Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Bandar Lampung in Business

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA78
Class Business
Seat 7A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 25 Aug 18, 17:00
Arrival at 25 Aug 18, 17:55
GA 205 reviews
Eric V P
By 951
Published on 14th October 2018
Report #50: GA78 - Segment run + GA lounge test drive

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia business class from Jakarta CGK to Bandar Lampung TKG, an ultra short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board their Boeing 737-800.


Those who are familiar with GA's frequent flyer program know that flying on GA in their flexible economy class can yield 3 segments instead of 1, thus making it possibly the easiest frequent flyer to get elite status. The reason why earning elite status for cheap is possible is because of a "loophole" related with segments - book as little as 10 or 17 one-way flights in flexible economy class between CGK and TKG or between LOP and DPS/SWQ (more on this on review #58 to #60) and you can get the SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus-equivalent status respectively. While by Indonesian standards the fares aren't that cheap (the fare for flexible economy class between CGK and TKG on GA can yield a business class ticket with ID on HLP to TKG), it can still be handy to get access to their lounges as well as priority ground services.

I bought their flexible economy class ticket at around Rp700.000 (~US$47) as I initially booked on an OTA and got cashback but subsequently needed to reprice to the flexible economy class to get the segments. Added with the airport upgrade, the total fare came to Rp920.000 (~US$62).

Trip to CGK and check-in

My current preferred bus service to the airport is the JA Connexion operated by Perum PPD bus from Pondok Indah Mall, which departs hourly. While Damri has a more frequent bus service to/from Blok M Terminal, Pondok Indah Mall is much easier to get to/from and also the buses are much more empty.
photo 20180825_140004

The bus was already waiting at the boarding area, so I decided to quickly go in just before the bus departed.
photo 20180825_140026photo 20180825_140036

There were only a handful of people taking the bus.
photo 20180825_140117

Before the bus entered the expressway from Lebak Bulus, the driver stopped the bus and collected the fare first, after which I was handed with the ticket.
photo 20180825_141450

As I forgot to tell the bus driver to drop me off at terminal 3, I ended up arriving at the terminal 3's arrival floor after picking up the passengers from terminal 1/2.
photo 20180825_151132

To be exact, this is also the last stop before going back to Pondok Indah Mall.
photo 20180825_151247

I then went to the check-in floor and afterwards went through a preliminary security check before going into the check-in area.
photo 20180825_151438photo 20180825_151513

Since I got my newly acquired status, I went to the GarudaMiles Silver counter. However, since I asked for the airport upgrade I was redirected to the business class check-in counter.
photo 20180825_151723

A row was dedicated for GA's business/first class as well as its own top tier frequent flyer. I was directed by the staff to the cashier where I checked for the upgrade surcharge pricing.
photo 20180825_153023

The airport upgrade surcharge list for virtually all domestic flights. Since my flight would fall under the < 1 hour bucket, I was charged Rp220.000 (US$15) for the airport upgrade, 20% less than what they would charge under the old list.
photo 20180825_152848

Exceptions apply, of course, but despite its popularity the CGK-DPS route follow the general upgrade surcharge, which would bring me to the report #52 later.
photo 20180825_152909

As usual, I received the airport upgrade EMD as well as the business class boarding pass.
photo 20180825_153952photo 20180825_154038

I proceeded through the security, which was fast.
photo 20180825_153054photo 20180825_153423

CGK transit area

After security I walked through a corridor filled with shops.
photo 20180825_153418

Since I had access to GA's lounge I took the left escalator to the mezzanine floor to go to GA's lounge.
photo 20180825_153501

Lounge test #1: Garuda Indonesia Domestic Lounge

In CGK as GA's global hub, its domestic lounge is divided into two separate area, the one for business class and another for GarudaMiles Gold (that is, GA's second highest tier frequent flyer, equivalent to SkyTeam Elite) members. This would focus on the business class lounge, while a quick sneak peek of the GarudaMiles Gold section can be read below.

