Review of Go Air flight Kolkata New Delhi in Economy

Airline Go Air
Flight G8128
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 22 Dec 17, 06:15
Arrival at 22 Dec 17, 08:30
G8 9 reviews
By 1110
Published on 15th September 2018


As mentioned in an earlier part - there were plans to head to North India for a vacation parts of the country that I haven’t visited much, barring an internship with IndiGo which resulted in a 1.5 month stay in New Delhi. A trip with the cousins - they’d head out to see Agra, Jaipur, Delhi - the golden triangle.

Uttarakhand. A state up in the north with plenty of views of the great Himalayas. If one gets a clear day there are some unparalleled views. With the places sorted I was of course most interested in travel between Kolkata and New Delhi: ex-capital to the capital. My father decided we take the train from New Delhi to Kolkata (Howrah Station, rather). Rajdhani Express. My first train ride in over 6 years. Airfares on the same day suggested that Air India had the exact same numbers as on the train. Usually AI21 is on a 787-8, however the day I looked at was in fact on a 777-300ER, a change that happens often but not that frequently. Oh no!


For Kolkata to New Delhi it was up to my uncle and his trusted travel agency. I was in for a quite little surprise when I found out that I would finally be flying with Go Air! An airline that I have often given up for flying on Air India’s 787 Dream)liner especially on DEL-CCU. Well, not bad I guess! :)

We would fly Go Air’s first flight of the day from Kolkata: the 0615 departure to Srinagar via New Delhi (G8128) and the other being to Ahmedabad via Jaipur at 0605 hours. Unfortunately however this was not going to be on a NEO: GoAir and IndiGo use the troubled PW GTF engines which meant a lot of these were grounded.

Go Air has been an interesting one in India. They’ve been around through India’s ups and downs in aviation, being in existence since late 2005. They did their own thing really - expand cautiously. 9 flights a day between Mumbai & Delhi is pretty respectable, however. They started off with various colors to their standard livery: orange, pink, light green, sky blue, yellow….this was all standardized to a dark blue livery. They have a presence in all over India’s metros with Kolkata making an entry on their schedules in 2011-ish. With a fleet of 24 A320s (neo & ceo) it is a bit of a surprise they haven’t started international services yet. However, they recently added international destinations to Male & Phuket. A brave step, and congratulations to them! And like I said - a low cost airline that’s been around, doing their own thing.


Go Air allows online check in T-48 hours before departure. This meant that the moment I got home from AI401 this was what I checked in for. I knew the weather was good up there given the views of the Himalayas. Seats in front of the engine for us: 6D/E/F, 7D/E/F, 8F. Seats were confirmed for free if I remember correctly.
photo 44555327542_817b0f167e_b
photo 44555326992_82edaea382_b
photo 44555326452_2960a59941_b
photo 43754083785_83f492ca1e_b


With a round of repacking done over the next few days and spending time with Dobby (the bestest) I made the critical mistake of heading down to the pub with my brother the night before the flight. This would be the first time I head up with my brother drinks. Two very large drinks. More like 6 because of big they were. We got back home at around 0145 am. About 3 hours before departure I was in a very bad state. A quick lay down later my alarm went off at 0330. Barely a nap, but it was time to look human, feel human. Oh boy, this was going to be a fun one.

Dressed up, protected for the winter?
photo 44555329222_b349bd7b38_b

The drink. Times two. Just seeing this picture makes me sick….
photo 44555328442_995c7ca141_b


By some miracle I got in to the car and I have no idea how we made it to the airport. Perhaps normally, I’d imagine. It felt like a rocket ship, however. No, I wasn’t driving! :P If there was anything that was most significantly wobbly about this trip it was certainly my state walking around in Kolkata’s new T2.
photo 43886012304_847bb465a1_b

We were at a very busy gate for entrance to the terminal, while it was quite foggy, a typical morning in Kolkata. Given my family & my rather conservative personal margins - a 0445 hours arrival at Kolkata airport was just 1.5 hours before scheduled departure time. Pretty late, but I was thankful given the wobbly state I was in.


