Review of Air France flight Paris London in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF1780
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 22 Aug 18, 13:25
Arrival at 22 Aug 18, 13:45
AF   #45 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 4189 reviews
By 465
Published on 31st December 2018
A brief reminder of the routing:

August 16, 2018 - AF 7361 - 07 :10 BES - 08 :55 ORY - CRK (operated by A5, sold under AF) in Y
August 16, 2018 - AF 6010 - 11 :10 ORY - 12 :30 MRS - A320 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y
August 16, 2018 - A5 6433 - 18:55 MRS - 20:30 BES - A320 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y - not deferred

August 21, 2018 - A5 6432 - 21 :25 BES - 23 :00 MRS - A320 (operated by AF, sold under A5) in Y - not deferred
August 22, 2018 - AF 7669 - 09:35 MRS - 11:05 CDG - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) in Y -cf explanation below
August 22, 2018 - AF 7663 - 10 :35 MRS - 12 :05 CDG - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) in Y
August 22, 2018 - FY 1780 - 13:25 CDG - 13:45 LHR - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) on D - it's here.
August 22, 2018 - FY 1781 - 15:50 LHR - 18:05 CDG - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) on D
August 22, 2018 - FY 7732 - 21:50 CDG - 23:00 BES - - A320 (operated by AF, sold by AF) in Y

We had left it at the entrance to correspondence trench 2F ->2E Hall K.
photo 20180822_12221212

It is 12:22 at that time. Boarding starts at 12:40pm and as I have no checked baggage, any delay in closing the doors implies an immediate no-show…

So we go down in escalator… praying that there won't be 250 pax waiting at the PAF
photo 20180822_122251

Whatever happens, miracle! 50 pax waiting at the PAF and 4 pax for PARAFE (which works).
photo 20180822_122329

Praise be to Hermes!!!!!

Passport drawn, ready to jump (despite a wrong lane error between crew and PARAFE)….

I don't confirm crowd
photo 20180822_122452

We keep the rhythm (hence the blur of some photos)

We arrive directly behind the PAF of Hall K…
photo 20180822_122658

Coming from Schengen, no PIF, so we also go around…
photo 20180822_122721

It is 12:27 and I arrive in terminal 2 E hall K in the airside zone under customs control… yes !

Oh no, there's a destination error.
photo 20180822_122740photo 20180822_123154

What is this horror, I stumbled upon the temple merchants and not in an airport!!!!

Well, let's keep going a little further, it's sometimes camouflaged further…

Bingo, we're actually here!
photo 20180822_122838

Why do you have to have flown in P in the previous year? Is that really too unfair?
photo 20180822_123115

Well, let's spend a few minutes in the toothless room, uh, simple gamma subcategory mortals….

Ouch there's a line
photo 20180822_123300

Turn 90° left, pass through the automatic bollard and continue…

There were 3 hot dishes (dried Asian noodles, beef with onions that would honour any university restaurant in France or Navarre, the third one has been forgotten). Anyway, without me. Champagne is absent: only corpses are present.
Besides, there are a lot of noisy people! I go upstairs to be quiet.

Lean selection
photo 20180822_123714

Finally not so much difference with the 2F shows:)

To the toilet: there's a line… turn around because of the timing.
I come across a guided tour of the show for travel agents camping in front of the VIP heu Platinium Ultimate… (the real VIPs are at 300, the fake ones at P)…
photo 20180822_124107

Not found the newspapers I wanted (the duck for me, The Economist for whom you know…)

Considering the time when he will leave the places that frankly are not attractive for two cents.

I'll go to the public toilets…. which will make the Mumbai latrines look like VIP toilets. It was literally filthy and repulsive, the ground littered with rubbish and various organic materials. Paris loves you, it seems….

Finally the headlong rush is the best solution, let's go to the K53 door….

