Review of British Airways flight London Baltimore in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA229
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 08:05
Take-off 20 Aug 18, 15:55
Arrival at 20 Aug 18, 19:00
BA   #64 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 790 reviews
By GOLD 3411
Published on 28th September 2018

This report is my second Business Class report on, this trip includes these flights,

BA 675 Istanbul-IST to London-LHR ( Club Europe/Business ) Airbus A320-200, Codeshare: AA 6612
BA 229 London-LHR to Baltimore ( Club World/Business ) Boeing 787-8, Codeshare: AA 6174, AY 5429, EI 8929, IB 4649

As these flights are reported you would be able to click on the sector to see the FR. Not reported flights would be written in italic.

Route Overview ( LON-WAS )

London - Washington is one of the popular Europe-USA routes as British Airways, Primera Air, United, Virgin Atlantic operates daily flights from the London area to the Washington area. British Airways serves 3 daily flights between these areas. 2 of these flights is from Heathrow to Dulles and the other one is from Heathrow to Baltimore. It's my second time that I flew this route ( LON-WAS ), the last time I flew with an United 757-200 from Heathrow to Dulles after missing my BA connection at Heathrow. This flight that I would now report is the only flight from London to Baltimore which is operated daily with a 3 class Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

Pax for this flight:

Club World: %75-80
World Traveller Plus: No idea
World Traveller: No idea


As I arrived from my previous flight from Istanbul, I had followed the purple signs for "Flight Connections"

photo img_3602

I was able to use the Fast Track Lane as I was seated in Club World

photo img_3603

All fast track passengers are directed to the North security checkpoint, but passengers from the regular transfer line are directed to the South security checkpoint. The North Checkpoint had 3/5 figures in the crowd display monitors as it took 15 minutes to pass the x-ray, and another 15 minutes to wait the security search my bag. Due to the amount of bags subject to hand search in the x-ray I've put my bag, another security guard took some of the trays, asked their owners to come with her as she was searching those bags at an empty lane.

After security, I went to the BA Customer service desk, in order to know my concourse, so I would make a decision going to one of the A lounges, or the B lounge. The employee told me that there was no information and I should wait at the main building until my concourse is announced. So I headed to the South Galleries Lounge.


The ratings below indicate the experience at this lounge, at the summary section both Terminal 5A South and Terminal 5B lounges are reviewed separately.

photo img_3604

As I've entered the lounge, the lounge was crowded and I could only find a seat near the kid zone which is in the southern part of the lounge.

photo img_3605

Also the breakfast menu was still there, but it would be collected in minutes as it was almost time for lunch.
Some pastries

photo img_3606

Salad bar

photo img_3607

Soups offered today

photo img_3608

Cold drink selection

photo img_3610

Fresh juices

photo img_3611

Chips were offered as well

photo img_3612

Daily newspapers and magazines

photo img_3609

At 12:05-12:10 that day, the counters had new food, some lunch dishes which were offered

photo img_3613

Pork pies

photo img_3614

The same chips were put in a different basket

photo img_3615

Mini sandwich selection

photo img_3616

Before heading to the tea-coffee counter most of the crowd left the lounge because of their flights and I was able to have a better seat which was behind the alcoholic beverages counter in the southern part of the lounge.

Tea selection for the day

photo img_3618

Coffee machine

photo img_3619

Alcoholic beverages offered that day

photo img_3620
photo img_3621

Later on at 13:00, I asked the lounge staff that I would like to have a massage while waiting for my flight and he directed me to the Elemis Spa which was one floor below the Business Lounge.
While going to the lower level, the horse an a A380 model was visible

photo img_3622

At the spa reception, the employee told me that the first available spot is at 16:20 which was 30 minutes later than my flight departs so I asked her if I can make an appointment for the spa at Terminal 5B. She looked at the schedule and created an appointment for me at 14:20 which was 1 hours 30 minutes before my flight.

