Review of China Eastern flight Shanghai Harbin in Economy

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU5619
Class Economy
Seat 53A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 23 Jul 18, 22:01
Arrival at 24 Jul 18, 00:26
MU 169 reviews
By 633
Published on 9th December 2018


Typhoon Ampil
I was at Shanghai for only a day, and I "luckily" encountered Typhoon Ampil.
My flight was scheduled to depart at 2100 local, thankfully the storm faded around noon.

Going to PVG using metro

photo img_2251

Chinese Carl's Jr. It's way fancier than its US locations.

photo img_2253-19

Taking the metro line 2 from/to Shanghai Pudong (PVG) is extremely easy. Trains run every 4-8 minutes, the whole journey from downtown to PVG takes about an hour, and it costs only 6-8 yuan which is about $1. The subway was clean and modern.


photo img_2284-98

Pudong Terminal 1 departure hall
I tried to check-in online, but every seats were blocked :(
China Eastern operates based the hub and spoke method here at PVG. My domestic flight from PVG to HRB was the last flight of the day. Because of the typhoon, international flights coming from North America, Australia, and Europe were significantly delayed. Many passengers were therefore re-booked onto my flight. Hence, this flight was upgraded to an Airbus A321 instead of the usual A319/A320. I arrived at the airport 4 hours earlier to make sure that I can get a window seat.
Guess what?
I got a middle seat… 52B… 

photo img_2288

Security was quick and efficient. Everyone received a par-down though. 

photo img_2289

Walking to my departure gate.

photo img_2292

Quick dinner at this restaurant.

photo img_2291

I had the pasta. They charged 90 yuan ($14) for this dish, still they used plastic utensils…
The spaghetti was quite firm, but it gets the job done.

photo img_2290


photo img_2293

Going to the gate

photo img_2294

Arrived at gate
I quickly checked FR-24, and it showed that MU's flights coming from LAX, ORD, JFK, YVR and etc. will arrive after my flight's departure time. This means that a lot of passengers will miss their connections, so plenty of seats will be free on this Airbus A321 

photo img_2295

The classic PVG Terminal 1 

photo img_2296-74

Boarding. Chaotic as always

photo img_2299photo img_2300

Walking down a jet bridge for the 14th time this year

photo img_2302

More HSBC ads

photo img_2304

China Eastern's new Airbus A321
Airbus A321-211
1 year old 

photo img_2305-73

After 1/1/2019, China Eastern and Xiamen Air will be the only skyteam airline members in China following the exit of China Southern.

photo img_2306photo img_2307

Passing by first class

photo img_2308

Stuck in traffic…

photo img_2365

China Eastern equips all of its new Airbus A321 with slimline seats but with very soft paddings.

photo img_2316-10

Legroom was really good. Feels the same when comparing to Alaska's slimline Boeing B737-800

photo img_2310

Because many passengers didn't make their connections, I grabbed a whole row to myself. YAY :) no more middle seat

photo img_2311

Smirking… I feel bad for these passengers who didn't make their connections. Since this is the last flight going to Harbin, they are gonna have to stay overnight and wait until tomorrow, and because their delay was due to a weather problem, they have to pay for their own hotels which are insanely expensive at Shanghai compared to the rest of China.

photo img_2313-90photo img_2312

Seatback content

photo img_2314

Large and sturdy tray table. I really like this seat, so I will give it an 8/10. I took one point of for the trash in the seat pocket and sticky tray table, and another point off for the soft but thin padding. 

photo img_2317-60

Taxiing to runway

photo img_2320-13

Still taxiing. 

photo img_2350-80

Took-off. Bye Shanghai

photo img_2331

The FA came around twice during this 3 hour flight to offer drinks. No snacks or meal were distributed. 7/10 for the lack of food or anything edible.

photo img_2354

Turning towards Harbin. 3/10 for the lack of entertainment.

photo img_2358-73


photo img_2362

Airbus A321neo 
no engine option LOL 

photo img_2364-42

We parked at the furthest remote stand from the terminal right next to China Southern's hangers…

photo img_2369

Bye B-8651! Thanks for the ride!
I finally received my check bags an hour after landing…I got outta the airport at about 1:30 AM.
I'm going to return to the airport 32 hours later 

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China Eastern

Cabin crew7.0

Shanghai - PVG


Harbin - HRB



China Eastern was right about what I expected. The seat was great, mediocre service and catering, and there wasn't any sort of entertainment which is normal in China. Overall, I had no complaints: It got me from Point A to Point B efficiently.



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