Review of Brussels Airlines flight Brussels Kigali in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight sn471
Class Economy
Seat 41A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 09:55
Take-off 15 Nov 17, 10:55
Arrival at 15 Nov 17, 21:50
SN   #84 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 259 reviews
By 2385
Published on 15th November 2018

Reports of flights to Africa are rare, I offer you one, with a flight with Brussels Airlines. The destination is Kigali A line that has already been subject 2 flight report, including one by me

Several possibilities to get to Kigali via Europe: Brussels Airlines and Rwandair live, Ethiopian Airlines (via Milan and Addis Ababa), Klm (via Amsterdam), Qatar Airways (via Doha). The options are not lacking! Especially since Rwandair entered the market for London

Historically, this Brussels-Kigali line has a long history since Sabena, which is one of SN's most important African destinations (given the powerful Rwandan diasparo in Belgium).

A month before, I realize that the Ethiopian offers the most interesting offer (550 €), 200th less than the competition. A good price especially that the rates in high season is 1000 €, but I decided to go even further and I remember that SN offers more attractive rates from CDG. I come across a CDG-BRU-KGL for 425 €! I reserve in stride!

I come from a flight SN3634 from Paris CDG, I'm back in Belgium (after taking the Brussels-North / Paris CDG bus)
At the time of this photo It at this time 9:55 am, an hour before my flight to Kigali scheduled at 10:55, but a lot of people are in correspondence and a line is present in front of the PAF.
photo img_1183

vthe boarding gate is located at T74, at the end of this beautiful terminal

photo img_1187

A330 For Douala and Yaoundé…
photo img_1186

Really many people for Dakar. Boarding begins…

photo img_1189

A lounge called "Business Lounge" is proposed at the end of the terminal, It is certainly less popular and offers fewer offers than "The Loft", but it is next to the African doors

photo img_1190

I do not have time to sit down, boarding has already started and I am very excited to return home after 4 years

photo img_1191

Entebbe is a stop for kigali

photo img_1192

Like my previous flight from Paris CDG, the plane I am taking is a "new" from Brussels Airlines, since it is the 00-SFT that joined the fleet at the beginning of 2017.
The aircraft passed under the colors of Swiss and Edelweiss Air before joining the Belgian airline.
The Jetbriges are not blind, I take the opportunity to make the pictures of our device of the day. A simple letter on the nose of the aircraft suffices for the registration number, here "T", for OO-SFT

photo img_1195photo img_1203

Meanwhile, we move slowly. Behind me, a group of French people leaving for Uganda are talking about cars (more specifically the PSA group) … I will be well joined in the conversation, but I photograph the 332 for the report…

photo img_1210photo img_1211

the longest satellite of the airport certainly in T74…

photo img_1204

Newspapers are available at the end of the bridge. Le Soir for the French-speaking Belgian press and Het Last Nieuws for that of the north of the country, which was in a (short) victory of the red devils the day before Japan in a friendly match 1-0. The Financial Times is also available to choose

photo img_1206

Our plane is ready to travel the 6220 km that separate Zaventem from Kampala Entebbe (former capital of Uganda)

photo img_1211

I get on the plane at 10:25, then I go to the economy by privilege Economy

photo img_1207photo img_1208

That's when I realize that this is not the place I had booked the day before on the website of SN for online registration (or 25 euros when booking). I find myself in 38 D, while I had to reserve the right porthole of 37H, damn I think that the hostess of Paris plays me a trick.

photo img_1209

Fortunately, the plane is not filled and I head a few minutes later, a few rows behind to be able to benefit from a seat porthole (41B).

the space is correct for a person of 1m85

we receive headphones, which will be of poor quality, but that still helps in the absence of mini-jack of my smartphone to the apple
Distribution of headphones that are bad qualities but that helps in the absence of a hold on my phone at the apple

photo img_1214

Demonstration of safety instructions is fun !

photo img_1215

Safety sheet and duty free …

photo img_1259

the lighting instructions with the pilot light which can be controlled from the IFE …

photo img_1280

The time to post photos on Instagram and Twitter, as well as to present flight documents that we are already en route via runway 25 R.
See you soon Zaventem! the taxi is short and we take off at 11:15

photo img_1216photo img_1217

New OTAN buildings are visible with attention
photo img_1219

This moment or we set of the height
photo img_1220

Discovery of IFE that has changed since my last BRU-KGL. Having recently seen the report of leadership https: //, I think it's the same as Austrian Airlines (at least as far as geo-vision) is also part of Star Alliance
The screen is touch and the size is suitable. it always has a USB price on which I take the opportunity to recharge it on my phone. About thirty films are available including Batman, 30 series, 4 TV documentaries and 1 reportage on the world are not available in July.

The magazine is present on the IFE but it dates from October, against the paper format was well up to date with the speech of the CEO of SN

photo img_1227photo img_1258photo img_1298

the first service is before noon

photo unnamed 9photo img_1231

health !

photo img_1233photo img_1237

It is certain that this SN471 is not ordinary compared to this line (SN469 / 471), because it is not only the OO-SFT (whereas this path is generally realized with the 3 other A332-OO- SFY, SFU and SFZ), passes over the Alps, whereas in normal times, the road takes a much more east-facing path (see photo), but I have no reason to complain. I have a beautiful view of the Alps and I am going to Africa.

photo img_1224photo img_1230

Toulon airport after 1h07 flight, we start the Mediterranean crossing

photo img_1240

located at the back of the plane, the meal arrives at 12:40 spicy African fish with rice or this dish that I chose. It was good.

photo img_1242photo img_1243

I'm not a fan of red wine, but I finish the meal with that

photo img_1245

Turbulence appears, nothing really bad, but I will take a video of my glass a little shaken.

