Review of Aer Lingus flight New York Dublin in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI104
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:50
Take-off 24 Feb 19, 17:45
Arrival at 25 Feb 19, 04:35
EI   #74 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 102 reviews
By BRONZE 3696
Published on 15th March 2019

Arriving at JFK

After a 12pm late checkout from my hotel, the SuperShuttle picked me up from my hotel at 1250pm.

I left Manhattan at 1310pm,arriving at jetBlue Terminal 5 at 1400pm. I took a few photos outside

photo 20190224_140336
photo 20190224_140448
photo 20190224_140524

The TWA Hotel - relive the Jet Magic of a once Global brand name !

photo 20190224_140244
photo 6213640-6392549-a_photo_of_one_of_the_hotel_amenity_bags_with_a_range_of_themed_-a-77_1542277085284
photo http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_180424110208-25-twa-hotel
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4


I was checked in by 1410pm by jetBlue's lovely Tomeka who was most pleasant,friendly and extremely professional.

photo 20190224_140713
photo 20190224_1407240
photo 20190224_140748
photo 20190224_141324
photo bp

21kg is hardly heavy but when the total allowance is 23kg I guess it is almost heavy !
photo 20190225_082204

British Singer Rick Astley's " Never Gonna Give You Up" started playing in the terminal . I said to Tomeka that I don't hear Rick's music this much in the UK as I do in the USA ( the third time I had heard the song since my arrival in New York ! ).

I made Tomeka laugh and a couple nearby also laughed. Tomeka had to see her Supervisor 2 times to change my seats and she did so with a lot of care and dedication. She is the first ever jetBlue staff member I have interacted with face to face and I am very impressed and hope to fly jetBlue on my next visit.

If checkin was pleasant and efficient, security would soon make me think otherwise.

Your passport is checked before you go through security and an officer simply marks your Boarding Pass.

The Security queues were deeply out of control - no queue combing meant people were joining any line causing aggressive arguments and tension.
1 lady from Security then suddenly started getting her line into shape by loudly stating what to take off and what to leave on / in. and soon things began moving efficiently.

I was quickly through to departures and didn't need to remove my belt or shoes.

jetBlue Terminal 5 JFK

photo 20190224_144056photo 20190224_144138
photo 20190224_145305
photo 20190224_143758
photo 20190224_143854
photo 20190224_143901
photo 20190224_143910
photo 20190224_143926
photo 20190224_143951
photo 20190224_1443480
photo 20190224_1444040
photo 20190224_144412

Photography - New York Style !
photo nybooth
photo 20190224_145431
photo 20190224_145447
photo 20190224_145602

jetBlue Juniors -because Aviation has no age limit !

photo 20190224_155537
photo 20190224_155548
photo 20190224_155553
photo 20190224_155556
photo 20190224_155602

And talking of jetBlue - what is in this box ?!

photo 20190224_155833

A guide to all the different jetblue Aircraft tails can be found here - my favourites being Highrise and ( of course ) Tartan !

Just a week or so after my flight from jetBlue Terminal 5, the news showed that jetBlue is considering A321LR flights to London…and I sure hope Manchester will follow !

My flight EI 104 was parked at gate 11 - now this is absurd when you think that the Aer Lingus Lounge is opposite gate 26 which is like an 8- 10 minute walk if you have heavier bags.
The A330 is registered EI-ELA and named St. Patrick after the Patron Saint of Ireland,

photo 20190224_144818

Aer Lingus Lounge JFK

Time for the lounge - the Aer Lingus lounge which is nowhere the gate

I arrived at the lounge and was pleasantly greeted by Sharon.

photo 20190224_145636
photo 20190224_145734
photo 20190224_145748
photo 546
photo 7887
photo 65654
photo 547766
photo 657657
photo dfd
photo dfsdf
photo download
photo 20190224_150258
photo 20190224_150328
photo 20190224_150330
photo 20190224_150341
photo 20190224_150404
photo 20190224_150413
photo 20190224_150416
photo 20190224_150424
photo 20190224_150532
photo 20190224_150701
photo 20190224_1508170

However being around the Aer Lingus brand made me really upset and I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy the lounge as this would be my only chance to meet someone in authority in Aer Lingu and a Manager face to face to discuss all the poor service so far and the meal incident on my Inbound EI 105 flight a few days before.

I asked Sharon to please call the Station Manager ( Brendan would be on duty today ).

