Review of United flight Washington Newark in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA2250
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:14
Take-off 20 Oct 18, 08:15
Arrival at 20 Oct 18, 09:29
UA   #113 out of 130 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 274 reviews
By GOLD 789
Published on 26th October 2018

Welcome to this short new series of flight-report's. This series would contain two short US domestic flights.

 Trip Overview:

As I was going to head to New Jersey for a short weekend trip. As going from LaGuardia or JFK to New Jersey can be a pain during rush hour so the only option for me was flying United to EWR or using the regional train. It was interesting that a round-trip IAD-EWR-DCA ticket was cheaper than the regional train so I decided to fly on United for this weekend trip. It would be my second time flying United after flying with them from LHR to IAD on their 757-200 aircraft last August.   


Route Overview ( WAS ( IAD/DCA ) - EWR ):

Most of the US carriers operates daily flights from the greater Washington area (IAD,DCA,BWI) to JFK or to LGA but the only carrier which operates flight from this area to Newark is United Airlines. They operate several daily flights between DCA to EWR and IAD to EWR with a mixture of their Boeing 737-800, Airbus A319/A320 and their regional aircraft.

Pax for this flight

Domestic First: %60-65
Economy Class: %70-75 


Online check-in was quick and efficient via the United mobile app as seats were pre assigned and frequent flyer details were already inserted. 

photo img_4043

An upgrade to EconomyPlus was offered for $9 which would change nothing for this short flight. Also an upgrade to Domestic First was offered for $90. And the most needless offer was the PremierAccess for $71. It's not the price worth for Priority boarding and fast-track security.

photo img_4044photo img_4045

Boarding pass for the flight

photo img_4046

A nice point about United is that they clearly state what they would offer on their flights at their website.

photo img_4047

That day, I decided to go to the airport with the bus service offered by the transportation authority. The bus has several stops in DC and eastern Virginia. A shot from Rosslyn, VA that morning

photo img_4049

The bus stop is located in front of the subway station.

photo img_4050

That morning, there was something wrong that the bus arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The original bus that would serve that line had an accident so it took a time that the replacement bus to arrive. The bus was empty as there were only 7 passengers onboard.

photo img_4053-67


The main building as I arrived to the airport. I had directly headed to the West Checkpoint as I didn't have any checked luggage. This checkpoint was cleared within 5 minutes as there was almost no-one using the checkpoint.

photo img_4054

FIDS after the checkpoint

photo img_4055

There is no AirTrain service to gates D so shuttle buses are running with short intervals.

photo img_4056

A shot from the shuttle buggy.

photo img_4057

Some shots from the buggy

This UA 737-900 would serve UA 641 to Boston

photo img_4063

As I entered the D concourse, there were ads to promote the United Club lounge. As lost my Star Alliance Gold status in 2015, I didn't have access to lounges.

photo img_4064-70

That's why, I had my breakfast at Dunkin Donuts & Healthy Gourmet which was near to our boarding gate.

photo img_4065


The boarding area was well organized and had enough seating for passengers. Free phone chargers were present at the gate as United doesn't offer power for their Economy customers onboard most of their 737-800 aircraft including the one I would board shortly.

photo img_4066

This United 737 was parked to the gate next to our aircraft.

photo img_4067

Our aircraft was parked at gate D29 which is located at the end of the terminal so this was the only shot I could get.

photo img_4068

This Delta 737-800 was pushed back for his flight to Salt Lake City.

photo img_4069

40 minutes before scheduled departure time, boarding started with priorities respected. I was one of the first ones to board from those passengers in Group 3.

photo img_4070

This aircraft was equipped with Directv & Wi-Fi

photo img_4072


After being welcomed by the crew, I had directly headed to my seat.


The seat was OK for a short flight like this but the legroom wasn't that good. Compared to American Airlines this seat was less comfortable. 

photo img_4073-80

Each seat was equipped with a personal IFE screen which only featured Directv. The regular IFE system ( movies, TV shows … ) weren't installed and there wasn't any route map.

photo img_4074-70

A small remote for the inflight screen was present.

photo img_4077

Old overhead panel

photo img_4075

View from the window

photo img_4076

Directv was free before takeoff as I watched the first half of the Chelsea - Manchester United football ( soccer ) match.

photo img_4078

Also, there was a mobile entertainment system present which was free but there was no internet during whole the flight so inflight wi-fi didn't work, such as the route map.

photo img_4079photo img_4080

Before the free Directv session shut down, several ads were shown about the paid Directv session.

photo img_4081

But, I was lucky to see Anthony Rüdiger's wonderful goal.

photo img_4083

When boarding was complete, there was a notification on the screen trying to convince passengers to buy Directv access for this flight.

photo img_4090

Then, the safety video was shown

photo img_4091photo img_4092

Delta A319 heading to the runway for his flight to Minneapolis

photo img_4093

And this United Express E45 would operate UA 4957 to Portland-PWM

photo img_4094

Again, Directv ads were shown

photo img_4096photo img_4097

The terminal before we took of.

