Review of American Airlines flight Washington Los Angeles in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA163
Class Economy
Seat 09F
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 06:11
Take-off 17 Dec 18, 17:20
Arrival at 17 Dec 18, 20:31
AA   #44 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 490 reviews
By GOLD 1428
Published on 31st January 2019

Welcome to this new series of Flight-Reports which is actually a combination of three flights in two different itineraries. The first itinerary would only include a transcontinental flight onboard American Airlines 737-8MAX aircraft and the second one would include two flights with British Airways onboard their A380-800 aircraft and their A320 aircraft.

The first flight of this serie would be this American Airlines transcontinental flight from Washington Reagan to Los Angeles onboard their 737-MAX-8 aircraft in the Main Cabin Extra cabin. This would be my first time on any Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft and I have heard many positive and negative feedback about this type of aircraft and now it's time to review it. This report would also include a short visit to the Admirals Club in DCA Terminal C.

Pax for this flight

Domestic First: %100
Main Cabin: %90-95

Several middle seats in the Main Cabin were empty throughout the flight.

Trip Overview: 

Due to a schedule change, I had need to head westbound for several days. Most airlines had lower fares than usual for this specific date such as Spirit Airlines had a fare of $82 while I booked this ticket. I also had cabin baggage and checked baggage so taking an Uber to BWI and paying the extra charge for baggages at Spirit would pay off the difference between NK and AA. That's why I decided to fly American for $183 which isn't that bad. United had a fare of $167 for the same date but I needed to pay an extra baggage fee.


I had already selected seat 9F while booking this flight. As 737 exit seats doesn't have a legroom difference than front cabin seats, I've decided to sit at the front. Due to my oneworld Sapphire status, I was able to reserve Main Cabin Extra seats for free.

photo img_5236photo img_5237

The morning of the flight, I have spotted the incoming aircraft. N314RH would be the 737-MAX-8 taking me to Los Angeles.

photo img_5239photo img_5240


The American Priority entrance is located at the end of Terminal B.

photo img_5241-93

The check-in area was empty while I've entered the terminal and my baggages were checked within 3 minutes. It's interesting that in DCA passengers ( even Priority ) should take their baggage to the TSA baggage inspection zone as the check-in desks are not connected to the screening area.

photo img_5242

DCA has great views for spotting planes. Before passing security screening, this AA 321 heading to Miami was the first one to have been taken a shot.

photo img_5243

N889NN was parked at Terminal B, getting ready for its flight to Dallas.

photo img_5244

This Republic ( AA Eagle ) ERJ-175 would head to Huntsville after a short while

photo img_5246

Another Republic ERJ-175 (N120HQ) had just been arrived from Minneapolis as AA 4636

photo img_5247

Then, it was time to clear security. The priority lane and the regular lane at this checkpoint merges at some point but I have cleared this checkpoint within 10 minutes.

photo img_5245

Then it was time to head to the Admirals Club. The one in Terminal C is the old US Airways Club.

photo img_5248

While entering the lounge, the agent at the front desk verified my status at British Airways and gave me drink coupons. These coupons are given to AA International transfer passengers seated in First/Business class, or non AAdvantage oneworld Sapphire & Emerald members.

photo img_5249

The lounge was crowded when I've entered the lounge. Most tables were occupied by one person but there were some available seating at the bar and the area facing the bar.

photo img_5252-47

The main bar, mainly having finger food including chips, olives, cheese

photo img_5253

Soups were also offered.

photo img_5250

Water and nut bar. There is another bar that has cookies and brownies that I haven't taken a photo of.

photo img_5257

There was also a Guac bar that offered Guacamole with chips.

photo img_5258-86

My selection today

photo img_5251

Today I have grabbed two bottles of water from the bar with my coupon because I was in a mood to drink coffee at that time and there wasn't enough time to have another drink.

photo img_5254

The lounge has a great view of the apron. The second aircraft is our B38M that would take me to Los Angeles.

photo img_5255

It's also possible to see the other side of the lounge.

photo img_5256

Boarding Pass

photo img_5301


While I arrived to the gate they were boarding group 4. I have directly jumped to the Priority lane before regular boarding begins.

photo img_5260-73

Our aircraft at gate 40

photo img_5259

Fuselage shot

photo img_5261



The new AA seats were comfortable. The legroom at Main Cabin Extra seats are great but it's tighter than the same product in A321 aircraft.

photo img_5329-4

Each seat has a USB port

photo img_5265

A power supply

photo img_5266-89

And a phone/tablet placer

photo img_5300

Overhead panel - In B38M aircraft, the overhead bins are larger than other aircraft so the overhead panels are in a lower altitude than usual.

photo img_5268-95

The safety demo was done manually as we pushed back 7 minutes before scheduled departure time.
This A319 was parked at gate 42 

photo img_5267

This A319 would head to Charlotte as AA 443

photo img_5269-87

We're pushing back

photo img_5270

Republic Airlines dominates American Eagle regional product here in DCA, this ERJ-175 would head to Pittsburgh

photo img_5271

N875NN is getting ready for a short flight to New York-JFK

photo img_5272

Terminal B which is dominated by American Airlines

photo img_5273

N702TW was also heading to Los Angeles like us.

