Review of Air France flight Paris Marseille in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF6010
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A318
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 16 Aug 18, 11:10
Arrival at 16 Aug 18, 12:30
AF   #19 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5171 reviews
By 207
Published on 31st December 2018
For those who would like to have the details of why and how routing is done: refer to the first flight reported:)

b]Further information on routing assembly:
The crazy rate that was offered to me by default (full flex) is perfectly logical and normal….
When a reservation system is requested for an illogical or inconsistent journey (in this case a BES-BES in fact), it will either refuse to search for a fare solution or search for available possibilities according to criteria distinct from a standard search.

Indeed, someone (human) who asks for an illogical journey is someone who has no choice. Here my journey is certainly illogical but, in absolute terms, it is not impossible that I need to be in Marseille for 10 minutes with a circular route.
If I don't have a choice, it's a forced journey, so I can be used as a "money pump". The YM will therefore offer me rates for such trips: P, W, J or Y, in other words full pot and as flexible as possible.
And yes, if I have no choice, I will therefore inflate the unit recipe.

Except that by splitting these requests with a few days between, I am now a tourist. However, a tourist could take Ryanair, the SNCF or others…… hence a softer pricing!

After each company will define its own logical or coherent route criteria (and there is no way to know more from AF or others) but it is safe to assume that a journey back to its point of origin without delay (or almost) at a stage is not logical.

One day I had to build a 48-hour BES-PAR-TLS-PAR-BES trip with less than an hour at TLS…. It was necessary to force the beast by doing BES-ORY-TLS-CDG-BES. on two separate tickets (BES-PAR-BES and PAR-TLS-PAR). In addition PAR is not equivalent to CDG or ORY….
On the other hand, it went well when I asked for BES-TLS-BES (but there I couldn't freely choose my stops and the price was not very low).

I just regret not having checked baggage for this trip because I imagine the agent's head when I ask for baggage for CDG as final destinations when leaving for ORY within 15 minutes:)

b]Routing reminder

August 16, 2018 - AF 7361 - 07 :10 BES - 08 :55 ORY - CRK (operated by A5, sold under AF) in Y
August 16, 2018 - AF 6010 - 11:10 ORY - 12:30 MRS - A318 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y - this is it
August 16, 2018 - A5 6433 - 18:55 MRS - 20:30 BES - A320 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y - not deferred
August 21, 2018 - A5 6432 - 21 :25 BES - 23 :00 MRS - A320 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y
August 22, 2018 - AF 7669 - 09 :35 MRS - 11 :05 CDG - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) in Y
August 22, 2018 - FY 1780 - 13:25 CDG - 13:45 LHR - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) on D
August 22, 2018 - FY 1781 - 15:50 LHR - 18:05 CDG - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) on D
August 22, 2018 - FY 7732 - 21:50 CDG - 23:00 BES - - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) in Y

As I had forgotten the moment of general culture, I put it to you automatically!

Bonus : Click here display

We had left it at that….
photo 20180816_084949

We start the shopping for the lady (to clear our conscience and contribute to household peace), no smoked salmon here:)
photo 0002

Direction the PIF
photo 20180816_090439photo 20180816_090616

Here are some views of the PIF:
photo 20180816_101638photo 20180816_084901photo 20180816_084910

30 seconds down: clean
photo 20180816_091230

Direction the AF lounge where I will miss some members of the site (SkyteamCHC and NicoBCN) by little because on boarding towards Biarritz… in 20 A (and therefore just there)!

The offer is known, the show is not crowded in this month of August: here is my selection of the morning
photo 20180816_092328

I note the regular decrease in catering….

There is one take… no two and not one model to make the master of the meter lose his mind
photo 20180816_092403

If there's a backup air conditioner, that's not a good sign.
photo 20180816_093033

I'm going to ask if I can get the boarding passes for the evening flight printed. 20 minutes later, a nice dragon will bring them to me on cleanly torn A4 paper. Impossible to print this from the AF application, he had to go through the web interface… before crashing his printer! But I have them (until the next step)!!!!!

I note that the couple opposite, who do not like discretion, explains how they will go to jail in a few months. Indeed, Sir explains to Madam that he has opened a securities account for her to buy shares of the company in her name because the results that will be announced are crazy, that there is cash to be made but that he can't…
I would not intervene to remind them of the legislation on insider trading and its consequences.
There are places to discuss this, but not a public airport lounge….

If it interests some of them… for them at home #jefaismescourseschezAirFrance
photo 20180816_101646

Damn it, we're boarding… The skypriority remains a huge joke in Orly, especially in a shuttle to Marseille…
photo 20180816_105016

Ouch, change of program! The half-empty A320 turns into an A318… it'll settle down!
Who said metro line 13????
photo 20180816_105304

From an isolated 3F without co-pax I move to the direct neighbourhood of Mrs 3D and especially Mrs 3E whose daughter is in 4E…. well yes it's full!

