Review of British Airways flight Istanbul London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA675
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 25 Nov 18, 10:00
Arrival at 25 Nov 18, 11:20
BA   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 797 reviews
By GOLD 518
Published on 23rd December 2018

Hello and welcome to this series which would include 4 flights with British Airways. This series would contain two long haul flights in the World Traveller cabin and two medium haul flights in the Euro Traveller Cabin. All of these flights would include lounge reviews of lounges that I have been reviewed before.

The third flight of this serie would include another report of my regular shuttle flight IST-LHR on British Airways's Euro Traveller product. For the first time I have tried Marks&Spencer sandwiches onboard this flight due to a poor lounge experience as after closing their Terraces Lounge at Istanbul, they contract the Millennium Lounge which is not the best lounge in Istanbul.

The routing for this serie would look like this; 

Pax for this flight

Club Europe ( Business ): %100 [ Club Europe until row 8 ]
Euro Traveller ( Economy ): %85-90 


I have completed online check-in 24 hours before scheduled departure time on the British Airways application.

photo img_5042

For this flight, I had already pre-reserved seat 12A which I sticked to it. By the way seat 12B was blocked so it was empty during the flight.

photo img_5043photo img_5045

I have also sticked to my pre-reserved seat for the onward flight as well.

photo img_5044photo img_5046

After I have completed OLCI, I had an error that I couldn't create my onward boarding pass for my IAD flight. I have tried it 24 hours before the IAD flight but I still had the same error. The system asked me to see a representative at the airport. At that time I couldn't understand what was going on.

Even though the movement to Istanbul Airport-ISL is postponed to late March 2019, this flight would be one of my last flights from Atatürk Airport 

photo img_5050

Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT - IST

As entrance D was empty I have used that checkpoint. This security check took less than 5 minutes. It was annoying that some people tried to get in front of you in the line. They have just put their baggage in front of mine and I have put my hand baggage in front of theirs and they were super annoyed.

photo img_5051

Check-in hall at IST

photo img_5052

Even though I had used the priority lane, there were less people at the regular Economy class lane so I merged to the Economy lane to wait less. In Istanbul, there are 2 priority desks alongside with 2 regular check-in desks. Check-in took a bit longer because the ground staff couldn't figure the issue why she couldn't issue my onward boarding pass. She asked me to check that issue with the transfer desk at London. Anyway, my bags were checked through my final destination.

photo img_5053photo img_5054

Boarding pass

photo img_5055

Lounge voucher and fast track access barcode

photo img_5056photo img_5057

The envelope is outdated as Terminal 1 in Heathrow doesn't exist anymore

photo img_5062

As there were no queues at the regular passport control, I haven't used the priority lane but both security and passport check took less than 5 minutes. Then I've headed to the Millennium Lounge to have breakfast.


In Istanbul, British Airways had their own lounge but they have closed it several years ago and now they are contracting the Millennium Lounge for their passengers. The lounge looks like place from the 1990s and the food selection isn't decent.

photo img_5058

Food options: Packaged cold sandwiches, soup, bread, fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese, cookies
No real breakfast in this lounge 

photo img_5060

Their drink selection is not that bad. At least they have most of the soft drinks and brewed tea.

photo img_5061

Alcoholic beverages

photo img_5059

FIDS at the lounge

photo img_5063

At 09:05, there was a boarding announcement at the lounge only in English for our flight. Then, I have started my walk to gate 504 which would take 10-15 minutes.

photo img_5064


Our aircraft was visible from one of the gate lounges. The 777 on the left would operate the daily TK flight to Buenos Aires via Sao Paulo

photo img_5065

The ads leading to gates 501-504 hadn't changed since 3 months.

photo img_5066

I couldn't take photos at the boarding gate as they started boarding when I arrived to the gate. There were random bag inspections at the gate for several passengers. Groups 1 & 2 & 3 were boarding while I arrived to the gate and I have joined the queue. The first bus departed with only group 1 & 2 & 3 passengers and groups 4 & 5 passengers were transferred to the aircraft with another bus.

On the way to our aircraft, this 777-300ER was visible. It would fly to Toronto that day.

photo img_5067

The morning Aegean flight had arrived from Athens.

photo img_5068

G-EUYF at the remote stand

photo img_5069photo img_5070

Boarding the aircraft was a bit rushy as only the front door was used during boarding. Cabin crew also checked boarding passes while boarding which slowed down the boarding process.

photo img_5071photo img_5072

TC-ATD was parked next door. The only A319 of AtlasGlobal would fly to Moscow-SVO that day

photo img_5073

Fuselage shot

photo img_5078

A view of the terminal

photo img_5079

BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT to London Heathrow AIRPORT

After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat.

photo img_5085


As I have mentioned in my previous report, row 12 is the best row while flying Euro Traveller onboard British Airways A320. This row has extra legroom and the seats could recline. Unlike the previous aircraft on my last flight these seats didn't have earphone jacks so that meant no entertainment for this flight. 

