Review of United Express flight Newark Washington in Economy

Airline United Express
Flight UA3537
Class Economy
Seat 11D
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:28
Take-off 21 Oct 18, 18:50
Arrival at 21 Oct 18, 20:18
UA   #136 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 51 reviews
By GOLD 518
Published on 1st November 2018

Welcome to this short new series of flight-report's. This series would contain two short US domestic flights.

 Trip Overview:

As I was going to head to New Jersey for a short weekend trip. As going from LaGuardia or JFK to New Jersey can be a pain during rush hour so the only option for me was flying United to EWR or using the regional train. It was interesting that a round-trip IAD-EWR-DCA ticket was cheaper than the regional train so I decided to fly on United for this weekend trip. It would be my second time flying United after flying with them from LHR to IAD on their 757-200 aircraft last August.   


Pax for this flight

Domestic First: %100
Economy Class: %100

The aircraft was fully booked and there were no empty seats onboard. 


I had completed my online check-in 24 hours before scheduled departure time.

photo img_4145

There were some offers.

photo img_4146

I had already preselected my seats while booking so I didn't changed my seat. I was seated in the 1st row of Economy Class.

photo img_4147

Boarding Pass

photo img_4148

The amenities on this flight. Today, Directv wasn't offered like the previous flight.

photo img_4149

On the flight day, several SMS's were sent by United to indicate a delay due to the late aircraft arrival.

photo img_0012photo img_0013


I had arrived to Terminal C, 1 hours 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

photo img_4150

Some parts of the terminal was under reconstruction. Before heading to the security checkpoint, I have headed to speak with a representative to get on the 5:00pm flight which was delayed to 6:30pm but as United doesn't offer free last minute changes if an earlier flight is available so I was offered to pay $75 for an earlier flight but I've rejected politely. 

photo img_4151

The security checkpoint took 15 minutes to clear. After clearing this checkpoint, I had proceeded to the gate area.

photo img_4152

Before heading to the gate area, I took this shot from the checkpoint area.

photo img_4153


photo img_4154

The gate area was empty when I arrived but all the power sources were occupied so I had headed to the upper level.

photo img_4155photo img_4156

Our aircraft hadn't arrived yet.

photo img_4157

This UA 752 was heading to Los Angeles this evening

photo img_4158

In EWR Terminal C, tablets are available at every seating area as passengers could check their flight information or order something from the nearest cafe/restaurant.

photo img_4159

The nearest restaurant was the Wanderlust, which primarily serves burgers. The prices were expensive compared to those other US airports. 

photo img_4161

Also, the tablet had multiple languages but sometimes the translations won't be accurate.

photo img_4162

Checking flight information on the tablet 

photo img_4163

The incoming flight from RDU is would arrive late due to ATC conditions over there.

photo img_4164

This UA 764 was going to head to Zurich this evening.

photo img_4165

Before our aircraft, there was a small accident at the gate

photo img_4166

As I was hungry and Starbucks was the closest dining option with the burger restaurant. I brought a coffee and a snack from Starbucks which was near our gate.

photo img_4167


At 7:06pm, our aircraft had arrived to the gate

photo img_4168photo img_4170

Then I headed back to the lower level which boarding would be done and find an available power source to charge my phone.

photo img_4171

Boarding started after passengers arriving from RDU deplaned and the new crew was onboard. Priorities were respected while boarding but the gate area was a mess because there were no lanes for each of the boarding groups. When I boarded the aircraft, the gate agent put a tag on my carry-on bag and told me that I need to check my hand baggage if the overhead lockers are full. Luckily, I was able to find a spot at the overhead bin.


I was welcomed by the cabin supervisor while boarding.


