Review of TAP Air Portugal flight Lisbon Vienna in Business

Airline TAP Air Portugal
Flight TP1274
Class Business
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 17 Sep 18, 14:25
Arrival at 17 Sep 18, 18:45
TP   #43 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 298 reviews
Published on 21st November 2018
Hello !

Today I am reporting a flight from Lisbon to Vienna in an A340-300. In the Summer TAP flies most of the time with A330s, sometimes smaller A320S or even A340-300. We were lucky to get the A340 on that flight since TAP plans the retirement of the type on 14th February 2019.

We were staying in a hotel in the city center and after a journey in the underground we arrived at LIS.

We went straight to the TAP check-in area. It was a self check-in area.
We looked at the seat map in J and changed our seats for 5A and 5B.
photo zimg_1126

Drop off where we didn't have to wait long.
photo tap1

After security check point we headed to the lounge, many shops on the way.
photo tap2

We took the escalator up. 2 lounges are next to each other : ANA and TAP Portugal
photo tap3

Opening times
photo tap4

ANA lounge
photo zimg_1128

TAP lounge, the one we are going to visit.
photo zimg_1130

It was not easy to find an empty table at the window, but we found one with leftovers, just until someone removed them.
photo tap5

Some quiet area between the restrooms and the reception.
photo zimg_1142

The newspaper and magazines corner.
photo zimg_1162

General view of the bar.
photo zimg_1164

Detailed tour of the buffet:

- 2 different types of soup, one of them is sweet potato soup.
photo zimg_1152

- Various canapés
photo zimg_1150

- 4 sorts of pies and quiches.
photo zimg_1148

- Cold meat and cheese.
photo zimg_1153

- Crudités
photo zimg_1154

- Various salads
photo zimg_1155

- Only 2 hot dishes : mashed potato with minced meat (left) and stuffed pasta (right). I didn't take of the lids and you will have to wait later on to see those dishes in my plate.
photo zimg_1147

- Breakfast corner with jam and bread.
photo zimg_1151

- Desserts 1
photo zimg_1159

- Desserts 2
photo zimg_1160

- Fruits and baby food
photo zimg_1161

- Choice of drinks
photo zimg_1157

- Orange juice, red fruits juice, water and some cereals.
photo zimg_1149

Looking at the buffet made you hungry ? Me too!
Something I always like to try is hot chocolate from the machine, this one is not good at all! I also took fresh fruit juice (orange, pinapple…) which had a lot of pulp in it. With that I had a taste of both hot dishes : mashed potato with minced meat (left in the plate) and stuffed pasta (right).

photo tp1

Various canapé and pie. The salmon tasted good !
photo tp2

Sweet potato soup and red fruit juice. The soup tasted mainly like water. I should at least have added salt and pepper.
photo tp3

Crudités, cold meat and cheese.
photo tp4

For desert, some banana cake and chocolate cake.
photo tp5

There's no pizza available in the lounge, but our table neighbour decided to bring one! Ohterwise, the seats have some dirty stains.
photo zimg_1136

I was looking for the ladiesroom, one door opened and I ended up in the shower room. Here is a panorama of it. No towels available without asking one.
photo zimg_1143

Planespotting break since the view is not bad from the lounge's windows. I think some pictures of other aircrafts in a flight report can give other travel/flying ideas for the readers.

- Various A340-300 and A330 of TAP and Hi Fly Malta (the white one).
photo zimg_7650

- QS B737-8 MAX
photo zimg_7653

- TP A330-200
photo zimg_7662

- DT B777-300
photo zimg_7670

- S4 A321 neo
photo zimg_7674

- AD A330-200
photo zimg_7682

- AA B767-300
photo zimg_7694

- DL B757-200
photo zimg_7697

- TP ATR-72-600
photo zimg_7700

- 6O A330-300
photo zimg_7704

- S4 A310-300
photo zimg_7724

- YU B767-300
photo zimg_7733

- Portuguese Air Force C-130 Hecules
photo zimg_7708

Gate S19 is announced so we'll leave the lounge for the gate.
photo zimg_1158

We took the Star Alliance Gold lane thanks to my boyfriend's membership status and there was no waiting time.
photo zimg_1165

We headed to a bus as our plane was on a remote stand. We were in the same bus as Economy Class passengers. From the bus we spot our aircraft.
photo tap6

