Review of British Airways flight Washington London in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA216
Class Business
Seat 62K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 14 Sep 18, 18:30
Arrival at 15 Sep 18, 06:55
BA   #64 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 752 reviews
By SILVER 1772
Published on 24th September 2018


Hello and welcome to a new series of Flight-Reports!

Having just gotten back to DC from my annual birthday trip home to France (reports here and here ), I needed to cross the pond again as I had to be in Madrid for the week of 17 September. I had originally put together an itinerary that included one leg on the new Iberia A350, unfortunately it didn't work out in the end, which was disappointing as an AvGeek. Alas, the reports in this series won't be anything new, as I've reported all aircraft but one in the past. Still, it's always worth doing Flight-Reports, even on one's "shuttle"–in my case, that would be IAD-LHR on the British Airways B747-400.

Welcome to another review on the BA 747 upper deck Club World cabin.


Washington Dulles IAD ✈ London Heathrow LHR | British Airways, B747-400, Business class
London Heathrow LHR ✈ Madrid Barajas MAD| Iberia, A321-200, Business class
Madrid Barajas MAD ✈ Charlotte Douglas CLT | American Airlines, A330-200, Business class
Charlotte Douglas CLT ✈ Washington Dulles IAD| American Airlines, A319-100, Domestic First

Check-in & Lounge

I arrived at the airport a little over three hours before departure.

photo 2018-09-14_21-03-48_343

I was surprised to see a long line at the Club World check-in, especially so early. Despite the line, the counters were well staffed and the wait was minimal.

photo 2018-09-14_21-05-59_651

As usual, security was a breeze with TSA Pre-Check. There was a point where Pre-Check lines were getting consistently long, but lately it has gotten much better.

photo 2018-09-14_21-37-23_577

I was airside in minutes and off to the train to Concourse B.

photo 2018-09-14_21-44-06_266

As always, flags of the world and U.S. States welcome travellers to the Concourse A and B mid-field terminal.

photo 2018-09-14_21-51-08_355

Unsurprisingly, with so many people at the Club World check-in, the BA Galleries lounge was on the crowded side despite the early hour.

photo 2018-09-14_21-53-10_313

I went to the bar at the end of the lounge to grab a glass of champagne and immediately headed to the dining room.

photo 2018-09-14_21-54-55_363

Outside of the dining room, there are no hot options–mostly finger sandwiches, cheese, crackers, and crudités.

photo 2018-09-14_22-00-01_032

This wall of wine spans the entrance to the dining room. Staff were still setting up when I arrived, but I only had to wait a minute or two to enter.

photo 2018-09-14_21-57-26_810photo 2018-09-14_21-59-00_293

Access to the dining room is restricted to passengers in BA Club World or First. When flying in Club, I prefer to sit in the dining room as there are nice tarmac views whereas the main lounge faces inside the terminal.

It was nice to have the whole dining room to myself for a bit.

photo 2018-09-14_22-06-10_885photo 2018-09-14_22-07-36_628

Being that I was flying alone, I got myself one of the single tables facing the windows with a view of an Austrian B767-300ER.

photo 2018-09-14_22-07-22_500photo 2018-09-14_22-05-23_552


photo 2018-09-14_22-08-13_361

Although it was like 4PM, I was hungry as I hadn't eaten all day so I had myself a late lunch.

Aside from soups and salads, there were several hot options including turkey cutlets, corn-tomato relish, and vegetable pasta. There was also a taco bar with warm tortillas and some interesting meat options: Korean Beef Bulgogi and Chicken Tinga

photo 2018-09-14_22-09-20_022

I started with a Beef Bulgogi taco, which was quite good.

photo 2018-09-14_22-11-41_242

Then tried the Chicken Tinga taco, equally tasy.

photo 2018-09-14_22-34-18_475

I hung out for a while sipping champagne, working a bit, and watching the action on the ramp.

Virgin America (now Alaska Airlines) A321neo arriving from SFO

photo 2018-09-14_22-36-11_950photo 2018-09-14_22-36-27_931

The Austrian B767-300ER to Vienna pushing back

photo 2018-09-14_23-14-16_559photo 2018-09-14_23-14-33_579

The Virgin America A321 pushed back out to SFO a few minutes after Austrian

photo 2018-09-14_23-15-44_168photo 2018-09-14_23-17-37_795

I headed out to the gate about 10 minutes before boarding was due to begin.


