Review of T'way Airlines flight Osaka Guam in Economy

Airline T'way Airlines
Flight TW9311
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 02 Dec 18, 11:50
Arrival at 02 Dec 18, 16:25
TW 8 reviews
By 1179
Published on 3rd February 2019

Airline: T'way Air
Route: KIX-GUM
Date: 02/12/18
STD/ATD: 11:50/11:48
STA/ATA: 16:25/16:12
Flight / Block time: 03:10/03:24
Flight number: TW9311
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: HL8086


I had to spend my remaining annual leave entitlement before the end of the year, and I decided to visit a friend who is temporarily living in Seoul.
From there we would spend one weekend in Kyoto and then I would to Guam for some well deserved sun & beach holidays before making it back to the long and cold winter in Europe.

photo route map
I flew with a combination of 4 different airlines, and 6 different aircraft types, the highlight being flying for the first time in two different Korean LCCs, T'way reported here and Jin Air.

The Observation Deck

Kansai Airport offers good spotting oportunities, and has a dedicated observation deck, though in order to get there you need to get on a bus which is free of charge.
The bus departs from the passenger terminal every 20 minutes, and I do recommend it in case you have spare time before your flight.

photo img_0337photo b

The observation deck, has also a restaurant and an interesting shop, where the best selling items were airplane food!!!
No matter how much an avgeek I am, but airplane food is definitely not the best this industry has to offer….

photo img_4201 bphoto img_4202 bphoto img_4203 b

After visiting the shop, I headed to the terrace, where I would mingle with ¨la creme de la creme¨ of plane spotters in Osaka. I have to admit I felt a little bit out of place, with my iphone and my tiny lumix :)

photo img_4198photo p1070027_newphoto p1070031_new

This photo, pictures a dad with a big camera, an older son with a decent size camera, and the younger son, with an average camera. It´s nice to see how the love for aviation is passed on to younger generations ;)

photo img_4197_new

Heading back to the terminal, I passed next to the rest rooms, and though I have to admit toilet signs were not politically correct, they were very funny indeed:

photo p1070025 bphoto p1070026 b

The Terminal

I was expecting something more spectacular, being a new airport built on a man made island in Japan, but that was 25 years ago and you can really tell its age.

Arrival from the train station:
photo img_0329photo
View of the control tower:
photo img_0327photo
Entrance to Terminal 1, where most airlines operate, Terminal 2 is a short ride away by shuttle bus and caters mostly to local low cost carriers:
photo img_0328photo
Today departures in Japanese:
photo img_0330photo
Heading towards the international departures floor:
photo p1070015_newphoto p1070006_newphoto p1070007_new
Typical Japanese vending machines:
photo p1070013_new
Pokemon´s land:
photo p1070011_new


There were two T´way flights to Guam at about the same time, for some reason one of them checked in at the usual T´way check in counters and the other one at the very end of the terminal.
photo img_0331photophoto p1070022_newphoto p1070021_new
I did not have to wait in line to check-in but I had one of the lengthiest check-in experiences in my life. I was probably the only non Japanese passenger on the flight and the check-in agent couldn´t figure out whether I was allowed entry to the US without a visa, after checking every single stamp on my passport she asked me if I had a visa for the US, I explained her that most EU citizens do not need Visa, just Esta, but apparently I did not convince her and she called her supervisor, who took about 10 minutes to reach the counter, checked my passport again, checked some kind of booklet that they had and decided it was fine. Then I was asked for a hotel reservation and a departure ticket, before finally printing my boarding pass.

The lounge

As a Priority Pass member I was able to visit Korean Air lounge which is landside.
I do not like lounges which are landside, you always have to leave way earlier in order to clear security and immigration and find your way to the gate.
The lounge is located in a kind of mall which was one floor below departures level.
photo img_0335photo
Shopping center:
photo img_0338photo
Heading to the lounge:
photo img_0340photo
Oops, seems the lounge is full and is not accepting Priority Pass guests…I´ll try anyway, 99% of the times, they let me go.
photo img_0341photo_new
I´m in, I was jut told that due to limited space I should share my table with fellow passengers, no problem!
The lounge is very small, with no windows and it was indeed crowded.
photo img_0353photo
Press selection:
photo img_0354photo
Food selection:

Drinks selection:
photo img_0349photophoto img_0343photo_newphoto img_0350photo
I did not stay long and decided to head to security:
photo p1070018_newphoto p1070017_new

Boarding area

After going through security and immigration I had to take a train to get to my gate.