After I turned around following the escalator ride the lounge reception could be seen. However, this reception only caters to the SkyTeam Elite Plus or GA's business class passengers, while the GarudaMiles Gold members would need to go through the corridor to enter the lounge from the rear reception.
photo 20180825_153538

I was let in and after passing through the ornately decorated wall I was inside.
photo 20180825_153611

Padded chairs as well as the proper sofas could be seen as I entered the lounge.
photo 20180825_153621photo 20180825_153631

Newspapers and magazines were spread in a number of places inside.
photo 20180825_153657

Further inside is the dining area and additional seating area.
photo 20180825_153712

Some VIP rooms were also available, which were locked.
photo 20180825_153756

Wi-Fi also existed, which was acceptable.
photo 20180825_155951

Late lunch time: the first menu visible from the front reception is the meatball soup with noodle.
photo 20180825_154256

Some hot buffet items were also available.
photo 20180825_154405

The cold meal selection was limited, though in Indonesia we don't really have much of those cold salad.
photo 20180825_154431

Instead, we prefer lukewarm salad like this one.
photo 20180825_154441

The bread and tomato soup.
photo 20180825_154501

Another soup was also provided, which was Bogor-style turmeric beef soup. I must confess, though, that unlike the soup there were really a lot of beef in the soup pan so I filled my soup bowl mostly with those beef.
photo 20180825_155114photo 20180825_161241

The drinks and popcorn section.
photo 20180825_154515photo 20180825_155817photo 20180825_155831

This is GA after all, so naturally hot towels were also provided.
photo 20180825_160252photo 20180825_162322

In terms of the lavatory, the business class lounge boast a couple of shower cubicles, which I didn't use.
photo 20180825_160155

More about the rest of the lounge: a basic playing area for children, though it was open.
photo 20180825_161855

Typical of GA's lounges, two foot massage machines were provided.
photo 20180825_161908

A movie theatre offering screenings was located at the corner of the lounge, which also doubled as a rest area.
photo 20180825_161928photo 20180825_161930

The business centre consisted of two PCs.
photo 20180825_161955

As expected of an airline lounge, its own FIDS was also screened.
photo 20180825_162105

Once in a while, a staff would bring the inflight sales cart and offer items like those sold on board.
photo 20180825_162429

The rear reception allowed access to both the GarudaMiles Lounge as well as the business class lounge.
photo 20180825_162741photo 20180825_162727

At the rear reception I asked if it would be possible for me to check the GarudaMiles Lounge, to which the reception allowed.

The lounge mainly consisted of rows of padded chairs instead of proper sofa, which made it much less private than the business class one. Being semi-open air, this section was also much warmer.
photo 20180825_162516photo 20180825_162545

Apart from a couple of different items missing, the food items are relatively comparable to the business class one.
photo 20180825_162554

The most noticeable downgrade, however, has to be on the coffee: instead of an espresso machine this lounge featured powdered coffee machine.
photo 20180825_162620

This section also doesn't have a shower, so bring your toiletries and towel and use the deteriorating common shower room.
photo 20180825_162722

Lounge test verdict and departure

The business class lounge was on overall decent enough to spend some time before a flight, which makes the upgrade surcharge quite worth it (later on I learned that the walk-in fare for the lounge would be also set at Rp220.000 (US$15)). However, the lounge for GarudaMiles Gold members were a significant downgrade from the business class lounge, which was a shame because on other domestic airports they would receive access to the same business class lounge.

FIDS of the late afternoon.
photo 20180825_162812

Since I had spent my time in the lounge I didn't visit the working space.
photo 20180825_162839

My gate was initially supposed to take a while to get to by the moving walkway alone.
photo 20180825_162849

However, a buggy service was provided for those going to the domestic extension pier.
photo 20180825_163020

The buggy was able to handle 5 passengers in one trip and were regularly dispatched.
photo 20180825_163125

It was admittedly quite an experience as it went at 8 km/h, roughly double my walking speed.
photo 20180825_163213

After reaching the end of the main building we turned to the domestic extension pier.
photo 20180825_163315

The ride still lasted for a while, though some people alighted at their respective gates.
photo 20180825_163334

I alighted at its terminus, after which the buggy returned to gate 15 for another round of pick-up.
photo 20180825_163504

Situation at the gate.
photo 20180825_163528photo 20180825_163610

The plane for the evening was being prepared.
photo 20180825_163627

Boarding was fast and priority was enforced.
photo 20180825_164454

I made my way through the corridor and then the aerobridge.
photo 20180825_164458photo 20180825_164522

The plane about to bring me to TKG was PK-GNS, a 3 years old 738 and also one of the latest 738 delivered to GA.
photo 20180825_164528

