Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Lombok Sumbawa Besar in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA7034
Class Economy
Seat 37K
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 20 Oct 18, 10:05
Arrival at 20 Oct 18, 10:50
GA 203 reviews
Eric V P
By 479
Published on 23rd December 2018
Report #56: GA7034 - Welcome to Sumbawa Besar

This will be my report on flying on Garuda Indonesia economy class from Lombok LOP to Sumbawa Besar SWQ, an ultra short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board its ATR72-600.

Here are the 6 parts of the trip:


Save for promotions, GA’s flexible economy class tickets (which earn 3 segments per flight regardless of distance) within Indonesia have always been sold at the Indonesian government’s upper fare limit, which means that the best way to earn segments are through flying ultra short-haul like between LOP and SWQ/DPS or to a less extent between CGK and TKG.

During GA’s travel fair, which was held 2 weeks before the trip, after first getting people thinking of the weird itinerary I managed to get a decent deal when I booked the flight from LOP to DPS via SWQ and LOP as the ticketing staff working with me helped to price the entire itinerary as “roundtrip” and waived the airport fees for the SWQ-LOP-DPS flights by routing it as if I went to DPS via SWQ. All in all, I managed to get those three ultra short-haul flights for Rp1.195.000 (US$79). In return, I received 119 KrisFlyer miles from my credit card, 295 GarudaMiles award miles (236 miles distance x (100% fare earning + 25% status bonus)), and 9 GarudaMiles segments.
photo ga7034 20102018 receipt

Trip to LOP and check-in

Technically my trip to LOP was the flight on JT earlier, so there would be no review on how I went to the airport.

I first went to GA's check-in counter to reprint my boarding passes - while I didn't take any photo of it naturally it used the usual GA stock paper.
photo 20181020_075712

Before long I went up to the departure floor.
photo 20181020_075831

Ticket check and security check was done, which was fast.
photo 20181020_075916

LOP transit area

LOP's transit area mainly consist of stores on the rear and the gates nearer to the interstitial corridor.
photo 20181020_080329

Since the lounge was upstairs, I decided to go up and see what the lounge had to offer.
photo 20181020_080416

Lounge test #1: Concordia Lounge Lombok

As perk of my GarudaMiles Gold status (equivalent to SkyTeam Elite), I was able to enter most domestic lounges (excluding GA-operated business class lounges) when flying with GA.

I proceeded to the sole lounge in LOP, which was also contracted by GA. After I passed my boarding pass the reception staff let me in.
photo 20181020_080510

Few reading materials were provided near the reception.
photo 20181020_093738

Seats in the lounge are uniform and spread between the lounge corridor and the main seating area further in. There weren't many power plugs as well.
photo 20181020_080637photo 20181020_080632

The lounge had three separate buffet areas, first behind the lounge reception.
photo 20181020_082124photo 20181020_082214photo 20181020_082311

Another buffet area is located inside the main seating area, offering a completely different set of items.
photo 20181020_082434photo 20181020_082600

There is also a third one further behind, though it solely consisted of some snacks, tea, and coffee.

While the lounge had its own toilet, they didn't come with a shower.
photo 20181020_093754

Lounge test verdict and departure

While the lounge was clean enough, I found the food not to be good and the seating rather uncomfortable. The lack of power plugs were also a concern for extended stays, so like most domestic lounges within Indonesia, the lounge was functional and I would perhaps come back for some quick bites yet wasn't something I would go to the airport early for.

Situation at the waiting room where boarding had already started.
photo 20181020_093938

After I showed my mobile boarding pass I was let through to the interstitial corridor.
photo 20181020_094111

Typical on regional flights, I needed to get down to the apron to get to the plane.
photo 20181020_094132

QG's 320 about to be pushed back.
photo 20181020_094159

The plane for the late morning flight was PK-GAL, a 3 1/2 years old AT7.
photo 20181020_094241

Side view of the plane.
photo 20181020_094323

Naturally we boarded from the rear, and being a full flight meant that there were some queue at the stair.
photo 20181020_094342

On board

Flight: GA7034
Plane: PK-GAL
STD/ATD: 10.05/10.03
STA/ATA: 10.50/10.43
Load factor: 100% Y (70/70)
Seat type: Seat type: Standard economy class (window seat)

After I was greeted by the flight attendants working for the flight I went into the cabin. I opted for one of the last rows.
photo 20181020_094506