Beep beep beep… here we are in Singapore?
photo 20180822_124631

The merchants of the temple I was telling you
photo 20180822_124721

In fact the 2nd: it's a drive, you arrive with your plane and Father Leclerc loads it:)

photo 20180822_124934

We go to the end of the pier to see the sea… uh, the parking lot? and the inside
photo 20180822_125055photo 20180822_125058

That is the purpose of the offence…
photo 20180822_125127

Let's take a little time for the minute of general culture (at least for those who are interested):

Bonus : Click here display

Wow, it's crowded.
photo 20180822_125214

So many people that some will create a new Skypriority line reserved for them in front of the AF agents who will say nothing…
photo 20180822_125756

Checking the BP by a machine (I'm sorry the automatons don't have their place for a J) no identity documents… not normal.
In fact it's 50 meters down and delegated to a private company that hides out of sight of potential illegal immigrants (they really believe in this stuff?)
photo 20180822_130512

No photo of the jetbridge or fuselage shot because it is filled (literally) by the police who supervise the boarding. The police officers, surprised by my "Hello gentlemen", will return the favor (who knows I could be a divisional on the move… Good Navarro, Maigret, Labavure, Gadget?) Obviously the flight included refouled people. I didn't notice any escorts or anything else… maybe a simple repressed person who is being watched (to the UK it's strange, usually in the other direction).

A warm welcome by a smiling and friendly CC and an equally friendly hostess: it's a change from the previous flight where I was just a common freighter.
She even offers landing cards for the immigration services of her gracious majesty (you know the tenant of a small T775 well placed in London…)

Installation at 1A, good pitch and front table: luxury for an A320 in a best and beyond cabin.

The pitch
photo 20180822_130725

The jetbridge
photo 20180822_130747

Whew the plug is there because my battery is screaming famine
photo 20180822_13075757

Have my neighbour suffer… damn it, we're in business; this table is there for my comfort; and well, my comfort will take a hit…
photo 20180822_130843

Bézu turns in a loop
photo 20180822_13085851

We have a sharklet… and an engine!
photo 20180822_131135

Opening the tablet: not clean! Apparently curry was offered on a previous flight.
photo 20180822_132611photo 20180822_14151414

Distribution of an oshibori substitute… and a bottle of still water.
photo 20180822_132756photo 20180822_132904

When I say that the PAF is here
photo 20180822_132909photo 20180822_132926photo 20180822_132928

I note the absence of PPE, which is mandatory on a tarmac… the police have a tendency not to apply the law themselves…

We retract the bridge jet
photo 20180822_133300

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a nice noise, the CC opens Champagne. A pre-departure drink? No, she's putting a cap on it!
photo 20180822_133414

photo 20180822_133539photo 20180822_134149

So plutonic greetings: niet
Welcome drink: niet

Local wildlife
photo 20180822_134229photo 20180822_134349photo 20180822_134358

A340 AF (yes yes yes there are still some left)
B777 in special decoration
Flybe E195
A320 AF
B777 Saudi Arabian

The "Elephant Walk"
photo 20180822_134447photo 20180822_134536photo 20180822_134537

For those who don't know what the elephant march is (you shouldn't have skipped the air operations classes at the war school)…
Bonus : Click here display

LISA's garage positions and washing machine
photo 20180822_134642photo 20180822_134643photo cdgval01

Note on the left, a particularity of LISA. Indeed, there is no workshop for heavy work on VAL 208 trains on LISA, the trains must be loaded on trucks and then transferred to the CDGVAL workshop. Normally such installations are temporary… here they are permanent!
The small workshop on LISA (a stone's throw from the T2G) is only used for light operations.
If the connection track between the 2 lines had been built, then it would be very simple to extend LISA to T2G….

An A340 full white (OO-ABE)… Belgium to the rescue of France?
photo 20180822_134743photo 20180822_134702photo 20180822_1347020

One day an expressway will pass through there… while waiting for the Court of Auditors to complain in a vacuum because of the misuse of public funds.
photo une route unjour

Local refurbishment
photo 20180822_134959

Direction 27L for 4200 m… in short the rolling of death to leave from the 2nd hall K and head towards the north doublet.
Let's get out of here.