The bus left us in front of door 2. We took door 1. Our aircraft is CS-TOA, aged 24 years old.
photo zimg_6037

Fuselage shot from door 1. Our stairs have no protection like stairs number 2, which is a good thing for the next picture.
photo zimg_6046

From the first stairs I had the opportunity to take a picture of this Hi Fly Malta white aircraft, also an A340-300 like ours to Vienna. A flight attendant saw me taking the picture from the door and told me it was the Pope's plane, because it's white. Of course I know it's not, but I laughed to his joke.
photo zimg_6048

General view of the cabin.
photo zimg_1168

I take my seat 5A.
photo zimg_1193

The legroom is good.
photo zimg_1282

Seats 6A and 6B behind.
photo zimg_1169

The back of the J cabin.
photo zimg_1172

Ongoing boarding at the second stairs.
photo zimg_1174

Once boarding was completed, we were informed that departure would be delayed.
photo zimg_1180

The seat pocket in front of me is not in great shape.
photo zimg_1340

In the litterature pocket, we have:
- TAP magazine and Duty Free magazine.
photo tp6

- Wine flyer and sickness bag.
photo tp7

- Safety card (both sides).
photo tp8

- Both sides of the instructions about the seat.
photo tp9

The remote control is on the left.
photo zimg_1196

The controls for the seats.
photo zimg_1173

My boyfriend decides to test the bed function. Very noisy and not flat. Not very confortable as he said.
photo zimg_1188

The lights between the seats.
photo zimg_1177

No pre-departure drink.

The safety demo was on the IFE.
photo tap14

After that the IFE was available during the whole flight.
photo zimg_1275

We never found or received earphones so we used ours. We had sound in both ears only with the earphones slightly plugged in.
photo zimg_1283

Push back delayed for ATC reasons.
photo zboxer_1537701601.174424_asset

This A321 of TK is followed by a fire truck.
photo zimg_1197

Take-off with a nice view of the apron where we were parked earlier.
photo zboxer_1537701877.774231_asset

View of Terminal 2, mainly used by low-cost carriers.
photo zboxer_1537704673.327003_asset

The airport is surrounded by the city.
photo zboxer_1537706596.487688_asset

Parque Eduardo
photo zboxer_1537705603.899294_asset

City towards the ocean.
photo zboxer_1537707032.225087_asset

photo zboxer_1537705507.474763_asset

25 de Abril bridge
photo zboxer_1537704886.705242_asset

The municipality of Almada, linked to Lisbon thanks to the previous bridge.
photo zboxer_1537706490.487224_asset

Beaches along Costa da Caparica.
photo zimg_e1258

Barreiro on the right.
photo zboxer_1537702555.014019_asset

Montijo Air Base in front of engine number 1.
photo zboxer_1537702095.204955_asset

Circle irrigation East of Atalaia.
photo zboxer_1537702088.465373_asset

Still over Portugal, not for long.
photo zimg_1279

Map on the IFE
photo zimg_1281

It's a bit cloudy for a while.
photo zimg_1284

The ''no smoking'' sign should be ON and the ''seat belt'' should be OFF at that moment! It seems like it's not working for A and B seats.
photo zimg_1277

No overhead compartment over the middle seats.
photo zimg_1278

The meal will soon arrive, I'll need to get the table ready ! It is located under the right armrest.
photo zimg_1175

Refreshing towel is given.
photo tp10

The refreshing towel is obviously not warm coming from the packaging.
photo tp11

After that we received the menu.
photo tp12

Menu side 1.
photo tp13

Menu side 2.
photo tp14

Choice of menu in detail.
photo tp15

I was rather interested in the first menu, but my boyfriend and I wanted to have a taste of both so I chose the pasta menu and let him have the pork dish.

Guinea Fowl Confit Escabeche and Green Salad
Main course
Alentejo Style Pork with Green Asparagus Miga and Orange Salad
Radicchio Tortelinni Pasta with roasted hazelnuts, Pesto and Rocket Sauce
Chocolate Mocha Mousse

Appetizer is on the menu but we didn't get one.
The meal is served with all covers removed by the crew. We got a hot bread. I ordered red fruits juice. It was filled with ice till the edge! No tablecoth.
photo tp16

Cutlery branded TAP
photo tp17

The naptkin had a hole. I asked my boyfriend to test it, because I couldn't.
photo zimg_1306

