Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 43
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 22 Sep 18, 10:45
Arrival at 22 Sep 18, 12:15
H2   #60 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 45 reviews
Published on 24th February 2019
This is the fourth and last leg of what was a magnificent trip to Montevideo, Uruguay, where I visited some interesting landmarks within the city and also the beautiful town of Colonia del Sacramento.

You can see some photos in the report to leg 3. The reports to legs 1 and 2 are also available, of course.

The two flights of the outbound trip from ZAL to MVD were incredibly well synched. I didn't need to hurry or wait too long for my connection.

The return trip was a bit different.

A place to crash

It doesn't sound like a good idea for an air traveller, but I'm in urgent need of a place to crash. :D

I arrived at SCL at 2:30 a.m. and my next flight leaves at 10:45. Where will I spend the night? Should I find accomodation in the city?

Not an option. The taxi ride would cost more than the average airbnb fare. (No buses or Metro at this time of night)

Staying at the airport hotel? I'd check in at 3:00, and out at 9:00. That would be 150 USD for six hours. Unthinkable!

There is a special corner at SCL reserved for passengers that have to sleep at the airport. As you can read over there, it's called the "Área de Espera y Descanso". Rest area, for short. Let me show you.

photo img_20180922_023644

It's at the far end of the first (ground) floor. But don't expect any special amenities! It's just a corner with some seats. You can sleep on the floor. Not very welcoming.

photo img_20180922_024603

So I contact the airport via Messenger a week in advance: "Can I access the domestic boarding room as early as 2:30 if my flight leaves at 10:45?"

photo consulta dormir scl

Silly me, I didn't take a screeshot of their answer, but the do reply. They say it's OK, unless I have to check some baggage. In that case I would have to wait for the counters to open.

Fantastic! The domestic boarding room is very comfortable, with soft, cushy seats, cafeterias, restaurants, and so on.

So let's take the elevator to the third floor…

photo img_20180922_024734

…and head for the access to security check.

photo img_20180922_024940

At this ungodly hour my eyes make no difference between the real world and this blurred photo. Aw. My favorite shop is closed. The good thing is…

photo img_20180922_025120

…not many domestic flights at the moment…

photo img_20180922_025159

…so I'm airside in seconds, literally!

photo img_20180922_025654

Ah! Maxi K! My saviour. Unlike the ultra-hidden one in the international side, this one is in plain sight, right after security check.

In the boarding room I see that I was not the only one who came up with this bright idea. All the long, soft seats are taken. But in the far end - where I spent a great planespotting session in 2017 - there are still some free seats. Believe it or not, these two seats made for a very comfortable bed! Besides, since this stay at the airport was part of the plan, I'm carrying a blanket with me. So I wrap myself up, and buenas noches!

Six hours later the sun shines into my "bedroom". Let's go for a walk.

photo img_20180922_081242

Who placed this here overnight?!

photo img_20180922_082953

Great photos by the members of this local spotters group.

photo img_20180922_083012

There's also an exhibition of photos, text, and cartoons about the first pilots who dared to cross the Andes…

photo img_20180922_084200

…like Dagoberto Godoy.

photo img_20180922_083138
photo img_20180922_083809

…and some foreign pilots like Adrienne Bolland.

photo img_20180922_083938

Are they implying that French female pilots are vain?

photo img_20180922_083943

If you're interested, I'm leaving the 43 photos of the exhibition here.


Time to line up at…

photo img_20180922_095112

puerta veinticuatro. JetSmart's blue measuring devices stand by every gate. I'd say that - of the three main airlines flying in the country - LATAM is the strictest when it comes to applying their baggage policies…

photo img_20180922_101009

…followed by JetSmart, and then Sky.

photo img_20180922_101727

Yes. Be afraid of LATAM.

photo img_20180922_102048

The red sign warns not to use the stairs while the jetbridge is moving. I wouldn't dare! Perhaps the slide.

photo img_20180922_102052

A peek outside the jetbridge window and… What?! Is it you, CC-AFX? You brought me from Montevideo only eight hours ago!! Had I known you'd spend the night out there I'd stayed onboard!! […] Oh, I see. This is your second flight of the day. Tough work with the airline, huh? But you look great! I wonder why they are returning you. […] Oh, thank you! I've been cutting carbs. […] A psychiatrist? Yes, I shouldn't be talking to planes. My mother also says that this flight-reporting thing is going too far. Thanks for your advice. Well, gotta be going now. […] Likewise! Good luck at your new job in Germany!

What a nice guy!

photo img_20180922_102124

So my flight from Montevideo last night was not my last one on CC-AFX, but the second to the last. As mentioned in my previous report, Sky is renewing its fleet, and CC-AFX is joining a German airline. From I learn that it made its last domestic flight in Chile on February 22. Then left for México. Farewell, CC-AFX!!

photo farewell cc-afx

While we wait for pushback…

photo img_20180922_103015

…I hear giggles coming from 5A. Brrrrr… that little hand gives me the jitters! Is it one of those unnerving, flight-spoiling little creatures?

photo img_20180922_103759

To be honest, this one is one of the cutest I've seen, and he (or she?) behaved during the whole flight.

photo img_20180922_103808

Still some activity going on outside.

photo img_20180922_104004

My favorite row on Sky's A319s is 24, but I have found that row 6 usually has better legroom.

photo img_20180922_104139

And today with the added advantage of having no neighbor in 6B! According to what I've learned from some reports around here, I'm flying premium economy today!

photo img_20180922_104127

Looks like we're ready to go.

photo img_20180922_104039

The flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo route


photo img_20180922_104230

Taxiing will be quite short this time…

photo img_20180922_104552

…because after we pass by the emergency vehicles…

photo img_20180922_104602

…the control tower…

photo img_20180922_104621

…defunct Latin American Wings…

photo img_20180922_104747

…and some military aircraft…

photo img_20180922_104903

…we turn right towards the east runway, which is closer.