Level 100, service preparation….

Distribution of the tray and menu. The trolley is used for food and drinks. Not for the bread.
photo 20180822_14035356photo 20180822_140628

Metal cutlery.

All right, let's look at the menu.
photo 20180822_140721

To the health of the Lider maximo, not the one who orders IL96… the other: ours!
photo 20180822_140636

The salad (Quinoa and yellow carrots…) is good but the quantity is pitiful.
No more salmon (each with his own taste) but the salmon in the Ikea self will not be for me. No alternative, it's a unique dish.
The cheese is not bad, but we're not in a starred restaurant either… it's the level of an ordinary neighbourhood brewery.
The clafouti is correct for industrial applications.
The bread is hot, served in the basket with the pliers that are fine.

Damn my glass is empty… in fact no the CC comes back with a smile to make the slightest sigh fall from 500 meters offering me a refill! How can I say no? :)
photo 20180822_141601photo 20180822_141644

Obviously she appreciates that someone appreciates the lodging and the food. The American couple in 2A/2C will stay glued that we can make a meal with Champagne in a classic commercial plane…

Coffee will be offered to me. Served in mug it will not be an espresso, but for soluble coffee it is correct.
photo 20180822_141735

The remains of the agape.
photo 20180822_141758

Um, the towel had obviously been used by a lady before
photo 20180822_142117photo 20180822_142120

It's just a goodbye….
photo 20180822_140924

Let's see what's going on outside…. There will still be a few racecourse laps after….

And that's the way it has been since we went to our British neighbours.

Advantage of racetrack towers…
photo airtoair

Passage under the layer

But what is this devilry???? These people cannot be civilized: we drive on the left, we speak a strange language, it seems that they even eat mint jelly and that they have not guillotined their sovereigns (in fact it is the opposite said Cromwell)… In addition there are golf courses everywhere…

Quickly a Brexit!

Arrival at BA's land…Long ride and footbridge.
photo 20180822_134801photo 20180822_135309

Come on, we're coming in with a warm goodbye…
photo 20180822_135635photo 20180822_135637photo 20180822_135705

Proof of XP's delusional gain ratio
photo billet_lectronique_page_1 okphoto billet_lectronique_page_2

The sequel to the next episode….
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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Air france Lounge - 2E, Hall K


Paris - CDG


London - LHR



A mixed feeling.
If we ignore the fare and consider only the official fare (i.e. 350 euros and wheelbarrows for a round trip on D), it is not very glorious.
Extremely surprised by the fluidity of the connection circuit (no PIF, very fast PAF, optimized route)...
Terminal 2E hall K was clearly below everything: dirty, crowded, a little overwhelmed staff (I think of the 15 minutes of last-call for the flight from Ho chi min ville with nominative announcements every 2 minutes repeated 7 or 8 times). Paradoxically, its weak point (ie PAF) was only a formality here. The AF show was well below expectations.

The plane: a place in 1A with the central tablet HS, its own room tablet: not great. I sanction the 3-3 and not the 2-2, although in Europe this has become the principle. The seat was not uncomfortable (it's not an ironing board or its equivalent from LH) but we're way below the CRKs for example. In J it hurts.

The cabin crew: Frankly, very well. Given the length of the flight, the two people assigned to J's 5 rows (CC and a hostess) perfectly fulfilled their roles with joy and this one was communicative.

The PNT crew: regulatory announcements (welcome announcement, crew prepare for take-off, end of cruise announcement, beginning of descent, crew prepare for landing and final turn). We do their job... that's all!

Meal: Too expensive in quantity to qualify as a meal. You'd have to double the salad, put a second cheese on and it would come close. I do not sanction salmon as the only choice because of the duration of the flight, which - objectively - greatly penalizes the room for manoeuvre. Do I have to mention the tablet room and the napkin room.

In short, at 350 euros the two segments: why not if no status; at 350 euros with a status, a priori not, at 1000 euros it is out of the question...

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 15 minutes.

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