photo img_5080photo img_5083

Overhead panel

photo img_5082

Shortly after boarding had completed, the safety video was shown from the overhead monitors.

photo img_5084

Our route today

photo img_5086

I couldn't spot other aircraft at IST due to our taxi route.

photo img_5087

And, it's time to depart

photo img_5088

Turkish Technic hangars

photo img_5089

Sefaköy district

photo img_5090

Atatürk Olympic Stadium

photo img_5091

Halkalı district

photo img_5092

Kayaşehir district

photo img_5093

And we are over the clouds

photo img_5094photo img_5095

IFE - BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT TO London Heathrow AIRPORT

As I have mentioned before, the only thing available during this flight was the seat pocket content and the route map. Unfortunately, no movies or TV shows during this flight.

The seat pocket content was the same like the previous flight. The safety card, High Life magazine, High Life Catalogue and the Business Life magazine

photo img_5096-9

BA Eastern Europe destinations

photo img_5097

Mile and time information

photo img_5098

BOB - BA 675 Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT TO London Heathrow AIRPORT

As there weren't any proper breakfast options at the Millennium Lounge, I was hungry after departure so I've chosen to have the Mushroom & Emmental Sourdough Toastie from the BoB menu. The sandwich is served after being heated and the taste is delicious. Luckily, I had brought my drinks from the lounge which I didn't pay extra for. The BoB menu content could be found from the past report ( LHR-IST ).

photo img_5099

Like all BA short/mid haul flights, tank water is available at the rear galley.

photo img_5104

We were over Austria while I finished my meal.

photo img_5100

I had a visit to the lavatory as well. It was kept clean during the flight

photo img_5102photo img_5103

Now here comes the gallery for photos before landing.

And we're almost there

photo img_5115

And successfully landed to the Northern runway

photo img_5116

Parkinn Hotel - I've stayed there once as a guest of British Airways

photo img_5117

Terminal 2

photo img_5118

Unused Terminal 1

photo img_5119

American 777-300ER which would head to New York-JFK

photo img_5120

We have interesting guests at Terminal 3, such as the IranAir A330 and the Qantas 787 which would head to Perth

photo img_5121

Another AA aircraft parked at Terminal 3

photo img_5122

And, another one

photo img_5123

Due to capacity restrictions at Terminal 5, some BA flights are operated from Terminal 3. 

photo img_5124

VH-OQA parked at a remote stand waiting for its flight to Sydney via Singapore

photo img_5125

Terminal 5C

photo img_5126

G-STBD would operate BA460 to Madrid. It's rare to see a wide-body on a shorthaul BA flight.

photo img_5127

G-ZBKB would head to LAX that day

photo img_5128

G-CIVR would operate BA213 to Boston that day

photo img_5129

This 787-8 would operate BA223 to Nashville

photo img_5130

Terminal 5A

photo img_5131

Terminal 5B

photo img_5132

3 Queen of the Skies parked at Terminal 5B

photo img_5133

And we had parked to gate A11 which is one of the best gates to arrive at Heathrow as it's one of the closest gates to the transfer desk.

photo img_5134

After arriving to the gate, I have headed to the transfer desk and we would see what's going to happen with the mysterious boarding pass issue problem on the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Istanbul - ISL


London - LHR



Like the previous report posted, this flight is just a regular medium haul British Airways flight onboard their Euro Traveller cabin. I don't understand the logic of Moscow being a premium A321 destination ( I know it's because it's a ex-BMI destination ), but not Istanbul. Alongside with Larnaca and Dalaman, Istanbul is one of the longest flights that British Airways serves their Europe product. The experience at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, didn't have anything to mention except the strangeness that the priority lane had a longer line than the Euro Traveller line. Immigration and security was a breeze. The lounge is a complete disaster as I don't understand why doesn't BA contract either the Primeclass lounge or the Comfort lounge aren't out of date and million times better than the Millennium Lounge. I am impatiently waiting to know the lounge that BA would contract at ISL. For the first time I've experienced priorities being respected at Istanbul on a BA flight while boarding from a bus gate. Only priority passengers were allowed to board the first bus. The flight was a regular BA flight with no IFE except the seat pocket and the route map. The legroom at the exit row is perfect and it was my first time trying their sandwiches that day and I have found the mushroom & Emmental toastie delicious and worth the price. The lavatories were kept clean during the flight. We had landed on time and parked to the gate just front of the transfer security area. This route/flight is my shuttle flight as I will continue to report improvement on this route in the future.

(+) Checkpoint waiting times
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(-) Priority check-in busier than regulardesks
Millennium Lounge
(+) Beverage selection
(-) Old furniture
(-) No actual breakfast
BA 675
(+) Nice BoB selection, delicious meals
(+) Cabin crew
(+) Toilets were clean mid flight
(-) No IFE except route map and seat pocket content
(+) Arriving to one of the closest gates to transfer security

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