Review of American Airlines flight Los Angeles Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1339
Class Economy
Seat 09A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 04:56
Take-off 08 Oct 18, 09:50
Arrival at 08 Oct 18, 17:46
AA   #77 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 402 reviews
By GOLD 815
Published on 18th October 2018

The class of this flight is considered as Main Cabin Extra and the product is an economy class seat with more legroom so I consider this flight as Economy instead of Premium Economy.

Trip Overview:

This long weekend trip to Los Angeles was my first trip since I moved to the US. I have chosen American Airlines due to my oneworld Sapphire status and its privileges. Flying from DCA to LAX was $100 expensive than flying from IAD for each direction. So, this trip would include two trip reports of American's regular domestic product for a trans continent flight.


Pax for this flight
Domestic First: %100
Main Cabin: %95-100


I have checked-in online for this flight 24 hours before scheduled departure time.

photo img_3901

As my prebooked seat was the best seat at the moment, I haven't changed it

photo img_3902

Then, the boarding pass has been created.

photo img_3903


My gate was changed to 42A instead of 53A so I have arrived to Terminal 4, approximately 55 minutes before scheduled departure time.

photo img_3907

As I didn't have any checked baggage, I have directly proceeded to the priority checkpoint lane.
The security check was cleared in 5-10 minutes

photo img_3908

After the security check, this AA 319 was visible

photo img_3909

Terminal 4

photo img_3910


I had the goal to both explore the oneworld Lounge in TBIT and the American Airlines Flagship Lounge, but due to the time and being in Terminal 4, today's selection was the American Airlines Flagship Lounge.

photo img_3924

While checking-in to the Admirals Club, the lounge staff gives the passenger a Flagship Lounge invitation if the passenger is eligible to access this lounge. I was able to access this lounge by my oneworld Sapphire card ( British Airways EXEC Silver ). American Airlines domestic First passengers without a OW status ( excluding status from AA ) aren't eligible for this lounge.

photo img_3911

The lounge was busy that day so I could have found a seat at a quiet corner. This AA 787 assigned for the Beijing flight was visible from the lounge.

photo img_3912

And this 787-9 aircraft heading to Tokyo

photo img_3913

A small drink buffet near to the entrance. Fresh orange juice was available during breakfast time.

photo img_3914

Food selections at the main buffet. There were plenty of hot breakfast selections available as well as Asian food selections as passengers in the lounge were mostly passengers traveling to the Far East.

photo img_3916
photo img_3917

In addition to the buffets, a personalized breakfast burrito bar was present. Lounge guests can select their ingredients and create their own burrito. This process is similar to TK's personalized omelette service at IST.

photo img_3918

Bar selection

photo img_3919

View near the main buffet

photo img_3921

While I took my food, this LATAM aircraft arrived to gate 159

photo img_3920a

Lounge FIDS

photo img_3915

While leaving the lounge, I took a cup of coffee which can be both served in porcelain cups or plastic cups. This is a great service as passengers can drink their coffee during boarding and at the aircraft. Also chocolate is offered at the desk located at the entrance of the Flagship Lounge.

photo img_3922


Our aircraft, N131NN was visible from the terminal

photo img_3923

Boarding was made from gate 42A.

photo img_3925

As there wasn't enough seats for everyone people were standing in front of the boarding lanes.

photo img_3926

Boarding had started on time and priorities were respected.

photo img_3927


I was welcomed by the cabin supervisor while boarding the aircraft.


The seat was comfortable and the legroom for Main Cabin Extra seats are absolutely good.

photo img_4028
photo img_3928a

Like the aircraft on the previous flight, this A321 also had personal TV's installed on all seats.

photo img_3930

Advertisements while opening the IFE system

photo img_3931

IFE menu

photo img_3932

Before takeoff, usual announcements were made.

photo img_3934

Our route today

photo img_3935

AA 738 next door at gate 42B

photo img_3936

This A319 was pushed back to serve AA816 to Mexico City

photo img_3937a

Then the safety video started to play for the first time but there was no crew at row 11 to demonstrate the safety features at the emergency exit row which IFE screens are stowed away for takeoff. So, the video was played for a second time after the steward came with the demo set.