photo img_3623

So I took the people mover to Terminal 5B. Emirates ad was present at Terminal 5.

photo img_3624

Also, there was more advertisements at the platform

photo img_3625
photo img_3626


I have arrived here 1 hour before my massage appointment, so I also had time to explore at this lounge.

photo img_3628

The same food and drinks as the Terminal 5A South was offered today but the furniture was a bit oldish compared to those ones in the main building.

photo img_3629
photo img_3630

But, there were more magazines at this lounge

photo img_3631

Food counters

photo img_3632
photo img_3633
photo img_3634
photo img_3635


photo img_3641

30 minutes before my massage appointment, I've decided to have a shower. The shower was recently cleaned, had clean towels and Elemis branded amenities for hand wash and shower.

photo img_3636
photo img_3637
photo img_3638

After my shower I was asked to fill a form because of my massage appointment. The form asked if I have any personal issues such as allergies and illness.

photo img_3639

After I filled my form I was invited to the massage room which I relaxed for 15 minutes. I have chosen to have a back massage. A hot towel was provided just after I had started my massage. Also the massage assistant asked me about personal needs and gave me samples of Elemis products.

photo img_3640

After the massage, I had some coffee which was served with crunches and shortbreads.

photo img_3642
photo img_3644

At that time the same foods were still available.

photo img_3643

Boarding Pass:

photo img_3654


After the lounge, shower and massage experience, it was time to head to concourse C for my flight.
This time I walked from Concourse B to Concourse C.

photo img_3645

C concourse did have just a few flights for the day.

photo img_3648

Today's gate was C66 and the aircraft was visible from the gate

photo img_3649
photo img_3650
photo img_3651

G-XLEG was parked at Terminal 5C, getting ready for his flight to ORD.

photo img_3652

G-YMMN had arrived from Delhi and was taxiing to his parking position

photo img_3656

45-50 minutes before scheduled departure, boarding started with the group number process. There were some smart people which were seated at World Traveller and tried to board with Group 1 and succeeded. As the ground staff realized the situation, an employee checked group numbers before the boarding pass scan process and some of these smart people was gently sent to the queue for their own boarding group. I was the first one to board within the passengers assigned to Group 2.

photo img_3653
photo img_3657

Free newspapers were offered at the gate

photo img_3658

Our aircraft from the gate

photo img_3659


I was welcomed by the cabin supervisor and the crew which would serve my seat during the flight. I was asked if I had water or champagne. This time I went for water.

photo img_3665


The seats were usual Club World seats which were pretty good for a 7 hour flight and had enormous legroom. The only negative point about the seat is that the seat width is shorter than some airlines regional Business Class service. As I was seated in 1A, I was lucky that the passenger in 1C moved to row 3 which her daughter was assigned to so I wasn't looking at anyone face to face during takeoff and landing

photo img_3660

A sleeping kit from White Company and headsets was there waiting at my seat, and a bottle of water and a White Company personal amenity kit was handed by the cabin crew.

photo img_3661

The content inside the kit

photo img_3721

The legroom

photo img_3662

Overhead panel

photo img_3696

This aircraft was equipped with Thales Entertainment system.

photo img_3663

The remote was not the newest touch screen installed ones but looked quite new.

photo img_3664

A reading light was also installed at the seat

photo img_3707

Route and flight information for the day

photo img_3666
photo img_3667

G-YMMG was next door, waiting for his flight to Newark

photo img_3669

As we pushed back, another 777 was visible, this time BA 113 to JFK

photo img_3670

The safety video was shown

photo img_3671

The second time that G-YMMN was seen today, which would serve BA 179 to JFK

photo img_3672

BA super jumbo which would fly to Hong Kong today as BA 31

photo img_3673

Another BA 388, G-XLEC which would head to Los Angeles this afternoon

photo img_3674

G-RAES was still parked there as I saw him that morning at the same spot, he would operate BA 207 to Dubai which was delayed.

