Review of British Airways flight London Istanbul in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA676
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 22 Nov 18, 09:55
Arrival at 22 Nov 18, 16:50
BA   #49 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 668 reviews
By GOLD 1065
Published on 16th December 2018

Hello and welcome to this series which would include 4 flights with British Airways. This series would contain two long haul flights in the World Traveller cabin and two medium haul flights in the Euro Traveller Cabin. All of these flights would include lounge reviews of lounges that I have been reviewed before.

The second flight of this serie would include my regular shuttle flight LHR-IST on British Airways's Euro Traveller product. This report would also include a review of the breakfast services at the British Airways Galleries Lounge Terminal 5A South.

The routing for this serie would look like this; 

Route Overview ( IST-LON )

The route overview of this route had been published in a past report so I would summarize the overview with Atatürk to Heathrow flights. Turkish Airlines operates daily 5/6 flights on this route mostly operated by their new wide body aircraft offering a full service of hot meals on all cabins, their newest entertainment system with live TV and Wi-Fi onboard. On the other hand, British Airways operates this route twice with their A320 aircraft with their Band 4 Europe service procedure.

Pax for this flight

Club Europe ( Business ): %90-95 [ Club Europe until row 8 ]
Euro Traveller ( Economy ): %85-90

London Heathrow AIRPORT - lHR

After arriving from my previous flight and I knew that my flight would depart at A gates, I headed to the priority transfer area which leads to the North checkpoint area.

photo img_4589

Today's security experience was not that good as in both x-ray machines there were 7-8 bags to be inspected and the employees were slow. Luckily, my belongings didn't need inspection.

photo img_4590

20-25 minutes in security, not acceptable for priority pax. Even though, Heathrow is one of the airports that takes security seriously, their security employees are too slow. And, by looking at the FIDS, I have learnt that my flight is delayed. I would have more time to spend in the lounge.

photo img_4591


Today I have chosen to go to the South lounge as it's usually quieter than the North lounge.

photo img_4592

The BA sign while heading to the second level where the Business lounge is located.

photo img_4593

Even though the southern part of the lounge was busy, the northern part of the lounge was empty and I have easily found a spot.

photo img_4594

The breakfast service at this lounge has decent amount of selections which could cover the needs of most passengers.

photo img_4598

Porridge was also offered during breakfast.

photo img_4599

Breakfast sandwiches

photo img_4602

Fresh fruits

photo img_4597

Fresh juices

photo img_4596

Coffee bar

photo img_4603photo img_4604

Magazines and newspapers offered at the lounge, there is also a TV room at the lounge which I have not pictured.

photo img_4610

While at the lounge I have been notified that my flight was delayed even more.

photo img_4605

As well as the incoming aircraft hadn't arrived from Gothenburg, Sweden.

photo img_4600photo img_4601

Finally, the bird arrived from Gothenburg

photo img_4606

After the arrival of the aircraft from Gothenburg, I have followed the aircraft until it reaches to its gate, otherwise I would have need more to learn the gate as at Heathrow gates are not announced until the aircraft is almost ready for boarding.

photo img_4607

G-EUUB, one of the oldest A320 aircraft of BA based in Heathrow, had parked to gate A12. Now, it's time to head there.

photo img_4609

Boarding pass

photo img_4459


As the gate is squeezed between the North lobby and the quiet zone so there wasn't enough seating for anyone. There was approximately 25-30 seats which were occupied by passengers who had long connections.

photo img_4611

Boarding lanes were clearly marked. Priorities were respected while boarding. Boarding had started 30 minutes later than our original departure time.

photo img_4612

View of our aircraft from the escalators

photo img_4613

And a view from the jetbridge

photo img_4614

We have also been waited several minutes at the jetbridge as passengers needing extra assistance were being seated at the aircraft by the ground staff. This A319 was heading to the gate for its flight to Inverness.

photo img_4615

Fuselage shot

photo img_4617

BA 676 London Heathrow AIRPORT TO Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT


As 12A is the exit row seat it's missing one armrest which could make you feel uncomfortable at several times but after finding a good seating position this seat would be one of the best seats in the aircraft. Luckily seat 12B was empty so I had more space than usual.

photo img_4618

The legroom is super for a British Airways shorthaul aircraft.

photo img_4619

Overhead panel

photo img_4621

Earphones were present at seats, it's a good sign of a working IFE today onboard.

photo img_4671

G-EUXG had just arrived from Rome-FCO as BA551 while boarding was going on.

photo img_4620

Then we started to pushback 1 hours 10 minutes later than scheduled departure time. This A319 would head to Munich that day. At that time, even though the overhead screens worked properly, the safety demo was been done manually by the cabin crew.

photo img_4622

G-EUUD had just arrived from Glasgow. I have also spotted this aircraft before it was heading to Glasgow.

photo img_4623

G-EUPP was also going to the runway with us. It would head to Dublin as BA834.

photo img_4624

British 777-300ER parked at Terminal 5B, just arrived from Austin, TX.

photo img_4625

And this one was going to Austin, TX that day.

photo img_4626

G-ZBKN was still there from the morning, it would head to Tokyo-Narita that day.

photo img_4627

G-CIVH that brought me from Washington to Heathrow was at the same gate. This Queen of the Skies would operate BA213 to Boston that day.

photo img_4628

This BA 777-300ER was heading to Tokyo-Haneda that day.

photo img_4629

This Dreamliner was going to head to Seattle Tacoma as VS105

photo img_4630

Another 777 is joining the runway queue. This aircraft would operate BA185 to Newark.

