Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Tokyo in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH716
Class Economy
Seat 19D
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 11:10
Take-off 14 Oct 18, 18:05
Arrival at 15 Oct 18, 12:15
LH   #66 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1597 reviews
Published on 25th November 2018


I didn't intend to post a report but the refurbishment of the TU lounge in Tunis has convinced me to publish.

My final destination is Hokkaidō island (北海道), the most northerly of the four main islands of the archipelago of Japan,
and second novelty to me it will happen during the Kōyō(紅葉) period , the autumn equivalent of cherry blossom.

The choice of the company has met several criteria / constraints.
TK's fares, the company I used most frequently, became unaffordable from TUN
and with booking classes providing very few miles.

So I opted for MS for a trip to Japan in June.
The experience was very satisfying and I had two long haul flights that were among the best
that I had in eco: recognition of the status on board, correct catering,
amenity kit, hotel provided (with a buffet dinner) during a long transit, and so on …
The bad side is security check at the gate in the CAI bazaar.
Unfortunately for this trip the only availabilities were in booking classes Y and B
at prohibitive prices.

These two eliminated, the * A possibilities from TUN are limited to … LH.
I take a look without complacency but I immediately find an advantage:
unlike MS or TK that would have forced me to buy additional NH tickets costing between
170 and 200 € return to get from TYO to Hokkaido, LH rates are the same
whatever Japanese cities you are flying to and open jaws are possible without restrictions.
Only constraint the stop overs more than 24 hours at TYO are increasing the fare.
No problem for this trip the 24 hours are enough for me.

I avoid the 2 am redeye flight to stall me on the late morning one.
Then I have the choice between a LH flight and a NH codehare flight.
The LH flight will allow me to try an aircraft that I probably would not have
the opportunity to try later, the 748-i.
Moreover it arrives around 12 o'clock at HND which suits me.
I will take the codeshare NH for my inbound flight: with all the "benefits" of a codeshare, no reservation
seat, meals…
Communications with NH is a nightmare, as often with Korean or Japanese companies.
After many emails and phone calls I was able to book my seats on the domestic flights
but not for the NH flight(LH codeshare) "because it is in a LH booking" I was told.
But domestic flights too …


Let's go ahead for the description of the second flight of this routing entirely ***** Skyhoax:

Buy on Board Meals LH

Looking at my booking, I found that LH had Buy on Board Meals options.


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204427


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204506


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204542


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204611


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204633


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204653


photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-204718

This FR has not a lot of pictures because I did not intend to publish a report

After disembarking from my previous flight by airbridge (yes, yes, an airbridge in FRA!)
I head to the Z doors where my flight for Haneda is departing.


photo dsc06421


photo dsc06422-19


photo dsc06423

Gates Z SENATOR Lounge

photo dsc06426

Entering the lounge I am surprised to see the two dragons with fans but I will quickly understand why.
My BP is not readable, I've been asked my card.
I will later print a new one at the LH desk inside

Immediately I'm feeling the heat inside the lounge and I understand why the dragons had fans.
There is a kids' corner that I find nice. 

photo dsc06427

The lounge is as usual very busy but I find a table that has just been released.

photo dsc06428-33


photo dsc06429-2


photo dsc06430-59

The food offer includes many hot dishes but there is no cold cuts.
The B Gates lounge "City Lights" with its bar is much nicer

photo dsc06431


photo dsc06432


photo dsc06433photo dsc06434


photo dsc06435photo dsc06436

Teas, fizzy sodas, draft beers and spirits

photo dsc06438photo dsc06439


photo dsc06440photo dsc06441


photo dsc06442photo dsc06443

Wines and sparkling wines

photo dsc06444photo dsc06445


photo dsc06446

A little further there is a salad bar not very attractive to me 

photo dsc06447photo dsc06448


photo dsc06455

Waters, coffees and various salty and sweet snacks

photo dsc06449

Next to the salad bar beer bottles and fruits

photo dsc06453photo dsc06454

My first choice

photo dsc06450photo dsc06451


photo dsc06452

The breaded chicken is ok, the Goulaschsuppe not to my taste (and usually I like that), the Leberkäse really not memorable and the Knödel better to forget.
Second attempt with squash soup. I took some more breaded chicken with the Knödel mushroom sauce 

photo dsc06456photo dsc06457

I try the Bouvet rosé but I could not finish the glass and it is not snobbery because there are many Crémant I prefer than average Champagne.
The time to board is approaching, I'm going to take a shower.
No waiting.  

photo dsc06459photo dsc06460


photo dsc06461

It is hot in the shower room as in the lounge and I come out sweaty.
But now it's time to go to the gate.


I was able to get a free seat at the OLCI in the mini eco cabin located before the Premium Eco cabin.
I saved 50 €, the fee LH is selling that seat, which is really expensive in my opinion for a normal seat

photo capture-decran-2018-10-10-203525

Approaching the gate I panic!
The eco pax are more than 95% Japanese so there are endlessly queuing in perfect order.
No time to take a picture I'm afraid to find myself at the end of the queue.
The boarding of priority pax has already begun, there is almost no one left, so I rush in the priority lane.

The aircraft of the day is D-ABYL, first flight was on 03/01/2014, almost 5 years.

I'm heading to my seat. 