photo img_3675

British A320 at the runway departing for Aberdeen

photo img_3676

Virgin Atlantic 787, VS 9 to New York-JFK

photo img_3677

A7-BER which would serve QR 8 to Doha today

photo img_3679
photo img_3680

An AC 77W, serving AC 865 to Montreal

photo img_3681

G-EUPM getting ready for his short flight to Manchester

photo img_3682

Another VS 787, G-VBEL, this time to Boston as VS11

photo img_3683

Last view of the runway queue

photo img_3684

Here we go

photo img_3685
photo img_3686

Terminal 3

photo img_3687

Apron between Terminals 3&5

photo img_3688

Terminal 5 B&C

photo img_3689

Terminal 5 A&B

photo img_3690

Terminal 5A

photo img_3691

Some photos after takeoff

After the seatbelt signs had been turned off, hot towels and menu cards were distributed.

photo img_3700

Welcome on board message

photo img_3701

Alcoholic Beverages offered today

photo img_3702

Lunch menu

photo img_3703

Menu for the afternoon tea meal

photo img_3704

Shortly after the distribution of the menus the crew verified my meal preference that I have made online and asked my drink for the aperitif service. I opted for a cranberry juice which was served with nuts.

photo img_3706

Before lunch, I head to check the lavatories which were clean.

photo img_3710photo img_3711


The table was set after I have returned from the lavatory. I was asked if I prefer still or sparkling water.

photo img_3709

Bread and butter was already at the tray.

photo img_3713

Later on the entrée cart had arrived so I opted both for the smoked salmon and soup the sweetcorn soup. The cabin crew was happy to serve me both these two starter dishes.

photo img_3712

The sweetcorn soup was served with an additional bread.

photo img_3714

For the main course, I have chosen the pasta option which was asparagus tortellini and it was delicious. By the way, water runs were made by the cabin crew.

photo img_3715

Later on the dessert trolley appeared, and the cabin crew asked me what I wanted. I asked for the warm raspberry and almond frangipane tart. While my dessert was heated, the crew offered me some pineapples. For this flight, pineapples where loaded instead of strawberries.

photo img_3717

After a while, my dessert arrived but unfortunately there were no clean forks or spoons on my table so I pressed the crew button but due to the meal service they could only came after serving all the passengers in the front Club World cabin.

photo img_3718

Later on, I have asked for a peppermint tea which was served to me with the fork and the spoon.

photo img_3719

After the meal service, a problem with the IFE occurred and the cabin supervisor announced that he would do a short reset to fix the issue.

photo img_3720

Ten minutes later, the IFE at my seat rebooted and I was able to provide the route information, but 5 minutes after I took these photos, the cabin supervisor announced that the issue on the IFE system was solved on half of the seats so he rebooted the whole system, which took 20-25 minutes, to solve the problem.

photo img_3722
photo img_3723


Few minutes later I've slept for a while and then woke up 2 hours 30 minutes before landing. I have helped myself from the bar and reslept after enjoying some of the snacks. The glass and trash was collected by the crew while I was sleeping.

photo img_3724a

As I mentioned before, this aircraft had the Thales IFE system which is better than those that some 747's have. The IFE system included a wide selection of movies, TV shows and music albums but there was less selection than those IFE systems which Middle Eastern carriers utilize. There was no problem with the IFE except the two mandatory resets during the flight.

There was no wi-fi onboard but there were power sources and USB plugs available under the PTV. Also another USB port was available near the remote.

photo img_3708

The safety card

photo img_3705

The content in the seat pocket

photo img_3739


Both of the crews who served my zone was absolutely perfect and cared about customers, they always asked if they can do more to serve me. The only problem was that I couldn't receive an immigration card from them so I had to fill one at the airport and 20-25 people was able to get in front of me because they had a filled immigration form with them. Probably I was sleeping when they distributed these forms, and as not everyone is required to fill one, they expected me to ask them for one.

Afternoon Tea:

I wasn't able to have this meal as I was sleeping and as I had the divider up, they didn't want to disturb me. The menu of this service can be found at the menu section of this report.