Baggage screening was next - I somehow got a picture or two and chilled out by check in. And by that I mean sit on one of the chairs so that I didn’t cause any trouble. Oh dear.
photo 43886012204_a42f677045_b
Stopped from proceeding - the snaking baggage trolleys every where - hey at least there isn't a need to shell out $5 on this!

photo 43695240795_d0f8ceb935_b

Staying away from the trouble - check in looks empty?
photo 43886011354_a19b3e9307_b

However check in was relatively empty, thankfully. Unlike the IndiGos and Jets and Air Indias of the day, GoAir just had the flight(s) to Jaipur and Srinagar/New Delhi. Of course, like I said we were relatively late which wasn’t ideal. 7 passengers checked in quickly.
photo 43695240145_efed31cae1_b
Walking up to check in for an ID check - how inconvineit!


Baggage tags printed and handed the stubs were printed to the most responsible person’s: aka me (sarcasm…). With too much responsibilities in my hands, it was on to security.
photo 43886010204_aa5f78ce17_b

There were some lines, not too bad - however it took a while 14 minutes. Not that I could remember much anyway, so…. It was 0528 hours, 7 minutes to boarding.
After security.
photo 43695239325_2ca2baa10b_b


It was 5 minutes of dawdling around before boarding started at 0533 hours, 2 minutes before schedule, and with not much spotting to do due to the heavy fog, I decided to take it easy and sit around till the line shortened. After all, there was 42 minutes till departure.

VT-GOM, a 4.8 years old Airbus A320-200 with sharklets and CFM56 engines was at the jet bridge gate. She did not have much of a break: G8511 from Mumbai landed at 0145 hours. The wait for a NEO just got extended, but I was happy to finally a log a G8 flight, and most importantly happy (& surprised) to be as functioning as I was…
photo 43886009244_10da24eca1_b

With the lines shortened in less than 10 minutes the 7 of us joined the line, with your truly being extra cautious and following a straight line down the jet bridge….
photo 43695238775_436d1e4b7c_b

Onboard at 0534 hours to two crew members welcoming us: one at main galley, another in the aisle handing out some leaflets with onboard sales merchandise.
photo 43886008194_f8505e02e4_b

The airplane has 180 seats, however 176 with the ability to sit passengers thanks to the first 2 rows being GoBusiness, middle seats empty like European J class. Took our seats as the cabin filled up quickly.
photo 42794368370_b23998b910_b
GoBusiness leather seats

photo 43886006404_8a2610e909_b
Regular Economy

Typical of any LCC the announcements were pre-recorded. To start with it was reminding passengers to share the overhead bin space with others. Nice idea - but it doesn’t quite work out, unfortunately. The crew tried to help other passengers in this regard & get the flight going early.

Ads everywhere, again typical of a LCC:
photo 43886005174_a65ce775fc_b

As the sun slowly peeked through the fog there was still no view from the window due to the dense & thick fog. Departure time drew closer as more announcements were played: the usual shut off electronic devices, put tray tables away, the rules in general, etc. The plane was pretty full: most economy class seats were filled up, but GoBusiness went unsold.
Window view
photo 30734158668_6ac82eaef7_b

Cabin crew finally came around to make their announcements: it would be a quick 2hr hop to New Delhi. Captain Darshan Guraya (?) was in command, First Officer Aditya Sharma would be assisting them, Sakshi was the cabin manager in charge working alongside Monica, Puja and Manisha.


Pushed back at 0602 hours - 13 minutes early! It is always great to be on the first ever flight for the day, one’s almost guaranteed an on time departure especially at the non-base airport. The two CFM56-5B4/3 fired up before we taxied to through the dense fog to Runway 01R. This was during the time CAT IIIB ILS systems were about to be launched in Kolkata - visibility was quite slow (I regret not looking at the METAR…ugh!) and was perhaps being tested for the planes landing.
Proper IFR conditions!
photo 30734157338_31ca45bc3a_b

Lined up with Runway 01R at 0613 hours and the CFM56 engines roared in to life as we made a swift departures out of the fog & in to the clear skies.

