Review of ANA flight Paris Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH216
Class Economy
Seat 25H
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 13:30
Take-off 17 Jun 18, 19:30
Arrival at 18 Jun 18, 16:00
NH 208 reviews
By 1900
Published on 17th December 2018
Hello Travelers!

This one will cover my flight-report from Paris CDG to Tokyo Haneda. A little back story the original iteniary was like this

JUN 17
NH216 OPF Lufthansa MAD-MUC
NH3779 OPF Solaseed Air HND-KOJ

But on the day of the trip when my mother and I to ride the train from our town of El Puerto de Santa Maria to Sevilla, to catch a train to Madrid, the train broke down and we missed our train to Madrid. So once we arrived to Sevilla, we lined up immediately to the ticketing counter like our conductor told us and got us a ticket to Madrid an hour later than originally planned. Then we get an email notifying us that Lufthansa flight has been cancelled and they automatically rebooked us to Paris with Air France from Madrid. So when we got to Madrid airport, we checked-in (despite having minor issues with AF not willing to check us in initially which took some convincing from staff from LH). But the only problem was the flight was delayed by an hour due to late incoming aircraft which only gave us about an hour to get to our flight (this flight). But we made it nevertheless for the sole reason that the security was empty when we went through at CDG terminal 1. The boarding was already in effect when we arrived. From what I saw, most of the passengers tonight were Japanese (I can tell by how they line up in a orderly fashion).

So, our flights were now like this
NH3779 HND-KOJ (didn't get affected).

The only thing I was able to snag of CDG (Maybe someday I can leisurely take photos of CDG).
photo img_20180617_192948 1

On Board

But unfortunately I could not secure a window seat but at this point, I didn't care too much about it.
ANA has been an airline that I actually liked flying with (besides TK) plus I was able to fly in their 787-9 which I only flew with AA before this.

Our airplane was B787-9 JA892A delivered June of 2017.

My seat 25H
photo img_20180617_195348photo img_20180617_195351

Unlike previous flight (and train) the door closed on time and departed out of CDG on time. While taxing i explored the electronic book section of the IFE and saw Doraemon (one of the well known manga in Japan) and continued reading all they had which was the first three volumes.

About 45 minutes or so after take off, drink and snack service commenced. I asked for ANA's original drink Kabosu (かぼす)a type of citrus fruit drink with some honey which came with rice cracker mix which is always welcoming since I like Japanese rice crackers.
photo img_20180617_210415

Not too long afterwards, menus were handed out.
photo img_20180617_214536

Being Japanese who hasn't lived there for a while, I opted for the Japanese option which was Beef curry and rice (top) while my mom opted for the western option (bottom). For the drinks, I had cold green tea and shouchu which was excellent choice for this meal while my mom had cold green tea with Kirin Lager which I drank half of afterwards.

photo img_20180617_215130photo img_20180617_215201

As for the meal, I had no complaint whatsoever, the curry is like how I always liked it and kinpira gobou (not sure how to explain it in english) definitely hit the spot for me. While the western choice was good as well, I thought mine was the best (maybe I'm a bit biased towards japanese option but…). Desert was a vanilla ice cream which was well, ice cream it's kind of hard to mess that up aside from being too hard to melted.

Before they turned on the mood lighting, they offered more drink, this time I asked for regular tea (not green) then spent the rest of the flight watching films and comedy shows that I have missed out. Grabbing some snacks in between. (Sorry for the blur)
photo img_20180618_020440

Flying over Russia
photo img_20180618_120608

Second service and arrival to Haneda

About 90 minutes before landing, they turned on the light and second service began and again, I picked the Japanese option which was Salmon grilled with yuzu, mirin, sake and soy sauce. All of this was accompanied with rice, meatballs, taro, green beans, choco-chip muffin and "fresh fruit". Although everything was good I didn't care for the fruit as it didn't taste that fresh but still was edible. This one my drink option was water and hot green tea. And afterwards I also tried their soup which was consomme.
photo img_20180618_124936photo img_20180618_123745

And before you know it, we were descending to Tokyo Handea in which we arrived on time.

CZ A330 next to us.
photo img_20180618_144833

Next I'll report on a lesser-known Japanese airliner Solaseed Air.
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Cabin crew10.0

Paris - CDG


Tokyo - HND



ANA is a excellent Japanese airline to fly on (I mean so is JAL but I haven't flown with them in a long while hint: all of their livery were still one before their current livery. I do recommend giving this airline a try when going to and from Japan. I do believe they do a sale from time to time so when you can, take advantage of it!

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