Review of Singapore Airlines flight Frankfurt New York in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ26
Class First
Seat 1F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 09:00
Take-off 29 Aug 18, 08:30
Arrival at 29 Aug 18, 11:30
SQ   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 619 reviews
By SILVER 3769
Published on 14th October 2018
photo sq26 cover

Hello Flight-Report #Avgeeks. After a brief but enjoyable visit to Cairns it was time to make the slow and multi-stop trip back to the US, the wrong way of course. Originally this trip had almost a week in Australia, Cairns and Brisbane being the choice cities. My return home was on Singapore and ANA in first class using a no longer available 125K point redemption, which was a grand steal. When I booked it a year out there was rumor the new A380 would fly the SYD-SIN route. Singapore flies 2 A380s between these cities. BOTH were available when I booked it. But I picked the wrong one, and by the time I realized it, the new A380 was not available.

So for months that gnawed at me. Then SQ started publishing routes for their new B787-10. Reward Flying wanted to fly that plane. And I found Malaysia A350 too. And I found a waitlist on the new SQ A380. And I found space on Cathay's A350-1K. So I blew up the trip and ultimately had tickets on all these aircrafts.

Proud of my accomplishment I became tired just looking at the travel I was facing.

So I blew it up again. However all these aircraft are booked for travel in the next few months, as well as some others (hint: QR Qsuites, QR A350-1K, SQ URL) And the good news is CX swapped out the A350-1K on my flight and MH had an aircraft swap as well.

And in the end I lucked into QF's 787 plus an incredible dose of first class to return home.

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Singapore Airlines FRA-JFK A380 Suites Class - this report

JetBlue JFK-ORD E190 Economy Class - no report

photo map of trip

Day 4, the final leg has arrived. So far this 4-leg 15,000+ mile first class journey was everything I’d hoped for. Could it get any better? Yes!

After a quick sleep at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport at “The Squaire”, it was off to the airport. The Hilton is right across from the airport via underground tunnel. There is a Sheraton and Hilton Garden Inn at The Squaire as well that I saw, maybe others.

photo sq26 airport 1

I would be flying Singapore Airlines’ lone first class flight to the US from Europe, flight SQ26, which is necessary because a fuel stop is needed as New York to Singapore is too far for the A380 to fly direct. The only reason I could put this itinerary together was the unusual availability of a first class saver award on this leg. In fact to my surprise, this FRA to JFK award was open for a couple weeks before I actually figured out the itinerary I’d end up ticketing. It was no surprise to see SQ26 on time.

photo sq26 airport 2

Whoa! In the land of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and even Volkswagen, a British car on display car? That’s like walking into Airbus headquarters and seeing a model of a Boeing 787.

photo sq26 airport 3

Making digital look like the past. Much preferred.

photo sq26 airport 4

You can’t use Lufthansa’s First Class lounge in Frankfurt unless you are flying Lufthansa. You’d think that Singapore and Lufthansa would make a deal where SQ First pax can enter Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt/Munich and LH First pax can enter Singapore Airlines The Private Room in Singapore. But you can’t and they haven’t asked me for my advice. As it is, in both cities you use the Star Alliance First Class Lounge which in this case is Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Notice they’ve updated their logo, so the talk about changing it back seems to have been fake news.

photo sq26 lounge entry

The lounge is quite large with various rooms and a nice view of the tarmac.

photo sq26 lounge 1

In the minority, I happen to like the new Lufthansa logo.

photo sq26 lounge 9a

Various features of the lounge include workstations, phone chargers, keyed lockers as well as a Spa with paid services.

There was a large dining area off to the right as you entered. One thing the Senator lounge has in common with the FCT are the bar stools.

photo sq26 lounge 2

Food was the typical array of European breakfast items, including meats, cheeses and breads.

photo sq26 lounge food 5

I didn’t mention any first class ground services because there weren’t any. Soon it was off to gate B46, the Star Alliance gate for A380’s. One last view of this:

photo sq26 boarding 1

Today I mixed it up and selected 1F.

photo sq26 seat 1
photo sq26 seat 2

The Singapore Flight Crew swarmed me with introductions, amenities, oshiboris and requests for beverages. Today’s crew was Henry, Sam, Chong, Shirley and See Woon. I couldn’t tell you if the cabin behind me was full. Row 1 is as private as you can get on an airplane.

photo sq26 amenity

Interestingly the Lalique amenity kit was different from the one given out of Sydney. This kit has a magnet closure.

photo sq26 ameity kitphoto sq26 amenity kit open

While most other airline amenity kit contents are the typical toothbrush, ear plugs, eye mask, etc., that stuff is available in the lavatories on Singapore Airlines. Their amenity kits has samples of some really nice products.

photo sq26 amenity kit contents

Since having my suite transformed to a bed was not on the agenda today, I would only need this blanket as the cabin was kept at a perfect cool temperature.

photo sq26 amenity blanket

My sole complaint about the A380., tunnel vision.

photo sq26 plane window

Other than First Class (and as I’ve experienced not everytime), I’m not sure 5 stars applies.

photo sq26 planes 1

Pushback on this glorious morning in Frankfurt.

photo sq26 planes 2

With an 8:30 AM departure the first meal would be brunch. One would have thought it could all been placed on a single page.

photo sq26 menu food 1
photo sq26 menu food 2

This is the Book the Cook menu for today’s flight.

photo sq26 menu food btc brk

Last year when I flew the opposite way out of Frankfurt I’d ordered the Farro and Avocado Salad with Red Lentil Soufflé and it was fantastic. So I didn’t hesitate to order it again as the main course.

