Review of Air France Hop flight Amsterdam Clermont-Ferrand in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1557
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 08 Feb 19, 12:10
Arrival at 08 Feb 19, 13:40
AF   #46 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1005 reviews
Published on 9th February 2019
Amsterdam Schiphol to Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergne Airport

This flight is the second one of the day, early in the morning I have done Linköping city airport to Amsterdam Schiphol. (report already available)

Since I had a 4h30 layover in Amsterdam and a very short sleep the previous night (night train travel), I decided to get a KLM Lounge access to get some more comfortable seats and relaxing moment (avoiding the rush time in Amsterdam).
The KLM Schengen zone lounge was readily accessible, in the meaning that it was well indicated.
The access to the lounge was pretty expensive though. Indeed it cost me 45€ because I was not a Buisiness traveller.
I haven't unfortunetaly taken pictures during my time in the lounge. I completely forgot. Nevertheless, it was really nice to be in the lounge, the seats were very confortable, the buffet was very good as well with a large variety of products (cheese, bread, croissant, yogurt, and so on…). For lunch time, you could find the same products plus some tasty sandwiches.
The lounge is quite big, with two buffets, a smoking area, a buisiness working area, relaxing area, etc…
I spent the entiry time eating, relaxing and working. The time went super quick and I was glad to pay the lounge access.

I left the lounge around 11:20am since the boarding was announced for 11:40am.
Boarding gate B3.

photo 51530684_363193481172373_4036357720150900736_n

Heading to the B section.

photo 51666639_355148335075523_5158673249151746048_n

Most of the flights operated by KLM Cityhopper and Hop! Air France have their gates in the B1-8 section, due to the bus ride to reach the aircraft.
After a 5 minutes walk I reached my gate.

photo 51513561_1202047056611569_2641332555495768064_nphoto 51733870_398960874243161_2347316012287787008_n

I personally hate this part of the airport. There aren't many seats available, only one little cattering store, any particular views on the runnways. It's kind of an underground basement. Thus, I preconize to go to the gate as late as possible.

photo 51522760_550307505474745_666748416633602048_nphoto 51922854_546134642552979_4966272509725900800_n

The boarding started on-time at 11:40 and we left the terminal at 11:55 after the final boarding call.

photo 51519923_408100549763697_4224718643402899456_nphoto 51525881_2090271834399724_5615220859602993152_nphoto 51982172_1019076554947355_7429927855938600960_n

After a 2 mintues ride, we reached our lovely CRJ700 from Hop! (rainy day in Schiphol)

photo 51747349_333710750573736_3213860685419118592_n

Closer pictures of the aircraft.

The configuration of the aircraft is 2-2.
My seat was the 19F, the last row, the most noisy part of the aircraft.
There were approximately 40 to 45 pax on this flight therefore 60% full.

photo 51510771_772872139738565_7717758452239433728_nphoto 51620591_2235455356742246_5998828754158223360_n

"Room tour"
As my flight on KLM, the leg room was pretty nice.
One positive point of their front seat configuration is the little pocket to put phone, passport or boarding pass. This avoids forgetting things in the main pocket.

photo 51611092_298312667534706_4960897349565022208_nphoto 51887567_429894117551049_6886731960350146560_n

We starting rolling at 12:15, 5 minutes after departure time. We had a long ride to the runway, something like 10 to 15 minutes.

Embraer 190 from KLM cityhopper taking-off.

photo 51964326_285219348838486_431190699061280768_n

Placement on the runway and take-off with Schiphol's view.

Book entertainments.

photo 51449338_319388255586644_4787790934672670720_nphoto 51616408_259722304958762_9114704923269791744_nphoto 51648773_297872117583612_6080734673846140928_n

Collation. Some crackers and 2 beverages (tomato juice and water).
The crackers were good even though it was pretty small compare to KLM's collation.

Cloudy flight. The sun wasn't here until we arrived in Auvergne.

photo 51975508_342978256550581_4950919917198114816_n

Starting of the descent to Clermont-Ferrand.

Vichy and the engine of the CRJ700.

Panorama of the volcanoes (Sancy and Chaine des Puys).

Approaching Clermont-Ferrand airport.

Passage over Pont-du-Chateau.

photo 51556210_478622686006192_1991358447169306624_n


Hello sunny Clermont-Ferrand and Auvergne region.
3 flights at the airport. All from Hop!
One Embraer 170 from Paris CDG, one CRJ 700 from Paris Orly and then one CRJ700 from Amsterdam.

photo 51477484_1385572268252709_4926720499494420480_nphoto 51701534_540519429802511_23582733414432768_n

Heading to the terminal.
Firstly passport control.

photo 51645988_281441602525416_6608896895408406528_nphoto 51580062_851392408525890_5174829331276365824_n

Baggage reclaim area.

photo 51435097_1964696470501258_221305761953742848_n

Then exit of the airport.
Some movements at the airport since there were 3 flights at the same time.

photo 51523107_389977558435441_1877066884931649536_nphoto 51548010_304785290223940_5314112715503960064_nphoto 51760172_2315380878787059_8230401668471062528_n

Airport's outdoor.

photo 50196188_2554484571232743_3185582779656044544_nphoto 51664997_323397974959602_4947969605378244608_n
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Air France Hop

Cabin crew10.0

KLM Crown Lounge - Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Clermont-Ferrand - CFE



To conclude, the flight was very pleasant and the flight attendant was cheerful.
We arrived on time at 13:40.
The inflight collation was good. On the overall it was satisfactory.
Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergne airport is a small regional airport which means that you will be outside the airport in less then 10 minutes.
I had a train at 14:00 to Clermont-Ferrand's downtown, I was 10 minutes before the departure time at the train station.
The airport is very practical for that.

Thanks for reading.

Next report will certainly be Geneva-Amsterdam (KLM) and Amsterdam to Växjö (KLM cityhopper)



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  • Comment 487653 by
    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    Thanks for this report,

    The service onboard is really nothing comparing to KLM offer.
    I'm glad to see my native city on a report even if the traffic is radically low since Regional Airlines closed its hub in CFE in 2003 :-(

    Wish you a great day
    • Comment 487754 by
      Flight_rzs AUTHOR 8 Comments
      Of course.. compare to KLM's service it was miserable. However, I tried to relativize and judge the "quality" rather than the quantity. Plus, certain national European airlines do not propose a catering service for free on-flight. This is still satisfying to get free collation in a short-haul flight. Since it was Hop! and not Air France, they could have remove the in-flight service to be "more low-cost".
      Wish you a good day too and thanks for reading my report.
  • Comment 518656 by
    ChrisB GOLD 3578 Comments
    Thanks for the report! And good pictures..

    Was it that noisy being next to the engines? I never sat on that part of the cabin

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