Review of EVA Air flight Taipei Chicago in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR56
Class Business
Seat 3K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:12
Take-off 17 Jan 19, 20:21
Arrival at 18 Jan 19, 19:33
BR   #13 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 119 reviews
By GOLD 2106
Published on 25th January 2019
This is the homebound segment of my trip to China in January 2019. For this particular leg I was looking for a good trans-Pacific reward redemption back to the U.S. Unfortunately, my dates were inflexible because I am visiting friends in Chicago and New York immediately after this journey. I narrowed it down to either this flight or ANA from Tokyo. I have never flown either, but I know that you can redeem 120,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for a roundtrip first class in ANA, so using 110,000 UA miles for F or 80,000 for J seemed overly expensive. Plus, I have been to Japan before and have never been to Taipei. This trip cost 80,000 UA miles plus taxes and fees. The actual ticket would have costed $4,206.

photo actual price

2019 January Trip

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EVA Airways, TPE-ORD, 777-300ER, Business, EVA The Infinity Lounge (You are here!)

photo eve4vts43x

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

I arrived at Taipei Taoyuan at around 4:30pm, quite a bit early for my 8:10pm flight. I had just gotten into Taipei earlier from a day-trip to a number of small towns in the Northernmost part of the island. It was raining and I was quite exhausted. So instead of trying to squeeze a little more into my Taipei visit, I decided I would just go straight to the airport. The Royal Laurel check-in was easy enough to find and there was no line. The agent weighed my carry-on (and to no one's surprise it was quite a bit overweight). She simply asked me to re-arrange and re-distribute some of the weight among my bags later. Unfortunately, I received the dreaded SSSS designation on my boarding pass (my first time!).

photo 20190117_160207

The security lines were rather long - I estimate it took about 20 minutes to get through it. All in all it seemed to proceed at a decent pace.

Many of the lounges at Taoyuan Airport are on the 4th floor, one level up from security and the gates.

Singapore Krisflyer Lounge

I decided to go to the Singapore Krisflyer Lounge first because I knew it would close soon. The agent was friendly and informed me the lounge would be closing around 5:45pm, but that I could just switch to the EVA lounges at that time.

It is a long, narrow room and was quite crowded as it was right before boarding for SQ 879 (Singapore's 5:35pm flight to Singapore).

What's cool about this lounge was the little display right inside of the entrance. Especially fitting for Taipei were the Hello Kitty Singapore flight attendant dolls.

photo 20190117_171048photo 20190117_171049

The buffet is in the back of the room. Fairly average, though I preferred it to what was offered in the EVA lounges. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

There were a number of soft drinks, juices, and bottled water available in the refrigerators. There were also self-serve wine and liquor. The usual coffee, tea were available as well.

I ended up grabbing one of the pork puffs, a few pieces of fish, and a bowl of the "Singapore Signature - Bak Kut Teh." The Bak Kut Teh is just a Singapore variant of pork rib soup. Interestingly enough, the Mandarin name is Pork Rib Tea, even though there is no tea in the dish. They were all pretty good and hit the spot as I wasn't too hungry.

photo 20190117_163011photo 20190117_163739

The bathrooms were kept fairly clean during my short stay in the lounge:

photo 20190117_164216photo 20190117_164221photo 20190117_164224

Here's another shot of the lounge after most passengers had left for SQ 879.

photo 20190117_170320

You can see it has pretty much emptied out. This lounge seems ideal if you just need the time between 5:00pm and 5:45pm as it is far less crowded than EVA's own lounges. Before then, however, it is quite crowded as it is a smaller lounge. I spent less than an hour in the lounge before I got antsy and decided I needed a change of scenery.

Themed Gates at Taipei Taoyuan

Instead of going directly to the EVA lounges, I decided to take a walk around airport and explore a little bit. Taoyuan has these great themed gates that show off a little bit of Taipei's culture and personality. I really enjoyed them.

