Review of Gulf Air flight Manama Bangkok in Business

Airline Gulf Air
Flight GF150
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 13 Jan 19, 09:05
Arrival at 13 Jan 19, 19:35
GF   #9 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 31 reviews
By SILVER 3582
Published on 7th February 2019

Established in 1950, Gulf Air, the Flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, is the oldest airline in the region. Gulf AIr was originally owned by a consortium of Gulf States–Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. With the exception of Bahrain, all other states in the consortium have since established their own carriers. After some years of financial issues, mostly linked to fierce competition from the neighbouring big three Gulf carriers–Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad–also known as the "ME3," Gulf Air has worked to reorganize and reinvent itself as a high-end Boutique airline. Gulf Air's recent acquisition of new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners symbolizes this renewal.

Flight-Report was able to discover the new face of the Bahraini airline on a new Dreamliner flight from the carrier's hub to Bangkok.

The Bahrain airport is on the small side and distances are conveniently short when connecting. Transit security is also a quick and painless process.

The terminal is older, but there is a decent number of restaurants and shops, along with a large duty-free and, as often seen in airports in this region, a luxury car to be won through a drawing.

photo 0003a-57

One of Gulf Air's new flagship B787-9s could be seen on the way to the Falcon Gold Lounge.

photo 0001photo 0003

falcon gold lounge

Let's go check out Gulf Air's flaghip hub lounge.
The Falcon Gold Lounge is located on the upper level, accessed by escalator from the boarding area.

photo 0004

Unlike the crowded gate area, the lounge is spacious and calm.

photo 0004aphoto 0004b

Ample seating

photo 0004cphoto 0004d

More intimate seating arrangement, ideal for groups and families.

photo 0004e

There is a nice area for families with children, separate from the main lounge.

photo 0004f

Work station with computers are also available

photo 0004g

Wall art in the lounge celebrates the carrier's rich history.

photo 0005

The overall food offering in the lounge is quite good with a good amount of options, including a salad bar…

photo 0009

Sandwichs, canap�s, cheeses, desserts…

photo 0010

As well as breads and fruit.

photo 0011

A nice selection of 7 hot options.

photo 0011aphoto 0011b

For drink options, champagne and wines are available for self-service.

photo 0011c

As well as liquors and spirits.

photo 0011d

There is also a large variety of soft-drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages along with several Lavazza coffee machines.

photo 0011e

The lounge offers some nice tarmac views.

photo 0012photo 0013

For those seeking to get some rest on a longer layover, or who simply want a little more calm and privacy, "Quiet Rooms" can be reserved for 15BHD (around 40USD).

photo 0020

Soft lighting, bedding, and large pillows make this space ideal for relaxation, though some may find the sleeping surface a bit short

photo 0023

The early morning light fills the lounge through the large floor-to-ceiling wall of windows.

photo 0025-10photo 0025a

The large windows allow for nice tarmac views and planespotting.

photo 0039a

Not a huge selection of reading materials.

photo 0026

The morning food offering is quite good, with a good amount of options.

photo 0028

Pastries and cookies

photo 0029


photo 0029a

Condiments, cheeses, sandwiches, wraps, and canap�s

photo 0030

Yogurts and fruit salad

photo 0031

There are 9 hot options available in the morning.

photo 0032

Including scrambled eggs and beans

photo 0033

Poultry sausage

photo 0034

As one would expect in a hub lounge, showers are available.

photo 0037

Shower kits are available at the front desk. The kits contain a towel, tooth brush, razor…

photo 0038

…and Gulf Air branded washing products.

photo 0039

Time to head to the gate with the Bangkok departure showing on time for 9:05

photo 0039b

Our beautiful Dreamliner being prepared for the trip.


