Review of American Airlines flight Lima Dallas/Fort Worth in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA988
Class Business
Seat 4F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 07:20
Take-off 27 Nov 16, 01:10
Arrival at 27 Nov 16, 07:30
AA   #40 out of 75 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 532 reviews
By GOLD 2572
Published on 16th November 2018


Hello and welcome to my 200th report!

This is the fifth leg in an old series from the fall of 2016 that I'd never gotten around to finishing. As a result, these reports have inadvertently become part of a retro-report series–though two years wasn't that long ago, the last two reports in this series, which includes this one, will definitely feel retro.

For some background on this trip, I had found some decent oneworld Business class fares to Peru over the Thanksgiving Holiday, which presented a perfect opportunity to go to Machu Picchu and check off one of those long-time bucket-list trips. The flights between Washington, DC and Lima were bought as one ticket and these domestic flights on LATAM were bought on a separate ticket.

In this report, I'll cover a long-haul flight in American Airlines' old B757-200 Business class. AA operate flights from Lima to their MIA and DFW hubs. I specifically chose to connect in DFW, from and back to Washington, DC, for the longer flying times, which allowed for more time to sleep on these redeye flights.


Washington IAD ✈ Dallas DFW | American Airlines, B737-800, Domestic First Class
Dallas DFW ✈ Lima LIM | American Airlines, B757-200, Business Class
Lima LIM ✈ Cuzco CUZ | LATAM, A320-200, Economy
Cuzco CUZ ✈ Lima LIM | LATAM, A320-200, Economy
Lima LIM ✈ Dallas DFW | American Airlines, B757-200, Business Class
Dallas DFW ✈ Washington IAD | American Airlines, MD-80, Domestic First Class

Check-in & Lounge

After a day exploring the Peruvian capital, we arrived at the airport about 3 hours before departure (there is a short Lima tourism bonus at the end of this review)

The American Airlines ticket counter was not yet open for check-in at 3 hours before departure, which was surprising, especially as many passengers were already waiting.

photo img_4175

We waited about 15 minutes for the counters to open, but luckily the line moved quickly. The check-in agent was friendly and efficient and informed us that the flight to DFW was running an hour late due to late arrival of the aircraft from MIA, but our connection to DC was not impacted as we had a few hours between flight.

We then went through security and headed to the Sumaq lounge. Despite having a hub at Lima, LATAM do not have their own lounge here.

photo img_4176

The lounge isn't very big and was pretty crowded with so many redeye flights departing around the same time. There is an outdoor space with additional seating, but it isn't particularly pleasant as it is surrounded by walls.

photo img_4177

Luckily the lounge had showers, so I was able to freshen up before the flight. It was a little too fresh, however, as the hot water wasn't working very well.

photo img_4180photo img_4181

The food options weren't terribly exciting, but there was a cool fresh orange juice machine.

photo img_4178photo img_4179

Like I said, nothing exciting. The only hot food was meatballs.

photo img_4182photo img_4183

Throughout the stay in the lounge, I regularly checked the AA app for updates on the delay and the Flightaware app to check the progress of the inbound flight from MIA.


Shortly after the delayed inbound aircraft arrived from MIA, we headed to the gate.

photo img_7216

By the time boarding began it was almost 2 AM (original scheduled departure was 1:10 AM).

photo img_7217

Boarding began with Business class and we were among the first to board.

Our bird was in the new AA livery–at the time there were still quite a few 757s in the old livery.

photo img_7218

Whereas I'd selected seats in the 1st row on the way down, I chose seats in the last row for this one.

photo seatmap lim-dfw b757

At the time of this flight, only two internationally configured B757-200 aircraft that had been retrofitted with the new B/E Aerospace (now Rockwell-Collins) Diamond full-flat seats in Business class, which are the same seats as Business on the A321T (Premium Transcon subfleet). Thanks to the American Airlines Fleet Site I was able to know which tails had been retrofitted and kept an eye on the tail routings on Flightaware.

I was excited to find that this flight was originally due to be operated by one of the retrofitted birds…unfortunately, a last-minute tail swap in MIA due to a mechanical delay, switched out the plane for one of the older configurations. On one hand I was disappointed not to get to try out the new cabins, but on the other hand I was thankful that AA were able to minimise the delay by swapping aircraft in MIA.

photo img_7219

To my pleasant surprise, the 2 cabin crew working Business were the same as the flight down from DFW. The purser remembered us and offered a very warm welcome.