Gate C4 - Taiwanese Ceremonial Waiting Lounge

photo 20190117_171738

Gate C5 - e-Library Waiting Lounge (you can even spy an actual little library in the back corner).

photo 20190117_172140

Gate C6 - Taiwan Image Waiting Lounge

photo 20190117_172252

Gate C7 - Taiwan Roc Waiting Lounge

photo 20190117_192455

Of course, I saved the best for last. Gate C3 - The Hello Kitty Waiting Lounge. There's a Sanrio shop right next to it.

EVA The Infinity Lounge

The EVA's lounges can be found on the fourth level, on opposite side from where the Krisflyer Lounge was. The Infinity and the Star are the lounges for Star Alliance business/first class passengers and Star Alliance Gold passengers, respectively.

photo 20190117_172557

In addition to the agents at the desk, there were one or two agents standing in the main entranceway checking passengers' boarding passes. The agent was very friendly and let me know I could use either lounge. I asked about the robot that used to be here and he informed me that it was undergoing repairs because too many passengers had been a bit rough with it. Folks, this is why we can't have nice things!

The Infinity was one long room with a few adjoining rooms (lockers, work stations, bathrooms, etc…) to the right. Everything had this neon, futuristic decor about it. I actually found it to be a bit jarring, almost headache-inducing. There were tons of seats, but at the same time, given how many trans-Pacific flights EVA has departing in the evening, it was very crowded.

photo 20190117_172635photo 20190117_172656photo 20190117_173107

The buffet area is on the right towards the end. The buffet had a decent spread of hot food, including soups, dim sum, and even a sort of self-creation beef noodle station. You can see that when I arrived (around 6:00pm), some of the items were being replaced. For whatever reason nothing looked appetizing to me.

The drinks station was similar to what you found in the Krisflyer Lounge. You'll notice the Kavalan Classic (~$66, WhiskeyExchange). I found the idea of a Single Malt whiskey not from Scotland to be fascinating, so I tried some. I didn't particularly enjoy it.

photo 20190117_172738photo 20190117_172741photo 20190117_172755

The best part was probably the Häagen-Dazs station. I tried some strawberry ice cream and it was great.

photo 20190117_172807

I sat around for a while, half dozing off (I was still exhausted from my daytrip). Eventually I decided to go take a shower before my flight. You have to ask the agents at the front desk. There was no wait despite how crowded the lounge was. I was handed a token and 20 minutes was the suggested time I can use. There are four shower rooms that you have to use your token to swipe into. They have some…interesting names.

photo 20190117_183109

The rooms were decently spacious and cleaned after each use. I was given the room "Fantasy Flow." I assume that all the rooms are the same though.

photo 20190117_183214photo 20190117_183216photo 20190117_183318

The rooms were well-stocked with L'Occitane and 3Lab amenities. You had everything you need, such as shaving cream and hair gel.

photo 20190117_183312photo 20190117_183234

After my shower I decided to head over to the Star to check out what the difference is.

EVA The Star Lounge

The Star was decked out in a much more normal decor. I preferred the Star as the Infinity was a bit too stimulating and harder to relax in.

photo 20190117_185259photo 20190117_185406photo 20190117_185432

The buffet was more or less the same, so I did not take new pictures.

photo 20190117_185312

One thing to note is that instead of Kavalan, the Star had Omar Bourbon Single Malt (~$72, WhiskeyExchange), another Single Malt whiskey from Taiwan.

photo 20190117_185330

I ended up sitting on one of the counter seats for about 20 minutes before leaving the lounge altogether. The view from the EVA lounges are not great as the fourth level is just an elevated platform level above the third level. All you can see is the check-in area.

photo 20190117_185515


I headed to my gate roughly 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled boarding time so I would have time for the security screening. BR56 was departing from Gate C8 - Taiwan Cinema Waiting Lounge. You can see the line to enter is already quite long. There was no one in the Royal Laurel line though, so I zipped on through.

photo 20190117_192549

What is interesting about these gates is that the themed waiting area is not actually the gate waiting area itself. You are checked in and then there is a further gate area one level below.

photo 20190117_192702

The secondary screening didn't take very long. They were handling one passenger at a time, but the actual search through my luggage took maybe 3 minutes tops. The security officers were very courteous throughout the process.