photo img_5274

The other part of Terminal B

photo img_5275

Terminal A - Which serves Southwest and Frontier

photo img_5276

And it's our time to take off

photo img_5277

We're in the skies

photo img_5278

DC Wharf area

photo img_5279

Washington Monument & The National Mall

photo img_5280photo img_5281

Foggy Bottom area - George Washington University

photo img_5283

Georgetown area

photo img_5284

Wisconsin Avenue

photo img_5285

We're gaining altitude

photo img_5286

Spring Valley, DC

photo img_5287

Westgate, MD

photo img_5288

Bannockburn, MD

photo img_5289

Reston, VA

photo img_5290


Today, mobile entertainment was offered onboard alongside with the high-speed Wi-Fi which was provided by Viasat "AAInflightWifi". 

photo img_5298

Mobile IFE menu. There are only movies and TV shows in this entertainment system. A route map is not available on AA mobile IFE systems which I see as a huge minus.

photo img_5299

The seat pocket was full during this flight; it contained the American Way magazine and the Nexus magazine

photo img_5291

Our aircraft in the fleet section

photo img_5292

LAX Terminal Map - AA operates mainly at T4 & T5 and sometimes TBIT.

photo img_5293

AA West Coast destinations

photo img_5294-62

The rest of the seat pocket content

photo img_5295

Huntington, KY

photo img_5302


The meal service started 1 hour after takeoff, the menu for December looked like this.

photo img_5296

Drink menu

photo img_5297

The main selections were also available for pre-order at

photo menuaa163

Like all AA domestic flights, pretzels and Biscoff biscuits are complimentary alongside with soft drinks.

photo img_5303

Lexington, KY

photo img_5304

Louisville, KY

photo img_5305-3

Evansville, KY

photo img_5307-29

Compared to other narrow body aircraft, the lavatories of B38M aircraft are too small. They were clean while I visited them. These are photos from the front lavatory.

photo img_5308photo img_5309

Mobile IFE streaming is also available on laptops

photo img_5310

Today's selections

photo img_5311

A flashback

photo img_5312

The usage of AA app is complimentary and doesn't require paid internet subscriptions.

photo img_5313

Also, I was able to check the status of my checked bags.

photo img_5314

1h30 before landing another drink service was done by the cabin attendants.

photo img_5316-91

Massive wing and engine of the B38M aircraft

photo img_5317

Chino, CA

photo img_5318

Downtown LA

photo img_5320

Southern suburbs

photo img_5321

Home Depot & Target

photo img_5322

We're continuing our descend

photo img_5323

Westchester area

photo img_5324

We're almost there

photo img_5325

And we have touched down 1 hour earlier than the scheduled arrival time

photo img_5326

At the runway

photo img_5327

The window view was blurry after we left the runway. That's why there is no spotting at LAX. We have been hold for 15 minutes at the hangar area as our parking position was occupied at that time. Then we have headed to Terminal 5.

photo img_5328


We had arrived to gate 50A at Terminal 5. A last view of our aircraft from the terminal

photo img_5330

Arrivals FIDS

photo img_5331-88

Even though, the American app showed that our bags would be delivered to carousel 2, American only has one carousel at Terminal 5 which is carousel 1 and that was were our baggage was been delivered. After a wait of 15 minutes baggages from DCA started to arrive with Priority baggages being first. Both of my bags were within the first 10 bags.

photo img_5332

Then it was time to leave the airport. Accessing this airport within a reasonable time is almost impossible during rush hour as my pickup was entering the airport while we were still being hold near the runway but it couldn't make it to Terminal 5 when I've left the terminal.

photo img_5333

So, this report has came to and end. Thanks for reading this report and hope you to see you in another one.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

US Airways US Airways Club


Washington - DCA


Los Angeles - LAX



As I hold a Oneworld Sapphire status and that non-AA elites could use all the privileges that AA elites could use, in addition to the lounge benefit, AA is one of my top choices in US domestic itineraries. This time I was lucky to find a cheap fare from DCA to LAX and I wanted to experience the 737-MAX-8 so I specifically chose this flight. The airport experience was OK as everything seemed fine. Just it was strange that AA doesn't offer a porter service for their Priority pax and they need to take their baggages to the screening point. I remember LH hired porters for their F&J pax & elites at BOS and LAX when the auto baggage system wasn't introduced at these airports. The lounge is a classic US domestic lounge and of course being a non Oneworld elite gave advantage of having two premium drinks for free. The flight was great as the Main Cabin Extra seats have great legroom but less than their 737-800's. The meal service in AA is a not that good as DL offers a full meal on this route and AA offers biscuits & pretzels for free and some BoB items which are too expensive. The PED IFE and the high-speed internet onboard this flight was great and made the whole flight enjoyable. The crew was also good and they have done a drink run prior arrival ( which some crews skipped in my previous flights ). Arrival to LAX on AA flight is always a disaster as it takes minutes that AA arranges an available parking spot. Even though, our aircraft was parked to the nearest gate to the baggage carousel, it took 15 minutes for my baggage to arrive. Luckily it was one of the first ten bags.

(+) Check-in, security wait times
(+) Boarding on time with priorities being respected
(-) Need to take your baggage to TSA as DCA doesn't have an electronic system for that
AA Admirals Club
(+) Friendly staff
(-) Crowded and difficult to find seats
(-) Simple offerings and old furniture
(+) The perfect personal device IFE system
(+) Comfort and legroom at Main Cabin Extra seats
(+) Nice touch of having a phone holder at each seat
(+) Toilets were kept clean during the flight
(-) Missing route map on the PED IFE
(-) BoB service doesn't have reasonable options
(-) Waiting for an available parking spot
(-) Baggage waiting time
(-) Huge unorganized traffic at the arrivals level

Information on the route Washington (DCA) Los Angeles (LAX)


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