Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Denpasar in Business

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA426
Class Business
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 29 Sep 18, 17:15
Arrival at 29 Sep 18, 20:15
GA 205 reviews
Eric V P
By 2649
Published on 17th November 2018
Report #52: GA426 - A lusted product coming true

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia business class from Jakarta CGK to Denpasar DPS, a short-haul route within Indonesia, on board its Airbus A330-300.

Here are the 3 parts of the trip:



If you have read my reviews in business class, you would notice that there are still a couple of hard products I have yet to review such as open suite and reverse herringbone. While the earlier is to be saved for later (time for JL J?), the reverse herringbone seat has been high on my to-try list since it's relatively easier to try thanks to GA operating some of its CGK-DPS flights using that connfiguration.

On one fine Saturday afternoon after I confirmed wide availability on business class (not necessarily the lowest business class subclass, just any seat available would do for airport upgrade) for the product for a late afternoon flight, I quickly packed my belongings and proceeded to the usual airport bus terminal (in fact, I bought the flight ticket while still on the bus). I first bought the economy class ticket which costed me Rp1.175.000 (US$78) after 15% OTA cashback, and added with the Rp770.000 (US$51) airport surcharge it costed me in total Rp1.945.000 (US$129), a ~30% discount over the normal business class. In terms of the miles earning, I received in total 217 KrisFlyer miles from my credit card + 151 GarudaMiles award miles and 1 segment from the flight (instead of 906 award miles and 4 segments as it was based on the original economy class ticket).

Trip to CGK and check-in

As usual, I went to the airport bus pick-up area and immediately hopped in as the bus was about to depart. True enough, after I entered a staff took a photo of me in the bus and then released the bus for departure to the airport.
photo 20180929_141547

It was an exceptionally lucky occasion as the bus was delayed for 10 minutes. I chatted with the driver, who was the sole person on the bus beside me (that is, I had the bus all for myself), and he told me that if nobody took the bus at the STD the bus would wait for 10 minutes before proceeding to the airport empty.
photo 20180929_141553

Though operating almost like my personal taxi, I was still charged with the normal fare at Rp35.000 (US$2.3), which won't even cover the fuel for the long trip (even the expressway charges had already amounted to more than half of the fare).
photo 20180929_150716

I reached the terminal 3 ~55 minutes after the bus departed.
photo 20180929_150743

As usual, I was dropped at the domestic departure area.
photo 20180929_150906

A bag-only security was conducted, which was fast.
photo 20180929_151006

Since I had clearly intended to fly on business class I proceeded straight to the premium check-in cashier and requested for the airport upgrade. Since the proper cashier officer wasn't there, my card was brought to the ticket counter at the other end of the check-in row for processing.
photo 20180929_151116

The seat map for the flight.
photo 20180929_151714

After the upgrade surcharge was paid I was handed with the airport upgrade surcharge EMD.
photo 20180929_153209

My new boarding pass was also printed there.
photo 20180929_153230

I also got the chance to get the list of airport upgrade surcharges imposed by GA. Since it would be rather challenging to read, I have tabulated it and you can read it here (on Google Sheets).

After check-in I proceeded to the security, which was fast.
photo 20180929_152317photo 20180929_152524

CGK transit area

I first passed by a couple of shops.
photo 20180929_152540

Since I was about to go to GA's lounge I took the left escalator to the mezzanine floor.
photo 20180929_152627

Lounge test #1: Garuda Indonesia Domestic Lounge

I was welcomed at the business class reception and after I showed my boarding pass I was let in.
photo 20180929_152651

FIDS of the late afternoon and the lounge map.
photo 20180929_152715

Magazines and newspapers were provided.
photo 20180929_152722photo 20180929_160550

There were a few different kinds of seating area, which felt quite private. Note that this still looked peaceful as it was a week before the mass status upgrade promotion, which practically made the business class section pretty much like a zoo (more of that on the next reports).
photo 20180929_152733photo 20180929_152927

The hot buffet options, which was dismal.
photo 20180929_153111

Since I didn't bother opening all of them up for the photo, I took a bit from each.
photo 20180929_153301

The western/Indonesian salad bar.
photo 20180929_154042photo 20180929_154409

The usual Bogor-style soup with noodle was available (read: free flow beef)
photo 20180929_155434photo 20180929_155639

Another kind of lighter soup is the meatball soup with noodle.
photo 20180929_163257