Moreover, because the screening area was behind the check-in counters, I was able to board first, right after the passengers who had to pre-board. Boarding began at 7:40pm exactly. I boarded through the first set of doors even though I was in the smaller business cabin so I could take a picture of the main cabin. Upon showing my boarding pass, I was welcomed aboard and escorted to my seat - already a step up from the usual business class service you find on many other carriers.

photo 20190117_194227

Here's the main Royal Laurel cabin. It has 5 1/2 rows of reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 layout with the last row having only two middle seats (hence half a row).

photo 20190117_194242

Here's the smaller, secondary cabin. There are 4 rows. There is a nice picture at the front of the cabin. In contrast to the main business cabin, there is no rack of magazines behind the last row.

photo 20190117_194256photo 20190117_195048

I also snuck a peek at the Premium Economy cabin right behind. It was arranged in a 2-4-2 layout.

photo 20190117_194326

The seat is a normal-looking reverse herringbone seat, though I am not sure how new this particular variant is. I've actually never sat in a reverse herringbone seat before so I was quite excited to try it.

The seat was decently wide and comfortable. There were a lot of areas for storage mid-flight, but nothing can be stored for takeoff and landing - a minor inconvenience. Waiting for you at the seat is a nice fluffy pillow and a pair of slippers, as well as a thick blanket. The aisle-side armest can be lowered to give yourself more space (and is lowered by default). You can see the footwell is nice and large, very comfortable for sleeping. The remote control had its own touchscreen so you can watch two things at once. The screen itself flips out from the seat. This, unfortunately, meant that you cannot watch anything during takeoff or landing. I should add that the default screen was not the duty free, I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of the IFE immediately - this picture came from later in the flight.

Speaking of the IFE, the controls were very responsive, whether on the remote or via the touchscreen. You can skip ahead (a function I find tremendously valuable). The resolution was very clear and crisp. My only complaint was that the choices, especially for TV shows, were rather lacking.

photo 20190117_194445photo 20190118_054338

The slippers were sturdy and comfortable. I changed into them immediately.

photo 20190117_194615

The flight attendant working my side of the rear cabin, Tracy, came by shortly to introduce herself and bring me headphones and the menus, as well as to take my coat. At this time she also asked me for my choice of a pre-departure beverage. I requested champagne, to which she informed me that there was only sparkling wine available on the ground. I went with that. The headphones were fairly good, but not Bose.

photo 20190117_205431

She came back shortly with a hot towel, a glass of sparkling wine, and a Godiva chocolate. I have a sweet tooth, so I appreciated the chocolate as opposed to the traditional nuts.

photo 20190117_194904

Tracy came back with pajamas and amenities kits a little while after that. She offered M or L. I asked her what she thought, and she suggested the Large. I was surprised, but they fit just about right. The bottoms are ever so slightly too long (I'm 5'8), but a Medium would have been too short. The pajamas by APUJAN were very comfortable. In fact, I am wearing them as I write this report. Soon there will be a new designer for the pajamas - Jason Wu. Some flights already have them and soon enough all flights.

photo 20190117_195614

The amenity kit was a new red Rimowa one! It came in a little red fabric bag and contained the usual amenities inside.

photo 20190117_195640photo 20190117_195409photo 20190117_200742

One thing I must commend Tracy for is how agilely she managed to maneuver the boarding to deliver service every time. It seemed like she magically weaved in and out of the boarding passengers without slowing them down or slowing down the service. After boarding was complete, she came by to confirm my meal orders as I had pre-booked my meal orders online a few weeks ago.

For dinner I had chosen the rack of lamb.

photo 1photo 2

For breakfast I had chosen the Taiwanese porridge.

photo 3

Interestingly enough, she also asked for my drink orders at this time. I told her that I would like to start with champagne and will figure out the rest of the drink orders as I go. So don't feel obligated to pick your drinks early, just ask to pick them later.