photo img_4098

Here we go

photo img_4099photo img_4101

Loudoun County after takeoff

photo img_4102

Brambleton, VA

photo img_4103

Last view of IAD

photo img_4104

And, we are over the clouds

photo img_4105

Lansdowne, VA

photo img_4106

Internet was not available after takeoff as I mentioned before.

photo img_4107

The free Directv session has closed shortly after takeoff and ads started running at personal screens.

photo img_4110photo img_4112


Maple wafers were offered by the crew shortly after takeoff. The crew gave me two packages as the first one she gave was almost empty. 

photo img_4111

The only drink offered for this flight was water.

photo img_4113

A photo from our cruising altitude.

photo img_4114


As the internet didn't work and the screens asked me to swipe my card, there were options at the seat pocket to entertain passengers.
Starting with the United Explorer credit card flyer 

photo img_4084

The safety card

photo img_4085

The Hemispheres magazine - Some parts of the magazine including the route map were ripped off by previous passengers

photo img_4086

Information about the IFE system

photo img_4087

United fleet

photo img_4088

EWR terminal map

photo img_4089

40 minutes after we took of, we started to descend.

photo img_4115

Arcola, NJ

photo img_4116

Rutherford, NJ

photo img_4117

East Newark, NJ

photo img_4118

Red Bull Arena

photo img_4119

Ironbound, NJ

photo img_4120

Some tall buildings, couple miles away

photo img_4121


photo img_4122

First view of EWR - The home of United

photo img_4123

And we had landed 23 minutes before scheduled arrival time

photo img_4124

Terminal B

photo img_4125

A view after we left the runway

photo img_4129

An IKEA store was visible

photo img_4130

This United Express aircraft had landed just after us.

photo img_4131

AI 77W and SQ 359ULR. I wish I could fly one day the world's longest flight

photo img_4133

As an UA 767 was taking off, this Emirates 777-300ER has arrived from Dubai

photo img_4134

More United aircraft

photo img_4135

N33714 waiting for his flight to Mexico City.

photo img_4136

United Express E70 getting ready for his flight to Indianapolis

photo img_4137

And we had arrived to gate C75.

photo img_4138

Service vehicles which would prepare this aircraft for its next flight.

photo img_4139

After we had parked to the gate, this AA 738 was visible.

photo img_4140

Also as, this EK 77W taxiing to his gate at Terminal B.

photo img_4141


After arriving to terminal C in EWR, this report has came to an end.

photo img_4143

Thank you for reading and hope to meet you in another report.

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Cabin crew8.5

Washington - IAD


Newark - EWR



(+) Checkpoint cleared fast
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(+) Phone charging option at gate area
(+) Snack service, didn't expected a snack for this short flight
(+) On time departure and arrival
(+) Crew was doing their job pretty well, one of the best crew team that I saw on a US carrier.
(-) Wi-Fi not working
(-) The operation of the PTV's
(-) No power or USB compared to other US carriers.
(+) Quick and efficient exit

Even though I expected a high wait time at Dulles, there was almost no one at the regular checkpoint as most of the passengers used the "Pre-Check" or "Clear" lanes located in other checkpoint areas. Also the buggy to concourse D runs very frequently so it was easy to find a seat. Boarding started on time and ended on time and the flight was on time. Even though the IFE and the seat wasn't the best I've seen the crew and the snack was amazing for a short flight like this. In addition, arriving early at EWR was also a good point about this flight as I met my pickup 2 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

As a oneworld frequent flyer, I would continue to fly American on most of the US domestic routes but also I could use United if they offer good prices and if their schedule fits to me. I didn't experienced their regional aircraft while I wrote this report but hopefully I would have an idea after my next flight with them.

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  • Comment 471947 by
    KL651 TEAM 4394 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The aircraft was clearly an ex-CO one judging by the seat.
    I really like the cabin look with those blue tones but the seats are indeed not that comfortable.
    UA usually had the best fares out of the DC area simply because they have so many seat to fill.

    • Comment 471979 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hi KL651 and thank you for stopping by,

      -The aircraft was an ex-CO aircraft ( N24211 ) and the seats were not the best but they were definitely better than some other US domestic product seats offered by other airlines.
      - Even though, this aircraft is one of the oldest in the UA fleet, the blue tone doesn't make you feel that you are in an old aircraft at the first glance which is great, but the age of the plane was clearly visible by looking to the overhead panel.
      - I was first surprised when UA offered this fare to me but then I realized that most of the passengers onboard this flight had onward connections from EWR and probably due to the time of day ( Saturday morning ) there wasn't many passengers willing to fly. Another interesting would be fact that, the changing fee for this flight was expensive than my round trip ticket. Also, I have realized that UA has the cheapest tickets for most domestic routes from the Washington area (excluding Spirit from BWI).

      Thank you for your comment and take care,

  • Comment 471983 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 288 Comments

    A nice read through your report. Is it possible to turn off those personal tv screens? I find it completely tedious for a carrier like United to advertise so much...

    • Comment 472036 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hi ThomasDutch and thanks for stopping by,

      Unfortunately it's not possible to turn off those screens until a credit card is swiped and the brightness can't be adjusted too. There was an off button on the remote but it didn't function. As you said, it's annoying to see that much ads onboard especially if it's not a low cost carrier.

      Thanks again and take care.

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