Review of Flybe flight Glasgow Manchester in Economy

Airline Flybe
Flight BE341
Class Economy
Seat 3D
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 06 Oct 18, 06:55
Arrival at 06 Oct 18, 07:45
BE 73 reviews
By BRONZE 1208
Published on 9th October 2018

Flying with flybe

Flybe's cabin interiors are configured with an all economy layout.

Flybe operates an allocated seating policy on all flights. Passengers have the option to choose a specific seat of their choice online in advance for a fee or have one allocated free of charge during online check-in or at the airport check-in.

Passengers have the option of three ticket types. "Just Fly", "Get More" and "All In". "Just Fly" is the most basic ticket type, with just the flight included and any extra options options available to add for an additional fee. "Get More" ticket holders get to reserve a seat and includes free 23 kg hold bag. "All In" ticket holders receive a complimentary drink and snack, access to Flybe Executive Lounges, free pre booked seating, priority check-in and two free hold bags.

The airline operates a buy on board programme, called "Café Flybe", offering food and drinks for purchase. On most flights to and from the Channel Islands a selection of Duty Free items are available to purchase. We will look at Cafe Flybe in more detail during the report.
On 16th May 2018, Flybe announced that the Bombardier Q400 would remain t's main aircraft, all of the Embraer 195 aircraft in the fleet are to be withdrawn by 2020 but it will retain a number of Embraer E175s for busier routes.

Flybe uses the Avios frequent flyer programme, which is also used by British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus.
Flybe also operates a loyalty programme, Spend&Fly for Flybe Credit Card holders

flybe - proud to serve Glasgow

Whilst I was no stranger to the Manchester-Glasgow-Manchester route from 2002-2006 on bmi regional, this would be my first time flying on flybe as well as on a propeller aircraft !
flybe began operating the Glasgow-Manchester-Glasgow service on 25th March 2018.

It was previously operated by franchise Partner Eastern Airways and very briefly in 2017 by the new look Loganair.

flybe are operating this route 3 x daily going forward to the Summer 2019 schedule which has been already been released. There is only 1 service on Saturdays and no service on Sundays.

flybe timeline highlights

1979 - Jersey European Airways was formed and began operating regional services from Jersey.
2000 - The airline rebrands as British European
2002 - Flybe is born along with a new modern branding. Unlike bmi which claimed the "i" in bmi's title doesn't stand for international, the flybe name was very clearly a nod to the former name of British European.

Mar 2014 - the debut of a new Purple livery

Aug 2015 - Begins partnership with Skyscanner for ‘One Stop to the World’. Newquay to Dubai, Southampton to Kuala Lumpur, Inverness to Hong Kong – these are just three of the numerous options now possible with connecting bookings with Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline.

May 2016 - Launch of redesigned onboard menu, "Café Flybe"

Nov 2016 - flybe signs a codeshare agreement with Singapore Airlines.Star Alliance member Singapore Airlines has become its 11th codeshare partner. Regional customers using Flybe’s multi frequency services from five UK airports including Aberdeen, Manchester and Southampton, and two mainland European airports, can book seamless onward flights to over 100 Singapore Airlines’ long haul destinations throughout South East Asia, Australasia and United States via Manchester.

Dec 2016 - New London Heathrow routes announced to Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Flybe uses Heathrow’s Terminal 2 and offers ‘One Stop to the World’ connectivity to its codeshare and interline partners. Flights have been conveniently timed for both business and leisure travel and fares are from £39.99 one way including taxes and charges. Air India and Singapore Airlines are two codeshare partners from London Heathrow.
photo be-advert-at-lhr

Proposed Heathrow Expansion- this would be the first time Carlisle and Norwich would be connected to the world by a British carrier !
photo flyberoutes-798x478
photo speech-one

Jan 2017 - The greatly respected Aviation industry veteran Christine Ourmieres-Widener joins as Chief Executive Officer. Mrs Ourmieres-Widener chose International Woman’s Day 2017 to make her first base visit to George Best Belfast City Airport. As the first female CEO of the company her choice of destination was significant on this particular day as 52% of the airline’s employees in Belfast are women.
photo 2017-03-09_bus_29273451_i1