Here is the drinks menu:

Here is the dining menu for the Taipei to Chicago flight:

photo 20190117_195532photo 20190117_195550

The Captain made his welcome announcement while we were still parked at the gate. He warned us there would be turbulence for the first 8 or so hours and that it may be especially heavy the first 3.5 hours. The rear cabin ended up being only 3/16 (though all of us were in the port-side window seats). I'm sure I could have switched to the starboard side if I wanted to, but I had already settled in and it didn't feel worth the effort. Sitting in front of me was a young EVA pilot (not sure his exact position, I didn't ask).

We pushed back at 8:21pm and the safety video began to play. EVA's safety video was an interesting interpretative dance. I'm not sure what to make of it.

photo 20190117_202111

The cabin lights were dimmed and the crew came by to make sure the IFE screens were secured.

photo 20190117_203410

We taxied for a while and took off at 8:33pm. I noticed at this point that it was rather hard for me to reach the window itself to take pictures out of it. There's some distance between where you are in the seat and the window. Given my short arms, it was a stretch for me to reach the actual windows.

At around 8:46pm the captain gave the first announcement, warning there was a bit of turbulence and to remain seated until the safety belt sign was turned off. At this point, I opted to start with Mission Impossible - Fallout, as my first movie. It was quite a good action movie, I would recommend it.

photo 20190117_205931

Service began about 30 minutes after takeoff with a hot towel (not pictured).

The amuse bouche was served first, a red capsicum jelly with tomato and asparagus tartlet and goose liver mousse. Both were excellent.

photo 20190117_205347

With the amuse bouche I had the very drinkable 2006 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame (~$160, Vivino). A very, very fine champagne for business class.

photo 20190117_205438

Next, Tracy laid out the beautiful tablecloth and refilled my La Grande Dame. Throughout the meal service, Tracy was very proactive about refilling my drinks.

photo 20190117_211221

She came by with the appetizer (a dish containing a marinated prawn, cajun spiced scallop, and organge duck terrine) and the bread basket. I selected some garlic bread. Both the appetizer and the garlic bread was delicious.

photo 20190117_211500

Next up was the white asparagus soup with truffle cream. It was quite possibly the best soup I've ever had on a plane.

photo 20190117_211916

Salad was next. I opted for a mint yogurt dressing with it, but it was a rather forgettable course. I only picked away at it. In fairness to EVA, I just don't like salads for the most part and it's very rare when I actually do finish off a salad course. In fact, I seemed to have forgotten to take a picture of it. You'll have to take my word that the presentation was nice enough.

In preparation for my main course, I switched to the 2011 Chateau Larmande (~$68 Vivino), a fine Bordeaux. It paired excellently with the lamb.

photo 20190117_213541

EVA described my main course as: "rack of lamb cutlet coated with lime herb crust with rosemary sauce served with mixed vegetables and red skin potatoes." In any case, it was delicious and cooked a perfect medium rare (to my surprise!).

photo 20190117_213309

Dessert was served from a cart. I skipped the cheese and fruit and went for the orange and strawberry mousse cake. Tracy was very surprised when I declined the ice cream (a small cup of Häagen-Dazs).

photo 20190117_220448

Overall, this is one of the best meals I've ever had on a plane. The service was very much at-your-own pace. I noticed that I was eating more slowly than the other two passengers in the rear cabin, but it was never an issue. I think I finished about 2 hours into the flight (quite a bit slower than the other two). Tracy made sure my empty plates were cleared swiftly and refilled my drinks regularly. Each course (except for dessert) was brought out individually from the galley. The china on which the meal was served was also very stylish. Meal service ended with another hot towel and a bottle of Fiji water for bedtime.

photo 20190117_221613photo 20190117_221328

At this time I went to the lavatory to change into my pajamas. The bathrooms on the 777-300ER were about the size I expected, I'm not sure what else to say. EVA stocked Harnn amenities in the lavatory.

photo 20190117_222603photo 20190117_222607photo 20190117_222612

Upon exiting the lavatory with my clothes, a flight attendant immediately offered to hang my shirt and pants. She even gave me a small duty-free bag to put my t-shirt in. I chatted a bit with a few of the flight attendants in the galley for a while. They were all very friendly and more than happy to talk about EVA. I learned that EVA doesn't really view the Royal Laurel Class as a business class, but more of a business-first hybrid. That explains why the soft product is so phenomenal.