The seat was an average seat for a very short flight.

photo img_4172

The legroom was good enough. 

photo img_4173

A shot from the window 

photo img_4174

Before takeoff, internet wasn't available but the Private Screening option was available. 

photo img_4175

While passengers were boarding, this ERJ175 had arrived to gate C99.

photo img_4179

Such as this 757 was taxiing to the runway.

photo img_4181

We had pushed back soon

photo img_4182

Overhead panel

photo img_4183

Last view of Terminal C

photo img_4184

El Al 789 parked at Terminal B

photo img_4185

Such as this LH 359 which would head to Munich

photo img_4186

ET 787 & FI 757

photo img_4187

BA 789 getting ready for his flight to London

photo img_4188

Also this Virgin Atlantic aircraft would head to Heathrow

photo img_4189

Delta aircrafts

photo img_4190

Cargo terminal

photo img_4194photo img_4196

And it was our turn to takeoff

photo img_4198

Taking off

photo img_4199

Greenville, NJ

photo img_4200

Bergen/Lafayette, NJ

photo img_4201

Belleville, NJ

photo img_4203

West Orange, NJ

photo img_4204

Short Hills, NJ

photo img_4205

The internet function was activated shortly after take-off.

photo img_4206

Route map

photo img_4207

The only option to access Wi-Fi was to pay $8.99 or a gogo subscription.

photo img_4208

Mobile IFE menu

photo img_4209

Quakertown, PA

photo img_4210

No complimentary food was offered today, the only thing offered was a cup of water.

photo img_4212


The seat pocket contained the safety card, a flyer and the Hemispheres magazine 

photo img_4176

Some part of the route map

photo img_4177

Our aircraft in the fleet

photo img_4178

Phoenixville, PA

photo img_4213

Lincoln University, PA

photo img_4214

Carney, MD

photo img_4215

Baltimore, MD

photo img_4216

Route map before arrival

photo img_4217

A error in the weather information, Washington wasn't -18 C that day.

photo img_4218

Hyattsville, MD

photo img_4219-70

Washington, DC from the east

photo img_4220

Forest Heights, MD

photo img_4221

Friendly, MD

photo img_4222

Piscataway, MD

photo img_4224

Fort Foote, MD

photo img_4226-92

Oxon Hill, MD

photo img_4227

Impound lot in southern DC

photo img_4228-87

And landed to DCA

photo img_4229

The city of Washington DC was visible while landing

photo img_4230

Terminal C

photo img_4231

More American aircraft in Terminal B

photo img_4233

Delta aircraft

photo img_4234

Alaska Airlines A321

photo img_4235

And we are arriving at gate 10.

photo img_4236


A final view of our aircraft from the gate

photo img_4237

The airport was quiet that late Sunday night

photo img_4238

And the metro station was also quiet

photo img_4239

And, the metro car was empty when I boarded the train

photo img_4241

So, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

Coming up
This section would include spoilers of my next reports if travel plans are made. This section would appear in my recent report "except the flashback series reports" so you could have an idea what flights are coming next. Just a quick note that, flights I that I marked that I haven't flown yet could be not reported or/and not flown depending on several factors such as itinerary change, cancellation of trip, dead battery and more.

I am not sure about what would be my next flight. The closest flight I've already booked would be with this aircraft. This section would be updated if I book another flight.

photo img_3598

Next month, I would publish several flight reports, including an airline not often reported, an airport that hasn't been reported since now and a series of report on the Queen of Skies. These reports would be posted in the second part of November.

In addition,  some flashback reports would be posted in the first part of November.
Including these ones,

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United Express

Cabin crew8.0

Newark - EWR


Washington - DCA



As this flight was a short hop on hop off flight, the service was average and nothing more could be expected. The most annoying part of this trip was the delay as UA can't manage scheduling their flights as %80 of their flights were delayed that day. The arrival experience at DCA wasn't that bad as the airport was empty and clean at that time.

(+) Employees were well prepared for the evening rush
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(-) Restaurants & cafés are expensive
(-) No boarding lanes available at gates C97 & C99 so the area was a bit messy
(+) Mobile IFE content
(+) Seat & legroom great for a regional aircraft
(-) Expensive wi-fi for a 45 minute flight
(+) Efficient



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