Review of Lufthansa flight Beijing Munich in First

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH723
Class First
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 28 Aug 18, 12:35
Arrival at 28 Aug 18, 17:00
LH   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1154 reviews
By GOLD 2569
Published on 7th October 2018
photo lh723 cover

Hello Flight-Report #Avgeeks. After a brief but enjoyable visit to Cairns it was time to make the slow and multi-stop trip back to the US, the wrong way of course. Originally this trip had almost a week in Australia, Cairns and Brisbane being the choice cities. My return home was on Singapore and ANA in first class using a no longer available 125K point redemption, which was a grand steal. When I booked it a year out there was rumor the new A380 would fly the SYD-SIN route. Singapore flies 2 A380s between these cities. BOTH were available when I booked it. But I picked the wrong one, and by the time I realized it, the new A380 was not available.

So for months that gnawed at me. Then SQ started publishing routes for their new B787-10. Reward Flying wanted to fly that plane. And I found Malaysia A350 too. And I found a waitlist on the new SQ A380. And I found space on Cathay's A350-1K. So I blew up the trip and ultimately had tickets on all these aircrafts.

Proud of my accomplishment I became tired just looking at the travel I was facing.

So I blew it up again. However all these aircraft are booked for travel in the next few months, as well as some others (hint: QR Qsuites, QR A350-1K, SQ URL) And the good news is CX swapped out the A350-1K on my flight and MH had an aircraft swap as well.

And in the end I lucked into QF's 787 plus an incredible dose of first class to return home.

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photo map of trip

Reward Flying has flown many miles in first class on most of the world’s premier airlines. This flight may have been the best.

Day three of a four day first class journey back to the states from Australia had me reserved on Lufthansa’s A380 upper deck seat 2K. I had booked the four day journey long before Lufthansa released any first class award space. Lufthansa first class award availability can be like clockwork depending on the route. For example ORD-FRA is often, meaning not everyday and better in the summer with two LH flights a day versus one in the winter schedule. PEK-MUC however is for the most part everyday.

I had reserved Air China’s 747-8i as a placeholder from Beijing to Frankfurt to create the original award ticket. The plan was when LH award space became available, replace CA with LH PEK-MUC, visit the First Class Lounge in Munich then head to Frankfurt to catch Singapore 26 to New York. The plan relied solely on PEK-MUC first class award space. I knew the time it would post, 11PM my local time 2 weeks in advance. Everyday for three weeks I checked availability and everyday (except one where it didn’t appear and made me nervous my plan might fail) the seat showed up on time.

The day came. I waited until the time, opened the United app to check. Nothing. I kept refreshing the app. Nothing. Then after about an hour it appeared. Within minutes the change was made. While someday I do want to fly Air China in their B747-8i first class cabin, it will have to wait and it’s pretty well guaranteed that experience won’t be close to this flight.

photo lh723 plane ca 747 1
Originally on this Air China aircraft to Frankfurt.

Knowing the departing lounge experience would be Air China’s first class lounge in Terminal 3, I’d made the decision to forgo this stop on my journey back. Instead I left the Hilton late for the 5 minute trip to the airport. (Photos below of the Hilton which is gorgeous.)

When you don’t expect any special ground services it’s difficult to be disappointed. (Someone forgot Austrian doesn’t have First Class.)

photo lh723 airport 4

After the train ride to Terminal 3 I had a look around for my seat. Just above the “ft”.

photo lh723 plane 1

Boarding was unorganized.

photo lh723 boarding 1

There is an escalator in the jetway. Everyone enters on the lower jetway then premium class takes an escalator up to the upper deck.

photo lh723 boarding 2photo lh723 boarding 3

The many uses of a crane.

I still maintain Lufthansa has the most beautiful first class cabin, and to me there’s no contest.

photo lh723 cabin 3

The major difference between the A380 and B747 is on the B747 this serving area on in the middle of the cabin on a small island in full view while on the A380 it’s tucked away between row on and the bulkhead.

photo lh723 cabin 8
photo lh723 cabin 6

The overhead bins have been removed allowing for an open cabin with high ceilings.

photo lh723 cabin 2
photo lh723 cabin 7

Today’s first class load factor is 50%, a couple in row one center seats, and row two windows seats taken by myself and another solo traveler.

photo lh723 cabin 1

When I first boarded there wasn’t a rose anywhere to be found. I feared a disastrous cutback in the making.

photo lh723 cabin rose 1

But just before the departure my fears were quelled.

photo lh723 cabin rose 2

Can’t image getting tired of this view.

photo lh723 cabin 4

Down the stairs up to the cockpit.

photo lh723 cabin stairs

The A380 lavatories are typically huge on the upper deck. No exception on Lufthansa’s version.