My window seat in the last row of Business

photo img_7220

Pre-placed on the seats were a large pillow, blanket, and amenity kits. The bags by Cole Haan contained the standard items: eye-mask, socks, ear plugs, pen, hand creme, etc.

photo img_7222

View of the cabin from my seat

photo img_7221

Menus were handed out by the other FA working Business.

photo img_7225

There were four options of main dishes.

photo img_7226

Shortly after getting settled in to the seats, the lovely purser came to offer pre-departure drinks. She offer the usual champagne, water, or orange juice. She also offered to make a Mimosa by mixing the champagne and orange juice–sounds good, I'll have that!

photo img_7227

The cabin was definitely showing its age (about 10 years at the time)–as you can see some plastic panels in the seats across the aisle were being held in place by tape. Luckily, as of 2018, all International configured 757s have been retrofitted with new cabins.

photo img_7229

Boarding was quick, luckily, and doors were closed so we could get on our way and try to make up some of the delay.

photo img_4192

The Flight

After a short taxi time, we were off and on our way to Dallas. The flight time was about 7 hours.

photo img_4188photo img_4191

As we climbed above 10,000 ft, flight attendants were out in the cabin for the apéritif service. I went with some champagne, which was served with warm nuts.

photo img_7231

The meal service began as we reached the border with Ecuador.

photo img_4195photo img_4196

I had pre-ordered the main dish on

photo lim-dfw meal

On shorter night flights like these, the appetisers and main dish are served on one tray to speed up service.

photo img_7235

The appetiser of cured meats and cheeses

photo img_7237

Mixed Grill
Grilled beef, chicken, and pork with campanha sauce, white rice, and bacon braised kale

photo img_7236

The mixed grill was very good, with surprisingly tender and well-cooked meat. The portion was generous, though, so I couldn't finish it all.

Here's a look at one of the other options

photo img_7238

Grilled Salmon with caper lemon butter, primavera rice, and grilled zucchini

photo img_7239

Ice cream sundae for dessert–typical option on U.S. carriers.

photo img_7240

after dinner, I put on a movie and went to sleep.

photo img_7234

I woke up after almost 5 hours of sleep as we were over Mexico approaching the Texan border.

photo img_4198

There were two options for breakfast, one hot, one cold.

As I was still stuffed from dinner, I had the lighter cold option, which was a fruit plate–or rather, two fruit plates. I guess one is a side plate and one is the main, hah.

photo img_7241

Here's a look at the hot option, which included an omelet and Canadian bacon.

photo img_7242

Before we knew it we were beginning out descent into DFW

photo img_7243photo img_7244

Passing by DFW Airport

photo img_7246photo img_7248


We'd made up some time with the quick turnaround in Lima and shorter flight time and landed a little under an hour late.

photo img_7250

It was a short taxi to international Terminal D, where we parked near this JAL 787

photo img_7251photo img_7252

Last view of the cabin on deplaning.

photo img_7253

There were some nice views of our aircraft coming out of the jetway. I love how 757s look in the post-merger livery.

photo img_7254photo img_7255

Immigration and customs were quick with Global Entry and we were on our way to catch our connecting flight home to DC.

Thanks for reading!

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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Independent Sumaq VIP Lounge


Lima - LIM


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW



You can't beat the cabin crew to passenger ration of these long-haul configured 757s, with 2 FAs for a maximum of 16 pax. The cabin crew were super friendly, and it was nice that they recognized us from the flight down. They were very attentive throughout the flight and especially efficient with the dinner service to allow passengers to maximise sleep.

The IFE was old-school, but the content was the same as on other planes with new IFE systems. I docked the IFE rating some more for the lack of noise-cancelling headphones on this route, which is as long or longer than many East-coast to Western Europe flights. AA's Bose headphones were not distributed on either of the flights to or from Lima. I'm not sure if this standard for flights to Peru, but luckily I had my own.

The catering was nothing fancy, but it was decent, and the portions were generous. I was pleasantly surprised that the mix grill's meats were tender and well-cooked.

The cabin was getting long in the tooth, but the angled lie-flat seats were perfectly fine for a 7 hour flight. I managed to get some decent sleep for a few hours. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to try a retrofitted 757 sometime soon.



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