Review of Air Do flight Tokyo Asahikawa in Economy

Airline Air Do
Flight NH4783
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 15 Oct 18, 11:15
Arrival at 15 Oct 18, 12:50
HD 4 reviews
Published on 3rd December 2018


I didn't intend to post a report but the refurbishment of the TU lounge in Tunis has convinced me to publish.

My final destination is Hokkaidō island (北海道), the most northerly of the four main islands of the archipelago of Japan,
and second novelty to me it will happen during the Kōyō(紅葉) period , the autumn equivalent of cherry blossom.

The choice of the company has met several criteria / constraints.
TK's fares, the company I used most frequently, became unaffordable from TUN
and with booking classes providing very few miles.

So I opted for MS for a trip to Japan in June.
The experience was very satisfying and I had two long haul flights that were among the best
that I had in eco: recognition of the status on board, correct catering,
amenity kit, hotel provided (with a buffet dinner) during a long transit, and so on …
The bad side is security check at the gate in the CAI bazaar.
Unfortunately for this trip the only availabilities were in booking classes Y and B
at prohibitive prices.

These two eliminated, the * A possibilities from TUN are limited to … LH.
I take a look without complacency but I immediately find an advantage:
unlike MS or TK that would have forced me to buy additional NH tickets costing between
170 and 200 € return to get from TYO to Hokkaido, LH rates are the same
whatever Japanese cities you are flying to and open jaws are possible without restrictions.
Only constraint the stop overs more than 24 hours at TYO are increasing the fare.
No problem for this trip the 24 hours are enough for me.

I avoid the 2 am redeye flight to stall me on the late morning one.
Then I have the choice between a LH flight and a NH codehare flight.
The LH flight will allow me to try an aircraft that I probably would not have
the opportunity to try later, the 748-i.
Moreover it arrives around 12 o'clock at HND which suits me.
I will take the codeshare NH for my inbound flight: with all the "benefits" of a codeshare, no reservation
seat, meals…
Communications with NH is a nightmare, as often with Korean or Japanese companies.
After many emails and phone calls I was able to book my seats on the domestic flights
but not for the NH flight(LH codeshare) "because it is in a LH booking" I was told.
But domestic flights too …


Let's go ahead for the description of the third flight of this routing entirely ***** Skyhoax:


 After a good evening strolling through the narrow streets of Shinjuku and overnight in Yokohama, the next day I'm coming back to Haneda but this time to the domestic terminal.
My flight is a NH codeshare on Air Do (HD) which is a subsidiary of NH.
I'm looking for HD check-in counters.
They are located at the end of the terminal.


My flight is already displayed so I head to the counter


I think I can guess by watching the agent typing on the keyboard if it will lead to something or not;)
So the (charming) agent types and types again on the keyboard until I say "Is there anything wrong ?"
She immediatly answers "It's better to go to NH check-in!"
I had already searched in vain for premium NH check-in without finding it so I head to the domestic check-in when I see
one check-in for international flights with two counters. and both are free of pax.
When I approach the counters, one of the two agents quits (see no malice)!
I hand my passport to the agent, give my NH flight number then the HD flight number.
He is typing nervously on the keyboard!
"Do you need anything else ?"
He types again and suddenly a gleam in his eyes: "You come from Frankfurt!"
"Yes I arrived yesterday!"
Relief for both of us! Everything goes fast and I get my boarding pass

photo dsc06570

Security checkpoint is right next door. I present my boarding pass at a barcode reader and I receive a receipt.

photo dsc06569

The security process takes less than 5 minutes because there are a lot of opened lanes.
Let's go to the lounge.

For once a NH livery is not too ugly !

photo dsc06567

THE Nh domestic Lounge

photo dsc06571photo dsc06572-62

The lounge is already very crowded but it is very large so easy anyway to find a seat.

photo dsc06573-16photo dsc06574-21

Not a really food offer only (good) rice crackers.

photo dsc06575photo dsc06576


And it's the same offer all day long

photo dsc06577

On the other hand you can make you happy with adult beverages from early morning

photo dsc06580photo dsc06578

The famous draught beer-tapping machines and their chilled glasses.

photo dsc06583photo dsc06584

There is also soft drinks but it is a limited offer

photo dsc06579photo dsc06581

photo dsc06582

Aojiru juice made with barley grass

photo dsc06586

Between the two draught beer-tapping machines a little flyer catches my eye

photo dsc06585

And here is an exclusive of this FR!
NH has a B.O.L(Buy on Lounge) offer

photo dsc06594photo dsc06595

Like in some US salons (AA at least) it is possible to buy food in the NH domestic lounge