Flatware used by Singapore in first class.

photo sq26 food pres 1photo sq26 food pres 2

Fruit was first.

photo sq26 food brkfst 1

The only mis-step of this flight crew was I had to ask for the bread basket.

photo sq26 food brkfst 2

The bircher-muesli was delicious. Everytime I attempt to make this at home I fail to make it this good.

photo sq26 food brkfst 3
photo sq26 food brkfst 4

Either I made a mistake when ordering or my order was messed up, but I received the chicken version. It was outstanding as well (maybe better).

photo sq26 food brkfst 5

This is such a great dish. Colorful, flavorful and satisfying. Don’t let the Jalapeno stray you away if you don’t like heat. This dish is not spicy.

photo sq26 food brkfst 6

Shortly after finishing my favorite breakfast in the sky, Shirley presented me with dessert. Ice cream for breakfast, Yes!

photo sq26 food brkfst 7

Yoghurt Cinnamon Mousse with Berry Coulis, How’s that for making decadence for breakfast sound healthy!

photo sq26 food brkfst 8

Wait, didn’t I start from here?

photo sq26 ife 2

On SQ25 from New York to Frankfurt one meal is served as it’s a late night departure. The return flight gets two meals presumably because it flies during the day and into the headwind so slightly longer.

photo sq26 menu bev 1
photo sq26 menu bev 2
photo sq26 menu food 3

Book the Cook for this flight wasn’t too inspiring for me. Last year I’d pre-ordered the Bresse Chicken. It’d been overcooked and dry but otherwise had good flavor. The preparation was different on this menu so I ordered it.

photo sq26 menu food btc lunch

And now it’s close to 5 somewhere.

photo sq26 food lunch 1
photo sq26 food lunch 2
photo sq26 food lunch 3

This time it was perfection.

photo sq26 food lunch 4
photo sq26 food lunch 5
photo sq26 food lunch 6
photo sq26 food lunch 7
photo sq26 food lunch 8

Words can’t give due credit to any of these dishes that were served on SQ26. Each one, from the bircher muesli to the pistachio cake and everything in between elicited the same thought, OMG is this fantastic.

Soon the New York area appeared out the window and the first class extravaganza was about to come to an end. But boy, was it fun.

photo sq26 jfk 1

As I made the trek from Terminal 4 over to Jetblue in Terminal 5, a short 5 minute walk, I got one last glimpse of the Singapore Airlines A380.

photo sq26 jfk 3

For information on award redeptions for this flight click this link to reward flying.

photo sq26 flightpath

This concludes my epic journey to Australia and back where I sampled A380 first class services on Qatar, Singapore and Lufthansa along with business class on KLM's 747 and Qantas 787. What a trip!

But there's much more to come over the next year.

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Subject to change of course!
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Lufthansa Senator Lounge B42 - B


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Thanks for following me on my 34,807 mile trip to Australia and back. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for reading and happy reward flying!

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  • Comment 470099 by
    JW19 121 Comments

    “I would be flying Singapore Airlines’ lone flight to the US from Europe, flight SQ26”
    - SQ51/52 flies between Manchester and Houston. The last I recalled Brexit hasn’t occurred, UK should still be part of Europe.

    • Comment 470172 by
      77Waerogeek 17 Comments

      Our reporter mentioned this flight being SQ's only FIRST CLASS service between Europe and the US. MAN-IAH is operated on the 359, no F available.

      • Comment 470916 by
        JW19 121 Comments

        It was a reply specific to the statement made. No where in the statement does it specify first class.

        Nevertheless I don’t deny that the report is good. Really great to have these regulars provide such thorough yet concise reports. Many of the new guys just carry one about a story for far too long and interest is lost even before they get to the boarding stage.

  • Comment 470284 by
    nico83et13 GOLD 2162 Comments

    Merci pour le FR.

  • Comment 470782 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5424 Comments

    Wrapping up an awesome series nicely with this nice 5th freedom flight. It's too bad that other Star Alliance F pax can't get in to the LH FCT of FCL. It reminds me of BA and their "Concorde Room" and "Concorde Bar" naming, which keeps oneworld F pax out of their best lounges. A great redemption at 74K miles--I'm guessing from SQ's own FFP, being that SQ doesn't really make F awards available to other *A FFPs?

  • Comment 470889 by
    Rewardflying SILVER AUTHOR 494 Comments

    Hi KévinDC, thanks for reading and pointing out a typo on my site, it's 76,000 points to for this redemption (which I verified when wrote it and still typed the wrong number!) And the other problem is availability is limited at best. You are also correct, SQ doesn't release saver award space in premium cabins on their A380, B777, A350 aircraft to *A partners. However they have gotten a little better recently allowing 787 business class availability. You have to redeem with KrisFlyer points, but AMEX, Citi, Chase all transfer to SQ.

  • Comment 470917 by
    Rewardflying SILVER AUTHOR 494 Comments

    No worries JW19. Thanks for the compliment and appreciate you reading. More to come!

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