The legroom is not so bad, I was expecting much worse

photo dsc06462

The boarding of pax eco is beginning a few seconds after I'm seating.
The cabin fills up quickly in a perfectly ordered ballet.

photo dsc06463-65photo dsc06464-55photo dsc06466-49


photo dsc06467

The PTVs are already functional but I'm only watching at the geovision

photo dsc06468

The tray table with its useful two parts

photo dsc06469photo dsc06470

Goblet holder and magazine rack

photo dsc06471

The remote control in the armrest, not necessarily the most practical

photo dsc06472

The bulkhead seats that I had hesitated to choose and that I do not regret 

photo dsc06473

View on the Business Class 

photo dsc06474

A blanket is available

photo dsc06477

And a headphone. Not useful for me as I'm using my own noise reduction headphone

photo dsc06478

The menu is distributed. It is flattering. It reminds me SQ's one.

photo dsc06479photo dsc06481


photo dsc06482

The boarding is complete since a long time.
It was too fast with all these disciplined Japanese pax.
It took about fifteen minutes while the flight is almost complete in eco.
We will wait a long time.

After take off the meal service is starting with the distribution of an oshibori.
Here again we find the SQ protocol.

photo dsc06483


photo dsc06485photo dsc06487


photo dsc06488photo dsc06489

Aperitif is offered : the snacks are not really to my taste

photo dsc06490

Then choice between a western and Japanese meal.
Japanese meal for me, of course 

photo dsc06494

There is a lot food compared to the meals served on other long haul LH destinations

Buckwheat Noodles with Wasabi and Chives

photo dsc06501

Mixed seasonal Salad with Italian Dressing

photo dsc06500

The usual LH salad but XXL size

Chicken Leg with Sake, Spring Onion Sauce, mixed Mushrooms and Vegetables,
Japanese Rice with Egg

photo dsc06497

Fruit Salad

photo dsc06503

There is also bread, butter and a little chocolate on the tray.
Metal cutlery and disposable wooden chopsticks.
The hot dish was excellent.
I'm not crazy of cold sobas but they were good.
The salad …. It was a salad!

Then there is a passage for tea or coffee
It will be a green tea for me 

photo dsc06504

The FAs are nice, there are also Japanese FAs.
There will be several passages to offer water during the flight.
I'm watching geovision and with my noise cancelling headphone I'm listening to my smartphone's music program.
Time flows by.
I walk many times in the cabin: in the galleys there were beverage, cakes and the best for me, onigiris that I really like a lot.

photo dsc06510

A bit more than 1h30 before the arrival the breakfast service begins

photo dsc06506

it starts with an oshibori 

photo dsc06505

Then the tray

photo dsc06507photo dsc06508

I agree that the presentation of the main dish is not the most appetizing but it was good.
There is also bread, butter, jam and fruit.
Plastic cutlery with this meal.
My beverage's choice is a green tea and sparkling water 

photo dsc06509

Everybody is quiet 

photo dsc06511

We are slowly getting closer to our final destination

photo dsc06512photo dsc06513

photo dsc06514

Landing and long taxi before arriving at the gate

photo dsc06516

It takes me a long time to clear immigration and then I have a full search of my hand luggage at customs 

Teasing for the next flight  

photo dsc06625


Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew9.5

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Z50 - Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Tokyo - HND



An excellent flight with LH.
I was afraid of the comfort of the seat but finally the legroom was decent, there was no IFE box
to prevent me from stretching my legs: a good surprise.
The FAs were all nice and smiling, German as Japanese.
The catering is the second very good surprise: not only was it a lot
more substantial than what I used to see in the LH long haul reports but it was good.
The onigiris were also a big plus because it is nourishing (and I like that a lot)
I'am not watching IFE except for geovision but the content seemed to be ok.

The lounge was way too hot and I found the food offer insufficient and
of mediocre quality.
Anyway I will not grade it severely because it can be a matter of taste.

FRA's transit was ok.
Especially as I was able to use the fast track.
There are still important distances to walk.

I had a long time to clear immigration and a full search of my hand luggage by customs.
Not the best airport for the public transportation, nor the informations displayed

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est ANA avec 8.0/10.

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  • Comment 477552 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Looks like you had a good flight with Lufthansa in Economy Class. The meals look quite good, and plentiful, and great to see that LH still uses menus in Economy as opposed to many other carriers.

    Thank you for sharing!
  • Comment 477598 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Thanks for this report Lagentsecret! Seems like a very complete report to me for a flight that wasn't intended to be reported.
    It's always good to see others' perspectives on lounges. Living in the U.S. where lounges are notoriously bad with few food options, I have grown to have low expectations. With those low expectations, it's even more a reminder of how U.S. carriers have trained me not to expect much when I see others reporting what looks to be a nice lounge with good food options (I'm speaking relative to U.S. carrier of course) as "mediocre" or "average"--it's a good reminder for me of how a lounge experience should be.

    It's nice that LH have B.O.B. options in addition to the normal free option, but those prices are very high, in my opinion. I know AF has had B.O.B. options like this on long-haul for a few years, but I don't remember the prices being so high...maybe they are. Either way, the normal meal options look just fine.

    As 757Fan mentions, the printed menu in Y is nice. I'm not sure if LH does this on all long-haul routes, but I know in the U.S. at least, that the US3 do printed menus in Y on Japan routes, and some other premium routes like HKG and SYD. Not all routes are created equally in Y, haha.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the intra-Japan flights.
    • Comment 477806 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12184 Comments
      Thanks for the comment.

      I'm always forgetting how poor are the lounges in the USA, even if some international AA
      lounges are now at a good level.
      The LH Z gates lounge is not that great anyway but you'll see that the LH B gates and AC lounges
      are really good in the last leg of this routing.

      The LH BOB options prices are really too high.
      AF options prices are less expensive and the options seem to be better.

      Even for LH catering not all routes are created equally ;)
  • Comment 477758 by
    romereo 4 Comments
    Beautiful report, in-flight food looks delicious.

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