Choices of drink and popcorn were nothing unusual.
photo 20180929_163224

Unscented hot towel was also fully stocked.
photo 20180929_163346photo 20180929_163449

It was time for a shower. I first proceeded to the shower cubicle, but since there was no towel there I needed to ask one to the staff.
photo 20180929_160750

The staff then directed me to the handicapped toilet, which was far more spacious.
photo 20180929_161150

Standard amenities were provided.
photo 20180929_161410

It was now time to explore the other areas in the lounge, starting from the open play area.
photo 20180929_163044

A business centre room was present, though it was empty (or has it always been empty?)
photo 20180929_163110

While GA certainly didn't go the way of TG, they had their own style of massage room.
photo 20180929_163116

A movie theatre cum rest area was also present, which showed movies at a fixed timing.
photo 20180929_163129

Last but not least, the inflight/in-lounge sales area. Note the separator between the business class and GarudaMiles Gold, which would be removed later.
photo 20180929_163529

It was almost time for departure so I decided to leave the lounge.
photo 20180929_163546

Lounge test verdict and departure

The lounge was adequate for a domestic business class lounge with some food options and typical business lounge amenities. If anything, though, the lounge felt a bit on the smaller side which caused the corridors to be rather tight and the shower room being a cubicle instead of a proper bathroom.

Downstairs a priority buggy was parked.
photo 20180929_163604

I proceeded at the boarding gate where there wasn't much activity yet.
photo 20180929_163645photo 20180929_163726

The two parking stands were empty, which meant that we would be brought to the correct parking stand by bus.
photo 20180929_164156photo 20180929_164203

Boarding soon started, which was fast.
photo 20180929_165116

Since the boarding for this flight would use buses, I went down to the arrival floor
photo 20180929_165225

A business class van had already waited for us.
photo 20180929_165259

There weren't many people departing on the first van. Also notice the boy on the right, who was perhaps even more enthusiastic about the ride than me.
photo 20180929_165332photo 20180929_165431

After a few minutes of ride we finally reached the correct gate, which was at the international area. The plane for the day was PK-GHD, GA's latest 333 which was delivered just 2 years before, and also the exact plane reviewed by @rewardflying before.
photo 20180929_165543

Since the escalator was only switched downward I needed to take the stairs to get to the interstitial corridor floor.
photo 20180929_165603

As usual, the corridor was rather bare and quiet.
photo 20180929_165632

The -GHD seen from the front.
photo 20180929_165703

I proceeded through the aerobridge.
photo 20180929_165804

I was among the first few to enter the plane so naturally there was no queue involved.
photo 20180929_165819

On board

Flight: GA426
Plane: PK-GHD
STD/ATD: 17.15/17.38
STA/ATA: 20.15/20.28
Load factor: 42%J (10/24), 41%Y (107/263)
Seat type: Reverse herringbone business class (bulkhead window seat/window seat)

After I was welcomed by the flight attendant I proceeded into the business class cabin.
photo 20180929_165915

I then reached my seat, which looked quite new.
photo 20180929_165926

One of the flight attendants then said that I shouldn't just take a photo of the seat (yes, she said that - it's my duty after all to review) and offered to take a photo of me on the seat, for which there was only one correct answer. Did I say it also help my social media profiles?
photo 20180929_170017

The purser offered a choice of welcome drinks and I opted for the orange juice, which was accompanied with a hot towel and put on the folded table in front of the large IFE screen. After the drink was delivered, the purser also had short talks with each passenger in the cabin.
photo 20180929_170132

Typical of GA, the hot towel bore GA's logo and was scented.
photo 20180929_170213

Newspaper was also provided.
photo 20180929_170504

Time for a seat tour: to the left of the seat inside the mini storage area are the AC/USB ports, headphone port, and remote control, while below it is the seat control.
photo 20180929_170439

Its sole remote control was touch-responsive, which was also the case for the screen.
photo 20180929_171745

A foldable table was provided, which was adjustable and quite large.
photo 20180929_170544photo 20180929_170602

The table was so large it could fit my office computer with a lot of space to spare.
photo 20180929_201110

While I didn't use it, it was possible to store some small hand luggage below the seat ottoman.
photo 20180929_174051

On the side panel is the literature holder.
photo 20180929_170516

Typical of GA business class, the contents inside the literature holder were packed inside a clear folder.
photo 20180929_170639

Contents inside the literature pocket, except for the Tempo magazine which was offered by the flight attendant.
photo 20180929_170811photo 20180929_170928photo 20180929_171007

A retractable reading light was also provided, even though one was also available from the overhead.
photo 20180929_171303

Selfie test: if there's anything to hate about the seat, it's about the headrest, which wasn't adjustable.
photo 20180929_171335photo 20180929_171554

The armrest by the aisle also doubled as a storage for the headphone.
photo 20180929_172058photo 20180929_172103

For this flight a noise-cancelling headphone was provided, which was ordinary but still did the job.
photo 20180929_172202photo 20180929_172208

The usual IFE benchmark, which showed 25 albums as before.