April 2018

Graham Ecob, a former travel agent with a surname that matches the registration of a Flybe Bombardier Q400 ( G-ECOB ) had a chance to take a flight on the aircraft.
Graham from Aylesbury, spotted the aircraft with his own name reflected in its registration and was determined to travel on it.The regional airline made his dream come true with a flight between Heathrow and Edinburgh. Ecob said: “I did a double take when I first spotted the registration on the Flybe aircraft. It made me laugh so I wrote to them with a photo and a copy of my identification.“I was a travel agent in a family business for 42 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before.
photo easid-302108-media-id-14854

flybe straplines

Making flying better

Faster than road or rail

The fastest way from A to flybe

photo flybe_slideshow_1
photo flybe_slideshow_3
photo flybe_slideshow_4
photo 13536836983_ff8eab8e6e_o

Close To You

photo easid-295195-media-id-13818

Flybe started 2018 with a brand refresh to better reflect the extent of its local presence. By operating more UK domestic flights than any other airline, Flybe is literally ‘Close to You’, not only in the UK but across its mainland European network.
The airline has introduced the strengthened brand which includes the ‘Close to You’ strapline to its marketing messaging to better highlight its leading position and intent to continue providing unparalleled air travel to and from the regions. Flybe has long been recognised by customers for its friendly personalised on board service. In multiple ways the airline is closer to its customers and this uniqueness will be part of its future brand messaging.
Close to you reminds me of the 1990 song of the same title by British singer Maxi Priest.
Flybe specialises in bringing people together and this new strapline shows the personal connection between flybe and it's valued clientele.

The new livery in 2018
photo 40290944_262714397914838_3659353598461558017_n

The New livery which flybe has introduced in 2018 is very reminiscent to me of the mid noughties short lived airline "jetmagic".
photo jetmagic

Previous flybe liveries have been as follows

The Jersey European Days
photo jersey_european_airways2c_city_of_derry_airshow2c_may_1996_09

flybe livery from birth in 2002 until 2014. I loved the skyblue underbelly.
photo 06.09.18_flybe_livery06

The 2014 "dipped in blackcurrant juice" livery ! Imagine an aircraft being picked from the tail and dipped. I never grew used to this livery as it appeared to be 2 liveries in one.
photo 13905306001_395370d433_b

Along with this new purple livery came a stunning new uniform as shown by the crew here for the first Glasgow-Southend service
photo thumbnail_flybe_2-1jpg

G-JEDP "Spirit of Belfast",my aircraft today, in a previous "Green" livery
photo greenbe

My reason for travelling was due to a new arrival - my cousin's wife gave birth to their first child a beautiful baby girl ! The Uncle in me just had to visit with gifts and treats for the whole family.
I took a train from Manchester to Motherwell ( final destination Wishaw ). The one way fare to Motherwell was a bargain for GBP12.00.

A look at the Transpennine Express Train journey in the absence of a flight ! Maybe when Rail Report is born I can stick this on there !

photo 20181003_191406
photo 20181003_193823

My BOB ( bring on board not Buy Onboard ) including some Scottish treats !
photo 20181003_194130
photo 20181003_194322-1
photo 20181003_200604

Onboard Entertainment via an app ( that didn't work )
photo screenshot_2018-10-03-20-10-23-1
photo screenshot_2018-10-03-20-10-35-1
photo thumbnail_screenshot_2018-10-03-20-10-16-1

At Manchester Piccadilly Station they were handing out free Orange Chocolates by Green and Blacks. These made my journey a bit tastier for sure !
photo 20181003_205811
photo 20181003_205907

Similarly I got an amazing deal for the flybe GLAMAN service and could have flown for GBP10.00 had there not been a technical fault when trying to use Avios points .I ended up paying just GBP34.99 for the one way hand baggage only fare (Just Fly ) which is still a bargain.

