Review of Norwegian flight Pointe-à-Pitre New York in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY84900
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 23 Dec 17, 08:20
Arrival at 23 Dec 17, 12:00
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Published on 9th December 2018
Hi, we meet for my first flight to Albuquerque, NM : PTP-JFK with Norwegian. This flight had only been repoted by Kosny once.

Let's start with the routing:
  • Pointre-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes - JFK. Norwegian D84900, B737-8 In french In English : It's here!
  • JFK - Albuquerque Int'l sunport ABQ. JetBlue B6 65 A320 (In french) . In english
  • Albuquerque int'l sunport ABQ - JFK. JetBlue B6 66 A320 .Never
  • JFK- Pointe-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes. Norwegian D84901, B737-8 Never
  • Replaced by:
  • Atlanta Int'l ATL - PTP/ AF609 : In french In english

The choice of Norwegian is obvious: that's the lonely airlines to offer correct prices from Guadeloupe to USA (east coast). In fact, from French West Indies, there was "only" 4 ways to go to USA. But all are very expansive. You can choose the AF flight which do PTP-MIA via PAP, 5 hours flight from PTP, 7h from FDF (stop at PTP and PAP). The AA flight (from FDF and PTP), 3hours flight, it's direct but only twice a week. You can stop at Saint-Martin and San Juan. It was the only 4 ways, but 2 years ago, Norwegian came to broke the prices. With 3 destinations : JFK, BOS and IAH at the beginning, you can have a round-trip or only $200! The flight leave at 8a.m from PTP and arrive at noon in the USA. It's just perfect to continue with an other flight to west coast in the same day. At the time of the report, the destinations have changed. It's JFK, FLL and Providence. BOS and IAH have been deleted. Now, it's changed again !!! It's JFK (6 times a week !), FLL (4times) Cayenne (Guyana) (3times) and Montreal, CA (3 times too). So 4 destinations!

Now, the report:

The flight leaving at 8am, we have to go to the airport at 5:30am. We awake at 4:30am, leave from the house at 5am. At this hour, the traject is quick, and at 5:25am we are at the airport.
When we arrive, it's the dark night. We go to Terminal 2. Flights to Caribbean Islands, USA and Canada leave from here. There is nobody in the terminal, except the passengers for AF flight To French Guyana (Cayenne, CAY).
photo img_0028photo img_0029
View of T1 and 2.
I like the architecture of both. The Terminal 2 is colorful, as the island of Guadeloupe!

Now let's go to the police, where only two agents were presents. Still fast, and 10minutes after we are on the other side. But instead of going to Terminal 2 Airside part, we go to Terminal 1 airside part. I don't know the utility of that. But at the T1 we have a better view on the airplanes.
photo img_0033
photo img_0034photo img_0037
Fids and controls.

We have to find the arrows.
photo img_0035photo img_0036

Go to T1
photo img_0038

So we have to go up, and we arrive in boarding area, without passing by duty-free.

There are only three planes. Two norwegian B738, one for JFK, one for FLL and the third plane is the Air France a320 to Cayenne (Guyana).

Our plane, EI-FJU is 1,4years and alwaysbelonged to Norwegian. The plane is very recent, like all norwegian's boeing.

some pics during the waiting. We arrived early at the airport, but it's better.
photo img_0041
photo img_0042
photo img_0044
photo img_0045
photo img_0046
photo img_0047

The boarding is started on time It's 7:20am, so one hour before our take-off. I tell myself that we gonna be on time or in advance, one hour for a B737 is more than enough, but it's without counting that the majority of the passengers should participate in "The slowest passenger of Guadeloupe". Everyone had differents ways to retard the boarding. Some wanted to move to an other seat, some took 10minutes to put one luggage in the storage… After 1hour15m (what must be a record for a 737), everybody is sitting. It 8:35AM, and at 8:40, we push-back.
Sometimes, early in the morning, we can take-off from east to west (it was the case for the AF A320 to Guyana 1hour30m before us) but this time it will be a normal take-off, from west to east.