It was finally time for pushback, which afforded a view of just how much the terminal 3 seemed to be GA's terminal.
photo 20180929_172302

Safety video was screened as we taxied.
photo 20180929_172514

The cabin was afterwards dimmed.
photo 20180929_173113

We soon left the terminal 3.
photo 20180929_172716

KL's PH-BVC proceeding to the gate after her flight from KUL, which I reviewed almost 2 years before.
photo 20180929_172826

The international extension pier expansion seemed to be almost done, but in the meanwhile the parking space was still for SJ and QZ.
photo 20180929_173018

Terminal 2D/2E was as usual filled with some international carriers and occasionally those within JT's group.
photo 20180929_173141

Some people said that planes aren't meant to just fill a parking space, though that had been the case for Indonesia's last 744.
photo 20180929_173156

The last plane using the runway before departure was FS's MD83.
photo 20180929_173533

Takeoff was uneventful and we soon climbed on our way to DPS.
photo 20180929_173750

The moving map during the initial climb.
photo 20180929_174039

After the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off a preview of the IFE and some ads were shown.
photo 20180929_174414photo 20180929_174520

The cabin was dimmed for much of the cruise.
photo 20180929_183116

Dinner service then started, which was first done by putting a small tablecloth (that is, despite the large table).
photo 20180929_174525

The meal was then served one by one instead of having a trolley going around the cabin.
photo 20180929_174917

The menu consisted of:
Appetizer: Salad with mayonnaise
Bread: Bread roll with butter
Main course: Balinese-style chicken with rice and sauteed vegetables or fish with rice
Dessert: Pudding with chocolate and sauce
Drink (default): Mineral water
Drink: Fruit juices / soft drink / water / coffee / tea

To start, the salad was ordinary and felt more like the one from a fast food chain restaurant. The chicken on the main course was rather tender and flavourful, while the rice and vegetables could be improved. While the dessert was usually pretty decent, this one tasted just acceptable. On overall, I wouldn't consider this an acceptable short-haul business class meal.

The dinner wasn't accompanied with any view, especially because it was already dusk.
photo 20180929_180338

During the meal I also tried their Wi-Fi. GA offered free 15 minutes internet up to 8 MB for each device. The internet access was rather slow and the paid plans were rather expensive so I didn't get one after I finished my free internet quota.
photo screenshot_20180929-175127_captiveportalloginphoto screenshot_20180929-175131_captiveportallogin

After dinner it was time for a short walk around the cabin, so I first visited the minibar, which being a short-haul flight wasn't stocked.
photo 20180929_180846

I then visited the lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20180929_180924

Apart from the Clarins toiletries the lavatory was pretty much identical to the one on economy class.
photo 20180929_181017photo 20180929_181027

Further back is the door 2 galley, which was empty this time.
photo 20180929_181141

Since the load was quite light I proceeded to one of the empty seats on the right.
photo 20180929_181245

One discernible difference can be seen in the foot cubby. In the normal seats the foot cubby got narrower further to the end.
photo 20180929_181258

Even so, it's even worse on the bulkhead seats thanks to the positioning, so instead of getting extra space I would need to place my feet rather weirdly.
photo 20180929_181343

I then tried yet another seat after the galley visit and put it on the bed mode.
photo 20180929_183317

The seat was spacious enough to sleep on.
photo 20180929_183949

As with all good things, it would eventually end and less than 15 minutes later the cabin was fully lit to prepare for arrival.
photo 20180929_185152

We soon started the final approach to DPS runway 09.
photo 20180929_195714

Landing was smooth and we proceeded into the apron.
photo 20180929_200217

We were finally parked beside another GA plane.
photo 20180929_200748

As there was only me left in the business class cabin and the deplaning process had started, the flight attendants had started turning around the cabin.
photo 20180929_201154

I proceeded behind to take a quick preview of the economy class seats - since it's 333 after all I would be fine sitting there for mid-haul flights.
photo 20180929_201240

