Review of United flight Newark Chicago in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA2139
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 17 Mar 18, 05:15
Arrival at 17 Mar 18, 06:50
UA   #72 out of 98 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 324 reviews
Published on 23rd January 2019


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It was a great couple of days but it was now time to relax. Looking at the trains schedules I knew there was a slight issue with taking public transport from Penn Station. A very expensive Lyft ride was on the cards, but hey I earned some Delta points by not flying with them! :)


For dinner we headed to a BBQ. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of having one too many drinks. Wow, a flight departing early in the morning onboard an A320? What could possibly go wrong? Luckily it was a more controlled situation this time - but a quick nap later we set off from Manhattan at about 0230 or 0240 in the morning, finding a Lyft was not too difficult. Got to the airport without an issue.

We got dropped off at Terminal C around 0320 hours Eastern. It felt quite spooky being the only 2 passengers on the curbside of what was a fairly big terminal building - this would of course get busier as the day would go on.
photo 46703054622_f7c131b988_b

Premier Access check in on the level was empty, so we headed downstairs for the regular check in.
photo 39790449343_268f94839e_b

There was some life here, at least. We however did not risk waiting in line for actual boarding passes, we accepted our fate by taking the mall receipt/toilet paper documents.
photo 45840591965_14284f514e_b

Departure board
photo 39790449243_eefe37be54_b


Heading back up the escalators (WTF Newark?! haha) we went towards TSA - thankfully this too wasn’t too busy. It was 0326 hours, 1hr49min to departure. However this time I was subject to an extra search (or I believe ALL laptops were rubbed for drugs…).

After TSA, this time I was subject to extra search..
photo 45840591855_f72f7283fe_b

UA2139 would depart from Gate C74 - but since there was some time to kill I decided to head for some gates further away - where hopefully something bigger would be around.

Unsurprisingly it was a United-only show at Newark, but a handful of flights by the other airlines if anything. A320s, B737s, B757s all being woken up from their night’s rest for a day full of flights and whatnot. It was a little cold out so the ground staff were all wrapped up. Was quite lucky to find a retro livery A320, the A320 Friend Ship in particular!
photo 46030800894_f932fd3d0d_b
photo 45840593305_f932fd3d0d_b
photo 46030800834_7962b74774_b
photo 46703055922_00ee240fb6_b
photo 46703055812_2d3d88a915_b

I walked up to a Boeing 777-200ER - and little did I know this plane had flown in all the way from home, MUMBAI! 14.5 hours of flying later and the passengers were still not being let to disembark for whatever reason. Measles, maybe? Whatever it may be, always nice to see a B777!
photo 46030800644_5e65af3578_b
Ex-Continental GE90 equipped bigly beast.

Like I said it was pretty dead at this hour. Cleaning staff were doing their thing in the waiting areas before passengers tossed their to-go bags on the seats, and clean up the bathrooms too. Shops and restaurants were still closed, but it wouldn’t be long before they’d open up. With the passengers from Mumbai about to disembark soon, it was a good idea to walk away. We walked around, largely staying out of trouble and made our way to gate C74.
photo 39790449153_939f0f2a17_b
photo 32880271808_eab0ee3abd_b
photo 45840591775_74cd3824f7_b
photo 46703055522_6d737c9258_b

Bright lights illuminated on at Gate C74, where was parked an Airbus A320: the third aircraft manufacturer on this trip. N410UA would take us over to Chicago O’Hare, the hub-to-hub being operated by a 24.2 years old A320. This was the oldest A320 I have flown on since Air India’s VT-EPI, which was itself 26 years old back in 2012! Cargo being loaded, catering truck attached, and the pilots had taken their seats up front. Everything was looking well for an on time departure.
photo 46030800584_c173c22862_b

The gate area itself was packed. Not a seat open, we had to take a chair at the dining table close by. Spent some time playing the free online games on the iPads - well something to kill time, right?!
photo 39790449053_50b22519f4_b

No no no no, NO that's not how one hold's a bowling ball!
photo 45840591635_bc612c6a85_b


Everything looked well as pre-boarding announcements were made 55 minutes before departure time. The usual reminders, nothing extraordinary. Waited for a little bit longer before deciding to line up with Group 3 - we needed overhead space for whatever little baggage that we had. It was 33 minutes to departure.
photo 39790448883_b39665f3ef_b

The jet bridge filled up with passengers, because that is quite standard anyway.
photo 32880271408_7751b754f5_b

It was a little chilly as we boarded the old A320: but it sure did not feel like it, for United has done a great job in keeping their cabin new-looking, although the seats are the LCC plasticky & slim seats.
photo 39790448783_80b216f1fc_b

A great wing view from 24A, as the B737-900ER beside us was being readied for the next flight to Chicago. We thought of taking this, but a safer connection time is always nice.
photo 45840591435_cb774b5e3f_b

Cabin filled up, not a seat empty, most heads against walls. The usual announcements happened, boarding complete at 0507 hours, 8 minutes before departure time.