Fast Facts
Bombardier Q400
Registration of G-JEDP
"Spirit of Belfast"
STD/ATD 0645/0655
STA/ATA 0745/0745

Previous flight of G-JEDP - East Midlands-Glasgow ( 5th October)
Next flight of G-JEDP after Manchester on 6th October 2018 - Glasgow-Southampton-Glasgow , Glasgow-Birmingham-Glasgow

photo email
photo 1140-house-inheriting.imgcache.rev68c065601779c5d76b913cf9ec3a977e 1

flybe advert for Glasgow passengers
photo 10968911_flybe_top5_flybe_website_landing_banner_800x400px_x5_aw1_r_hr4

My flybe gifts collection which I have collected
photo gifts

Glasgow to Manchester - a new way to fly for me !

My cousin and I left his house in Wishaw at 1645pm and after a quick stop to refuel the car, we were pulling up at Glasgow Airport at 0515am. I bade him farewell and he had to pay GBP2.00 for the privilege of dropping me off. Looks like Manchester Airport's cunning charges are making their way up north ?

photo 20181006_051806
photo 20181006_051842
photo 20181006_051921
photo 20181006_051934

Whilst the airport was fairly busy,the flybe checkin only had a handful of passengers. I was checked in within 5 minutes and was issued with a proper boarding pass ; unlike those awful receipts at Manchester Airport.

photo 20181006_052024
photo 20181006_052041
photo 20181006_054113

Delta Airlines will be recommencing it's seasonal Glasgow - New York JFK service in co operation with Virgin Atlantic on May 24th 2019. The 757 service will end on October 26th 2019. Glasgow has strong historic and commercial ties to the United States. Not strong enough for a year round JFK service though !
photo 20181006_052442
.photo delta-new-york
photo glasgow-airport-delta-supersides-lr-032

Airline -o-rama !
photo 20181006_052434

BA checkin - BA4529 would be departing soon to Reus
photo 20181006_052538

Time to head upstairs to clear security and head into Departures
photo 20181006_052600

Passing the Celtic Football Club shop - I wish I had also gotten a photo of Rangers Football club's beautiful shop !
photo 20181006_052705

Security was very efficient - I had already taken my belt off and all my belongings went in one tray as opposed to at least 2 which are required at Manchester Airport.

Loganair adverts after security

photo 20181006_053936
photo 20181006_053942

Glasgow Airport's magazine " Flyer"
photo 20181006_055717

Glasgow Airport Shopping and Dining - The Window Seat View !

photo 20181006_054233
photo 20181006_054258
photo 20181006_054321
photo 20181006_054410
photo 20181006_054512
photo 20181006_054520
photo 20181006_054530
photo 20181006_054533
photo 20181006_054542
photo 20181006_054545
photo 20181006_054611
photo 20181006_054636
photo 20181006_054654
photo 20181006_054715
photo 20181006_054735
photo 20181006_054828
photo 20181006_055058
photo 20181006_055101
photo 20181006_055108
photo 20181006_055123

Tray with traditional Scottish words - go on, say a few without someone thinking you are blootered !
photo 20181006_055246
photo 20181006_055756

James Martin Kitchen (restaurant) decal
photo 20181006_055906

Glasgow Spotting Guide !

It would have been easy to assume I am in London Heathrow as I spotted 5 BA aircraft at Glasgow Airport on this rainy and cold morning ! 2 other aircraft ( 2 Airbusses are not in view, 1 was in a hangar )
photo 20181006_061059

jet2 737-800 departing soon to Ibiza
photo 20181006_055838

A jet2 737 having some rest :)
photo 20181006_061655

Flight Information
photo 20181006_054204

Fly from Glasgow !
photo 20181006_055917

Seating area
photo 20181006_055951

Prayer Area
photo 20181006_060007

Europcar welcomes you to Glasgow
photo 20181006_060747

Photo of Clydebank and the famous Glasgow icon - the Finnieston Crane
photo 20181006_060827

The British Airways Lounge Glasgow
photo 20181006_060913

Boarding BE341

photo 20181006_061147
photo 20181006_060843
photo 20181006_060951
photo 20181006_062200
photo 20181006_063113

A line of passengers had gathered at gate 16 and although I had been sat at the opposite waiting area, I decided to join the small queue at 0610am. Ahead of me was guy on his mobile phone and ahead of him another gentleman. The guy who was ahead of Mr Mobile Phone left the queue and sat at a nearby seating area. I asked Mr Mobile if he is for Manchester and if he was moving forward. He claimed someone was ahead of him. I mentioned that that passenger had left to go and sit down. Mobile guy then said sarcastically " it won't get you on the plane faster" and I replied I hadn't implied this. Some people. Honestly.

