Review of JetSmart flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA240
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 18 May 18, 16:45
Arrival at 18 May 18, 18:15
JA   #8 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 19 reviews
Published on 9th September 2018
May 21 is a holiday in Chile.

This year it's a Monday, so we have a long weekend.

Perfect for a necessary visit to my family near Santiago, and for a brief report on the latest developments at good ol' Pichoy, my small local airport.

BTW, this is my 50th report. I can't believe it!! :O

Oh boy. No joy at Pichoy!

Being such a small airport, a visit to Pichoy is usually an enjoyable, even relaxing, experience.

I never care to be at the airport more than an hour before ETD, and that's why the fact that I'm finishing school 90 minutes before ETD today doesn't worry me at all. I could perfectly go downtown and take a bus that will leave me on the road outside the terminal some 30 minutes before ETD.

But for some inexplicable reason I have made arrangements with an Uber driver to pick me up at the school as soon as I finish my work.

And this saves me!!

As I enter the main hall I have some trouble making sense of the crowd inside. I ask one of the people in a queue that stretches all along the length of the main hall and beyond "Is this the queue for check-in?"

"No," he replies. "This is the queue for security check!"

Me: :O

I never imagined I would ever see this level of congestion at ZAL!! I join the queue…

photo img_20180518_155857

…right next to the men's restroom. I have no idea if I'll make it through security check on time. I can only cross my fingers!

photo img_20180518_155950

There used to be a small cafeteria and candy shop here.

photo img_20180518_160234

Slowly but steadily, we move past arrivals (baggage claim at the bottom)…

photo img_20180518_160515

…and across the main hall.

photo img_20180518_160519

Transfer services and car rentals on my right.

photo img_20180518_160525

Yes we can. yes we can…

photo img_20180518_160934

Only one turn to the left and we'll be there.

photo img_20180518_160946

Yaaawwn… Free wi-fi? B*tch, please! Who needs that!! Pichoy offers some top class excitement for passengers trapped in a queue.

photo img_20180518_161239

I can feel my adrenaline flowing. Make it yellow! Make it yellow!

photo img_20180518_161259

Pink. Darn.

photo img_20180518_161427b

Woo - hoo! The final stretch.

photo img_20180518_161353

This is new, but I haven't see it on yet.

photo img_20180518_161400

The gates to baggage claim are open. Oops! This might mean that my plane has already arrived.

photo img_20180518_161509

Once in the boarding room… yikes! This is crowded! Two flights are boarding at the moment: LATAM and JetSmart. One of the gates leads to the jetbridge, and the other to the apron. We are told to queue up according to zones, but nobody seems to know even which queue is for each airline, let alone which zones. It's chaotic.

photo img_20180518_161947

There are angry faces because those passengers in the wrong zone are being sent to the correct one, which means going to the back of the line again. If the lines were straight, we could easily identify them, but in such cramped space the lines meander all around the small room between seats, pillars, bags and other people, mixing people from all zones and airlines. You hear a lot of "Is this the line for zone 1?" "I don't know! I don't even know if this is the queue for the restroom!" I make it to the jetbridge but some people are really pissed off.

photo img_20180518_162438

Some months later I read in the news about the probable reason for the crowded airport I have seen today. A local senator blames officials of the previous socialist government for the loss of resources that had been destined to the improvement of ZAL. 13 million USD had been assigned to enlarge the terminal, but the money was eventually assigned to other projects due to the inaction of the local authorities.

photo recursos perdidos

We are held for some minutes while the incoming passengers deplane.

photo img_20180518_162637

Boarding is sluggish today. On my right…

photo img_20180518_163030

LATAM is still waiting for its passengers.

photo img_20180518_163055

On my left, today's ride is…

photo img_20180518_163102

…CC-AWE! Two reports on CC-AWE in a row. :)

photo img_20180518_163108

At long last.

photo img_20180518_163430

The cabin looks new and smells new… because it is new! Five months old by now.

photo img_20180518_163541

The seats are basic…

photo img_20180518_163653

…but I like this sleak design.

photo img_20180518_164250

Tray table.

photo img_20180518_164319

The contents of the seat pocket.

photo img_20180518_164355

The menu (?) has been simplified to a single sheet of paper.

photo img_20180518_164417

The prices are a little bit on the expensive side, aren't they?

photo img_20180518_164432

There must be a mistake there. Combo 5 is more expensive than combo 4 in Chilean pesos, but combo 4 is more expensive than combo 5 in US dollars!