The moment door and covers
Hopefully the engine can hold up?
photo 20180816_105746photo 20180816_105519photo 20180816_105522

The pitch ouch!
photo 20180816_105649

After the few skypriority (businessmen and women, people for whom the end of the month is never a problem in this summer period having many Chanel cabin bags and other first price brands…), we arrive at ordinary people (many) and local specialities…

First of all, the parade of the cagoles which must confuse Orly Ouest and the beaches of Prado seen their outfits. The discretion, elegance, charm and refinement of the Marseille cagole are well known: it is a fishmonger with a few years less? Noisy as possible (laptops turned on in loudspeaker mode, onomatopoeia various proved the accent peuchère, alpaca and tease tease,…). Funny 3 minutes… unless you lived in Marseille (like bibi)!!!!!

Then, the GP dance. And yes, remember: the flight was planned in A320, it is operated in A318. As it is summer, the shuttle is no longer operated according to an hourly schedule but according to lightened frequencies. As a result, there are too many GPs for the available places: there will be blood!

So will start a surrealist session of "who gets on board or not" depending on his status in the flight (MEP, R1, R2, etc.), his status in the company (PNT, PNC, PS or rightful claimant) and other diverse and varied criteria. In short, this ends with the distribution of seats by the PNTs in a musical chair style: x in jumpseat cockpit, y in jumpseat PNC, z in place xxx, etc. We're going to be late so we apply the rules (well, it seems even if I strongly doubt that the 16-18 year old girl on jumpseat PNC… is PNT and travels in camping/farniente)…

I should have filmed the scene, or at least I didn't know that all these little people could access the plane without a confirmed seat… it was still a bit clogged.

Some of the animals we met

Checking the papers was going on?
photo 20180816_111821

All right, let's go, my kiki.

L'Écluse du Coudray-Montceaux
photo 20180816_112214

Villeneuve's sickle
Track 1 cuts the rest, tracks 2 to 4 make a nice detour, the rest go to Juvisy.
photo vsg001

The bug in the middle of a bend, note the low grip of the PSE high-speed line compared to roadways
photo 20180816_112439

We are still not alone
#Lavéritéestailleurs #X-Files
photo 20180816_112632

In flight

Yummy the novelty!
photo 20180816_114248

Except that we go from 27 grams to 20 grams.
photo 20180816_114312

Air France is a partner of Weight Watchers?

photo 20180816_114610

Avignon (below) confluence of Rhône-Durance with the southern tip of the Villeneuve-les-Avignon high-speed rail triangle.
photo 20180816_120744

Arles, Tarascon and Beaucaire
photo 20180816_120654

Picture taken vertically of Miramas:
The longest airfield in Europe: Istres, the Miramas Autodrome (the first in Europe, opened in 1924) which required the railways to be diverted (what can be clearly seen from the sky)
photo 20180816_121300

The ponds of Berre, l'livier, Citis and Pourra… then the mare nostrum!
photo 20180816_121332photo 20180816_121335

photo 20180816_1213480photo 20180816_121405

The Barre saltworks

Well, finally we get there.

A caravel and a Mercury
photo presse-papiers-11

Come on, brake coconut.
photo 20180816_121810

Well, it's all empty.

The beast
photo 20180816_122539

A little bit of local fauna
photo 20180816_122631photo 20180816_1227190

The yellow peril / season 1 episode 2
Well, finally the guy from the yellow sign will be very annoyed by my case. He will find my reservation again but the processing of my file will pose many computer problems. I would not be upgraded in the end (for 5 hours of rental, without any impact).
As we are in Marseille, he will give me the keys and will not drive around the vehicle with me. I did the right thing before I left: the left rear wing and left rear door were well scratched and distorted (and not only a little), the antenna smashed, the bumper "slightly" modified in its geometry: all not indicated on the pre-filled form. No difficulty in getting the thing corrected, but the impression of being mistaken for a tourist in charge of serving as a pigeon… to an "acquaintance".
On return, the mileage will be "wrong" (upwards but without affecting the rate because unlimited mileage) and the modified rate downwards (divided by three)!
A mixed impression in the end so….

The Marseille-Brest flight
The Marseille-Brest flight will not be postponed.

Possibility of early baggage drop-off at H-3 (appreciated given the profile of the passengers) followed by a pursuit by the ground agent. And yes, the 1F and 1E had been assigned to us well except that… it is now considered as an emergency exit by "certain crews" (to believe that a door has been added). He will therefore run us down the hall to give us two BPs in row 3 with neutralization of the 3rd seat as compensation. Here again the gesture will be appreciated because there were 2 empty seats in the plane (why the connection is not annual if it works?).

Waiting for the CCI show in Marseille: known and already postponed, its main interest is to be in a relative calm… and to have cherry Kriek!

Otherwise a crew as we like them, rather cool and not too upset for a one-hour flight and dust…..
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Air France

Cabin crew4.0

Air France HOP! Lounge - Orly 1


Paris - ORY


Marseille - MRS



Well, it's a domestic flight full as an egg managed by AF in Orly like there are 200 others a day: optional protocol (never any real respect of priorities at Orly Hall 2), GP that stand out, uncomfortable seats (domestic laundry)... in short a purely utilitarian flight to go from A to B...

In short nothing memorable except that the 318 on Orly are not so frequent but good....

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The average flight time is 1 hours and 16 minutes.

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