Everything seemed to go just smoothly as N410UA was pushed back at 0511 hours, 4 minutes before time. It was a little bit before one of the two IAE V2527 engines were fired up, however the hydraulics made a lot of sound - kind of annoying really because I haven’t had one Airbus flight where this was as loud and pronounced. Probably more so because this was in fact a single engine taxi. But many passengers commented on this anyway. A quick look at my video trip report might help explain this…. It stopped once we got closer to the runway for take of. Got to runway 22L eventually, but there was no traffic for us to worry about.

photo 45840591265_3eb1e49a5f_b

However it was only 10 minutes after departure time did we take to the skies, and nothing too dramatic here. A quick bank to the east followed by on course to the west as we climbed up to 36000 feet.

photo 46703053562_c2d0709f86_b
photo 32880270958_4c651e7d9e_b


And that’s about it for the detail, I guess. Announcements happened, while I saw what was on offer in the WiFi IFE - quite a bit going on, but of course one had to keep their own devices charged if WiFi was used. I shut off my phone & camera as I caught up with some sleep, the cabin was left darkened even during service. During service I noticed they served stroopwaffels, but we got none of them…just the juice & water for us. Apparently beer & alcohol were also served on this flight, which was interesting :) This was 31 minutes in to the flight, which meant a solid nap would suffice up until approach. This was a flight even the biggest of avgeeks would struggle to be awake for. And so proved.
photo 45840590935_06b34f603a_b
photo 45840594305_3acd1b755b_b
photo 46703053262_4bb694d7da_b
photo 45840590855_742859cf74_b


Something woke me up about an hour later, and I knew we’d be descending soon…the same was confirmed when the captain came around on the PA system to brief us on arrival: a few clouds around, and nothing too dramatic for us.
photo 46703053042_e520dafd8a_b
photo 45840590675_f198f5aac2_b

We came down nice & easy and lined up with runway 23R, before a nice touchdown at 0623 hours. Flying time of 1hr58min, 14min longer than the opposite direction thanks to headwinds. However, the barking dog sounds came back the moment we touched down, all the way to the gate which was…amazing. The sunrise in the distance made it better - a lovely orange hue that we kept behind as the plane flew west.
Single engine taxied to Gate B6…the jetBlue gate I guess! No stops along the way - and once again goes to show that taking the first flight of the day would more often than not be largely on time & with no issues. I say this on the back of a 5.5 hour delay on American Eagle…. Oh well, that’s the past.

Docked at B6 at 0639 hours, 11 minutes before time. Every little bit counts, I guess! The PTU sounds barked on, and I was looking more forward to getting off of this old A320… really weird, but it stopped once & for all, finally.
photo 39790448093_96e0403833_b

We got off at 0645 in to the brave new world that was Chicago O’Hare’s Terminal 1 B….. and oh boy was it busy out there! We had just over 2 hours to make the Fargo bound CRJ-200….
photo 45840590535_389223727d_b
photo 39790447893_6b1e2da322_b
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Cabin crew6.0

Newark - EWR


Chicago - ORD



Well, nothing much to write home about at all, a pretty standard flight. Crew were OK, IFE seemed great on the phones and the refurbished cabin was quite alright. The PTU sounds were a little annoying - I know it is typical of an Airbus but this just went on an and on for a long time. Maybe the fact that I was more awake on the ground than in the air during this flight made the PTU sounds about the only memorable thing in this flight……



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    hometoyyz SILVER 542 Comments

    Hi Jish!

    Thanks for sharing this look at what must be one of United’s busiest routes.

    Some great shots around New York to kick us off.

    Ouch… an early start on little sleep, after more than a few drinks? Yikes. I’m glad it wasn’t too painful.

    “This would of course get busier as the day would go on.”
    - I’d be very concerned for United were this not the case.

    I hear you on the challenges of one-airline terminals for spotting purposes. But hey, at least there’s a retrojet in there too!

    It’s amazing what a new cabin and a fresh coat of paint can do for an aging frame. United has learned the lesson of Delta and its Jurassic Airbuses well, it seems. Barking dogs notwithstanding.

    Unfortunately, they did not learn the Delta lesson of “give ‘em seatback entertainment, even on Jurassic Airbuses.” And complementary booze in Y? Is that a hub-to-hub “premium service” thing?

    Glad you managed to get some sleep after a very abbreviated rest the night before. Happy flying!

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