photo 20190117_223336

I asked Tracy to make my bed for me, though in the upright position. For the turndown service, the flight attendant adds a little pad that hooks onto the top of the seat. It isn't the softest setup in the sky, but it was more than comfortable enough.

photo 213ca3ac

Soon enough, the crew dimmed the lights. There was a pretty starry night display on the ceiling.

photo 20190117_224443

EVA's bedding, especially the thick blanket, was very comfortable and combined with the space in a reverse herringbone seat meant I had no trouble falling asleep. I usually can sleep fairly well on a trans-Pacific flight in contrast to trans-Atlantic flights and this one was no exception. I fell asleep somewhere around Japan (about 2.5 hours into the flight) and slept for almost 6 hours. In fact, it was 2 more hours than I intended to sleep because I was worried about being able to sleep when I got into the Chicago. In my opinion, it is always easier to have a morning rather than an evening arrival because it is a lot easier to power through the day than it is to force yourself to fall asleep. Anyhow, I woke up somewhere along the coast of Alaska. The rear cabin was so private and the bed so comfortable that I slept the entire time despite forgetting to put in ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones. The rear cabin may be a little more hectic during boarding, but it is definitely worth the quiet during the flight. Since you can order your main courses ahead of time, you never have to worry about the crew running out of something either.

photo 20190118_042435

There were some gorgeous views out the window when I woke up.

photo 20190118_043414photo 20190118_043601photo 20190118_045147

I walked up to see if there were any snack displays in the galley:

photo 20190118_043242

In any case, I prefer to walk up and ask for service in person on long flights - it gives me an excuse to stretch my legs. I asked for a cup of the Taiwanese Pouchong Tea. I've never had it before. It was served very quickly. I enjoyed it, though I would still strongly prefer Maofeng or Longjing over it.

photo 20190118_043510

I also asked for a bowl of the porridge with shrimp and scallops. It was very delicious and EVA catering was quite generous with the shrimp and scallop portions. Even though this was an in-flight snack, it was served with a hot towel first and the proper tablecloth was laid. That's another thing I loved about EVA - they don't skip out on the details even for something like an in-flight snack.

photo 20190118_045152

After the snack, I turned on a new movie: Ant-Man and the Wasp and also spent some more time gazing out of the window.

photo 20190118_062457

After the movie was over I discovered that EVA's IFE system had Go (Igo/Weiqi/Baduk)! You had the option of playing against other passengers or against the AI. When I tried to see if other passengers were online, it auto-disconnected me. I settled for playing a game vs. the computer. I think the difficulty increases after each win, so I think players who are in the weaker kyu ranks can have a good time, but the AI probably won't get strong enough to be of much interest to stronger players.

photo 20190118_063407

As the sky was darkening, it was time for the breakfast service. It was breakfast time in Taipei, of course, but dinner time in North America. The announcement was made approximately 2 hours 20 minutes from landing (about 5:00pm Central Time) and service began 10 minutes later.

photo 20190118_071242

Service began with a hot towel and my 5th or so cup of tea.

photo 20190118_070916photo 20190118_071053

I appreciated that for the breakfast service was that they did not turn on the cabin lights. This is very nice for passengers who wanted to continue sleeping. Nothing annoys me more than the cabin lights being turned on two hours before landing for breakfast. That said, given that we were scheduled for landing at 8:20pm…if you were still sleeping at this time, you were going to have a heck of a hard time dealing with jet lag.