Our beautiful Queen of the Skies taking us to London tonight, G-CIVV, a 20 year old B747-400

photo 2018-09-14_23-38-11_742

The BA 747 flights use gates B42 and B44. Group 2 Priority Boarding is from gate B44, all other groups board as B42

There were only another 5 passengers ahead of me in the queue for Group 2. On long-haul flights with a First class cabin, Group 2 is Business class and oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers, while Group 1 is First and oneworld Emerald flyers. On flights without a First cabin, Group 1 is Business class as we will see in the next report.

photo 2018-09-14_23-53-16_615

The attractive upper deck cabin is bathed in blue mood-lighting and only has 20 seats laid out in a 2X2 configuration over 5 rows.

photo img_0166

My rear-facing exit row seat with large pillow and bedding set from the White Company. The bedding package contains a comforter, a lighter cover, and a mattress pad in a zipped bag.

photo img_0167

Upper deck window seats are great as they have a lot of extra lateral space and storage with the bins along the side-walls.

Each seat has access to two bins, one of which could fit my big laptop backpack.

photo img_0168

The other was a good place to store the bedding package.

photo img_0170

Legroom is always good in Club World and foot-space is not restricted when in bed mode unlike many other business class seats.

photo 2018-09-15_00-05-54_347

View out the window of the lineup on this side of the A Concourse: Virgin Atlantic A330-200, Air France A380-800, Etihad B787-9

photo img_0169

Shortly after settling in to my seat, one of the friendly cabin crew distributed amenity kits/wash bags and water bottles…

photo 2018-09-15_00-09-00_432

While the other came around with a tray of pre-departure drinks with the usual choice of champagne and water.

photo 2018-09-15_00-05-48_240

Several minutes later crew distributed menus and breakfast cards. I really like the breakfast cards as they allow you to let the crew know if you wish to be woken up earlier for a full breakfast or later for only tea or coffee.

I selected the "Maximise Sleep" option with tea.

photo 2018-09-15_00-16-15_016

Let's have a look at the menu.


photo 2018-09-15_00-16-28_945

Dinner and Breakfast options

photo 2018-09-15_00-16-50_112

White wines

photo 2018-09-15_00-17-03_402

Red wines and Port

photo 2018-09-15_00-17-06_675

The Virgin A330 pushing back

photo 2018-09-15_00-14-23_912

A few minutes later the AF A380 pushed back

photo 2018-09-15_00-17-34_448

Not long after, an AF B777-200ER arrived. I was surprised to see one in the old livery. I had just been at CDG 10 days before and had only seen AF aircraft in the new livery.

photo 2018-09-15_00-32-41_569

Boarding was completed on time, but it took a while to push back due to traffic in the alley.

photo 2018-09-15_00-20-48_456

The Flight

We pushed back from the gate at 6:43 PM, only 13 minutes late.

photo 2018-09-15_00-44-05_805

Flight time to London will be a quick 6 hours and 48 minutes

photo 2018-09-15_00-43-35_221photo 2018-09-15_00-36-38_968

The new safety video played during taxi.

photo 2018-09-15_00-45-08_848

Video screens are stowed once the safety video is completed as screens must be stowed for takeoff and landing.

photo 2018-09-15_00-52-06_220

We found clear skies again about the thick cloud layer.

photo 2018-09-15_01-06-48_618

After takeoff I put the seat into relaxation mode and stretched out with the airshow on.

photo 2018-09-15_01-10-27_039photo 2018-09-15_01-08-19_208

Less than 15 minutes after takeoff, cabin crew were in the aisles for apéritif service. I had the Castelnau Rosé champagne, as I often do on this flight.

photo 2018-09-15_01-15-04_115

The IFE system is very good on these recently refurbished 747s, with good content and nice image quality.

photo 2018-09-15_01-18-20_186photo 2018-09-15_01-18-31_633

The sunset colours outside were beautiful and the pink matched my champagne ^^

photo 2018-09-15_01-20-25_410photo 2018-09-15_01-24-04_636

More often than not, I'm flying with someone else when flying BA Business class, but this time I was flying alone, which can be awkward with the backwards-forwards configuration of the seats.

photo ba iad-lhr seatmap

One of the most awkward moments when travelling alone in BA Club World is deciding to put up the privacy partition. Luckily, the passenger in the aisle seat raised it to take a nap, which saved me the awkwardness. Normally, the partition needs to be down during meal services so cabin crew can reach through; however, as I was in the exit row, there was space for crew to access in front of the seat.

