Review of American Eagle flight Fargo Dallas/Fort Worth in Economy

Airline American Eagle
Flight AA3418
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 02:43
Take-off 27 Jun 18, 06:57
Arrival at 27 Jun 18, 09:40
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Published on 21st November 2018


This was the start of my family's Summer 2018 trip to China to visit my family in Wuhan. After I completed Health in summer school, my dad and I left on the 27th of June. I stayed from the 28th of June to August 6th.

Pictures were taken on my iPhone 6S, so sorry for the quality.

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We arrived at the airport at around 5:40 AM for our flight to Dallas. All was quiet and the sun was rising through the grey clouds.

At check-in, there was a line at the American desks. All the other flights had checked in already. Our flight was scheduled the last to leave from the early-morning rush of six flights.

photo img_3527
Frontier and United counters. I know Sun Country operates charter flights to Fargo, but I don't know why their banner was here.

photo img_3528 1

American and Allegiant counters. Delta was to the left of us.

The line moved pretty fast and soon enough, we were at the TSA-Pre Check line. Unfortunately, Pre-Check wasn't operating today, so we had to use the regular line.


We were airside after 6:00. Our plane was parked at gate 3. It arrived the night before from Dallas. Another American flight departed to Chicago, also from Gate 3 at 5:53.

photo img_3529
Our flight to Dallas, N252NN, a 1.7 year-old ERJ-175LR.

photo img_3530

Delta 737-900ER to Minneapolis.

photo img_3536photo img_3530photo img_3531

In the distance, the morning FedEx flight from Memphis was taxiing in.

photo img_3532

This United CRJ-200 going to Chicago was delayed. Its comrade already departed for Denver earlier in the morning.

photo img_3533photo img_3535

Gate 3 at 6:29 AM. Boarding started to commence for the first groups.

photo img_3537

Delta pushed back six minutes later. 2nd flight of the day for Delta.

photo img_3538photo img_3539

I found my seat at 6:45, legroom was decent for economy. American has first class, main cabin-extra, and main cabin on these Envoy ERJ jets.

photo img_3541

View from our seats.

photo img_3542

I decided to look at the AA fleet section of the in-flight magazine in the seat pocket. AA has the largest fleet out of any airline in the world.

photo img_3543


We ended up pushing back one minute early at 6:57. The captain introduced himself and announced our flight time of two hours and thirteen minutes. There were storm clouds over Sioux Falls, South Dakota, so we would have to veer around that. Other than that, it would be a smooth flight. :)

photo img_3544photo img_3547

FedEx ramp. FedEx moved their cargo operations from Grand Forks to Fargo in 2016.

photo img_3548
FedEx A300

We taxied to Runway 18 and started our takeoff roll at 7:07.

photo img_3551photo img_3552

photo img_3553

North Dakota State University

photo img_3554

We broke the first layer of clouds at 7:17 only to be trapped in between another, lol.

photo img_3556

Cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. During the flight, I watched some TV Shows on AA's personal device streaming service offered on its regional jets. These planes also don't have power outlets in economy, but they do in first.

photo img_3557

We received drinks and a snack at 7:58. I asked for a Coke Zero and was surprised when I was given the entire can. :) They also gave us some cookies.

photo img_3558


We started our descent into DFW a little bit before 9:00.

We touched down a bit hard on Runway 13R at 9:12.

photo img_3563photo img_3564

We started our long taxi to our gate, and we passed by a majestic Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F.

photo img_3565photo img_3566

We held at Runway 18L/36R waiting for some planes to pass by.

photo img_3568photo img_3569

We passed by Terminal D where I tried to catch a glimpse of our 787-9 taking us to Shanghai. No such luck. :(

photo img_3571

We eventually arrived a point between Terminals B and D where we then waited for ten minutes. There was a gate switch that ended up being very confusing to follow.

photo img_3573

I did see an American Eagle ERJ in the old livery, however!

photo img_3575

We pulled into our gate, exactly on time at 9:40 after a perfectly fine flight on American Eagle.
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American Eagle

Cabin crew8.0

Fargo - FAR


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW



This was a perfectly fine way to start off our trip. The cabin was clean, the seats were pretty comfortable and had decent legroom, there was good entertainment, the snacks were the same as you would get on any other US airline, and the crew, while not exceptional, did a pretty good job. The waiting at DFW was not fun and ended up giving us a flight time one minute longer than the block time. Stay tuned for the next two reports in this series. Goodbye for now!

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  • Comment 476864 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Hi AARO, thanks for sharing this first report in this new series! Well written with good detail. As a frequent AA flyer, I had no idea AA flew nonstop from Fargo to Dallas. When flying in Y, I love the E-jets--most comfortable of the fleet by far. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 476999 by
      jish.b 283 Comments
      And better - 2 flights a day! The growing industries in FAR convinced a deal between the airport & American Airlines to start flights between DFW and FAR to connect better to South America - you see no one's a fan ORD..... they started off with a CRJ-700 before upping it to a ERJ-175, and more often than not it goes quite full! A nice fun option to get into AA's network instead of going through ORD....
  • Comment 476990 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    There is a good diversity of airlines for a small airport like FAR.
  • Comment 476994 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    The FAR-DFW ERJ-175 flight is a fun one. I have found it to be more efficient than the ERJ-145 to ORD - newer planes = high dispatch reliability I guess? This reminds me of the same flight I took in July 2018! Except that the DEN flight was delayed, the DLs were A320s, and I was there in time to see the 0536am to Chicago depart as my ERJ-175 was pulled in to the gate. I miss FedEx at Grand Forks - quite the feeling having an A300 wait as we'd fly our Skyhawks, nice and slow! :P
    Concourse B in DFW is quite tight!! Looking forward to the next trip reports.

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