The tablecloth was laid for the third time and breakfast was served on a tray at all once. It was, like the name suggested, a traditional Taiwanese porridge and quite good - though not as good as the in-flight snack porridge.

photo 20190118_072208

A small plate of fruits was served afterwards.

photo 20190118_073113

Overall, breakfast took about 40 minutes in all for me. Approximately 40 minutes after breakfast, the captain came on to announce we were going to begin our descent in approximately 10 minutes and an estimated landing time of 7:20pm. The U.S. Customs video was played shortly afterwards.

photo 20190118_084006

Before service ended, Tracy came by one more time with a basket of various little candies. I took one just to try it. Like everything else about this flight, it was great!

photo 20190118_084223

Soon enough, we were closing in on Chicago O'Hare, with some nice night views.

photo 20190118_091529photo 20190118_091613

We landed at exactly 7:20pm and arrived at our gate at 7:33pm. We were parked next to an United 737-800 with an Aer Lingus A330 in the background.

photo 20190117_193157

I was genuinely sad to be leaving this flight as I had a wonderful time. EVA provides such a solid hard product and the soft product is absolutely phenomenal, rivaling many first class soft products.

I also want to commend Chicago O'Hare on my arrival - I went from my plane to the exit in 12 minutes and I don't even have Global Entry!
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Cabin crew10.0

EVA Air / The Infinity


Taipei - TPE


Chicago - ORD



Lounge: I'll focus my comments here on EVA's Infinity and Star lounges. They're normal business class lounges, but nothing spectacular, unlike the airline's inflight service. The biggest issue is how crowded they are in the evenings when most of their trans-Pacific flights leave. Personally, I prefer the Star over the Infinity just because of the decor, but they're more or less the same lounge.

Cabin & Seat: The reverse herringbone seat is a very solid product. My only complaint is the lack of storage during takeoff and landing. otherwise, it was a very comfortable seat and how they're angled meant I would have had to crane my neck to see any other passengers.

Service: The service was impeccable from start to finish. While not having the pampering you might expect in first class, EVA came close. I would say that the service just about as close to first class as you can get given the flight attendant to passenger ratio (which in my cabin was first class-esque 1 FA for 3 passengers). I expect that if I had sat in the more crowded front cabin, I wouldn't have noticed a difference in the amount of attention I received.

Meal & Catering: The option to book your main course ahead of time is phenomenal and something everything airline should have on long-haul international premium cabins. It not only ups the level of the catering (usually), but also eliminates waste - a win-win! Just about every course on this flight was delicious, from start to finish. I would say it may just be my favorite plane meal of all time - even counting first class meals.

Bottom Line: EVA Airways is phenomenal and very well may be my new favorite way to cross the Pacific. The Royal Laurel Class really blurs the line between first and business class. If you haven't had the chance to try them, I would highly recommend it.



  • Comment 485476 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Hello George!

    Woohoo… probably by favourite business class product (granted, I’ve not tried Qatar). A great value by whatever miles you may choose.

    Welcome to the esteemed Super Secret Security Service club!

    Great tour of the themed gates are TPE. I didn’t know about most of these, although I have seen the Hello Kitty Gate complete with Sanrio Store before.

    “The Infinity and the Star are the lounges for Star Alliance business/first class passengers and Star Alliance Gold passengers, respectively.”
    - Aha! So there IS a difference in access! I only ever went there when I was *G, so they always just told me to use whichever one. I wondered about that.

    “I asked about the robot that used to be here and he informed me that it was undergoing repairs because too many passengers had been a bit rough with it. Folks, this is why we can't have nice things!”
    - I know who’s gonna be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

    I’ve had the same feelings you had about the catering in EVA’s lounges. Just didn’t reach out to me for whatever reason.

    “You'll notice the Kavalan Classic (~$66, WhiskeyExchange). I found the idea of a Single Malt whiskey not from Scotland to be fascinating, so I tried some. I didn't particularly enjoy it.”
    - That’s a shame. I’ve quite liked Kavalan when I’ve sampled it. I too used to find the idea of non-Scotch single malts a little unique. And then I started flying Japanese airlines.

    I never noticed the shower room names when I was there a few years ago. That’s…. creative?
    “For dinner I had chosen the rack of lamb.”
    - Excellent choice! And it looks so good in execution too. I think I’ve had good luck with EVA lamb dishes ex-TPE.

    Nice to see that EVA continues to roll with excellent champagne choices. One of their biggest differentiators, IMHO.

    Everything looks very good — I love the EVA congee breakfast package.