photo img_20180518_164441
photo img_20180518_164446

On the back, "Now you can change your seat while you fly." There's a range of prices depending on the seat you choose, and if you're on a domestic or international flight. Anyway, it looks less expensive than the same service on Sky Airline, as you'll see on the next report.

photo img_20180518_164459
JetSmart's "smart guy" in his denim shirt… looks so… er… I mean… er… isn't he cute?



photo img_20180518_164525
photo img_20180518_164742

Safety speech.

photo img_20180518_164806

The captain is in a good mood today! We all laugh heartily when he comes over the PA system with the words "Tripulation! Preparar la cabina para el despegue." (Tripulation! Prepare the cabin for takeoff) He jokes by making up this "new" word in English. Tripulación is Spanish for crew. But he also uses a strong accent, as if he didn't know any English at all. (Well, I've heard many FAs speaking English like that, I must say)

Good bye, tow…

photo img_20180518_164821

…and good bye us.

It might be only my impression…

…and climbing above the clouds…

photo img_20180518_165559photo img_20180518_165614photo img_20180518_165640

…is always a very quick thing.

photo img_20180518_165725_1

Because of the low rain clouds, perhaps? In fact, Valdivia is very rainy.

photo img_20180518_170530

The cabin during the flight…

photo img_20180518_170752

…when the BOB service has started. But I'll skip it.

photo img_20180518_171425

Watching the landscape will be enought for today. Even though darkness is falling over cities like Talca…

photo img_20180518_172907

…the last golden rays of the evening are painting the mountains with bright colors….

photo img_20180518_173307

…especially as we approach Santiago.

So sad. Beautiful Aculeo lagoon turned into crusty wasteland during the summer.

photo img_20180518_174259

Descending over Santiago…

photo img_20180518_174839
photo img_20180518_174850

…we have to make a U-turn to the left…

photo img_20180518_175241

…in order to land from north to south.

And we make it to SCL…

photo img_20180518_175809photo img_20180518_175823photo img_20180518_175830

…at a beautiful time of day.

photo img_20180518_180610_1
photo img_20180518_180617

We dock at the north side of the terminal, used by domestic and international flights.

photo img_20180518_180623
photo img_20180518_180740

Newly built VIP lounge above the exit to baggage claim.

photo img_20180518_181746

I wish this were the end of the trip, but there's still a 1-and-a-half-hour bus ride ahead, which can become 2 or 3 hours on a critical day like this, when half of the smog-choked inhabitants of Santiago want to escape from the city. Ugh!

photo img_20180518_210424
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



My small local airport is having trouble to keep up with the times. While ticket prices fall, passenger numbers grow, and air travel becomes more and more popular in my country, Pichoy (ZAL) slowly becomes unable to deal with the influx of passengers.

ULCC JetSmart does its job very well. Nice flight. BOB a bit expensive, IMHO.

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The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.2/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 26 minutes.

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  • Comment 464358 by
    KiloEchoVictor 1 Comments

    Hi Nechus (or Nelson, if you prefer), long-time reader of your Flight-Reports and first-time commenter.

    "The prices are a little bit on the expensive side, aren't they?"

    They just seem too expensive to make any sense for me. In my home country (Indonesia, in case you were curious), for instance, you can get a hot meal for approx. USD3-4 (on an LCC, e.g. Citilink; AFAIK there are no (true) ULCCs here).

    "Now you can change your seat while you fly."

    While you fly, as in onboard? That would be news for me.

    "I'll send it to anywhere in the world for free!"

    Even to a place almost 10000mi away from Valdivia? Would like the 'backpack', but I feel (sort of) guilty to take that offer. Would probably just pass the opportunity on to another commenter who lives nearer :D Also, beautiful photography!

    Safe travels,

    • Comment 464383 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 935 Comments

      Hi, Kevin!

      long-time reader of your Flight-Reports and first-time commenter

      Wow! That's amazing! It makes me so happy to know that something I have written is being read on the other side of the world! We're living in such a small world, aren't we?

      While you fly, as in onboard?

      That's right. If you, for any reason, would like to have a different seat, you can choose a new one. In my country two airlines let you do that: Sky Airline and JetSmart.

      Even to a place almost 10000mi away from Valdivia?

      Of course! The bag is yours! This won't be the first time I mail something to Indonesia. My 7th grade students were engaged in a pen pal (correspondence exchanging) project with children from Jakarta some years ago. It was a great experience! Ever heard about the Flat Stanley project? We had much fun.

      Please contact me using the "contact" button on my profile page, or write to [email protected] and give me an address, OK? I'll go to the post office within the week.

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!


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