As I boarded early, I soon found myself reaching the door 1L.
photo 20180825_164546

On board

Flight: GA78
Plane: PK-GNS
STD/ATD: 17.00/17.45
STA/ATA: 17.55/18.21
Load factor: 75% J (9/12), 72% Y (108/150)
Seat type: Recliner business class (window seat)

I was welcomed and afterwards proceeded to the cabin.
photo 20180825_164557

My seat for this flight.
photo 20180825_164636

A GA-branded pillow was provided even for this short flight, which was decent-sized.
photo 20180825_164700

Legroom was as usual quite decent, though it's not much more than the one on the emergency exit row seats in economy class.
photo 20180825_164721

The seat controls were all manual.
photo 20180825_164821

A table can be found at the armrest near the wall (or in the case of aisle seats, near the aisle), which was quite sizable.
photo 20180825_164841photo 20180825_164856

Newspaper was available to take for boarding.
photo 20180825_164911

Time to check the seat pocket: to my dismay the seat pocket happened not to be cleaned.
photo 20180825_164949

In business class the literatures are all packed in a clear folder.
photo 20180825_165038

The contents were rather usual.
photo 20180825_165107photo 20180825_165116

On some flights GA opted for a smaller on board sales collection, which was marked by the catalogue size.
photo 20180825_165134photo 20180825_165240

Last but not least, the airsickness bag.
photo 20180825_165333

While I did the seat review, a flight attendant also offered newspapers to read.
photo 20180825_165250

In addition, my welcome drink was also provided on the cocktail side table.
photo 20180825_165437

The seatbelt was normal.
photo 20180825_165343

A domestic business class headphone was also presented, which was not noise-cancelling. Two way to look at it would be either by the battery on the cable (none here) or the number of pins (2 instead of 3).
photo 20180825_16545720180825_165505

A 3-pin headphone connector as well as a remote control are locared below the middle armrest.
photo 20180825_165908

The two sides of the remote control.
photo 20180825_16591820180825_165922

On GA's 738 business class, the IFE screen is located inside the armrest instead of on the seatback like on its 7M8, so it didn't see much use throughout the flight.
photo 20180825_170008

There was practically no view to speak of here before pushback.
photo 20180825_170015

Selfie test: the headrest was barely adjustable height-wise, which I particularly disliked.
photo 20180825_170025

The welcome drinks were only brought as the passengers requested, so another round was needed.
photo 20180825_165600

Typical on GA, even on this ultra short-haul route a hot towel service was still available using a scented, GA-branded towel.
photo 20180825_165710photo 20180825_165721

Since we were unable to use our own monitors, an overhead screen is provided for each side of the cabin, initially showing the moving map.
photo 20180825_170348

As we pushed back the safety video was screened.
photo 20180825_170946

GA's tradition dictates the flight attendants to clasp at the end of the safety video screening, which also happened this time.
photo 20180825_171336

Is CGK terminal 3 pretty much the land of GA?
photo 20180825_171329

3K's 320 returning to SIN as 3K208.
photo 20180825_171901

QG's 320 and MH's 738 taxiing into terminal 3 from PEN and KUL respectively.
photo 20180825_171952

As usual, terminal 2D/E is filled with international carriers.
photo 20180825_172144

GA's 77W and JT's 744 parked together - when does JT's 744 actually make money, if ever?
photo 20180825_172209

On the background KL's 77W could be seen going around after attempting to land at runway 7R.
photo 20180825_172222

The cabin was dimmed for departure. Since this was on late afternoon, a ~15 minutes wait was needed for us to get to the runway.
photo 20180825_172926

As we hold short, KL's 77W from KUL made her second attempt to land.
photo 20180825_174301

We soon took off into the gloomy weather.
photo 20180825_174548

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the flight attendants rushed to close the curtains.
photo 20180825_174759

Snack service immediately followed.
photo 20180825_174845

Instead of a hot meal (which would be ridiculous given it's only a ~200 km trip), a snack box was distributed. The business class snack box was coloured red instead of yellow and was slightly wider.
photo 20180825_174942

The inside looked pretty much the same as what you would expect in economy class.
photo 20180825_174953

Upon inspecting it closer, the main difference is that there are 3 snacks instead of 2 in economy class.
photo 20180825_175122

The snack service consisted of:
Savoury bread: Bread with minced meat filling
Sweet bread: Raisin muffin
Dessert: Assorted cookies
Drink (default): Mineral water
Drink: Water/fruit juice

Drink orders were taken and I opted for orange juice again. Even on such a short flight they managed to provide a refill as well, which was appreciated.
photo 20180825_175224

Another classic case of GA being GA, even in business class they still provided very few meat filling on their bread.
photo 20180825_175231

Their muffin was also a bit drier than expected as shown by the outside crust.
photo 20180825_175442

A quick preview on the classical music selection still showed 26 albums.