Anyway, at 0615am a lovely lady called Stacy made an announcement that she was boarding the flight and in next to no time the queue started vanishing - hand luggage was observed and cabin bag tags placed on the handles.

photo 20181006_081924

I was amazed at the size of some of the hand luggage but it must have adhered to the restrictions.

I boarded at 0628am and was welcomed onboard by Inflight Manager Ian. I had to really bash my hand luggage to fit into the tiny flybe overhead locker ! The legroom was decent.
photo 20181006_063202
photo 20181006_063212
photo 20181006_063231
photo 20181006_063424
photo 20181006_063428
photo 20181006_063439
photo 20181006_063921

The flight was only around 30% full ; there were only 3 passengers including me in my seating area.

The Inflight Manager asked if I would like an exit seat ? Initially I was happy but this was shortlived as due to the armrest being fixed in place, I was wedged in very tightly.

I decided to go back to my own seat and two other gentleman were offered the exit row as it has to be occupied.

I handed the Inflight Manager a slip with a request for a photo with the cabin crew upon landing in Manchester. Doors closed at 0643am and at the same time the Lady Captain did a welcome PA advising enroute weather ,flight time and that a PA would only be made inflight if the weather has a drastic change. On ending the welcome PA, I was overwhelmed and surprised when the Captain said " A special welcome onboard to ( my first name ) ! It turns out that the Inflight Manager had shown the Captain my request slip for a photo with the crew. What a beautiful and thoughtful gesture ! I didn't even get this on Singapore Airlines when I knew the operating Captain !

The two cabin crew ( Inflight Manager Ian and Airhostess Jill both of the Glasgow base ) did a manual safety demonstration whilst a prerecorded message played. I had to chuckle when the lady's voice said "Do Not inflate the lifejacket inside the aircraft". At work, we have a prerecorded phone message where the lady very sternly says DO NOT !

Pushback was at 0645am and the fans began rotating loudly !

Views enroute to the runway
photo 20181006_064732
photo 20181006_064926
photo 20181006_064940

EI-FOJ - a Ryanair 737-800 bound for Carcassone
photo 20181006_065039

TCX A321 possibly for Antalya
photo 20181006_065107

Take off

At 0655am, our Bombardier begin it's take off rotation ,bound for Manchester. Cabin lights remained on for the duration of the flight.
Bye Bye Glasgow - as they say in Scotland " Haste Ye Back ( Come Back Soon ).
photo 20181006_065844
photo 20181006_065942
photo 20181006_065951
photo 20181006_070000

Inflight Service

Just 4 minutes after take off, Ian and Jill began stocking the single refreshment trolley for onboard sales.

I bought a lovely and tasty porridge with golden syrup ; I also got a nice receipt. I paid a very reasonable £2.20. Ian asked if I was connecting at Manchester but I advised I had been in Scotland to welcome my new niece to the world.
photo 20181006_070030
photo 20181006_070419
photo 20181006_070618
photo 20181006_070623

Cafe Flybe Brochure

photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_21
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-22
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-32
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-52
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-62
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-82
photo ne180103_flybe_onboard_menu_summer_2018_2-82-graze-v2

In the absence of Airshow, I attach the actual route map of my flight
photo rputemap

A look inside Flight Time Magazine - the cover feature is about an article about Amsterdam's Kitchens and Cuisines

photo 20181006_070641
photo 20181006_070700
photo 20181006_070717

Previous Flight Time covers showing fkybe's dedication to Scotland love for food !

photo 1574
photo 154361

Flight Time and Cafe Flybe brochures
photo 20181006_064040

Safety card
photo 20181006_064115

Time to enjoy some exterior camera views upto landing…the camera view on my smartphone that is !