photo img_20180922_105017

Hm! Let's hope they won't have the bad idea of committing suicide in one of the turbines.

photo img_20180922_105035

And we take to the skies…

photo img_20180922_105111photo img_20180922_105241photo img_20180922_105243

…above the intersection of Costanera Norte and Vespucio Norte…

photo img_20180922_105309

…and the industrial…

photo img_20180922_105319

…and residential areas of west Santiago.

photo img_20180922_105348

The mountains look superb…

photo img_20180922_105643

…flanking the Central Valley…

photo img_20180922_105649

…but spring in the south of Chile can be tricky…

photo img_20180922_110607

…and we won't see much more than this today. :(

photo img_20180922_114908

Coffee! I need one badly! I order it with a carrot muffin, which looks a bit… disappointing.

photo img_20180922_111114

Cecilio, you tell me. Right. They are larger than JetSmart's…

photo img_20180922_111222

…but smaller than LATAM's.

photo img_20180922_111419

I wonder what my neighbor is reading so avidly.

photo img_20180922_112209

"1978, The Year We Marched to War". In 1978 Chile and Argentina were on the verge of war for some islands at the southernmost tip of the continent. Then the Pope acted as a mediator and the conflict was solved. What about teaching his flock to follow their spiritual leader's Golden Rule, too? "Please, keep this island. I don't really need it" "By no means. You might need it more than me." Ha. I'm a dreamer.

photo img_20180922_112209b

Before long…

photo img_20180922_115328

…the clouds finally start breaking as we descend. These clouds over Valdivia can mean only one thing-

photo img_20180922_115434


photo img_20180922_115827_1

And lots of it!

photo img_20180922_115934

We bank to the right in a U-turn, so now we can see river Calle Calle, which flows through Valdivia.

photo img_20180922_120109

It's one of the few navigable rivers in Chile, which makes rowing a popular activity in the city.

photo img_20180922_120122

I can see the city over there! But it's very foggy out there. The fog explains…

photo img_20180922_120148

…why we are landing nortwards.

photo img_20180922_120315

The ILS system is installed at the south end of the runway.

photo img_20180922_120325

In fact, we can be happy that the fog wasn't thicker.

photo img_20180922_120333

Even with the ILS system, sometimes it's impossible to land at ZAL because of the fog…

photo img_20180922_120407

…and flights are cancelled, like what happened to me last year.

photo img_20180922_120411

Here we go. Easy, captain. :)

The road to Valdivia.

photo img_20180922_120505


photo img_20180922_120514


photo img_20180922_120516

…we are.

photo img_20180922_120521

U-turn again.

photo img_20180922_120559

Good old ZAL, better known as Pichoy…

photo img_20180922_120614

…was closed from September 25 to November 30, 2018…

photo img_20180922_120639

…for works on its runway.

photo img_20180922_120652

It's supposed to be only the beginning of a larger plan to enlarge it and modernize it.

photo img_20180922_120843

Whatever happened to spring?! The weather was wonderful when I left a week ago! Anyway, this is the perfect opportunity to take the nationalistic photograph of the day. Haha. When my colleagues at school ask me about my lack of nationalistic or patriotic feelings (I don't sing the national anthem at school events, for example, and I'm a conscientious objector) they turn red in their faces when I tell them "If the Bolivian or Peruvian flag were flying outside our school, I would have to pay my taxes to the Bolivian or Peruvian government, and that's all."

photo img_20180922_121325

"22 SET 2018" Some people say "setiembre" instead of "septiembre". I find it horrible! Should we say "otubre," too? Ew. (4000 CLP = 6 USD)

photo img_20180922_121754

Let's see if we find Pichoy a little modernized next time we come around here.

photo img_20180922_122847

One thing is sure at the moment: Its lunchtime and I'm hungry!

photo img_20180922_123506
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Sky Airline has become my favorite Chilean airline for its consistent, reliable product. Whether it's a domestic or international flight, you can count with comfortable seats, acceptable legroom, a good, fair-priced BOB menu, and a punctual service. Besides, you can carry up to 20kg in your included hand luggage! Unbeatable.

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The average flight time is 1 hours and 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 490091 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 553 Comments

    I believe that German airline is Sundair right? That was quite a terrible stopover to be honest. I'd probably paid a penny more for a better flight ;p

    • Comment 490206 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 779 Comments

      I believe that German airline is Sundair right?

      Yes, CC-AFX found a new job with Sundair.

      I'd probably paid a penny more for a better flight

      The other altenative was LATAM. The problem is that I needed to be home by Sunday because I had to go back to work on Monday, but I didn't want to waste Saturday either, so it was the best choice this time. The stopover was not that terrible. I slept quite well!

      Thanks for stopping by, Thomas! :D

  • Comment 490375 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus! It looks like you found yourself a nice "bed" for this quite inconvenient connection... 2:45 a.m. is a terrible hour for travelling, anywhere in the world, that's why I hate night and early morning flights. NIce shots of Santiago and mountains. ZAL looks so cosy with its two jetbridges! Thanks for another nice report!

    • Comment 490406 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 779 Comments

      Well, if by "cozy" you mean "cute", possibly. But it's becoming too small for the city's needs. Let's hope this "modernization" they are announcing includes enlargement, because the boarding room is becoming increasingly crowded at times. Besides, only one gate at the boarding room is connected to both jetbridges, so only one can be used for departures at any given time, while the other is used for arrivals.

      I read about your trip to Doha. Impressive aerials of the snowy mountains!

      Soon you will hear about a certain bear! :D

      Thanks for stopping by!

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