A beautiful sunrise was right behind us as we flew West/Northwest towards New Delhi. There’s something magical about flying during the golden hour:
photo 43886004154_84cf63d06b_b
photo 30734156188_e9bb853b0c_b
photo 43886003164_19d80405ae_b


Robot voice came back on as we crossed 10000 feet: seatbelt signs were turned off, but you know the rest…. They thanked us for flying with GoAir, and quite frankly so far so good really. Pretty neat & efficient so far.

Most passengers were asleep thanks to the early morning. I have VT-GOM’s CFM56s whirring to help me get out of the zone of intoxication, slowly gaining my senses back and being more aware of my surroundings. The robot vice came back 12min in to the flight, commencing Buy-on-Board sales.

Knowing the hearty bengalis that we are my uncle’s travel agent ensured that we had a pre-booked breakfast going for us. This was an add on to the ticket fare that was paid while booking, just like any other LCC. I maintain that SpiceJet do have the best catering amongst the low-cost carriers in India thanks to the variety of hot meals available. Heck, they’re sometimes even better than full-service carriers!

Go Air has gone the IndiGo way of saving costs by not having ovens. The meals on offer are either cold or can be warmed up instantly by pouring water (ramen noodles, upma, etc). Unfortunately catering only loaded a few chicken sandwiches. They ran out of these by the time they served my cousin in 8F. Oh well.
photo 30734155148_2702715f1d_b

The combo included a juice (has to be Mango!) and a chicken tikka sandwich. While the family had what was a quick snack in the morning before actual breakfast that morning, this soaked up a lot of the remaining booze in my system. This meal made me feel so much better even if it wasn’t anything outstanding, pretty standard fare. Service continued towards the back of the cabin as we climbed up to 36000 feet, cruising altitude.
photo 43886001854_b4ed94c781_b

36000 feet
photo 30734154028_ef1a8430b7_b

Took the opportunity during the slight lull to head to the restroom up front. A slight line there: well, perfect time to check out GoBusiness! Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t much really. The empty middle seat always helps I guess. Window view was unparalleled:
photo 29666720917_229abc08e6_b

Front of cabin:
photo 43886001044_6010bb5d5c_b

Legroom is pretty rudimentary
photo 30734153268_dfae08409b_b

The restroom was standard, and clean, seeing as I was only the third person to use it….
photo 44605257171_ee0b2550ff_b
photo 43695229615_abe4c0ee44_b

Back in 6F I knew it we were approaching the snow-capped Himalayas. And boy was that a view!!! I got my camera out, Dad got his camera out as we photographed the lovely mountain range. This would get better over the course of the vacation. But for now, these are the views:
photo 43886013794_05a24effc4_b
photo 43886013184_a3d4738e4f_b
photo 42794363210_8d5324e262_b

Hello sharkie:
photo 43695242825_8005a5bf73_b

Overhead panels, typical Airbus stuff
photo 44605256101_45e833d2bf_b

While flying by these gorgeous mountains the robot voice came back around requesting us to get rid of trash to ensure a quick & easy turnaround.

This was followed by an announcement pertaining to the sale of merchandise onboard, these getting a little excessive and unnecessary.

Seat pocket contents:
photo 44605255491_219c863ce1_b

1hr16min in to the flight the first officer came around with a quick announcement: we were now at 38000 feet where the temperature was a chilly -20C, but inside the cabin a nice 25C. We were about 40-45 minutes out of New Delhi, and descent would start fairly shortly. Delhi was reporting a chilly 10C with visibility of a whopping 0.5km. Lovely - thank the almighty for CAT IIIB eh?!


Descent started at 0745 hours - 01hr29min in flight. We slowly came down as more announcements were made by the robots of the reminders before landing. We lined up with Runway 28. It was pretty cool to hear the auto-pilot be disengaged (and I caught this in the video TR: 12:15 in!) a few hundred feet from the ground.

