Review of American Eagle flight Fargo Dallas/Fort Worth in Domestic First

Airline American Eagle
Flight AA3418
Seat 4A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 02:56
Take-off 24 Dec 18, 06:58
Arrival at 24 Dec 18, 09:54
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Published on 29th December 2018


For the winter of 2018, my family decided to visit Texas. My mother was coming home from China, so she would meet us there, straight from China. My father and I would come by ourselves. We would be heading to College Station since my uncle works at Texas A&M there. In this series there will be four trip-reports: Two first class flights on the American Eagle ERJ-175, two economy flights on the rare ERJ-140, and a review of the Centurion Lounge at DFW. Photos were taken on my Pixel 2 XL. I hope everyone has a good holiday and enjoy the reports!

Review: American Eagle Economy ERJ-175 Fargo to Dallas-DFW
Review: American Eagle Economy ERJ-140 Dallas-DFW to College Station
Review: American Eagle Economy ERJ-140 College Station to Dallas-DFW
Review: American Eagle First Class ERJ-175 Dallas-DFW to Fargo

American Eagle operated by Envoy Air Flight 3418 12-24-18

We left our house at 5:47 for our 6:58 flight to Dallas. We arrived at 5:58 at Hector International Airport. It was still dark and quiet outside.

photo img_20181224_055902
Hector International Curbside

photo img_20181224_055948
Hector International Outside

Since we had already checked-in online and were only traveling with hand luggage, we proceded to security straight away. The check-in desks were quiet as people for the flights before ours had already checked-in.

photo img_20181224_060046
Hector International Check-in Desks

photo img_20181224_060053
Wright Flyer model with Santa

There weren't many people at security, and we were able to breeze right through with TSA Pre-Check. However, my father was pulled aside for some additional screening :p.

Our plane for today was N243NN, a 2/2 year-old ERJ-175 operated by Envoy Air for American Eagle.

photo img_20181224_060723
AA ERJ-175

Next to our plane was a Delta 737-900ER heading to Minneapolis/Saint-Paul at nine.

photo img_20181224_060744
Delta 737

With nothing to do, I decided to stroll about the terminal.

photo img_20181224_060846

United CRJ-200 heading to Chicago-O'Hare

photo img_20181224_060907
UA CRJ-200

In near terminal near Gate 4 was a café, where many people went to buy breakfast today.

photo img_20181224_060947
Airport Café

I walked back around to Gate 1 where there was a Delta CRJ-900 ready to depart to Atlanta. In the background was another CRJ-900 headed to MSP, which I thought was odd because the flight was supposed to have departed already at five in the morning.

photo img_20181224_061151
Delta CRJ-900s

photo img_20181224_061242
Gate 2 waiting area

Eventually, I headed back to Gate 3 to wait for boarding to begin.

photo img_20181224_061501
Gate 3 waiting area

Boarding was called at 6:32 starting with people who needed assistance and military members.

On the plane

I found my seat at 4A, and my dad was seated at 3A in front of me. The first class cabin consisted of 12 seats spread across four rows in a 1-2 configuration. My dad and I were seated in the single seats along the left side of the plane. The flight attendant came around and asked for pre-departure drinks. I asked for a ginger ale, and it was served in a plastic cup.

photo img_20181224_084407
AA ERJ-175 First Class seat (picture taken later in flight)

On the left side was a pull-out cup holder

photo img_20181224_063643
ERJ-175 cup holder

The tray table folded out of the right armrest and was a good size

photo img_20181224_064229
ERJ-175 Tray Table

The seatback pocket contained all the reading materials and was pretty large, so you could fit many things in it.

photo img_20181224_064339
ERJ-175 seatback pocket

Legroom was good with a seat pitch of 37 in.

photo img_20181224_063634
ERJ-175 legroom

Boarding continued with 8 out of 12 first class seats taken, including two unaccompanied minors. Doors closed at 6:48, and we ended up pushing back seven minutes early at 6:51!

photo img_20181224_064803
First class cabin

photo img_20181224_063810
View from my seat

Engines were started up, and the flight attendant did the safety demonstration.