photo img_3938

This 738 was going to Orlando this morning

photo img_3939

An AA 738 and an AA A321 was parked at T5

photo img_3940

N964JT would operate B6 424 to JFK

photo img_3941

Hawaiian Airlines 757 to Kailua

photo img_3942

Another AA 738

photo img_3943

Another B6 A321, this time to Boston Logan

photo img_3944

Alaska Airlines A319 taxiing to the runway for its flight to Portland

photo img_3945

T5 & T6

photo img_3946

N166SY, United Express flight to Vancouver

photo img_3947

Didn't know that Ethiopian Airlines used Terminal 6

photo img_3948

AC 787-9 had just landed from Toronto

photo img_3949

Terminal 7

photo img_3950

N29961 getting ready to serve UA 32 to Tokyo Narita

photo img_3951

T7 & T8

photo img_3952

AA Regional Terminal

photo img_3953

N989NN is also at the takeoff queue, getting ready to fly to Atlanta

photo img_3954

Alaska 738 parked at the apron, waiting for its flight AS9660 to Vegas

photo img_3955

After seeing that aircraft it was our turn to depart, this AA A321 was landing while we gained speed

photo img_3956

KAL Cargo aircraft

photo img_3957

Cargo aircrafts

photo img_3958

At the runway

photo img_3959

Southern apron

photo img_3960

That A321 has landed

photo img_3961

And we took of

photo img_3962

Another view of LAX

photo img_3963

El Segundo area

photo img_3964

Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant

photo img_3965

Manhattan Beach

photo img_3966

And we're over the clouds, the cabin crew asked passengers to close their window blinds as sunlight was directly targeting the aircraft

photo img_3967a

And, the welcome announcement

photo img_3968

Today, instead of AA InflightWifi, gogo Wi-Fi was available.

photo img_3969

At that moment, PTV's were showing the recent IFE additions

photo img_3970

Wi-Fi login portal

photo img_3971

Wi-Fi packages

photo img_3972

When trying to open the mobile entertainment page, there was an error

photo img_3973

Route map at that time

photo img_3974
photo img_3975

Shortly after takeoff, the first and the only service for this flight has begun, most of the passengers bought selections from the BoB menu but I wanted to have some of the complimentary pretzels. Unfortunately, no snacks were loaded that day so I only had my apple juice.

photo img_3976


Today there were many movies and TV programs available to watch, I have chosen only one movie to watch during this flight

photo img_3994

Mobile entertainment still wasn't working

photo img_3993

The seat pocket had the safety card, the inflight menu

photo img_3977

Today's selections from the menu

photo img_3978a

Drink selection

photo img_3980

and the American Way and the Nexos magazine

photo img_3981

Our aircraft at the fleet

photo img_3982

AA East Coast destinations

photo img_3983

Some route information

photo img_3987
photo img_3988
photo img_3989

15 minutes later than I took these photos an electricity error has been occurred and the IFE system and the Wi-Fi was rebooted. I was using the T-Mobile 1 hour complimentary Wi-Fi and free messaging during the flight option but after this reboot I wasn't able to reaccess to my free texting.

photo img_3995
photo img_3996

Then I visited the rear lavatory as the one near door 3L had a long queue. This lavatory was cleaner than the last flight but still dirty. When I left the lavatory, I have realized that one of the cabin crews were sleeping at the rear galley.

photo img_3990
photo img_3991a
photo img_3992a

While watching my movie, a water run was made and one of the crews served water for those passengers who wished to have one. This was the only drink service except the main service.

photo img_3998

Route map as I finished my movie. The part that we have before the reboot isn't visible on the route map

photo img_4001
photo img_4002
photo img_4003

After the seatbelt signs had been turned on, I have opened the window blind to take some scenery photos starting with Sugar Grove, WV

photo img_4004

Then, the landing announcement appeared on PTV's

photo img_4005

Timberville, VA

photo img_4006a

South Fork Shenandoah River

photo img_4007

Dickey Ridge, VA

photo img_4008

Waterloo, VA

photo img_4009

Last shot from the route map

photo img_4011

Potomac River

photo img_4012

Potomac Falls, VA

photo img_4013

Sterling, VA

photo img_4014

Metro construction

photo img_4015

First view of IAD

photo img_4016

Swiftair 738

photo img_4017

And, we had landed

photo img_4021

Cargo terminal

photo img_4022

B6 E190, BA 744 and EY 789 in sight

photo img_4023

Main building

photo img_4024

Some construction work is being done

photo img_4025

LH 748 getting ready for his flight to Frankfurt

photo img_4026

N462AS would operate AS 849 to Seattle

photo img_4027


Then we have arrived to gate B71 which is near to the B concourse AirTrain station.

