Review of Austrian Airlines flight Tel Aviv Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS860
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 27 Aug 18, 06:20
Arrival at 27 Aug 18, 09:15
OS   #33 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 259 reviews
By 1143
Published on 8th September 2018

After a long time, I found time to travel again,
this time with Austrian Airlines, from TLV to VIE.
I hope you'll enjoy!

In Austrian Airlines, the web check in service opens 47 hours before take off, so I woke up early to choose the best seats I could.
photo untitled
As You can see, I chose 4 seats: 6E, 6F, 7E and 7F (my seat).
Austrian defined those seats as Preffered zone in the seat reservation, before check in each seat costs 28$ USD.

Two days after the check in, I arrived to TLV airport in 3AM, really early.

Outside view:
photo 20180827_032320

Entrance to the check in area:
photo 20180827_032424

While waiting for friend, I took this photo from the check in area:
photo 20180827_032601

As You can see, the terminal is busy, many families travelled in this period because they could find cheap flights. I also travelled in this period because I found really cheap flight - 230$ USD for flight with Full service and 23KG luggage. Really nice.

The security procedure and the check in procedure were really fast, and here's my boarding pass:
photo 20180827_034945

And after less than a hour in the airport, I finished also the security check for the hand bag and the immigration. While waiting to my friends that doesn't have biometric passport, I took this photo:
photo 20180827_041513

Shortly after, I went to the toilets in the duty free area:
photo 20180827_042652photo 20180827_042656

As You can see, not so clear… (But not dirty too much also).

Terminal shops and food area:

Window view:
photo 20180827_045751
You can see here: Aegean A321, Elal B739 and Lot B738.

I bought coffee and Croissant with chocolate and almonds, the price was 36 NIS (10$ USD or 8.5 Euro) - really expensive, I can buy the same coffee and the same Croissant in Aroma (not in the airport, of course) in 22-24 ILS.
photo 20180827_045900

My gate was E7, the newest boarding area in TLV airport.

The way to the gate:

Gate area:
photo dsc06594

The jet bridge and our aircraft for today:

(I really hate the windows in TLV airport, with the black dots… I can't take good photos with them)

Last outside view of the aircraft in TLV airport:
photo dsc06602photo dsc06603

Aircraft Information:

Airbus A321-111
OE-LBB, named Pinzgau
In service since February 1996

European business class seats:
photo dsc06604

I went to my seat - 7F.

photo 20180827_060026photo dsc06605

Really nice legroom, It was very comfortable for me.

Window view:
photo dsc06606
You can see here: Elal B772 and B738.

Overhead panel, a bit old:
photo dsc06612

After the boarding procedure, I found that the aisle seat is free, so I and my friend could feel like passengers in the business class!

Another two photos during push back:
photo dsc06614photo dsc06615
You can see here Elal B738 4X-EKS, from my flight report of LY357.

Watching our flight in FR24:
photo screenshot_20180827-061402_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180827-061410_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180827-061417_flightradar24

Some photos during taxi procedure:

Travel Service B738:
photo dsc06619
Israir A320:
photo dsc06621
Ethiopian B738:
photo dsc06622
Bulgarian Air Charter MD82:
photo dsc06623
Runway 30-12:
photo dsc06627
photo dsc06629

Take off video (4K is available):

Some photos shorly after take off:
photo dsc06633photo dsc06639

30 Minutes after the take off, I went to the WC:
photo 20180827_070458photo 20180827_070501photo 20180827_070504

It's unbeliavable that they were look very good and clear also, in aircraft that almost 23 years old!

After returning from the WC, 45-50 minutes after take off, the cabin crew gave us a breakfast:

The breakfast included: Omelet, pastrami, tomato, cherry cake, butter, apricot fruit spread, bread and water.
Also, the cabin crew offered cold and hot drinks.
It wasn't so tasty, but It's really nice to receive full meal in 3 hours flight.
I must say that I was suprised to get full meal, because in Austrian website I saw that We'll get snacks…

I paid for the basic Wifi service. It costs 3 Euro and the speed is limited to 150Kbps. It's really slow, but It's enough for Whatsapp or mails.

Some photos from FR24 during the flight:
photo screenshot_20180827-074459_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180827-083953_flightradar24

In flight magazine and safety card:
photo 20180827_083705photo 20180827_083721photo 20180827_083726

Cabin view during the flight:
photo 20180827_084326

I didn't received a drink, so I was really thirsty, because when the cabin crew gave drinks, I was in the WC, so I requested drink:
photo 20180827_092057
photo 20180827_092123

Another cabin view during the flight:
photo 20180827_092857

Some photos before landing:
photo dsc06646photo dsc06647

Landing video (4K is available):

After landing photo, still from the aircraft:
photo dsc06648

After parking, I took some outside photos of the aircraft:
photo dsc06652photo dsc06653photo dsc06654

Austrian A320 through the bus window:
photo dsc06655

And some aircrafts during the ride to the terminal:

Austrian A320, SA livery:
photo dsc06659
Eva Air B773:
photo dsc06661

The immigration procedure was really fast, about 5 minutes, one of the fastest I ever had in European airport.

The way to the baggage claim:
photo dsc06662

Baggage claim area:

The baggage arrived really fast, I got my suitcase 2-3 minutes after I arrived to the baggage claim area.

The toilets in baggage claim area:
photo 20180827_092751
As You can see, very clear.

Terminal 3, during the way to the taxi station:
photo 20180827_093134

New flight report soon:

Thanks for reading!
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Vienna - VIE



Austrian is really nice airline, I can't believe that the aircraft was almost 23 years old, and still all looks good and clear!
The seats were comfortable, the legroom was really nice, the WC were clear, in German - Alles gut!
The cabin crew were really nice also, and gave really good service.
The meal was suprise, because I expected to receive some snack, but It wasn't so tasty. Still, It's really nice to get full meal during 3 hours flight.
There are no overhead TVs, but there's wifi service and some information that You can read in Austrian website without payment, so I reduced the entertainment score. The wifi isn't cheap (3 Euro for 150Kbps, 7 Euro for 600Kbps and 12 Euro for 15Mbps) and It's no so stable, but still It's really nice to have internet connection during flight.
TLV airport is good as I always score It, this time it wasn't so clear, so I reduced the cleanliness score.
VIE airport is amazing! Very clean, the immigration was really fast and the suitcases arrived really fast, the access is good also - the airport isn't too big and the signs are clear, so You know where to go very easily, and also there are some restaurants, where You can eat before leaving the airport, taxi station, car rental and train that can take You directly to Vienna, so the services are good also.

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  • Comment 464220 by
    Guillbcn BRONZE 65 Comments

    Nice FR, thank you! Looks like Austrian offers a very good sevice on their mid-haul flights.

    • Comment 464249 by
      Dor AUTHOR 90 Comments

      Thank You,
      Yes, very good service and the best VFM in the relevant period.
      (Elal flights were much expensive and Wizz price was close to Austrian price, but without luggage and meal. (And of course the take off time from Vienna was bad also)

  • Comment 464495 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I didn't think the end of august was a cheap period to fly with many people returning from their vacation.
    Nice service for a 3 hour, and original too compared to the usual breakfast in Y class.

    • Comment 464497 by
      Dor AUTHOR 90 Comments

      I also was suprised to find the low price.
      But since my only free time is during August to October, I found that the prices in this period were the lowest I could find. We though about flight in the end of September, the price was twice!

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