And maybe the best aviation invention of all time.

photo lh723 lav 4

Since the cabin was without overhead bins, Lufthansa has storage lockers. However these differ from the 747 lockers as you can lock them, instructions included.

photo lh723 locker 1photo lh723 locker 2photo lh723 locker 3

Bag stored, 2K upon arrival.

photo lh723 seat 1

The ottoman storage compartment was a perfect fit for my shoulder bag.

photo lh723 seat ottoman 1
photo lh723 seat ottoman 2

Armrest controls can move the ottoman to you for a foot rest as well as raise the privacy screen and control various seat positions.

photo lh723 seat contols 1

Companion dining? They have seat controls as well.

photo lh723 seat controls 2

Finally a reading light, power controls below the armrest and a bottle of water tucked away behind the seat.

photo lh723 seat lightphoto lh723 seat powerphoto lh723 seat water

With the introductions out of the way, let’s get down to business. Rose water scented oshibori.

photo lh723 welcome 2

What? Mixed nuts. Not all macadamia? Well that may be my only disappointment of the day.

photo lh723 welcome 1

Plenty of Grand Siecle would be poured at 2K today. While this brand may not be a Dom or Krug in terms of cost, it is a delightful champagne.

photo lh723 champ 1

Maybe you noticed I blurred the FA’s name on her name tag. She was a delightful woman but was adamant about not being in any photo, nor did her tag have her first name, just an initial. While I never take photos of crew I wanted to make sure her name didn’t get out. Other than wanting privacy which is totally understandable, she was an excellent crew member.

Before long my FA delivered the Amuse Bouche. I have to say, this morsel was one of the best all time bites of something I’ve ever had. It was a ball of paté covered with a beetroot gelatin along with a crisp toast. Amazing.

photo lh723 food amuse 2
photo lh723 food amuse 1

The full beverage menu.

photo lh723 menu wine 1
photo lh723 menu wine 2
photo lh723 menu wine 3
photo lh723 menu wine 4
photo lh723 menu wine 5
photo lh723 menu wine 6
photo lh723 menu wine 7

And the food choices.

photo lh723 menu food 1
photo lh723 menu food 2
photo lh723 menu food 3

I choose the tenderloin of beef and requested that it be cooked as little as possible. Well, this request send my FA into stress mode. She explained that the meat came pre-cooked and she had to heat and typically that makes it well done. I said to her I understood, and just do the best she could.

The table was set, I guess I didn’t have to mention what I ordered for the appetizer course. Another mini-disappointment if you focus on the garlic bread.

photo lh723 food cav 1
photo lh723 food cav 2photo lh723 food cav 3

Time to switch course. Okay, not on par with Singapore, or even close. But far better than I drink at home. It’s about a $50 bottle of wine.

photo lh723 wine 1
photo lh723 food app 2

The menu says “choice” of appetizers. Not exactly, it’s ALL appetizers.

photo lh723 food app 0

While everything was delicious, look lower left to find the winner, the chicken breast with basil mayo was mouth watering!

photo lh723 food app 1

A cold gazpacho was next. I’m not a fan of cold soups, but this one had outstanding flavor.

photo lh723 food soup 1

As well as a beautiful presentation.

photo lh723 food soup2

And the main course. During the appetizer and soup courses my FA came at least 3 times to tell me she was doing her best to make my steak as rare as possible. I felt bad for even asking her to do this as it was apparent she was extremely worried she would serve it too well done and therefore disappointment me.

photo lh723 food main 3
photo lh723 food main 4

So how did she do? I’d say pretty darn good! And it tasted pretty darn good as well. This was a fantastic entrée.

photo lh723 food main 5

Stuffed it was time for more. The dessert cart was wheeled out. I opted for the cheese plate.

photo lh723 food des cart 2
photo lh723 cheese 1
photo lh723 food cheese 3
photo lh723 food cheese 2

To complete a wonderful meal, chocolates were passed out.

photo lh723 food choc 1

I had mentioned cutbacks before noting the missing rose which proved false. But here is another potential serious one. Is it because the flight wasn’t out of Germany or has this changed?

photo lh723 food cutback

I have no explanation for this, but I found the IFE on the A380 to be better than the IFE on a 747. I assume everything is the same.

photo lh723 ife 1

The airshow is the same and not very good on either aircraft, but particularly useless for me in this case.

photo lh723 ife 2

This aircraft had wi-fi, however when flying over China it's not allowed. When it was speeds we just okay.

photo lh723 wifi 1

Lufthansa has changed amenity kits for the better.

photo lh723 amenity 1

Every so often they also change the style of their pajamas. Maybe it is every year. If so, this year’s color is blue.

photo lh723 pj1
photo lh723 pj2

As I mentioned the cabin crew was excellent. And one of the special gestures in a cabin that is not completely full is to prepare the bed at an adjacent empty seat, rose petals and all.

photo lh723 seat bed 1photo lh723 seat bed 2photo lh723 seat bed 3

After a few hours of sleep it was time for, well food. Knowing the Munich First Class lounge was a few hundred miles away, I opted for something light and sweet.