photo img_0051photo img_0052
Control tower

photo img_0059

photo img_0060

Going to the runway
photo img_0061
photo img_0063
The Runway
photo img_0064

Thurst, and Take-off!
photo img_0065

Here you can see the new industralized area of Abymes city. Now it's totally ended, with a cinema, and markets (Monoprix for example). On the right, the little building, it's "South-Providence high school"
photo img_0066
Now we fly over the inland of the east island ("Grande-Terre"). It's what we call "Les grands-fonds" which are constitued by little hills with many vegetations and very humid.
photo img_0067
photo img_0068
photo img_0069
The airport in the background
photo img_0070
And we leave Guadeloupe
photo img_0071
photo img_0072
photo img_0073
photo img_0078
photo img_0086

The pitch is very good for a 4hours flight.
photo img_0053

The roof, vomit bag (2) and safety card
photo img_0054
photo img_0055
photo img_0056
photo img_0076
photo img_0077

the belt is not signed.

photo img_0075

Oh, by the way, I have not spoken yet about the negative point that will disturb my pretty flight to the big apple … I want to talk about Mr.7A .. A young child not to exceed 6 years old, who did not stop kicking and punching my file. At first it does not bother me, he is young, must certainly be bored. After an hour, it becomes annoying, but the height is when he gets up and starts pulling my (with a remarkable strength for his age) hair.
I turn around, and ask her mother, sitting in 7B if she can not calm her child a bit..
This one answers me, that the "the poor has nothing to do". I say that she can easily find other sources of entertainment on a plane than my hair, after which, she gets into a furious anger, and told me that if I'm not happy, I had only changed places. I answer, trying as best as I can to remain calm, that in a plane full 100% it seems difficult. Still yelling, she she tells me that otherwise I do not take plane,
and this kind of person (like me) she has enough, that it is called "good-banners" … I I was so stunned that I really thought I had misunderstood (the dialogue was in English) and asked him to repeat. She did not seem to take the fact that I asked her to repeat and turned her attention to her magazine. I turn around, and I continue to undergo the child's tricks, until JFK.
In itself the fact that he gesticulates does not bother me, he is small, but he pulls my hair, it's not very nice …

In Atlantic Ocean, between Bermudas and USA
photo img_0079
photo img_0080
photo img_0081
photo img_0082
photo img_0087

Arrived at Washington's lattitude, the weather is deteriorating. It does not surprise me, it's planning fod and snow at New York C. with only 3°C (37°F)

photo img_0088
photo img_0089

Beginning of the descent a 11:30 am (New York local time : -1h). It shakes a lot, but I saw worse. After the moment that we enter on cloud layer, we will not see anything until we land, at noon.
photo img_0091
photo img_0092
photo img_0094
photo img_0095
photo img_0096
photo img_0097

Sorry, with melted snow, my smartphone was focusing on drops of water, and no the background..

we are waiting for some planes to take off
767 Delta
photo img_0109

photo img_0110

Let's go to Terminal 1

photo img_0114

My seat for this 4 hours
photo img_0113

Japan Airlines and EVA AIR.
photo img_0116

Then go to the border police for entering in us territory. I don't know if there was a heating problem, but it was a polar cold in the corridors .

photo img_0117
photo img_0118

And the surprise! We cross formalities in 20min, I never saw that, even if JFK's control are less strict than in Miami…

We recover our luggages.

photo img_0119

Then, let's take the AirTrain to go to Terminal 5 to continue our jounrey to Albuquerque with Jetblue ( avalible here in english). We have to cross the road, it's very hard, between the traffic and the weather (close to 32°F)… But view from the train are pretty. We pass in front of terminals 2 and 4 (3 doesn't exist yet).

A380 Etihad, B747-4 British Airway, A330 Aerolines Argentinas, B737 Copa.
A380 Etihad
photo img_0124
B747-4 BA
photo img_0125
A330 Aerolineas Argentinas
photo img_0129
737 Copa (what a long flight in 737 ! Of course better than the 8h flight between Panama and Buenos Aeres but still long!).
photo img_0130

That's the end of the report, let me apologize of my english translator level. See you next flight!
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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Pointe-à-Pitre - PTP


New York - JFK



A very good flight to conclude.

DY: Low-cost, but with very intersting prices. The free Wi-Fi during all the flight is very great, is why i put 9.5 in entertainment.

PTP : Both terminals are nice, but there are not enough services, even if the airport is not very big.

JFK (Terminal 1): Very surprised about the rapidity of US autorities at the border police. However, for a JFK's Terminal, there are not enough services! Only one Starbucks to eat, and only 30minutes of free wi-fi by 24h. I think they should improve the "quality" of the Terminal, as example, Terminal 1 at PTP is better than Terminal 1 at JFK...

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