The (unusual) road of the day and the classic road.

photo img_1249photo ligne

photo img_1250

The SN fleet in November 2017 and its beautiful special liveries, special mention for Trident and Magritte that I love!

photo img_1251photo img_1252

with the collaboration with Thomas Cook Belgium, the european network is enriched, i also benefit from having traveled that morning with one of their old 320 (OO-TCV), passed in the colors of SN

photo img_1254

Brussels Airlines is a popular brand in Africa…

photo img_1255

Mumbai to join the network successfully in March 2017 following the move of Jet Airways to Amsterdam, the day after the attacks in March 2016 (sad coincidence)

photo img_1256

"B Inspired" highlights the Tour of Rwanda, which lasts a week in mid-November. A very popular circuit that I did not have the chance to see despite my proximity several times … damn!

photo unnamed 2

the fight continues and we pass over the Desert

photo img_1261

Passenger sitting in front of me a little too busy and going to sit on his right side to stop bothering me

photo img_1265

A walk in the cabin and I discuss near the kitchen with a flight attendant. She will tell me that she was the first time at Akagera Park and this is the third time she has been to Rwanda. She will announce that Kigali will no longer be a stopover for SN crews (which proved true), but it will now be an entebbe.
I will make her understand the principle of FR by showing my photos, then she asks me if I am satisfied for the moment of the flight.

photo img_1269

a glass of whiskey, oh that goes up fast

photo img_1268

It was calm Wednesday in mid-November, especially in this second part of the cabin.

photo img_1267

resting place for the crew

photo img_1271

headrests are adjustable, good point for comfort

photo fr

The Niger / Chad border is crossed after 4:30 flight, you will notice that Libya is always avoided

photo unnamed

The flight continues peacefully and the cabin darkens quickly.

photo img_1284photo img_1285

Euronews and a satisfaction survey available

photo img_1286

Hi Stéphanie ;)

photo img_1291

Snack one hour before arrival

photo img_1292photo img_1293

The detailed information of the flight. The airport of Entebbe is located at 1153 m of attitude which suggests a rapid descent, but it is announced 40 minutes before arrival at the same time as the closure of the toilet.

photo ife


photo img_1306

Landing has 7:00 pm with only 10 minutes of delay. The time of flight was of 7:45 am compared at 7:30 am on average. A few minutes later, the captain announces that we shall stay a little on the track to be able to cross 2 planes in wait, because we have to go back up the track. The wait lasts since 7:19 pm, 19 minutes after the landing. It is necessary to say that the traffic lane was in works (see below)

photo piste ebb

EBB is a small airport but Qatar Airways is present on the spot (with a lot of delay that day)

photo img_1312

left turn …

photo img_1313

The first time I go through Uganda to Kigali, I am surprised that the majority of passengers come here. I understand better now that this destination now connects every day against 6 times a week before.

photo img_1316photo img_1315

The cleaning crews work during the stop before boarding passengers for Brussels (triangular road)

photo img_1318

the cabin is clean and I return to the same place with the agreement of Stephanie…

photo img_1319

disinfection of the cabin

photo img_1323

we push back while KLM arrives from Kigali

photo img_1324

Takeoff at 10:16 pm local (failed photo attempt.)

photo img_1331

The flight time between EBB and KGL is as short as a CDG-BRU flight, no service will be performed.

photo img_1320photo img_1332

Check in time at 20:50 (21:50 local time) ,! The 15 minutes of waiting on the Ugandan track will always be a waste of time. The ads are made in English, Flemish and French respectively. As much as the landing at EBB was "calm", as much as that of Kigali was difficult after a good braking!

photo img_1339

view of the eco cabin, configured in 2-4-2

photo img_1342photo img_1343


photo img_1344

Last photo on this A330-200 which will have made us join Kigali without difficulty.
A Rwandair on the photo, also in A330-200 is preparing for Dubai

photo img_1345

In Africa, the images inside will be discreet and I will arrive at immigration or 3 options are possible, depending on whether you pay with your visa online or not, or that you have a priority. The crew of Brussels Airlines passes to our right by the fast line and will leave tomorrow

photo img_1346photo img_1348

long wait for immigration at 23:00

photo img_1350photo img_1351

Hello Kigali !

photo img_1352photo img_1374

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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Brussels - BRU


Kigali - KGL



Sorry for my english but good flight

The beautiful cabin and the crew did the necessary and the conversation with one of the cabin crew members was pleasant (she will also climb the note). In short, a long-haul recommendation from Brussels Airlines

The correspondence is BRU is fast but the lack of fluidity has lowered the score

Kigali airport is renovated and clean in Kigali.
On the other hand, we are still losing a lot of time because of immigration (it took me an hour to get out of the airport).

Information on the route Brussels (BRU) Kigali (KGL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Rwandair avec 6.9/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 8 heures et 48 minutes.

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