photo lh723 food des 1
photo lh723 food des 2

When not sleeping or eating I drank copious amounts of Rooibos tea on ice. FYI: This tea keeps you hydrated. I wish everyone carried it.

photo lh723 tea 1

The dual window shades are so cool on airbus aircraft.

photo lh723 cabin window 1

And when opened provided a lovely day for flying.

photo lh723 scenic 1

But sadly the rural farmlands and small towns east of Munich came too soon.

photo lh723 scenic munich arive
photo lh723 landing 1photo lh723 landing 2photo lh723 landing 3

With an A350 landing just after us.

photo lh723 airplane lh350 1

For information on award redemptions for this flight click here for reward flying.

photo lh723 flightpath

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Cabin crew9.0

Beijing - PEK


Munich - MUC



A year ago I had a poor experience flying first class on Lufthansa from Chicago to Frankfurt. This flight renewed my LH favoritism, in a big way. While I can't say any particular aspect of the flight was the "best ever" (sans the amuse bouche), combined there were no faults. no misses, no items ordered I didn't care for, no FA mixups, etc, etc. Zero complaints and has me wanting to fly LH in first class again.

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The airline with the best average rating is Lufthansa with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 10 hours and 25 minutes.

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  • Comment 468815 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    It's amazing how Lufthansa can run A380s from 2 hubs. There's something about the aesthetics of the LH F cabin I've always liked. Yes, the seats don't offer as much privacy as enclosed seats, but I would imagine open suites like LH's feel more spacious in general. LH, much like AF, have a knack for cabin aesthetics. Glad LH were able to redeem themselves. After a bad experience the year before, an 8.8/10 shows if was really a great flight. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 469572 by
      Rewardflying GOLD AUTHOR 494 Comments

      Hey KévinDC, I don't get the MUC A380 swap either. Plus all their new A350's are based in MUC and they don't have first class cabins. Anyway, thanks for reading. It was a great flight, and the MUC First Class lounge awaits publishing in the next day or so.

  • Comment 468829 by

    Which Frequent Flyer Program are you in? UA Mileage Plus? Any tips for earning miles other than credit card spending and flying Star Carriers??
    I realized many Star Alliance FFP does not give LH F ticket, same goes to NZ, barely any economy ticket.....

    • Comment 469573 by
      Rewardflying GOLD AUTHOR 494 Comments

      Hi Star-Alliance-Flyer, This flight was using Singapore Airlines Krisflyer points as it included SQ premium class which is only available using those points. United and Aeroplan are the other *A programs where you can ticket LH first. My blog has tons of information about all these programs, how to earn the points as well as reviews that show how many points were needed. Have a look someday, thanks for reading.

  • Comment 470263 by
    socalnow GOLD 980 Comments

    Hi Mark and thanks for the lovely trip with LH F. I'm glad to hear you had a positive experience this time around. I have such affection for the experience I want want it to be that way for others too, for some reason.

    "I still maintain Lufthansa has the most beautiful first class cabin, and to me there’s no contest."
    -What about EK's A380 it', you're right. I've not had the pleasure of the latest AF La Premiere but it looks on par. The new SQ Suite isn't too shabby either...

    The meal and LPGS look divine. The crème fraîche with the caviar, OTHO, looks quite odd. A soup course too. I haven't had soup on my last few LH F rides. The cheese is disappointing being pre-cut and not the LH standard.

    "Is it because the flight wasn’t out of Germany or has this changed?"
    -I think you're right aboutt eh origin of the flight being the determining factor.

    "Lufthansa has changed amenity kits for the better. "
    -They've changed them again, and again for the better.

    "Every so often they also change the style of their pajamas. Maybe it is every year. If so, this year’s color is blue."
    -Did you don the scarf? Funny thing that.

    "Zero complaints and has me wanting to fly LH in first class again."
    -Welcome back!

    Thanks again for sharing such a special way to travel. Happy flying.

  • Comment 470289 by
    Rewardflying GOLD AUTHOR 494 Comments

    Thanks for spending the better part of a day reading and responding to my reports!

    -What about EK's A380 it', you're right. I've not had the pleasure of the latest AF La Premiere but it looks on par. The new SQ Suite isn't too shabby either...
    The meal and LPGS look divine. The crème fraîche with the caviar, OTHO, looks quite odd. A soup course too. I haven't had soup on my last few LH F rides. The cheese is disappointing being pre-cut and not the LH standard.

    I love the color combinations of the cabin. Maybe if we save our points we can fly AF. No, we have to save our $.

    They've changed them again, and again for the better.

    -That sack last year was pathetic.

    Did you don the scarf? Funny thing that.

    -Is that what that blue/white stripped thing is?

    Welcome back!


    Thanks again for sharing such a special way to travel. Happy flying.

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