I can´t believe how many different flavours of Kit Kat you can find in Japan :)
photo img_0366photophoto img_0369photo
Nice views of the tarmac:

Japanese style farewell of Thai´s 350:
photo img_0388photo
My gate:
photo img_0373photophoto img_0375photo
I can´t tell much about boarding, there was no sitting area next to the gate, so I sat around gate next door where I had no visibility of my gate.
About ten minutes before the estimated boarding time I decided to check my gate and to my surprise they were announcing the last call.

The Flight

Boarding was fast and easy, I was one of the last to board and I was seating at the front. When I got in I was greeted by the crew and to my surprise the loads were not very good.
I had originally booked and aisle seat due to the length of this flight, but luckily I had a whole row to myself, so I upgraded myself to a window seat.
photo img_0434photophoto img_0396photo_newphoto img_0395photo_new
Seat pitch was quite reasonable, I´m just 1m70 but normally I can´t cross my legs in standard economy seats and I was able to do so in this T´way aircraft:
photo img_0419photophoto img_0420photo
[photo img_0427photo
Inflight literature:
Inflight magazine written mostly in Korean:
photo img_0402photophoto img_0400photophoto img_0399photo_new
Duty free magazine with interesting items to buy, like some medicines :)

Buy on board options:

Sickness bag:
photo img_0415photo
Safety card:
photo img_0416photophoto img_0417photophoto img_0418photo
Taxi and take off:
We departed on time for KIX, and as you may see our farewell was not as spectacular as the farewell to TG, I guess T´way pays the handling agent for a more simple farewell ;)

On Board service:
This consisted in tiny glasses of water for free, with severall refills, and a bob service, but to my surprise in such a long flight they did not come around with the trolley, they just passed along the cabin several times with the bob catalogue and offering passengers to order items.
I find this quite odd, as pax are more keen to buy if the see the products on the trolley.
I can´t recall whether they sold many items, I did not buy anything as I have already eaten before getting on board.
photo img_0461photophoto img_0463photo
Then immigration cards were distributed, the crew proactively handed me a landing card in English without having to ask for it:
photo img_0465photo
Inflight pics:
photo img_0466photo_newphoto img_0467photo
Arrival in Guam:
Descent was a bit bumpy as there quite a few clouds around and I was able to take pictures of the rainbow while approaching the island.

Apron activity in GUM, an interesting 727 freighter and a 747 freighter docked to a jet bridge:

I did not take any pictures from inside the terminal, I guess I was too excited to have arrived to paradise island :)

Bonus : Click here display

Beautiful island with amazing empty beaches, though a little bit far from everywhere :)
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T'way Airlines

Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

KAL Business Class Lounge


Osaka - KIX


Guam - GUM



Nice flight with a nice airline that did the job of taking me from A to B, on time, safely and for a reasonable price of 150USD, booked just a few days in advance, with a checked in bag a premium seat selection!



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  • Comment 491660 by
    lbfortress 68 Comments

    Guam is indeed a beautiful island, especially the south. I'm glad you got to see it as it is a much nicer area than the central or northern island where most people live and work. I'm happy to see more flights between Japan and Guam as it is helping bring down the cost of flights between the two destinations. My observation is all the Korean LCC's are the same in terms of service. Also, I like the Japanese farewell when your flight departs. It's small things like that kind of hospitality that make me really appreciate Japan.

  • Comment 491686 by
    flyLWA AUTHOR 30 Comments

    Hey! thanks for your comment.
    Guam was indeed a nice surprise with nice unspoilt beaches which were almost empty.
    I love the Japanese farewell, Japan was also a nice surprise and I can't wait to be back.
    I would love to fly on a Japanese low cost airline, to check how the Japanese hospitality blends with the low cost strategy :)

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