We soon landed at PGK, which was uneventful.
photo 20180817_144941

The old PGK airport terminal, which was located on the other side of the runway.
photo 20180817_145012

I would instead arrive at the new terminal.
photo 20180817_145138

We were then parked just beside JT's 738.
photo 20180817_145359

It was only after the luggage at the compartment behind the cockpit was unloaded then I got the chance to get a cockpit visit, which still looked new. I didn't talk too much there since their schedule was quite tight (plus I heard from the flight attendant that the pilot wanted to go down and inspect the plane by herself), though here are some of the things that we discussed:
- GA's pilots, at least for those flying the AT7, have single rating so they can't just get rotated on, let's say, CRK and AT7,
- PLM serve as the base for a couple of AT7 (so in case of problems they can just return to PLM and get the plane repaired without going all the way to CGK), and
- The entire crew set follow the same rotation as the flight attendants (i.e. PLM-PGK-TJQ-PGK-PLM-TKG-PGK for that day).
photo 20180817_150216photo 20180817_150218

While waiting for the cockpit visit and afterwards the cleaning staff was already there turning the plane for the next flight.
photo 20180817_150236

Our plane was being prepared for her next flight to PLM.
photo 20180817_150311photo 20180817_150328

-GAR as seen from the front.
photo 20180817_150339

I then walked on the apron to the terminal building.
photo 20180817_150350

Arrival at PGK and post-arrival trip

I then arrived at the arrival floor.
photo 20180817_150415

However, PGK's layout meant that an upward escalator ride was needed to get to the luggage claim area.
photo 20180817_150437photo 20180817_150448

I was then led through the interstitial corridor.
photo 20180817_150505

It was another short walk through the interstitial corridor and then to the arrival area.
photo 20180817_150517photo 20180817_150528

Infographics of the new terminal building.
photo 20180817_150547

I then went down to the arrival/check-in floor.
photo 20180817_150613

Since the waiting room is located upstairs transit passengers may need to take as many as 3 escalator rides.
photo 20180817_150628

The luggage claim area.
photo 20180817_150642

Since I only had my backpack I then went to the public area.
photo 20180817_150704

One of the recommended fish cake establishments in Pangkal Pinang - little did I realize when I took that photo that I would eat at its original place downtown.
photo 20180817_150713

The departure kerbside - to go to the pick-up floor I needed to cross the road and go down.
photo 20180817_150805

A view of the outside of the airport.
photo 20180817_150824

I stayed at Santika Bangka, which I got free of charge by redeeming my points from an online travel agency.
photo 20180817_153521

Three days later my new status was posted (my name and card number were hidden).
photo ga7127 17082018 new status

Bonus: Dining at Bangka Belitung Province

Those who know me, know just how much I love good food - and there are quite a lot of them on both Bangka and Belitung islands.

Bonus : Click here display
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew8.5

Tanjung Pandan-Belitung Island - TJQ


Pangkal Pinang-Palaubangka Island - PGK



This flight was as comfortable as it ca be for intra-province trip in Indonesia with modern plane, low load factor, and decent dining offerings. In terms of the airports, TJQ was a breeze to pass through though minimally equipped while PGK was nothing unusual (except for the multiple escalator rides needed).

On overall, I would fly with GA again if the price was right.

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Fast check-in at TJQ
+ Fast security at TJQ
+ Compact terminal layout at TJQ

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Low load factor
+ New airplane
+ Acceptable dining offering for the distance
+ Clean lavatory
+ Cockpit visit opportunity

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Lack of shops at TJQ transit area
- Poorly located power plugs at TJQ
- Airport layout at PGK

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Lack of properly printed safety card
- Narrow bulkhead seat pitch
- Wait before the cockpit visit



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  • Comment 464613 by
    marathon 9834 Comments

    Only 50' scheduled duration, but possibly the longest airport name combination recorded in Flight Report - too long for the website's standard page naming convention !
    Toilets landside only : I had that in MLG, an airport of similar size. Going through security was taking no time there too.
    SJ's flight being delayed ? I am not surprised...
    I am surprised that most passengers were on the left side which was the one exposed to the sun. I for one would have changed sides, since there were so many empty seats.
    PLM looks as spot clean as the aircraft you flew in.
    Thanks for sharing this detailed report !

    • Comment 464630 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      ... possibly the longest airport name combination recorded in Flight Report
      - Let's get some team members here to decide whether this was their longest? :p In all fairness, though, they seem to love adding the island name for some of the more obscure Indonesian airports, hence the long name.

      Toilets landside only : I had that in MLG, an airport of similar size. Going through security was taking no time there too.
      - I heard that the new terminal is already here? That would be a bit unimaginable on the new terminal.

      I am surprised that most passengers were on the left side which was the one exposed to the sun. I for one would have changed sides, since there were so many empty seats.
      - It wasn't really that exposed to the sun (it's still not too close to evening so the sun was still high), but perhaps the left side afforded more view than just sea?

      PLM looks as spot clean as the aircraft you flew in.
      - 1. It's PGK, not PLM (PLM's terminal is quite dated - check my review on the TKG-PLM flight from last year); 2. Te terminal is a quite new one after all (you realize from my reports that Indonesia has been building a lot of new terminals lately (think of KJT/SRG/PGK, or to lesser extent TKG/CGK terminal 3), or else ...?)

      Thank you!

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