Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Jakarta Lombok in Economy

Flight JT654
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 20 Oct 18, 05:00
Arrival at 20 Oct 18, 07:55
JT 21 reviews
Eric V P
By 426
Published on 19th December 2018

Report #55: JT654 - Chasing GA's SWQ-bound flight

This will be my report on flying on Lion Air economy class from Jakarta CGK to Lombok LOP, a short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board its Boeing 737-800.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip:



To start my segment run around Bali and West Nusa Tenggara provinces, I needed to reposition early enough from Jakarta, not only to prevent misconnect (I only had a weekend to do the run and the next flight to Sumbawa only runs once daily), but also for me to try the contract lounge at LOP as part of my newly-acquired GarudaMiles Gold status.

I then opted for JT in economy class, which was the earliest flight for the day and costed me Rp576.000 (US$38) before any OTA cashback. In return, I received 59 KrisFlyer miles from the booking and that also helped to fulfill the requirements to sign up for JT’s frequent flyer programme.

Trip to CGK and check-in

Since someone at the bus terminal erroneously told me that the airport bus would only start at 5 AM, I decided to take a private hire car to the airport.

photo 20181020_033849

I arrived at terminal 1 ~80 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

photo 20181020_034258

I erroneously asked to be dropped at terminal 1B, thinking that the LOP-bound flight would depart from there like those to DPS, but at least unlike in terminal 1A there were self check-in counters.

photo 20181020_034334

I used the machine to print my boarding pass, which proved helpful later on.

photo 20181020_034354

Unlike checking in in-person, the boarding pass was printed in a plain, yet thicker stock paper.

photo 20181020_040333

I even went as far as attempting to check-in from terminal 1B, and being a silly me I asked the officer checking my ticket whether he was sleepy, to which he suggested that I was the sleepy one for proceeding to the wrong terminal and asked me to go to terminal 1A.

photo 20181020_034607

FIDS of the morning for terminal 1A.

photo 20181020_035039

I proceeded through the preliminary ticket and bag check, which took 3 minutes.

photo 20181020_035050photo 20181020_035345

I passed through the check-in area, which was to say the least chaotic - this is JT after all and one shouldn't expect idle counters like on GA.

photo 20181020_035335photo 20181020_035402

After skipping through the madness I went up to the departure floor.

photo 20181020_035547

After a short walk upstairs it was time for the proper security check, which nonetheless was fast.

photo 20181020_035711

CGK transit area and departure

The transit area's main corridor, though rather dated, was tastefully designed.

photo 20181020_040001

The same couldn't be said for the corridor to the waiting room, which was bland.

photo 20181020_040018

At the centre of the waiting room is the ground staff desk, with a neon box showing the compensations due for delays prominently displayed.

photo 20181020_040100

Though it was still early morning, there were already quite a number of passengers waiting.

photo 20181020_040105

Without any announcement ~20 minutes later boarding started for the flight.

photo 20181020_042410

I was then directed to the correct parking stand through the interstitial corridor.

photo 20181020_042538

Those seated at or behind the emergency exit rows were supposed to board from the rear, so I went down the stairs.

photo 20181020_042605

Was this supposed to be the plane for the early morning?

photo 20181020_042631

No - instead I was about to fly on PK-LJS, a 6 1/2 years old 738.

photo 20181020_042642

Was there something wrong that the rear stair was empty?

photo 20181020_042712

On board

Flight: JT654
Plane: PK-LJS
STD/ATD: 05.00/
STA/ATA: 07.55/
Load factor: 63%Y (119/189)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

After passing the flight attendant at the rear door I proceeded forward to the cabin.

photo 20181020_042738

I returned to the usual seat - as uninspired as choosing the same seat over and over again, space mattered more for me.

photo 20181020_042911

Legroom was spacious as usual.

photo 20181020_042944

On the seatback are literature pocket, seatback table, and antimacassar with JT's courier service ad.

photo 20181020_042949

Contents inside the literature pocket.

photo 20181020_043014photo 20181020_043119

Boarding was still underway, which was chaotic since those sitting behind often boarded through the aerobridge instead of the rear stair.

photo 20181020_043218

Enter text here…

photo 20181020_044147

Safety demonstration was done manually as we pushed back.

photo 20181020_045832photo 20181020_050040

The lighting was dimmed for departure.

photo 20181020_050507

It was time for take-off and we headed west first before turning a couple of minutes later.

photo 20181020_050829

The view during early morning was beautiful - if only JT had bothered to clean their windows.

photo 20181020_051356

The lavatory wasn't immaculate, but was still bearable.

photo 20181020_051611photo 20181020_051616

The cabin seen from behind.

photo 20181020_051846

Owing to the flight being an early morning one, there was only one buy-on-board service run being done.

photo 20181020_052642

I opted for a small bottle of water, which costed me Rp15.000 (~US$1).

photo 20181020_052839

We passed by some of the mountains along Java island.

photo 20181020_053131

I decided to take a nap later on, and as I woke up we were already starting to descend.

photo 20181020_062058

This time the lamps were turned off for arrival.

photo 20181020_063254

Entering the Lombok island.

photo 20181020_064023photo 20181020_074256

Landing was rather hard, however we still managed to miss the taxiway to the terminal building so we needed to turn around.

photo 20181020_074528

After turning around the runway and a short taxi we were parked beside IW's AT7.

photo 20181020_075021

As it has been the case, people were already rushing to take their bags.

photo 20181020_075234

I decided not to take my time either, so I deplaned soon afterwards.

photo 20181020_075411

I went to the terminal through the aerobridge.

photo 20181020_075434

Passengers from JT's 738 and IW's AT7's were disembarking

photo 20181020_075532

Arrival in LOP and post-arrival trip

I went down to the arrival floor.

photo 20181020_075552

The luggage claim area for this flight.

photo 20181020_075619

JT group's transfer desk was rather crowded, but I proceeded through the glass door to continue the trip series.

photo 20181020_075643
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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew4.0

Jakarta - CGK


Lombok - LOP



This flight offered a fuss-free way to get from CGK to LOP, which it delivered. Apart from that, though, there wasn't much to expect with chaotic check-in, dated terminal, and limited buy-on-board menu.

On overall, I wouldn't hesitate flying on this when I needed to connect on LOP.

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The airline with the best average rating is Batik Air with 7.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 56 minutes.

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  • Comment 482720 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 541 Comments

    You basically pay to get from A to B as cheap as possible. I literally am surprised that some people nowadays still expect the same level as service as they would with Garuda for example.

    • Comment 482741 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      I literally am surprised that some people nowadays still expect the same level as service as they would with Garuda for example.
      - As much as I didn't expect the entire experience to be like GA, at least there are some things they can do to make them more like, for example, QZ or even QG. This was also much more of a reposition flight for me, so all was well for that benchmark.

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