    “I also want to commend Chicago O'Hare on my arrival - I went from my plane to the exit in 12 minutes and I don't even have Global Entry!”
    - Oh wow. That’s a winning lottery ticket!

    Thanks for sharing a great look at one of the world’s great business classes. This looked like everything I’ve enjoyed on YYZ-TPE and back a few times. They’re the thing I miss most about Star Alliance. Cheers!

    • Comment 485488 by
      YGeorgeW GOLD AUTHOR 183 Comments

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Hometoyyz!

      “Aha! So there IS a difference in access! I only ever went there when I was *G, so they always just told me to use whichever one. I wondered about that.”
      -That’s just what the rules say on their website. I don’t think they actually care.

      “I know who’s gonna be first against the wall when the revolution comes.”
      -It’s a shame because I was planning on entertaining myself with the robot for a while.

      “That’s a shame. I’ve quite liked Kavalan when I’ve sampled it. I too used to find the idea of non-Scotch single malts a little unique. And then I started flying Japanese airlines.”
      -Maybe it was just the timing and I wasn’t quite feeling it. Looking at the profile, I probably should have enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I was so tired.

      “Oh wow. That’s a winning lottery ticket!”
      -I couldn’t believe it either. In fact, it made things a little awkward for my friend who was picking me up as he wasn’t ready at all.

      "They’re the thing I miss most about Star Alliance. Cheers!"
      -I think it is definitely the best Star Alliance J redemption.

      I also love how we were posting on each other’s flight reports at more or less the same time.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Comment 486149 by
    atco GOLD 134 Comments

    Hi YGeorgeW,

    Thanks for this amazing report, you've covered all the bases I missed in my upcoming TPE-YYZ report.

    Given my experience, its really interesting to note how you felt about your flight and even more interesting that we shared many of the same feelings.
    I'll get around to publishing mine here soon.

    I do wish I had known about those themed gates. I completely missed them in TPE and now I'm mad at myself! Next time I'll be sure to take a better look.

    EVA Business is an outstanding product in almost every way.
    Thanks for this great review, its making me nervous about my own because I can't live up to how good this one is!

    • Comment 486207 by
      YGeorgeW GOLD AUTHOR 183 Comments

      Thank you for reading and the kind words Atco!

      “Given my experience, its really interesting to note how you felt about your flight and even more interesting that we shared many of the same feelings.”
      -I think that’s the sign of a good (or at least consistent) airline – when different passengers going to different places feel the same way.

      “I do wish I had known about those themed gates. I completely missed them in TPE and now I'm mad at myself! Next time I'll be sure to take a better look.”
      -I just happened to have a lot of extra time to do some exploring.

      “Thanks for this great review, its making me nervous about my own because I can't live up to how good this one is!”
      -Not at all! I’ve really enjoyed reading your trip reports and look forward to your flight on BR!

      Thanks again!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5138 Comments

    Hi YGeorgeW, nice report as always! Lounge-hopping is always fin when time permits and it's nice to be able to compare the different lounge offerings that are available.

    Yet another report that confirms the quality of EVA long-haul Business class. I really like the starry sky effect when the lights are creates a relaxing ambiance.

    The meal service is high-end for Business class--the amuse-bouche is notable. The champagne is also quite nice for a J class.

    Great aerial night shots of Chicago on landing!

    Thanks for sharing!

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      YGeorgeW GOLD AUTHOR 183 Comments

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment KevinDC!

      First off, congratulations on the birth of your son! I imagine sleep nowadays is scarcer than on a transatlantic redeye in Y.

      “Lounge-hopping is always fin when time permits and it's nice to be able to compare the different lounge offerings that are available.”
      -It was a very rainy day in Taipei so I figured I might as well get to the airport early.

      “I really like the starry sky effect when the lights are creates a relaxing ambiance.”
      -Very relaxing, so much so that I overslept!

      “The meal service is high-end for Business class--the amuse-bouche is notable. The champagne is also quite nice for a J class.”
      -I thought so as well. I think EVA has a good case for the best J soft product.

      Thanks again!

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