GA used the full-featured Rockwell Collins Pinnacle seat, which wasn't that much different from the the Meridian seat on GA's 7M8.
photo 20180929_201246

After I bid farewell to the crew it was time to proceed to the terminal.
photo 20180929_201301

One last view of the -GHD.
photo 20180929_201329

Arrival at DPS and post-arrival trip

We first proceeded through the interstitial corridor.
photo 20180929_201344

A downward escalator ride was needed to get to the arrival floor.
photo 20180929_201406

As usual on DPS domestic arrival a Balinese dancer and a Balinese gate could be seen as well.
photo 20180929_201527photo 20180929_201538

Some additional walk was needed to get to the luggage claim area.
photo 20180929_201616

I decided to have a look at GA's "premium" arrival lounge, which was far more spartan than the one in CGK.
photo 20180929_201652

The luggage area was quite crowded.
photo 20180929_201721

Since I had nothing to claim I proceeded straight to the exit.
photo 20180929_201801photo 20180929_201811

The arrival area, which led to the pick-up area.
photo 20180929_201925

Since I opted for motorcycle taxi I needed to walk quite far from the terminal.
photo 20180929_202643

For a more proper dinner I opted for some Cantonese porridge that my friend recommended, which was good.
photo 20180929_205859

I stayed at a budget hotel at Kuta area, which costed me Rp240.500 (US$16).
photo 20180929_215348

Since I felt peckish during midnight I decided to get some roasted pork near the hotel, which was quite tasty were it not for me being overwhelmed by the rather spicy soup.
photo 20180929_232846
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Though it needs a bit of strategizing, the business class product on GA's newer 333 (not to be confused with their ordinary 333) was quite solid for the route. Another bonus is the CGK-based crew, who was also quite attentive throughout the flight. In terms of the airport, CGK terminal 3 was acceptable, save for the possibly long walk (though it didn't happen this time), while DPS domestic was a bit of a pain to get through with the long walks.

On overall, I wouldn't hesitate flying on this product again given the airport upgrade price range.

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The airline with the best average rating is Garuda Indonesia with 8.0/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 55 minutes.

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  • Comment 476177 by
    Davidbom 12 Comments

    Those super diamond seats are wonderful,i dont get it why garuda wont install it on their A332 or early A333... Anyway nice trip report !

    • Comment 476186 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      ... i dont get it why garuda wont install it on their A332 or early A333...
      - Reconfiguring a plane is an expensive affair - it's vastly different from, say, putting a new sofa in a living room. After all, GA's 332/older 333 offer (angled) flat bed seats in business class and standard seats in economy class anyway so the product is still competitive.

      Thank you!

  • Comment 476206 by
    pokcay 68 Comments

    Nice report! Never knew GA offer good price on airport upgrade on this route, kinda wanna try it someday.

    The super diamond seats looked amazing, it is still on top of my bucket list at the moment. Having tried CX's Cirrus seat beforehand, i wonder how this will hold up

    • Comment 476210 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      Never knew GA offer good price on airport upgrade on this route, kinda wanna try it someday.
      - The surcharge depends on the original subclass, but from what I can tell in total it's been pretty consistent at roughly 20-25% discount from the cheapest business class for domestic flights so it's not that bad. However, I've heard some rumor about the upgrade surcharge program being discontinued, so I'll check that on my next flight.

      The super diamond seats looked amazing, it is still on top of my bucket list at the moment. Having tried CX's Cirrus seat beforehand, i wonder how this will hold up
      - GA occasionally bring their new 333 between CGK and DPS, so this is still by far the cheapest way to try the seat (just check the seatmap for the flight - if the business class is 1-2-1 it's the new product).

      Thank you!

    • Comment 477974 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      I happened to check with GA's ticketing staff at CGK last week, and unfortunately the program has been closed from 9 November UFN - must be something to do with the coming peak season (even he had also complained about it since it's his sales as well after all, let's hope for it to get reinstated soon).

  • Comment 476243 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 579 Comments

    Nice report, but an awful payload for Garuda on that flight.

    • Comment 476246 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      ... an awful payload for Garuda on that flight.
      - In Jakarta we love to go to Bali for weekend getaways and since by the time I arrived it was already Saturday evening the low load was expected (instead, Friday evening flights to DPS and Sunday afternoon to evening flights to CGK are the ones that tend to be full, hence my DPS-LOP-CGK routing - stay tuned for the next reports).

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