Before landing, I was woken up here and asked to prepare for landing

photo img_3726a

Some photos before landing

photo img_3730photo img_3729aphoto img_3731a

BWI appeared

photo img_3732a

Southwest concourse

photo img_3733

Concourses A&B

photo img_3734

Some United aircraft

photo img_3735

WowAir & Swift Air aircraft parked at Concourse E. By the way, it was my first time that I have seen something called "Swift Air".

photo img_3736

We were going to park at gate E1.

photo img_3737

The gate

photo img_3738


As we landed I headed directly to the immigration line and I was one of the first ones to enter the line but then I have realized that I don't have an immigration form so I left the line and filled one, so now I was one of the last ones to clear immigration. The whole process took about 25-30 minutes. I was lucky that we were the only international arrival at that time.

Then I had went to carousel 17 to pick up my luggages which were already there but one of my luggages was dented at that time. Luckily, I found a British Airways agent at the baggage claim area so I have explained the situation so I was asked to fill a form about my luggage and then he took a picture of my luggage and filled a complaint form and told me that he would call after the return flight to LHR has departed. This process took 30-40 minutes due to some other customers whose bags didn't arrive.

After that, I have headed to the exit and this time the officer who controlled my document had asked me to take a seat and wait. When an immigration officer came to me, I have provided the documents and she told me that there wasn't any problem at them. The reason that I was asked to take a seat was that the stamp on the immigration form hadn't have much ink to be clearly visible. Later on, I was told that I could leave the area.

The tiring BWI experience was coming to an end, I checked my dented luggage if there was anything damaged as my laptop and personal electronic devices was in there because of the electronic ban which was applied for the IST-LHR sector, luckily the only thing damaged was the suitcase itself. So I have left the airport and the flight experience came to an end.

photo img_3740


At 21:30 that evening, the same agent who helped filling my baggage damage complaint form called me and asked me to note my case number so I could reach customer services. The following day, I called the baggage department but they were always busy and the PA voice asked to fill a form on . I wasn't able to reach them until someone left me a voicemail regarding my complaint. I called the number who voicemailed me and the agent told me that they were going to send me a brand new Andare Collection suitcase which much more was expensive than my dented one. 3-4 days after this call, I received the suitcase by mail and the issue was solved.

Thanks for reading.
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.5

British Airways (South) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


Baltimore - BWI



(+) Well air conditioned and fresh terminal
(+) Enough seating areas near the gate ( for gate C66 )
(-) Security process takes too long
BA T5A South Lounge:
(+) The variety of beverages offered at the lounge
(+) Breakfast selection
(+) Comfortable seats
(+-) Lunch selection ( was OK but it can be improved )
(-) Too crowded at that time
(-) Difficult to find a clean table
BA T5B Lounge:
(+) Wide magazine selection
(+) Easily found an empty seat
(-) Older furniture than the T5A lounge
(-) Some of the power plugs were not working
Elemis Spa T5B
(+) Shower rooms were big enough and clean
(+) Massage service which was offered
(+) The staff who was in charge of my massage was helpful
(-) Difficult to adjust water heat at the shower
BA 229
(+) Seats were better than expected
(+) Professional and caring crew members
(+) The option to choose the main meal online
(+) The taste of meals which were absolutely perfect
(+-) Options served at the bar for midflight can be improved
(-) Entertainment system issues
(-) Cost-cutting on a transatlantic flight for the second meal service
(-) An immigration card was not handed to me.
(+) The BA staff was there to solve my issue
(-) The slowness of the BA staff at the baggage services counter.
(-) One immigration officer was looking for passengers with visas. ( After all other passengers cleared immigration, the other officers accepted passengers from the visa lane )

