Review of TAP Air Portugal flight Lisbon Prague in Economy

Airline TAP Air Portugal
Flight TP 1300
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 16 Sep 18, 14:05
Arrival at 16 Sep 18, 18:20
TP   #71 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 317 reviews
By 1238
Published on 3rd November 2018
Hi and welcome to the third report of this series covering my late summer trip to Portugal with Brussels Airlines:

1) 07.09 - SN 2560 WAW-BRU - A319 -
2) 07.09 - SN 3815 BRU - LIS - A320 -
3) 16.09 - SN 3816 LIS - BRU - A320 - you should be here but you are not ;)
4) 16.09 - SN 2559 BRU-WAW - A 319

Wait, wait, wait…. Why am I reporting a TAP Portugal flight to Prague if that's a Brussels Airilines trip? To add a little bit of mess to our great 10 days stay in Portugal, SN decided to send us a message on the evening before our flight back when we were having a good bye coffee with pasteis de nata at the fameous "A Brasileira" cafe

photo img_2733

The message said that the airiline is very sorry to cancel our flight but we will shortly receive an e-mail with a new booking so there is nothing to worry about and we can continue enjoying our evening in Lisbon. It was around 19:00 when the SMS arrived and as no e-mail with new booking arrived till midnight, I spent almost an hour waiting to be connected with the airline's call center to find out we've been given the following option for the trip back home:

16.09 - TP 1300 LIS-PRG - A320
16.09 - LO 526 PRG-WAW - Q400

It was quite alright as I've never flown TAP before, the connection time before flights was short (1,5 hours) and comparing to SN fully paid service TAP offers a complimentary meal/snack + beverages. The only thing to complain was there was no information given by SN as promised by e-mail and the whole adventure with call center took too much time and was unpleasant as the person I spoke too seemed tired and unhappy to be there.

Before describing my unexpected TAP experience I'd like to share with you a tourist bonus with some pics from the beautiful Lisbon.

Bonus : Click here display

LIS has one great adventage: it's located in the city and you can reach it by the underground within 25 minutes from the centre of the city paying only 1,45 for the ticket. The access from the underground station to the Terminal 1 (the terminal 2 is used only by the LCC) is direct.

photo img_3310

As we were rebooked for the flight to Prague by SN, we couldn't check in online and therefore needed a traditional check in desk. After some explanations, checking, discussions with her colleague, a friendly girl gave us our boarding passes and requested the confirmation for the checked-in luggage that we bought separetely and weren't really sure of how TP is going to behave. Finally it all ended up well and we could proceed to the security check.

photo img_3311photo img_3312

I will remeber LIS as chaotic. Our gate was changed three times with no information given unless you check frequently the FIDS. Boarding was supposed to be done by bus as the terminal (and whole airport) seems far to small for the current traffic.

photo img_3320

There where some very nice spotting opportunities provided

Finally we made it to the A320 that was supposed to take us to PRG

A typical welcome from a rather idifferent crew and a quite nice and modern cabin of this classic A320

photo img_3337

The seat is nice and comfortable with decent legroom

photo img_3339photo img_3341photo img_3415

The cabin with no curtain between the business and economy

photo img_3414

The safety card

photo img_3410photo img_3411

and some fleet and routes facts from the inflight magazine

photo img_3408photo img_3407photo img_3409

There are good spotting faciclities as we taxi to the runway

Finally it's time to go up

photo img_3359photo img_3361photo img_3367

and see Lisbon from above as we depart south-westwards

After a short stay over the ocean we make a deep turn left and come back to see once more the panoramic view of the city with the huge bay created by the Tagus river

Not long after reaching our cruising altitude, the inflight service begins. I've read the night before that unfortunalety PRG is the most distant city in european network of TAP where a "cold snack" is served. If we were on a direct flight to Warsaw, we would receive lunch/dinner instead. A small sandwich and juice is not much for a 3 hours flight, but at least there's a wide choice of beverages and when I take wine, I'm immiditely asked if I would like some water, when I say "yes, please", a cup of tea/coffee is offered too. Pity there is only one beverage service (Aegean for example on WAW-ATH route makes two beverage services but TAP is definitely not in Aegean's league).

photo img_3412photo img_3413

The flight is quite smooth and boring as we pass Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany before reaching the Czech Republic.

The city of Munich and MUC airport

photo img_3430photo img_3432photo img_3436

Descent begins as we enter Czech airspace

photo img_3443photo img_3444photo img_3448

We overfly Prague and that offers some very nice views of the city and the airport


photo img_3467photo img_3468photo img_3469

Welcome to PRG, it's nice to be here after many years and so unexpectedly

photo img_3475

Cabin during deboarding

photo img_3477

And the TAP bird that brought us here

photo img_3485photo img_3486photo img_3488

That's all for now. Many thanks for reading. The last part of the series will follow soon.
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TAP Air Portugal

Cabin crew6.5

Lisbon - LIS


Prague - PRG



What a surprise and an opportunity to fly TAP! Well, it was owerall a very nice experience, nothing exceptional yet still a new airline with traditional service in economy. The cabin was fresh and comfy, the FAs polite but not too enthousiastic about their work. LIS is too small, chaotic and the terminal in many places looks simply used. In my opinion the city needs a new airport even if it won't be located as close to the city as this one.



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