Review of Volotea flight Bordeaux Venice in Economy

Airline Volotea
Flight V71347
Class Economy
Seat 4E
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 23 Sep 18, 16:20
Arrival at 23 Sep 18, 18:40
V7   #5 out of 12 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 161 reviews
By 506
Published on 27th September 2018
Let’s review this flight from Bordeaux to Venice on this hot autumn day.
Departure gate 54, the aircraft is coming:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  18.54.59

It was a Volotea flight but surprisingly the plane was blue! That’s unusual , nice.
We were ones of the last passengers to board, and they put my case in the cargo hold, because there was no more room in the cabin. Well, first negative point here.
Here we go:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.25.04photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.25.14photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.26.10

Really like the deep blue of this bad boy. That’s because its previous owner was AirX, a Maltese company.

Let’s seat on 4E and check the surroundings. I didn’t choose my place but they assigned me a window seat, so I didn’t have to buy one (great!).
This is an old 737-500, with a lot of distractions as you can’t see here:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.26.53

It’s a low cost flight but I definitely have seen better.
Here are my 1m90 legs trying to fit in there:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.27.23

Not really suitable for a tall person. Regarding the room for legs I’ve never seen better than Aegean Airlines A321, for now. Please tell me which company offered you the most room for your legs.

Take off!

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.16.44

That was great as usual, even if I prefer bigger plane, they're heavier so they need more speed to take off, you feel the acceleration a lot more!

My window was pretty clean, I mean no scratches, just one or two at the top. I had to clean it though, it was full of marks (so far with every company I flew with).

At least I didn’t get this one:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.28.06

They probably didn’t change it because it's between two seats, I don’t really know.

Food and drinks were not free, it's a low cost.

Let’s descend towards Marco Polo airport, and land:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.34.00photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.29.12

I haven't spent a lot of time at the airport so I can’t tell if it's good or not. Nevertheless it seems cool:

photo capture dcran 2018-09-27  19.33.00
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Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu1.0

Bordeaux - BOD


Venice - VCE



Well, I didn't pay a lot so I didn't expect much, but still they could do a bit better for this one. I flew with EasyJet for the return and it was a lot better, in every way.



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  • Comment 467689 by
    Kolia 613 Comments

    Nice catch of the day ! Thanks for sharing it with us ;)

  • Comment 468079 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Hi Archer, thanks for sharing your first FR! An interesting one at that...I didn't know there were any 737s operating for Volotea. I'm assuming this plane was chartered or wet-leased from AirX since I don't see it listed as being a part of Volotea's actual fleet. That cabin has definitely seen better days--you would have probably had a better experience on one of Volotea's actual aircraft, especially on the 717...and, of course, the famous "Bonne Maman" livery ^^

    Nice first report with good pics and welcome to Flight-Report!

    • Comment 468555 by
      Archer AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Thank you very much! Yes indeed I already took some 717 Volotea and it was a lot better. You're probably right about this AirX plane. Maybe it's theirs but they didn't want this old bird to appear in the fleet, hum?

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