Once the partition is up, window seats are incredibly private.

photo 2018-09-15_01-25-27_647

Meal service began about 45 minutes into the flight with the appetiser course:

Asparagus and prosciutto ham
Truffle dressing, quail egg

photo 2018-09-15_01-40-02_004

A well-presented and tasty dish.

photo 2018-09-15_01-40-15_428

Main course:

Short rib of beef
Roasted potatoes, green beans,
butternut squash, béarnaise sauce

photo 2018-09-15_01-53-06_401

Overflying the Boston area during dinner

photo 2018-09-15_01-50-59_939

The airshow is very nice on these newly refurbished aircraft with a good representation of the 747

photo 2018-09-15_01-54-13_384photo 2018-09-15_01-54-22_982

The beef was surprisingly well cooked, somewhere between medium and medium rare. Unfortunately, the meat itself was a bit tough. Nevertheless, it was a tasty dish, but then again everything is better with béarnaise sauce.

photo 2018-09-15_01-59-43_395

Afterwards, I opted for the cheese board instead of a sweet dessert:

Mitica MitiBleu
Cave Aged Gruyère
Double Crème Brie
Grapes, apricots, lemon pear marmelade

photo 2018-09-15_02-08-44_422

By the end of dinner we were crossing into Canada. The dinner service had been efficient and well-executed by the friendly crew without feeling rushed and impersonal as it often can on other airlines' red-eye flights.

photo 2018-09-15_02-10-27_566

After dinner I put the seat in bed mode, finished watching a movie, and promptly fell asleep.

photo 2018-09-15_02-51-42_441

I didn't wake up until the seat belt sign came on for landing. My tea was was waiting for me on the side table.

photo 2018-09-15_07-14-35_916

It was a beautiful clear morning over the U.K.

photo 2018-09-15_07-19-21_126photo 2018-09-15_07-29-06_620

After doing a few circles east of London due to air traffic congestion–typical of morning arrivals into Heathrow–we headed for Heathrow over the city, which made for some lovely views.

Canary Wharf business district

photo 2018-09-15_07-33-28_112

Kensington and Hyde Park

photo 2018-09-15_07-35-37_158

Despite doing a few loops we landed early and arrived at the gate ahead of schedule.

photo 2018-09-15_07-41-03_369

Last view of the cabin on deplaning.

photo 2018-09-15_07-49-59_032

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave questions and comments below.
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Another very pleasant experience with British Airways on the recently refurbished "Super High-J" configured B747-400. Note that my cabin rating of 9/10 is not typical for BA Club World--it is based on the exit row window seat on the upper deck which comes with direct aisle-access and extra storage and space due to the bins along the side wall. Once again, BA cabin crew were lovely--the two flight attendants working the upper deck were cheerful, attentive, efficient, and very courteous throughout the flight. The IFE is modern and responsive with good content and image quality on these recently refurbished 747s. Since the catering improvements were introduced at the beginning of the year the meal quality and presentation has been consistently good, in my opinion. Overall, it was another lovely flight on the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies on my oft-frequented IAD-LHR route.

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  • Comment 466894 by
    Rewardflying GOLD 486 Comments

    Hi KevinDC

    Upper deck, 747, very nice.

    One of the most awkward moments when travelling alone in BA Club World is deciding to put up the privacy partition. Luckily, the passenger in the aisle seat raised it to take a nap, which saved me the awkwardness. Normally, the partition needs to be down during meal services so cabin crew can reach through; however, as I was in the exit row, there was space for crew to access in front of the seat.

    -so if you’re on the aisle not only are you completely exposed, you get to have a tray passed over you? You had me wanting to try BA until that comment!

    The lounge food looked like the pick however the inflight cheese plate stands out from a presentation view. Admittedly the new ife system looks sharp.

    Kudos on nice aerial photos. Fun report to read, thanks. Almost convinced:)

    • Comment 467008 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 5093 Comments

      Hi RewardFlying, thanks for your comments!

      "so if you’re on the aisle not only are you completely exposed, you get to have a tray passed over you? You"
      - Haha yep! I would never sit in the aisle given a choice.

      "You had me wanting to try BA until that comment!"
      - Oh no, don't give up on BA...just don't sit in the aisle, LOL. Exit row and bulkhead window seats on the 747 and A380 upper decks are great though because they are very private (one the partition is up), more spacious because of the side bins, and have direct access to the aisle. I have a preference for the exit rows as it's more open.

  • Comment 466895 by
    757Fan 578 Comments

    Nice report, Kevin. Looking forward to your whole report here and the other flights you have planned. Looks like BA continues to offer a solid J class service!

    • Comment 467009 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 5093 Comments

      Thanks for your comments Matthew! Wish I could have reported on the Iberia A350, but hopefully the other reports will still be interesting. BA does offer a solid J product IMO, mostly since they've upgraded the amenities and catering. Aside from that it's pretty average, unless you can get an exit row or bulkhead window on the upper deck, of course. Thanks for stopping by!

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