I find a seat near the windows

photo dsc06587photo dsc06597

But it's not easy to take pictures

photo dsc06588photo dsc06589

I'm nevertheless able to photograph a piece of the horrible Star Wars yellowish livery
as well as the Japanese Prime Minister's plane bound for Europe

photo dsc06596

My flight is on time

photo dsc06592

One of my selections. There will be a variation with the drinks but always with crackers

photo dsc06593

A trolley allows you to get rid of your own waste. It's a good initiative.

photo dsc06590

But to know in which trash you have to throw garbage you must first try to burn them ;)

photo dsc06591

Passage in the spotless toilets where there is a competition hook for the GRMY moment

photo dsc06599

A motivation for the most loyal NH pax

photo dsc06598

But all good things must end and it is time to leave for the gate.

photo dsc06600photo dsc06602

After the pre boarding for families with children and people who needs assistance, it is the call of the different groups.
Finally in theory because there are a lot of old people in this flight and they do not seem really involved in this groups boarding ;)

photo dsc06604

I join the "crowd" and I enter among the first on board.
Another document is printed when boarding, which means that three documents are issued

photo dsc06615

THE NH4783 flight

I'm taking pictures WITHOUT blocking the aisle so I don't have to suffer the(justified) wrath of other pax by causing a slowdown

photo dsc06605photo dsc06606

photo dsc06607

The legroom : decent

photo dsc06608

Some external views before the arrival of my neighbor: a businessman who counted the rows before sitting but who did not see that the first row was missing at this side and that the rank 6 is in fact the fifth row.
So he was sitting in the row 7 before being asked to quit.
When setting next to me, he recounts incredulously the rows !

photo dsc06609photo dsc06610

photo dsc06616

Safety instructions in Japanese and English

photo dsc06621

As usual in Japan, the boarding is very quick and ordered

photo dsc06612photo dsc06611-12

Pushing back and take off.
The trolleys came out as soon as we are airborne

Some has brought their supplies

photo dsc06613

Only a limited choice of drinks is offered. If you want more your friend BOB is here

photo dsc06618photo dsc06617

There is a blanket distribution for the most sensitive to cold pax

photo dsc06622

The trolley is coming

photo dsc06623

I'm feeling that the FA a little anxious so I make my request in Japanese.
As I have noticed many times the Japanese are often surprised that a foreigner is trying to speak Japanese.
They try to understand the words as if it was a foreign language, hence a misunderstanding.
I repeat my request with my best smile and I get a wonderful smile in return … and my green tea.

photo dsc06624

Served in a cute cup 

photo dsc06625photo dsc06628

photo dsc06626photo dsc06633

The company celebrates its 20th anniversary

photo dsc06630

The little neighbor girl who is a few rows in front of me has received a personalized cup : a butterfly drawn by the FA

photo dsc06632

The company has only two types of aircraft

photo dsc06620

And here is its network

photo dsc06619

We land early and arrive at the gate way ahead of schedule.
I am among the first off the plane so I'm able to take the 12:50 bus, scheduled arrival time of the flight. 

bonus : shirogane onsen

Bonus : Click here display
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Air Do

Cabin crew9.0

ANA Domestic Lounge


Tokyo - HND


Asahikawa - AKJ



A check-in a bit laborious.

A domestic lounge that has not improved at all and remains mediocre: offering miso soup and rice and/or onigiris would not lead NH to bankruptcy

An excellent flight with this "bear" company.
Even if the on board offer is very limited we remain close to what is offered in Europe on a similar flight.



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  • Comment 478716 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 649 Comments
    > Even if the on board offer is very limited we remain close to what is offered in Europe on a similar flight.

    - Minus the loud people in Japan as most of the Japanese are more civilized when travelling :)

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 478744 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    I had no idea Air Do has 767s! Wow, and what a vintage 767 it is. Despite the age of the interior, it looks very well maintained (of course it would be in Japan). That Air Do bear is so cute--even the coffee cup is adorable! I can't say I've ever called a coffee cup adorable...I guess there's a first time for everything.

    Very cool and unique report on this vintage bird--it's like travelling back in time to the 90's! Thanks for sharing

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