photo img_4631

EI-DVH was heading back home to Dublin

photo img_4632

Such as this Finnair A350 heading back home to Helsinki

photo img_4633

SAS 737

photo img_4635

And we started to accelerate for takeoff

photo img_4636

Terminal 3

photo img_4637

Virgin fleet at Terminal 3

photo img_4638

We took of

photo img_4639

Terminal 2

photo img_4640

And, Star Alliance wide-bodies

photo img_4641

Last shot of Heathrow

photo img_4642

Photos over the United Kingdom - All in this gallery

Shortly after takeoff, the route map was activated.

photo img_4655

IFE - BA 676 London Heathrow aırport to Istanbul Atatürk aırport

Shortly after the seatbelt signs had been turned off, daily BBC news was opened from the overhead monitors

photo img_4659

After the news program finished, the movie Mamma Mia: Here we go Again was screened from the monitors

photo img_4672

And now it's time to check the seat pocket. Starting with the safety card.

photo img_4654-19

Business Life magazine alongside with the HighLife shopping catalogue. Inflight shopping was available during this flight.

photo img_4660photo img_4661

And the High Life magazine

photo img_4656-99

BA Eastern Europe destinations

photo img_4657

BoB - BA 676 London Heathrow AIRPORT to Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT

I am not a fan of BoB on flights but this menu is much more better than those menus of US carriers. The M&S onboard menu has many different options for passengers. It's also interesting to see that BA is now continuing to sell pork sandwiches on Turkey flights. They weren't loading pork sandwiches on Turkey flights but now they are.

photo img_4662

The menu - Today I haven't bought anything from the BoB menu as I already had breakfast at the lounge. Like all British Airways flights tank water was available at the rear galley.

During the flight I had a visit to the lavatories, which were clean while I visited.

photo img_4673photo img_4674-75

Then I slept until our descend to Istanbul, at that time a comedy TV show was being monitored at the overhead screens.

photo img_4676

Descending to Istanbul

photo img_4677-46

Büyükçekmece area

photo img_4680photo img_4681

Ambarlı port

photo img_4682

Avcılar district

photo img_4683

Florya district

photo img_4684

Aqua Florya shopping center

photo img_4685

Crowne Plaza hotel

photo img_4686

These houses won't hear aircraft noise anymore as IST is moving. 

photo img_4687

And, we are at Atatürk Airport

photo img_4688

And landed

photo img_4689


photo img_4690

The terminal

photo img_4691

TC-JUI had landed just before us, arriving from Kars

photo img_4693

TC-JHD was heading to the runway for its flight to Dalaman

photo img_4694

Remote stands

photo img_4695

Bosphorus European Airlines aircraft

photo img_4696

We were arriving to a remote stand as most of British Airways flights to Istanbul does. We were going to park next to this A330-300 which was heading to Kabul.

photo img_4697

Soon we had parked but there was a problem at the ground power unit, so we were asked to stay seated until the engines were shut down. We had seated for almost 10 minutes.

photo img_4698

Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT - IST

Later on, we were transferred to the terminal by bus.

photo img_4700-11

A last shot of our aircraft

photo img_4701

ATA Airlines 717 which is getting ready for its flight to Tabriz

photo img_4704

KLM 737-800 which would head to Amsterdam as KL1614

photo img_4705

Meraj Airlines A300-600 heading to Tehran-IKA.

photo img_4706

I have cleared the passport control in the regular lane within 5 minutes. The priority lane was full of 40 Club Europe passengers and earlier flights so I have decided to use the regular checkpoint.

I have only waited 5 minutes for my baggages at carousel 1.

photo img_4707

After picking up my luggages, I have headed to the metro station and this report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

London - LHR


Istanbul - ISX



Even though I have spent a lot of time to pass security which had many slow working employees, the lounge was a great place to have breakfast, especially after a bagel from the previous flight. Also, due to the comfortable furniture I had a great rest while doing stuff on my laptop and enjoyed the lounge. It was obvious that the flight from Gothenburg ( incoming flight of our aircraft ) would arrive around 09:40 ( 15 minutes before our scheduled departure time ) and BA believed that they could prepare the aircraft in 50 minutes including the taxi time from the runway. Boarding had started around 10:35 and we have left the gate around 11:10. Luckily, priorities were respected so I didn't have to stand at the queue for a long time as there weren't enough seating areas near gate A12. The flight was a simple medium-haul BA flight onboard their Euro Traveller product. The 30' seat pitch in regular rows could be annoying but the exit row legroom is perfect and the seats are comfortable. The BoB is well prepared and could address many different stereotypes at the same time. Since they are cheaper than Pegasus Airlines on the Istanbul-London sector, I don't expect free meals from them. ( Their competitors in this route is Pegasus not Turkish Airlines nor AtlasGlobal ) In addition, the IFE system worked well as all the content stated on ba.com for this flight was monitored throughout the screens. On my last several flights in this route, the only content available was the route map. Landing to Istanbul was a moderate experience since there were issues with ground power unit at the parking stand and we were parked in a remote stand. Luckily, the bags arrived in a reasonable time so I was able to leave the airport 45 minutes after our landing.

(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(-) Security process not efficient, employees too slow
(-) Obvious delay not announced ( Only 35 minutes announced for a 1 hour 15 minute delayed flight )
Galleries Lounge T5A South
(+) Breakfast selection
(+) Comfortable furniture
(+) Exit row legroom
(+) Reasonable BoB menu
(+) Clean lavatories
(+) IFE worked as mentioned at ba.com ( First time that I've seen this since January 2016 on BA short/mid haul )
(-) Unreasonable delay
(+) Reasonable immigration wait time
(+) Reasonable bag wait time
(-) Ground power unit error at the parking stand ( Extra wait for 10 minutes )

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