Sharon kept trying and eventually let me know that Brendan is opposite gate 26 and will be happy to hear my concerns. She told me he is a very good manager and will do his utmost to assist me.

Sharon was really caring and took so much care of me. She had listened to my brief explanation that I am upset and really felt for me. I must point out however that lounge staff are not direct Aer Lingus staff. Hence the warm, friendly and caring service. I would never have got someone like Sharon in Aer Lingus. She is a true credit and I would happily have her to Dublin to teach EI staff the art of communication and empathy.

I went downstairs to meet Brendan opposite gate 26 and explained everything to him ; the poor service from booking,the meal incident and the bad attitude and neglect of Rachel Curran ( supposedly the head of Aer Lingus' social media team ). He listened to me and thanked me for sharing my concerns and he advised he would log my complaint. He wanted me to start afresh with Aer Lingus. Sadly this would not happen. See the final thoughts at the end of EI 202.

Back in the lounge the WiFi took a while to connect but was then at reasonable speed.

I got to have a hot meal with refreshing cold drinks and desserts.

photo 20190224_160109
photo 20190224_160111
photo 20190224_160115
photo 20190224_160119
photo 20190224_160128
photo 20190224_160634


Boarding began at 1655pm and I was onboard minutes later.

photo 20190224_145021
photo 20190224_145008
photo 20190224_164712
photo 20190224_164716
photo 20190224_164719
photo 20190224_164727
photo 20190224_165809
photo 20190224_170138
photo 20190224_170402
photo 20190224_170529
photo 20190224_170805
photo 20190224_172405

The Cabin Services Manager Colin and a Steward were at the door.

I had a brief chat with the crew and they would enforce the "no photo with crew" vigorously.

I closed some overhead bins to allow me to have a photo in the cabin - I joked at having a job as Aer Lingus Crew.

The manager was looking at the trim ( loadsheet) and said the seat next to me is free - woohoo ! space to work out and relax.

The seats had blankets - one lady passing by my seat said Thank God there are blankets this time - meaning they are not consistently loaded. I attest to this as there weren't any on the flight into New York. Earphones were thrown on pillows on some seats.

I note therefore that cabin presentation is not a priority for Aer Lingus on longhaul flights.

Instrumental music played and was uplifting - the crew very jovial and nice as passengers boarded. It was a real pleasure to see the crew being their lovely charming self. A credit to Aer Lingus where I have not had much to shout about.

A 5hr 55 mins flight time was unannounced.

An Aer Lingus 757 ( EI-CJX ) for Shannon was parked at gate 14.
photo 20190224_174222

An IFE preview video played and doors closed at 1731pm.

photo 20190224_173844
photo 20190224_173946

Pushback was at 1735pm

Colin did a welcome announcement

Despite a video safety demo,again crew stood throughout the cabin.
photo 20190224_174022
photo 20190224_174302
photo 20190224_1743110

Colin had borrowed me a pen during boarding ; something I returned just before door closing and to a smiley Airhostess, I believe her name was Jennifer.

Announcement was made "Crew to Station for cabin secure check "- the crew then headed to their seats after locking the toilets.

Moodlighting has relaxed the cabin in Blue and occassional Lavender hues
photo 20190224_173521photo 20190224_173946

Take Off

After taxying a short distance, we took off at 1750pm and went straight into a sunset lit sky high over New York. I hoped to see some skyscrapers bursting through the clouds but it wasn't to be !

photo 20190224_174626
photo 20190224_174658
photo 20190224_175603
photo 20190224_181356

The flight Begins

I began listening to Michael Jackson's "Bad" and I was tapping my toes in my seat and almost dancing !

photo 20190224_182853

Whitney and Dido - my transatlanic sound buddies. I wonder what music Whitney would have brought out right now. Her timeless classics will live forever.

photo 20190224_1834330
photo 20190224_193754

John,Shayne,Jennifer and Emma would be the crew to serve me in my section. I did greet the jovial Supervisor Katrina during boarding but she would be working in Premier Business Class.

An announcement at 1815pm stated that the bar would be closed during meal service and to place drink orders now.

As Aer Lingus appears to have DIY ( do it yourself) service on longhaul flights, I thought ahead and brought two coke cans from the JFK lounge.
photo 20190224_175553
photo 20190224_184631

Inflight Service

During the drinks service we were given a small packet of salted pretzels and……A MENUCARD…..but we didn't get a menucard to JFK….again and by this time, such inconsistency is not a surprise when flying Aer Lingus.

photo 20190224_183004
photo menu

I asked Airhostess Jennifer when she passed by if I could please have some ice - she immediately got me some despite her being at the rear middle of the cabin by now.