First course:
Guinea Fowl Confit Escabeche and Green Salad.
photo tp18

Butter, quite a large portion for one small bread we had.
photo tp19

Main course:
Radicchio Tortelinni Pasta with roasted hazelnuts, Pesto and Rocket Sauce.
photo tp20

The dessert suffered from transport sickness:
Chocolate Mocha Mousse.
photo tp21

My boyfriend's meal. The plastic covers were also removed except the butter was forgotten. The mousse au chocolat looks better!
photo tap7

The other choice:
Alentejo Style Pork with Green Asparagus Miga and Orange Salad
photo tap8

Gree tea
photo tp22

Glass holder for Red fruits juice.
photo zimg_1309

Outside, racing with another aircraft.
photo zimg_1318

Map view over Switzerland.
photo zimg_1320

Flying above the lakes.
photo zimg_1324

Lake Zurich
photo zimg_1330

Cruising at 12496 meters.
photo zimg_1325

The Economy cabin in 2-4-2.
photo tap10

Business class Bathroom had a flower.
photo zimg_1332

We are already flying over Austria.
photo zimg_1345

As seen on the screen, the night is coming.
photo zimg_1343

Outside, nice sunset.
photo zimg_1353photo zimg_1357

On the other side…
photo tap11

The Danube River between engines 1 and 2.
photo zimg_1365

Flying over The Danube River and Korneuburg.
photo zimg_1368

Windturbines East of Kapellerfeld.
photo zimg_1376

After landing, we arrived at our parking stand. Our left neighbour is an OS A320.
photo zimg_1396

Great colors in the sky.
photo zimg_1398

We leave the aircraft, bye bye TAP A340-300!
photo zimg_1394

Last views of the plane while disembarking.
photo zimg_1404photo zimg_1407

We didn't wait long at the bagage claim.
photo tap12

Finally we waited for the bus to the car park in front of Terminal 3.
photo tap13

Flightradar24 screenshot of the flight path.
photo zcs-toa 1
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TAP Air Portugal

Cabin crew8.0

TAP Premium Lounge


Lisbon - LIS


Vienna - VIE



It was a nice flight with a good meal. However the crew didn't offer pre-departure drink or appetizer as written on the menu. The crew was nice but not very pro active during service. However I had a nice chat with a flight attendant about the A340 after service.
The cabin is definitely old, but don't worry the A340-300 will retire in a few months. For a medium-haul flight confort was ok as we didn't need to sleep. The seats were noisy when changing the position. IFE was working for the whole flight so in addition to the outside view there was enough entertainment.
LIS: decent airport, but we spent most of our time in the lounge.
TAP lounge : a good selection of food and drinks, especially cold food. It was quite busy when we stayed there.
VIE: we were outside quite fast. Clean but narrow corridors on the way out.

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  • Comment 476870 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Hi EuroAirport68, thanks for this beautiful report! Lots of good planespotting--I always love that! Nice variety of traffic at LIS. I had no idea TAP flew widebodies to VIE in the summer, though I suppose it makes sense as there is a *A hub on both ends. Either way, it's nice to see more widebody flying within Europe! I'm pleasantly surprised by the TAP lounge and the variety of catering. It's not great, but better than expected giving that TAP don't have the best reputation. Seems like they are changing that with the new management. The cabin is ancient, but great for a regional flight and these old cabins won't be around too much longer, as you mentioned. The new TAP J cabins seems nice.

    Beautiful shots of Lisbon on's especially beautiful with those 2 engines! Once again the onboard catering looks really nice in Euro J. Seems that TAP has one of the best catering for short-haul J. I love napkins with button holes on planes, haha. AA has them and they have definitely saved me from making messed during turbulence before, even if it looks a bit silly, haha.

    Thanks for this lovely and well-written report!!
    • Comment 477897 by
      EuroAirport68 AUTHOR 154 Comments
      Hello Kévin,
      Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you liked the pictures of planes. I was also surprised to find out that TAP was often flying wide bodies to Vienna and it's great for local planespotters at VIE since TAP has a few special liveries on their A330s.
      I'm sure you look great with your napkin hanging to the button ;) Would that be more fancy to use a tiny clothespin like on OS flights?
  • Comment 477162 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    I never knew TAP was using their widebodies on European regional flights. Although seeing TAP's business on their A340 by your review, I think it would be a disappointment to be using their business on their long-haul flights. Nice detailed report though and thanks for sharing!

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