photo img_20181224_065050

We taxied by the CRJ-900 that was supposed to go to MSP, but it was deicing for some reason. We didn't have to deice. :)

photo img_20181224_065546
Delta CRJ-900 deicing

photo img_20181224_065826

We taxied to Runway 18 and started our takeoff roll.

photo img_20181224_070400

The views of downtown Fargo were pretty good, and the lights were beautiful. Unfortunately, the water drops on the windows made it really hard to take decent pictures.

photo img_20181224_070445
North Dakota St.

photo img_20181224_070501

photo img_20181224_070609

photo img_20181224_071132
Reaching cloud level

After we had about leveled off, I took a bathroom break. On the ERJ-175, there was bathroom behind the cockpit and another behind the economy cabin. The bathroom was a bit small, but perfectly usable.

photo img_20181224_071937
ERJ-175 lavatory

The sun was just rising when I came back.

photo img_20181224_072752

The flight attendant came back and offered breakfast, I accepted. The breakfast consisted of some cereal and milk, a cinnamon roll, a banana, strawberry yogurt, some grapes, and crackers with cheese. I had a Dr. Pepper to go along with it.

photo img_20181224_072859
ERJ-175 breakfast

The breakfast was pretty good, and I finished it all. The flight attendant offered me a refill on my drink, but I politely declined.

photo img_20181224_074354
View after breakfast

Since the ERJ-175 doesn't feature any seatback entertainment, I took out my phone to stream videos on it with AA's personal device entertainment. However, when I logged onto the wifi and went to to watch any video, it wouldn't work. I would tap on a TV show, and the site would bring me to the AA app and an error message would show up. No matter how many attempts I tried, it just wouldn't work. It's worked in the past with my old iPhone, so I don't know why the streaming wasn't working on my Android. I decided it was a lost cause and looked through the things in the seatback pocket.

photo img_20181224_080515
ERJ-175 seatback contents

photo img_20181224_081723
DFW terminal map

photo img_20181224_082311
AA route network. FAR is nearly directly North of DFW

For the remainder of the flight, I listened to some music, played some games, and looked through the window. We started descending around 40 minutes later.

photo img_20181224_084914
Starting our descent

photo img_20181224_085156
Winglet shot

photo img_20181224_085743
Breaking through the clouds

photo img_20181224_091056
Getting closer

photo img_20181224_091118

photo img_20181224_091143
Almost there…

We landed on Runway 13R

photo img_20181224_091211
Thrust reversers engaged

photo img_20181224_091308
Atlas Air 747-400F

photo img_20181224_091447
Terminal D in the distance

photo img_20181224_091556
Emirates A6-EPZ from Dubai-DXB

photo img_20181224_092527
AA CRJ-900 Terminal B

We arrived at Terminal B at 9:26, parked next to another ERJ-175.

photo img_20181224_092620
ERJ-175 Terminal B

We bid the flight attendant farewell and headed to the Skylink to Terminal D

photo img_20181224_093240
Our plane
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American Eagle

Cabin crew9.0

Fargo - FAR


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW



This was a pretty good flight, overall. The flight attendant was nice and provided good service, the seats were comfortable, and the food was good as well. Unfortunately, since the device streaming didn't work I couldn't really do anything during the flight. Interestingly, the seatbelt sign never came off even though it was one of the smoothest flights I've ever been on. Departing from FAR was smooth as always, and the taxi time at DFW was a bit long, though. Stay tuned for the upcoming review on the Amex Centurion and the AA ERJ-140.

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    757Fan 632 Comments
    Great report and looks like a nice flight with AA in F. What camera do you use? The photos are very clear!
  • Comment 481964 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Nice report on this exotic route. Wow, I'm surprised to learn your pics are shot on a smartphone because they're very nice, Almost DSLR quality!

    4A is my favourite seat on the AA E175--it feels the most private. I don't think I've seen an AA domestic First class cabin with empty seats in years (since there's always a long upgrade list). I'm guessing there were empty seats because it was Christmas Eve and not because the route isn't doing well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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