The boarding area is pretty tight, which makes the boarding process a bit chaotic.

photo 0045photo 0047

We board the aircraft through door 2L.

photo 0048photo 0049-43

Very nice first impression of the cabin, which feels bright and airy due to the lack of a galley at doors 2 and missing central overhead bins.

photo 0050photo 0051

The Gulf Air falcon has always represented the airline, but it was recently redesigned as part of the airline's brand refresh.

photo 0051a

Gulf Air have outfitted their new Dreamliners with Rockwell Collins Serenity Suites (Previously B/E Aerospace Apex Suites). One of the best rated Business class seat designs in the market.

photo 0052

The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration with all passengers having direct-aisle-access thanks to staggered seats on the window sides.

photo 0053

Center seats are side-by-side, making them ideal for couples.

photo 0055

Space between seats is 89 in (226 cm) with a comfortable bed length of 78 in (200 cm).

photo 0056b

The seats offer a nice amount of shoulder room at 23 in (58 cm) wide.

photo 0057

For this flight to BKK, we'll be in seat 4A. Note the red lighting on 4C, which indicates "do not disturb"

photo 0056

Storage for reading materials

photo 0058

The remote for the In-flight Entertainment (IFE) is the latest Avii model from Thales' AVANT system.

photo 0059

The IFE screen is quite large at 22 in (56 cm) diagonally.

photo 0060

Unlike Korean Air and Oman AIr, who also use this seat model, Gulf Air have opted for a folding ottoman, which allows to better aisle-access from window seats.

photo 0061

The seat command panel has 4 pre-set modes, as well as lumbar support and massage functions.

photo 0062

An amenity kit and bottle of water are already provided at the seats upon boarding.

photo 0062a

The adjustable individual reading lights have 3 different lighting levels.

photo 0062b

Shortly after settling in, the cabin crew offer pre-departure beverages.
The champagne is generously filled.

photo 0063

Cabin crew offer a choice of hot and cold towels, which is unique.

photo 0065

A large choice of reading materials

photo 0066photo 0067

Coffee and a data are also offered prior to departure, which adds a nice Middle Eastern touch.

photo 0067a

On pushback we can see the construction work on the terminal expansion project.

photo 0068

Gulf Air Dreamliners are outfitted with Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines.

photo 0069

The safety video plays during the taxi to the departure runway.

photo 0071

The Flight

Takeoff after a short taxi time.

photo 0074

We leave the Kingdom of Bahrain behind as we begin our turn eastbound.

photo 0075

The Falcon Gold (Business) cabin on the B787-9 is comprised of 26 seats between doors 1 and 2.

photo 0077

Aft of door 2, there are 2 Economy class cabin for a total of 256 coach seats. The Economy cabin is outfitted with Recaro CL3710 seats.

photo 0078photo 0079

Economy class passengers also enjoy large HD individual screens.

photo 0080

Flying over the UAE-Oman border as we continue our eastward progress.

photo 0081


Menus were distributed on the ground with orders taken prior to departure.

photo 0082

For this morning departure, breakfast will be served first followed by a lunch/dinner service prior to arrival.

photo bahbkk2

The drinks menu has minimal details and misses the mark with no names or descriptions of any wines, except the champagne.

photo drinks2

The breakfast service begins with an espresso, served with a shortbread cookie.

photo 0082a

The meal tray is placed directly on the tray table–no linens were pre-placed.
The Continental breakfast service is very simple, consisting of pastries and fresh fruit.

photo 0083

Fresh Fruit
A wide range of fresh seasonal fruits

photo 0084

Despite its simplicity, the breakfast was of a good quality.

turn-down service

As Gulf Air have been moving their premium product up-market, they now offer a turn-down service, which is traditionally seen in First class.
The cabin crew provide a mattress and extra pillow for the turn-down service.

photo 0086photo 0087

The fully flat, private, seat is very comfortable in bed mode.

photo 0087a

The second meal service begins as we overfly the Gulf of Bengal.

photo 0089

We're about 2 hours out from arrival in Bangkok.

photo 0088

Lunch Service

For the pre-arrival lunch service, there are 3 options for the starter course and 4 options for the main course.

photo bahbkk2

Once again, the meal is served on a tray with no linens dressed on the table.

photo 0090

This particular appetiser isn't described in the menu, but it consists of marinated chicken breast with a vegetable julienne.

photo 0091

Garlic bread is one of the options.

photo 0092

Elegant silverware.

photo 0093

A look at the soup option:
Carrot & Orange Soup
Served with croutons

photo 0094

Fish option for the main

photo 0095

Steamed Fish
King fish steamed with ginger and leak, accompagnied by jasmine rice and vegetables

photo 0096

After the main course is removed, passengers may select cheeses, fruit, and desserts from a nicely presented trolley.

