Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS859
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 06 Sep 18, 20:25
Arrival at 07 Sep 18, 00:50
OS   #37 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 271 reviews
By 1409
Published on 15th September 2018
After 11 days in Budapest and Vienna, I returned to my country, to celebrate our holidays and to be with my family.
Doesn't matter, here's my flight report for OS859, flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv.

Aircraft data, day before the flight:
photo screenshot_20180905-213213_flightradar24

We took taxi from the hotel to the airport, because we were 4 pepole, the taxi price was almost like train to the airport, but I must say - during 4-5PM, when We travelled to the airport, the journey took 40-45 minutes in the taxi, in the train It may take less.

View from the taxi:
photo 20180906_170654

Outside view of VIE terminal:
photo 20180906_171117

Inside view, during the way to the check in area:
photo 20180906_171307

Self check in area:
photo 20180906_171935photo 20180906_172339

This was my first experience with self check in service, that included even send our luggage by ourself. I must say that It wasn't complicated and It was very fast. I hope We'll see It soon in TLV airport!

My boarding pass:
photo 20180906_172422

I had a lot of time to spend, so I went to the spotting terrace, but first I went to the toilets before:

As You can see, they looked clear, much better than TLV aiport for example…

The way to the terrace:
photo 20180906_172846

Some aircrafts models, I saw a lot of them, but I took photos of the specials:
photo 20180906_172913photo 20180906_172920photo 20180906_172935

The last stairways to the terrace, before payment (5 euro per person) and security check:
photo 20180906_173003

And here some photos from the terrace, which I liked very much:
Austrian A321:
photo 1 1
Austrian A320:
photo 1 2
Austrian A320:
photo 1 3
Austrian B777:
photo 1 4
Brussels airlines A320:
photo 1 5
Austrian A320:
photo 1 7
Airport view:
photo 20180906_173913
Austrian EMB195LR:
photo dsc09320

After 40-50 minutes in the terrace, I returned to the terminal, to finish the security check, the immigration and to spend some time (and money) in the duty free.

After security check:
photo 20180906_181946

Duty free area:

I found a really nice aircraft, Air Cairo A320, but unfortunately my camera was in the bag, so I took this photo with my smartphone:
photo 20180906_182536

At this time, the camera was ready to take photo, altough the light conditions weren't so good, doesn't matter, this is Finnair EMB190LR:
photo dsc09408

More photos from the duty free area:
photo 20180906_191522photo 20180906_191525

The duty free shops weren't cheap, however, some of the product were much cheaper. For example, I found some cream that costs 200 ILS/INS in Israel, in 25 Euro (112 ILS/INS).

Our gate for today is G12, here's some photos from the gate area:
photo dsc09410photo dsc09411

Boarding by jetbridge:
photo dsc09412photo dsc09413

Aircraft Information:

Austrian Airlines
OE-LBE, Named Wachau
In service since December 1998

photo dsc09414

Window view, Austrian A320:
photo dsc09416

Legroom was good also:
photo dsc09417

Overhead panel:
photo dsc09418

Some photos during taxi:
Austrian A320:
photo dsc09423
Austrian A321:
photo dsc09428
Austrian B777:
photo dsc09430
Austrian B777:
photo dsc09437

Take off video:

Photo after take off:
photo dsc09442

One hour after take off, the cabin crew served soft drinks and nice meal:

The meal included: Pasta with cream and mushroom, chocolate mousse, butter, bread, water.
The pasta was little dry, but still tasty. The mousse was very nice and not too sweet.
The cabin crew also served hot drinks like coffee and tea.

In flight magazine, duty free magazine and safety card:
photo 20180906_224233

Austrian headrest:
photo 20180906_2245190

Some FR24 photos during the flight:
photo screenshot_20180906-211120_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180906-212151_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180906-222321_flightradar24

2 hours after take off, I went to the toilet. The cabin crew told me to go to the front toilet, altough the curtain of the business class was closed, It never happend before in any of my flights…
photo 20180906_224924photo 20180906_224931

As You can see, even after 2 hours of flight, the toilet looked clear.

Some cabin crew panel, I don't have idea what It is actually doing:
photo 20180906_225154

FR24 photos, before landing:
photo screenshot_20180906-231009_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180906-232523_flightradar24photo screenshot_20180906-233532_flightradar24

Over Tel Aviv, before landing:
photo dsc09449photo dsc09452

Landing video:

Some aircrafts after landing:
Pegasus B738:
photo dsc09457
Azerbaijan airlines B757:
photo dsc09458
Rossiya A319:
photo dsc09462
YanAir B734:
photo dsc09464
Ukraine international B738:
photo dsc09467

Our aircraft after deboarding:
photo dsc09472aphoto dsc09473photo dsc09474

We arrived to the terminal by bus.
Outside view:
photo dsc09475
The way to the immigration:
photo dsc09476

Baggae claim area:
photo 20180907_011628photo 20180907_011631photo 20180907_012603

After customs check area:
photo 20180907_013247photo 20180907_013257

Thank for reading!
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Vienna - VIE


Tel Aviv - TLV



Austrian is really nice airline, altough the aircraft was almost 20 years old, It looked very good, It seems that Austrian keeping their aircrafts well maintained.
The seats were comfortable, the legroom was really nice, the WC were clear, in German - Alles gut!
The cabin crew were really nice also, and gave really good service.
The meal was suprise again, because I expected to receive some snack, unlike the meal I got in OS860, this time It was very tasty!
There are no overhead TVs, but there's wifi service and some information that You can read in Austrian website without payment, so I reduced the entertainment score. The wifi isn't cheap (3 Euro for 150Kbps, 7 Euro for 600Kbps and 12 Euro for 15Mbps) and It's no so stable, but still It's really nice to have internet connection during flight. This time I bought the middle one, and It worked much better.
Vienna airport was amazing again - It's very clear, easy to navigate, the spotting terrace was very nice, the airport isn't too big, unlike big airports like Frankfurt, where after immigration You can't buy even coffee, here You can enjoy from nice duty free shops and also coffee and food area. So, VIE airport really nice airport.
Tel Aviv airport was nice as usual, again - It can be cleaner.

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The airline with the best average rating is Austrian Airlines with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 25 minutes.

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  • Comment 465928 by
    KL651 TEAM 4517 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Again a good experience on OS, with a better meal than LH but a worse aircraft than on LX.
    In spite of the lack of IFE they definitely are a good option.

    • Comment 465929 by
      Dor AUTHOR 94 Comments

      The meal in LH flight from FRA to TLV was better than this meal, altough this meal was good also. (I still waiting to try LX)
      The lackness of IFE wasn't so critical... It's a short flight and there's Wifi service. Still, Elal offered IFE in their Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900, and Elal basic Wifi is free, but not all the fleet of the 737-800 including Wifi, even though they have overhead TV, I think that I never used It in Elal flights.
      The second option was Wizzair, that offered newer aircraft, but without luggage, without meal and with less legroom in high price, compared to Austrian flight.

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