The overall flight experience had more positive points than negative points. Even though my flight experience started with a bad security experience at Heathrow, the lounge was a comfortable place to relax before the flight. At the time I've entered the lounge, it was packed and I could have only found a seat next to the kid zone which was a bit noisy, but then I found a better seat after some passengers left the lounge. The breakfast selection was nice and almost contained everything from a continental breakfast. The lunch selection was good but I believe that British Airways can provide better food if they want. As the lounge was packed, the spa was also packed to so I had to go the B lounge to have a shower and have my massage appointment. The B lounge contained the same food and beverages but the seats were less comfortable and most of the plugs within the seating area didn't work. The showers and the massage experience was really good and I hope that British Airways doesn't cost-cut for their spa service. Boarding was organized and the flight departed on time. Even though, it was one of the last days of Gategourmet serving BA, the lunch service onboard was amazing and proved that BA is one of the best carriers which serves good and quality dishes onboard. ( Doesn't include the M&S onboard menu ). Some little issues with the IFE system was OK and the seat was comfortable so I had a wonderful sleep onboard. In addition, the crew was really amazing. No Wi-Fi for this flight can be acceptable for the price that I've paid. But, British Airways can improve their onboard service by putting more selections to their onboard bar ( Cold sandwiches were also available but I didn't have one). Even though I was sleeping, a heated sandwich for dinner, which they call "afternoon tea" for cost cutting, is not OK for this kind of flight. I remember SQ serving two main dishes on a SIN-MEL flight and EK serving two main dishes on a DXB-KUL flight ( probably not any more ) which were both in Business and have almost the same distance with this flight. At least, British Airways could provide an Express Option tray with a small hot dish for their Club World customers for the second service on short transatlantic flights. My experience at BWI wasn't that good but if you have Global Entry and have no problems with your baggage, you would clear immigration and pick your bag within 10 minutes. As a Oneworld Sapphire customer, I would continue to prefer British Airways on my transatlantic journeys but I hope that they would be better in the future.



  • Comment 467451 by
    KL651 TEAM 4471 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Providing the gate info Only 1 hour before departure is pretty frustrating.
    Otherwise a solid experience in Club World, the new meals are a revolution from the previous basic BA catering.

    • Comment 467509 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 216 Comments

      Thank you for your comment KL651,

      -The Club World product that I experienced was much more better than I expected and the meals are a revolution as you mentioned. I hope they would continue to improve their service.
      -It was my first time that which I learned my gate 1 hour before departure on a transatlantic flight but I have experienced this situation on almost all my BA short/medium haul flights. I hate this type of gate announcements in LHR T5 as it is terrible when I didn't have lounge access in the past, it was impossible to find a seat at the main building while most of the seats at T5B and T5C is empty.

      So, I hope you have a great day and thanks again for stopping by.

  • Comment 468229 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5222 Comments

    Nice to see another member posting on the LON-WAS route...even if it's BWI ^^

    Looks like it was a nice flight overall and I've been meaning to try the BWI flight instead of IAD once since it's about the same distance from my house. Sorry about your bag, but it turned out well in the end. BA have damaged my bags twice in the past 2 years and both times they provided me with a new/better suitcase, same as you. Ironically, the 2nd time they damaged the bag they gave me the 1st time, haha.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoyed my city :-)

    • Comment 468230 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 216 Comments

      Thank you for your comment KévinDC,

      -The flight was nice and above exceptions so I can't complain for that. In my opinion, the BWI flight is a good option as it is less crowded there. But, during the winter season, prices for BWI flights are significantly higher than those from IAD. I also have 3 more future LON-WAS flights ( both from IAD and BWI ) on my schedule and they are all on the World Traveller cabin unless I get an operational upgrade, but I would definitely report the BWI BA lounge on my future BA 228 experience unless unexpected circumstances occur.
      -I was also surprised that BA figured out my baggage issue quickly and a new and better suitcase was perfect for me because I had fixed the damaged bag for free with their warranty and now I have 2 bags at the same size. I hope they won't damage the brand new suitcase in the future.

      Once again thanks for stopping by, and hope you to have a great time. :)

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