Legroom was tight, but still bearable for the 80 miles flight.
photo 20181020_094647

Typical on AT7, there was a separate seatback pocket and literature pocket as well as foldable table.
photo 20181020_094654

Contents inside the literature pocket.
photo 20181020_094751

View from my window.
photo 20181020_094825

One of the flight attendants checking the passengers before departure.
photo 20181020_095304

Safety demonstration was then done manually as we taxied.
photo 20181020_095442

It was time to depart and we climbed from LOP in no time.
photo 20181020_100113

View as we climbed to a cruising altitude of 9000 feet.
photo 20181020_100241

It was time to leave Lombok island as the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off and the flight attendants rushing to serve the snacks.
photo 20181020_100619

Snack was provided even on this very short flight.
photo 20181020_100816

Contents inside the snack box.
photo 20181020_100907

The amount of meat provided was simply abysmal, as it has been the case for GA.
photo 20181020_100933

The snack service for the late morning consisted of:
Bread: Bread with minced chicken
Nuts: Mixed nuts
Drink: Mineral water

In theory one shouldn't complain about the snack for an ultra short-haul flight, but needless to say the bread was rather disappointing, while the nuts and water were nothing to talk about. On overall, quantity-wise this would almost be overkill for the distance but quality-wise this was as bad as GA's ultra short-haul snacks go.

photo 20181020_101035

I checked on the lavatory, which was clean.
photo 20181020_101343photo 20181020_101346

A view of the cabin from behind as usual.
photo 20181020_101439

The view soon after we reached Sumbawa island.
photo 20181020_101658

Further in the landscape looked much drier, for which my seatmate who was a local at the island said that Sumbawa is much drier compared to Lombok island nearby.
photo 20181020_101917

As we approached SWQ the dry landscape can be seen much clearer.
photo 20181020_102044photo 20181020_102338

Landing was rather powerful, and we were soon reaching the terminal.
photo 20181020_102548

As usual, people were rushing to get their bags and deplane.
photo 20181020_102625

Since I was seated in one of the last rows I also got to disembark earlier.
photo 20181020_102727

We were parked beside a charter BE1.
photo 20181020_102857

SWQ's airport was indeed small, especially since it handled only 3 scheduled flights daily on AT7.
photo 20181020_102906

Another view of -GAL in front of the landscape.
photo 20181020_102935

Arrival at SWQ and post-arrival trip

I passed through the sole luggage claim carousel.
photo 20181020_102954

Being a very small airport, SWQ benefited from a lot of natural light that they didn't even need to turn on the lamp.
photo 20181020_102958

From the parking lot alone you can get an idea of just how compact the airport is as well.
photo 20181020_103025

I took a short walk through the kerbside to the check-in area for my return flight. This was hands down also my personal record on the fastest time from plane to kerbside at only 1 1/2 minutes, and that was after taking a couple of photos and without running.
photo 20181020_103028
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew7.5

Concordia Lounge


Lombok - LOP


Sumbawa Besar - SWQ



As far as earning segments on GA go, this was one of the more interesting ways to do it with a shoestring budget. The flight was pleasant by turboprop standard, and there was even a snack service as well, which coupled with some nice views along the trip made it one of the better ultra short-haul flights in my book. Both airports were also a breeze to get through and even SWQ was so compact one could get out from the airport in minutes, though the lounge in LOP was rather disappointing.

On overall, I would fly on this route given the opportunity (and need to fill my segments on GA).



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  • Comment 481508 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 808 Comments

    Hi Eric!

    Yes, that chicken sandwich does look weird! It's like the chicken was sort of injected into the bread!! XD But maybe the taste was good? In spite of the bad looks of the sandwich, I wish I could find those contents in the snack boxes of some legacy carriers I know (AR for example).

    Interesting architecture that of SWQ!! So... er... hexagonal! XD I thought the airport staff would be wearing yellow uniforms with black stripes! XDDD

    Thanks for sharing! I loved the aerials!! :)

    • Comment 481602 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Hi Nechus!

      ... But maybe the taste was good?
      - It's ordinary, but was still edible (think of it, this was an 80 miles flight so its mere existence was already a feat).

      ... So... er... hexagonal! XD I thought the airport staff would be wearing yellow uniforms with black stripes! XDDD
      - I believe that may have something to do with honey being one of Sumbawa island's produces, but still it came to me as rather striking as well.

      Thank you!

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