Nice layover of fog over New Delhi
photo 42794362650_d81a5302db_b
photo 44554787332_b6d99af0f8_b

A lovely Indian Airforce Ilyushin IL-76 greeted us in addition to the several IndiGo A320s (just like 3 days ago on British Airways’ B747!), some of which were also leased from Small Planet Airlines. You will hear my cousin point this out and she asks me what airline they belonged…to which I wrongly said a lease to GoAir. We touched down at 0816 hours: exactly 2 hours in flight! We were in 15 minutes before time, but a taxi to Terminal 2 was still on the cards.
photo 44605245991_91c505fd16_b

To decongest the crowds due to the LCC boom, Terminal 2 was brought back to life after being left (although Airports Authority of India offices in the building were more than functional) to bite dust during the year, except for the Hajj season. GoAir exclusively had Terminal 2 to themselves for a little bit. Before the amazing T3 opened T2 was the international terminal.

Taxied by some business jets, and other G8 planes along the way. It was 10C outside in New Delhi.
2x Zoom Air CRJ-200s - return of the -200 since Jetlite got rid of them a few years ago
photo 42794361610_bd6136c95d_b

Following the human’s announcement the robot came back, reminding passengers that it was OK to use mobile phones. However as we pulled in to the gate there was yet another announcement! This time for a reminder to keep seatbelts fastened. Engines cut, we parked beside a company A320 (unsurprisingly…), the 11th robot announcement requested for placing extension seatbelts on the seats…. wow. And the 12th? Disembarkation through the aerobridge. There was no stopping the announcements, but it looked like it had finally ended.
photo 43886012774_d46f1d5a1c_b

This was done, thankfully. G8128 would continue on to Srinagar on a different plane however (turned out to be VT-WGC, a NEO. Great!), while VT-GOM would head to Ahmedabad.


The interior of Delhi’s T2 is one of a typical back-in-the-day AAI airport with the feels of being in the 90s. But new signs were put up making for navigation around the terminal quite nice & easy. Ceilings were pretty low at baggage claim…now not the clouds, the actual roof! Bags took time to show up but hey we had nothing to worry about!

Just outside the jet bridge
photo 44554786582_8beff53a9c_b

Down to arrivals
photo 42794360510_e79fa9cf17_b
photo 44605252281_d80371909c_b

Low ceilings…
photo 30734148308_1b53e1048a_b

GoAir only!
photo 44605251481_0e376c9f5a_b

You bet I will, DIAL!
photo 30734146738_1183e1b607_b

Baggage claim
photo 44605249441_4e2389e251_b

So. Many. Trolleys!
photo 30734145958_235c336c66_b

Took our stuff, and headed out. We would split ways with my cousins. We’d see them at the very end of the week, on the train back to Kolkata. But it was vacation time, and I was sure looking forward to a new adventure in Northern India!

This floor would've been interesting to negotiate while still intoxicated…
photo 44605248251_ce41a0c438_b

Time to take a taxi!
photo 30734145318_5e498dbc45_b
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Go Air

Cabin crew8.0

Kolkata - CCU


New Delhi - DEL



My first flight on GoAir was quite an interesting one. And I have myself to blame for having a little too much before the flight. I am quite surprised that I did not end up puking in & around this flight. The recovery went well after I got home - a much needed nap. [b]However, back to GoAir: very efficient, I can say.[/b] Check in & boarding was pretty quick, leading to a 12 minute before time pushback. Pretty fun going through the fog and popping over the clouds for an amazing sunrise & Himalayan views. Food was pretty basic - LCC stuff, and the crew were courteous as well. It was a nice surprise to be on GoAir: [b]would I fly with them again? If the fare & other factors work in favor, sure![/b]

Kolkata was pretty busy at the time - while I wasn't the most functional at the time I do not imagine the services and stuff being awfully different. I did appreciate the efficiency, however. Delhi's T2 I'm not sure if its a temporary fix or whatever but it does serve it's purpose. T1D hopefully is a little less congested now, however baggage delivery took a little long, but no harm done.

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