photo 0097

Two nice looking dessert options

photo 0099

Lemongrass Custard, Passion Fruit Mousse

photo 0100

Overall, after a rather light 1st meal service, the pre-arrival meal was quite satisfactory. Though the appetiser course was a bit ordinary and disappointing, the main course and desserts were well-presented and delicious. Gulf Air's presentation of the dessert trolley felt high-end.

photo 0098

Approach and Arrival

The moving map indicates we'll be arriving shortly.

photo 0101photo 0102

As often in Southeast Asia, the windows begin to fog up as we get closer to the ground.

photo 0103photo 0104

Welcome to Suvarnabhumi!

photo 0105

Gulf Air ensures Business class passengers have disembarked prior to allowing Economy class to deplane.

photo 0106

One last view of our Dreamliner.

photo 0107



The new Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 fleet is configured with 26 seats in Falcon Gold (Business) class and 256 Economy class seats. At the moment, the new Dreamliners are operating between the Manama hub and Bangkok, London, Manilla, and Casablanca.
Overall, Gulf Air proposes over 50 destinations throughout the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Eastern Asia, and Europe.

Flight taken reported by Flavien for Flight-Report as a guest of Gulf Air.

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With the arrival of the 787-9 fleet, Gulf Air are showcasing their move up-market as a Boutique carrier. The Rockwell-Collins Serenity Suite product is certainly a winner. Along with the latest in IFE systems from Thales, Gulf Air offer a pleasant experience on board.

The airport experience is generally pleasant, mostly because of a nice lounge. The airport itself is small and outdated, but is in the process of being modernised.

Gulf Air certainly have some stiff competition in the region; however, the new direction the Bahraini carrier is taking will help to distinguish it from neighbours.


- The Falcon Gold Lounge - Bahrain (Spacious, diverse and quality catering, good tarmac views, quiet rooms, and play area for kids)
- Spacious and private forward-facing full-flat seats with aisle-access from every seat
- Nice finishes and overall attractive cabin
- Turn-down service
- All of the advantages that come with flying on Dreamliners: Cabin at lower altitude pressurization, large windows, mood lighting, quiet aircraft
- Latest generation IFE system with large HD screen


- Fee to use the Quiet Rooms in the lounge
- Small and outdated terminal making for chaotic boarding
- On board menu missing descriptions, especially for wines
- Small pillows

Information on the route Manama (BAH) Bangkok (BKK)

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The airline with the best average rating is Gulf Air with 7.6/10.

The average flight time is 6 hours and 11 minutes.

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    socalnow 978 Comments

    Thanks for the look at Gulf Air Flavien. It appears to be a compelling business class product.

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    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 936 Comments

    I hardly ever venture into the realm of business or first class reports, but this one was really impressive. Who came up with the idea for those staggered seats giving everyone access to the aisle? They deserve a Nobel prize! It's... staggering!

    some may find the sleeping surface a bit short

    I have the impression that the back of that bed can be reclined. Otherwise, it would be stupidly uncomfortable even for a short person!

    The boarding area is pretty tight, which makes the boarding process a bit chaotic.

    Come to ZAL and you'll learn about chaos.

    Gulf Air have opted for a folding ottoman, which allows to better aisle-access from window seats.

    They thought of everything!

    Coffee and a data are also offered prior to departure

    That data looks a bit old. They should up-DATE it! :D

    The Economy cabin is outfitted with Recaro CL3710 seats.

    Look, LATAM!!! This is what a decent, modern Y cabin looks like!!

    a luxury car to be won through a drawing

    I can draw a cat:

    ( UU )

    Did I win? XDDDD

    Thank you very much for sharing!! :D

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    What a spectacular report. It almost looks like a staged photoshoot. So impressive.

    The Gulf Air product looks phenomenal from start to finish - the lounge, the seat, the cabin, the food. This is definitely an airline I need to give some attention to in future.
    Out of interest was this ticket a cash one or a redemption of some kind?

    Thanks again for this excellent report!

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    Beautiful photos and report. Gulf Air looks very nice, and I very much like their new livery and cabin design in the 787.

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