I then visited the lavatory nobody else bothered to use, which was still clean and well-equipped.
photo 20180825_175910photo 20180825_175919

After the lavatory visit was done the cabin had been prepared for descent.
photo 20180825_180132

The view during the earlier part of the descent.
photo 20180825_180217

As we descended and the sun set it became darker outside, thus making it more challenging to take even a half-decent photo.
photo 20180825_180603

We then flew past the intercity road and TKG.
photo 20180825_181111photo 20180825_181444

As we approached TKG I was afforded with a view of downtown Bandar Lampung.
photo 20180825_181837

At this point the cabin was dimmed to almost dark.
photo 20180825_181848

Landing was uneventful and we proceeded to the runway end to turn around before reaching the apron.
photo 20180825_182216

The overhead screen was opened again.
photo 20180825_182326

Following a short taxi we were finally parked beside JT's 738.
photo 20180825_182515

I bid farewell to the crew and then left the plane.
photo 20180825_182726

A short walk along the aerobridge and corridor followed.
photo 20180825_182733photo 20180825_182754

The FIDS for the evening.
photo 20180825_182756

Arrival at TKG and post-arrival trip

After reaching the terminal building a short walk through the interstitial corridor was needed to get to the escalator.
photo 20180825_182807

A short escalator ride brought me to the arrival floor.
photo 20180825_182840

The luggage claim area was quite crowded.
photo 20180825_182907

Since I had no luggage, I breezed through the arrival and then into the equally crowded public area.
photo 20180825_182943photo 20180825_182948

I went to the far end of the terminal near the walkway to carpark to take the bus.
photo 20180825_183257

The bus was cramped and later on I found the bus to be packed as well.
photo 20180825_183506

A one-way ticket to the city centre costed Rp25.000 (~US$1.7). Note that this was the cheapest available way to go to the city centre as a solo traveller - there was no competition in terms of public transport.
photo 20180825_192732

Some of you may also remember the Tanjung Karang Stn on some of my previous reports.
photo 20180825_200707

I slept at a budget hotel, but not after taking calls from my colleague from my company's overseas office.
photo 20180825_202922
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew8.5

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Jakarta - CGK


Bandar Lampung - TKG



While the hard product onboard this flight still leave something to desire, this was still a decent offering with an acceptable domestic lounge as well as being a cost-effective way to get their elite status. On overall, I would not hesitate flying on this route again for segment run.

Information on the route Jakarta (CGK) Bandar Lampung (TKG)


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  • Comment 470900 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6052 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this detailed report Eric! Interesting that GA's FFP yields multiple segments for higher cabins--that's great for segment flyers. Most programmes only yield higher Status qualifying miles but just 1-for-1 on segments. The lounge is really nice for a domestic lounge! Personally, I find the hard product to be really good for a regional J cabin on a narrowbody. For the same type of seat, the legroom is much better than what we get in domestic F/J in the U.S.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 470972 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Hi Kevin,

      Interesting that GA's FFP yields multiple segments for higher cabins--that's great for segment flyers.
      - Not necessarily on higher cabin, even higher subclasses in economy class can get more segments. Though a business class flight, I was originally booked on their flexible economy class and therefore got 3 instead of 4 segments. As usual, though, accrual on partners only yield 1 segment. Plus, most of the time their miles aren't worth much (< US$0.01/mile) so that's some consolation.

      The lounge is really nice for a domestic lounge!
      - It's not too bad, but remember it's their global hub after all - I had reviewed their SUB lounge here as well and it was worse (need to try the domestic one for DPS, though, since they have a large presence there)

      For the same type of seat, the legroom is much better than what we get in domestic F/J in the U.S.
      - They don't dole out free upgrades to elite members like what you have in the US, so it better be worth the price.

      Thank you!

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