The meal service commenced at 1915pm 1 hr 25 mins after takeoff - Airhostess Emma said she had a meal for me and wished for me to enjoy it !

She was very nice and engaging - she told me she had connections in the Manchester area after I said I was connecting to Manchester.

photo 20190224_190416
photo 20190224_190523
photo 20190224_190800

Spot the Shamrock !

photo 20190224_183618

The joys of no neighbour !

photo 20190224_191349

Progress Report
photo 20190224_193924photo 20190224_193957photo 20190224_194020

Later on but in error I pressed the call bell in error, instead of the reading light ( easily done ! ) - A Steward arrived in seconds and I apologised ; he smiled and said it was ok and immediately switched the call bell off !

Tea and coffee were served at 1945pm - I asked Airhostess Emma if I could please have a spare Lily O'Briens Dessert. My dessert had been fresh fruit.

She went away and got me two desserts with spoons ! The dessert was succulently delicious.

photo 20190224_194622
photo 20190224_194829
photo 20190224_200016

Trays were collected with 3.5 hrs to landing in Dublin.

Multilingual Greeting adorned breakfast boxes with Blueberry Muffins and Orange juice were served - I asked for more !

photo 20190224_223436
photo 20190224_223454

Atlantic Sleep time !

photo 20190224_204543
photo 20190224_205443
photo 20190224_211352

A Discover Ireland video on the IFE system

photo 20190224_201819
photo 20190224_201822
photo 20190224_201823
photo 20190224_201825
photo 20190224_201826
photo 20190224_201835
photo 20190224_201836
photo 20190224_201840
photo 20190224_201847
photo 20190224_201850

Cara Inflight Magazine - Cara means Friend in Gaelic. Yet Aer Lingus has not been a friend to me in any way.
photo 20190224_221258

USB Cable charging my Smartphone
photo 20190224_222456

Inflight Manager Colin brought me some goodies and asked if I needed anything else - I asked for water and was given a bottle. Excellent Inflight Manager and I love the shamrock stitched linens !

photo 20190224_211038
photo 20190224_204528

Dublin Arrivals video played in the cabin

photo 20190224_232001
photo 20190224_232016

The rest of the flight was uneventful - then again my expectations were low anyway so Aer Lingus meets the very low standards they set.

The Cabin Crew as ever made the flight experience great but the poor product doesn't match the high levels of crew service. It's actually heartbreaking. If I feel this way as a passenger, surely they must not be motivated to deliver the inflight product ? Which means the excellent service they give really is above and beyond and from the heart. I would feel worn out having to deliver such a poor product and having to smile and be genuine. Yet the Aer Lingus crew are so naturally warm and caring.

Arriving into Dublin

The aircraft began to descend over a very dark Dublin and we landed at 0435am - 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo 20190224_232729
photo 20190224_233235
photo 20190224_233355
photo 20190224_233801
photo 20190224_233922
photo 20190224_231804
photo 20190224_232554

An announcement was made advising as we had arrived early there was ample time for connections. Barcelona connecting passengers were informed which gate to go to.

photo 20190224_231351
photo 20190224_234059
photo 20190224_234228
photo 20190224_234305
photo 20190224_2349360

EI-ELA - farewell - forever I think as I am not likely to fly Aer Lingus longhaul ever again

photo 20190224_235436

Time to transit

photo 20190224_235501
photo 20190225_000002

See you at EI 202 back home to Manchester.

By the way - the box I showed you back in the lounge ?

It and the goody bag I got from jetBlue was full of gifts for loving jetBlue ! The seatbelt keyring and Reviver is something I already had from jetBlue !
The Tartan tailed A321 model sure celebrates my Scottish roots !

photo thumbnail_20190314_222423
photo thumbnail_20190314_222524
photo thumbnail_20190314_222906
photo thumbnail_20190314_223119
photo thumbnail_20190314_223129
photo thumbnail_20190314_223436
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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew10.0

Aer Lingus Lounge


New York - JFK


Dublin - DUB



Inconsistent service - menucard and blanket provided but not on the flight to JFK.
Fabulous Cabin Crew but overall an underwhelming inflight product.
How Aer Lingus wishes to compete with European airlines to/from the USA is a big mystery.
Nothing would encourage me to fly Aer Lingus longhaul ever again.

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