After disembarking the aircraft, I have directly headed to the AirTrain station.

photo img_4030

The AirTrain wasn't crowded and easily find a spot

photo img_4031

After reaching the main building, I have waited the Silver Line Express Shuttle which would take me to the subway station.

photo img_4032

A shot from the bus

photo img_4033

Later on, I used the subway to reach my address.

photo img_4034

And, this Flight-Report series has came to an end.
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American Airlines

Cabin crew5.5

American Airlines Flagship Lounge


Los Angeles - LAX


Washington - IAD



(+) Wait time at checkpoint
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(-) Not enough seating at boarding gates
AA Flagship Lounge T4
(+) Food & drink selection
(+) Comfortable furniture
(+) Great ambiance
(+) Great scenery
(+) Personalized breakfast burrito service
(+) Nice idea of plastic coffee cups for passengers who would like to enjoy their drink during the flight
(+) Lounge staff
(-) Difficult to find an empty seat
(+) Comfort of seat and legroom
(+) IFE content ( the amount and recent selections )
(-) No snacks were loaded onboard
(-) Drink runs weren't made ( only one water run except the main service )
(-) Mobile IFE system didn't work
(-) gogo Inflight Wi-Fi & IFE issues, no apologize by the crew
(-) Some of the crew were sleeping at the rear galley during the flight
(-) Lavatories weren't clean
(+) Efficient at domestic arrivals
(+) Access to public transportation

This flight-report series has came to an end and I was satisfied of American's domestic product as it is better than I imagined. First, LAX T4 wasn't crowded that day so I have cleared the security check within 10 minutes from the Priority Line, the waiting time for regular lines seemed to be 15-20 min which isn't that bad. The Flagship Lounge was amazing and I wish I could have stayed more there. There were many food options and beverages than I imagined and the food tasted very well. In addition, the burrito bar seemed perfect but due to the lack of time I couldn't experienced it and I hope to experience in my next morning visit. Also I would like to note that due to the morning flights to Beijing and Shanghai, the lounge was crowded and it's difficult to find seats. Boarding started on time and priorities were respected today. Onboard today's aircraft, the regular Main Cabin Extra rows had got a decent legroom and the seat was comfortable. Also, the entertainment system had a great content in it, but had some issues during the flight. Firstly, the mobile entertainment system didn't worked at all. Secondly, I was able to use the T-Mobile 1 hour free data and unlimited messaging option but after a electrical problem in the cabin the system rebooted and I wasn't able to re-login and the system showed the error "You have already used this service today." Also, the reboot of the entertainment system was annoying that I waited 30 minutes to continue enjoying my movie but the screen automatically continued my movie at the point which the systems were shut down. Another negative point about this flight was that no snacks were loaded and the only option to eat food was buying the three main options, and also the some of the crew were lazy so were sleeping in the galley and haven't done the second drink service, only 2/4 crews were awake at that time ( 1 was in charge of First ) so the only cabin crew, which was in charge of the Main Cabin and was professional & awake during the whole flight, had done a water run by herself. The IAD experience was a regular arrival experience as there was nothing special.

To conclude, not loading snacks to the flight and sleeping crews at the galley were unprofessional movements but I think that this flight experience was exceptional and this won't occur to me again. These unexpected events can occur at any airline and their possibility to happen are very low. Thanks to the experience at the Flagship Lounge and the IAD-LAX flight was perfect so I would definitely use American Airlines again and continue to use my oneworld privileges with them.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Washington (IAD)


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    757Fan 519 Comments

    Thanks for sharing. I am amazed that AA only came through once offering a full service on such a long flight. I would have expected there to be at least more than one!

    • Comment 470789 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 188 Comments

      Hi 757Fan and thanks for stopping by,

      In normal conditions, the crew should have done food and drink runs during the flight but the some of the crew members were lazy and they hid in the galley and I even saw one of them sleeping in the crew seat at the back galley. Also, they haven't loaded those complimentary snacks which was an unprofessional movement. If regular AA process was followed, I am sure that there would be a second trolley run on this route.

      Also I would like to thank you for your comment and take care.

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