photo 20181006_070814
photo 20181006_072336
photo 20181006_072741
photo 20181006_072848
photo 20181006_072948
photo 20181006_073004
photo 20181006_073115
photo 20181006_073120
photo 20181006_073138
photo 20181006_073351
photo 20181006_073459
photo 20181006_073509
photo 20181006_073513
photo 20181006_074114
photo 20181006_074257
photo 20181006_074317
photo 20181006_074325
photo 20181006_074326

Landing at Manchester

After the wheels "dropped" at 0740am, at 0745am exactly on schedule, we landed at Manchester Airport and were on stand at 0750am.
photo 20181006_074845
photo 20181006_074905
photo 20181006_074934

G-ECOD being readied for departure to Exeter
photo 20181006_075110
photo 20181006_075133
photo 20181006_075309

The flight was exceptionally smooth despite expected turbulence.

I had a photo with the lovely crew. I would have had a photo with the First Officer but he was the designated photographer, a lovely and friendly gentleman !

I was taken aback when the Airhostess asked if I used to work for British Midland ? She knew this from my hand luggage which only eagle eyed ex BD staff could know ! I have travelled around the world for almost 18 years with this hand luggage which was part of the British Midland uniform and no one has ever noticed until now !

I thanked the Lady Captain for her special welcome and said I had felt like a celebrity ! I walked across a rainy tarmac and exited Manchester Airport and was in bed for much needed rest at 0930am !
photo 20181006_075813
photo 20181006_075826
photo 20181006_075927
photo 20181006_080106

Loganair advert - needs to come down or be amended as they no longer fly between Manchester and Glasgow !
photo 20181006_080117

No need to pickup up bags when you are travelling with hand baggage only !
photo 20181006_080250

Moneychester…I mean Manchester Airport scam sign
photo 20181006_080333
photo 20181006_080416
photo 20181006_080617
photo 20181006_080629
photo 20181006_081043

Passing Manchester Airport's Aviation Shop which is not yet open !
photo 20181006_081207
photo 20181006_081224

Early morning activity at Manchester
photo 20181006_081621
photo 20181006_081904
photo 20181006_082028

These check in desks in "The Station" used to be used for Travelcitydirect
photo 20181006_082035

Thanks for reading and I certainly recommend flybe for this route !
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Glasgow - GLA


Manchester - MAN



A great way to fly and at a great price ! I
just wish the weekend schedule between Glasgow and Manchester was at a better time.
Furthermore the overhead lockers are tiny ! A cabin interior refresh begins over the next few months so expect a very new look flybe !



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  • Comment 469073 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6718 Comments
    Hi! You sure have a knack for getting VIP treatment every time you fly. Haha. I don’t know how you do it, but good for you. ^^

    I’ve had top tier frequent flyer status on several carriers before and never had a personal welcome like that haha.

    Very interesting to learn FlyBe are introducing a new livery. I’m not sure if I like it yet—I’ll have to see it in real life. I love the 2014 Purple « blackcurrent » livery. It always stands out whenever I see it at LHR.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 469224 by
    marathon GOLD 10131 Comments
    There are days when I wish my name (real or not) was only four letter long. The picture of this passenger flying in "his" aircraft is great !

    I find the white livery too bland and I kind of agree with you on the purple one too. The new one is a good compromise, IMO, although I like the short-lived one better.

    The Uber driver which drove me to GLA this Friday explained that the kiss and drive lane has been closed to private cars after the flaming car terrorist attack of June 2007. An item in a long list of inconveniences due to these weirdos :(

    Nice welcome of the crew ! Few staff realize how little can make the day of customers.

    Great picture of the aircraft sitting on the wet tarmac in MAN !

    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 469464 by
      thejetflyer BRONZE AUTHOR 149 Comments
      Oh My God..I am overwhelmed to have a comment from the Flight Report legend also known as Mr Marathon ! I love your reports and always look forward to them !
      Indeed GLA now has barriers after the 2008 incident.
      Thank you so so much for your feedback as it will make me want to do even better !
  • Comment 470217 by
    arturo1989 152 Comments
    Hello where did you buy the flybe gifts?.

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