Review of Flybondi flight San Carlos de Bariloche Mendoza in Economy

Airline Flybondi
Flight FO5461
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 20 Jan 19, 19:45
Arrival at 20 Jan 19, 21:15
FO 3 reviews
By BRONZE 1414
Published on 22nd March 2019

Just like pain, it can be a friend sometimes.

But it can also be used as a weapon.

Is fear being used against this new Argentine LCC?

Or should we take the alarming media reports as a serious warning?

You be the judge.

A (Sad) World Record

Flybondi started flying as recently as January 2018.

Since the very beginning -even before its first scheduled flight- Flybondi's reputation has been marred by incidents.

On January 22, 2018, -only days before the beginning of its scheduled flights- Flybondi had to abort a promotional ride carrying staff and their families barely 12 minutes into the flight and return to the airport when one of the engines of the 737-800 (LV-HKS) overheated. More info in English here.

Funny thing. We're not talking about an old plane, nor has it served some obscure airline before. This is the story of LV-HKS according to

photo 2019-03-16-180822_1366x768_scrot

By the way, LV-HKS was named "Nelson" after Flybondi's CEO's dog. I'm not sure whether I should feel proud or take offense! XD

photo nelson

As 2018 wore on, Flybondi's reputation wore out in a never-ending trail of "incidents".

In February, passengers from Bariloche to Córdoba were in for a terrible surprise after an uneventful 2-hour flight. Nobody had told them that their baggage would be coming… by truck! They would have to wait until the following day to claim their belongings.

In March, some pieces from the engine of a Flybondi plane fell to the runway. A fight started between passengers and the crew and the police had to intervene.

In July, the tail of one of its planes hit the runway during takeoff from Puerto Iguazú.

In November, the crew reported problems with the flaps and they had to make a flaps-up landing at Neuquén Airport (NQN)

And also in November, one of its planes had problems with the cabin pressure.

No wonder there's a lot of concern about the safety levels of the airline. During an interview, a couple of union leaders warned that Flybondi had over 800 incidents during 2018, which could be setting a new world record!

photo 800 incidentes

If this interview was intended to be a heads up for the airline (I doubt it), they failed. In December it was reported that one of the tires of a Flybondi plane flying from Asunción, Paraguay, to Buenos Aires exploded after takeoff. According to the report, the crew decided to fly in spite of warnings from the mantainance crew at ASU.

photo neumtico reventado

Finally -and precisely when Flybondi must have been happy to leave a nefarious year behind- on December 24 the news was made public that one of their arcraft was operating with its cockpit overhead panel kept in place… with a shoestring!!

photo shoestring

The President's Darling

For years, commercial aviation in Argentina was crippled by rules regulating the minimum fares to be charged by airlines. This was called the "piso tarifario" (fare floor)

Obviously, this policy -intended to protect Argentina's flagship carrier, Aerolíneas Argentinas- kept LCCs away from the country.

But suddenly Flybondi popped up like out of thin air.

photo flybondi depega con pisos

As the article explains, this was possible thanks to president Macri's decree allowing carriers to sell tickets 20% cheaper than the fare floor starting 10 days before the flight.

Then the big news came in July. The floor would be eliminated in August.

photo piso retirado

Requests from LCCs to fly in Argentina began to pour in. Even Norwegian is operating in Argentina now. Everyone loved president Macri!

But president Macri seems to have a special love for Flybondi.

Against all the warnings, complaints and prohibitions from different entities -civil, judicial, and military- the government dedicated the military base El Palomar to commercial aviation, so that Flybondi could land there.

photo 2019-03-17-002020_1366x768_scrot

In spite of its poor safety record, Flybondi asked for the concession of nearly 300 new routes in late 2018…

photo askforroutes

…and they got them! Even a route linking Buenos Aires and Falkland Islands!

photo 2019-03-17-004452_1366x768_scrot

You can't help but wonder if all this love has something to do with Flybondi belonging to Richard Guy Gluzman, vicepresident of Pegasus, an investment fund that's the property of Mario Quintana, Macri's deputy head of Cabinet.

That seems to be precisely what those dirty-minded Argentine judges think, because Mr Quintana is being investigated for this very reason.

photo 2019-03-17-010857_1366x768_scrot

Mr Gluzman is also a member of the board of directors of Banco Supervielle, a bank that has close commercial ties to Dietrich S.A., a concessionary company owned by Guillermo Dietrich, who happens to be the Argentine Transport Minister.

photo 2019-03-17-013410_1366x768_scrot

All this only adds to the problems that Macri already had back in 2017, even before Flybondi was born, when he displayed the same "generosity" towards Avian, which was nothing but the new name for Macair, an airline that belonged to the Macri family and that was later sold to Avianca.

photo 2019-03-17-014547_1366x768_scrot

The current investigation involves his possible links to Avian and Flybondi.

photo 2019-03-17-020244_1366x768_scrot

Purchasing my ticket



Poor safety record?

THAT'S MY KIND OF AIRLINE!! Let's go for a ride!

To begin with, I must confess that I love Flybondi's website. You pick your city of departure and you're given the available destinations in a very attractive way. In this case we can choose Buenos Aires, Córdoba or Mendoza.

photo 01 a dnde

The available dates. Hm. Only Tuesday 22 and then Saturday 26. None of the dates are OK for me. Just for fun I'll click on Sunday 20 and see what happens.

photo 02 fecha

Only the logical happens. Duh. No flights on Sunday. But Flybondi still wants to put some pressure on me by mentioning that 13 other morons are looking for flights for a day without flights.

photo 03 no hay

So, Tuesday 22 it will be.

photo 04 cambio pal 22

Baggage allowance is not as good as Sky Airline's, but the price I have to pay for my cabin baggage is laughable if compared to JetSmart's. And for some unknown reason I'm charged 171 ARS (4 USD) instead of the announced 189.

photo 05 adicionales

Now my seat. We'll be flying northwards and I want to see the mountains on the west, so I pick seat 4A for 72 ARS (2 USD)

photo 05 asto

Total amount: 2007 ARS (50 USD) (Is it just me or it really sounds funny when you say that you pay in "ARS"?)

photo 06 pago

Congrats! My reservation is confirmed!

photo 07 confirmacin





Where's my seat!?

On December 9, more than a month before the flight, I realize that I have forgotten my seat number. It's not mentioned in the confirmation email, either. So I access the details to my reservation on the airline's website, but my seat number can't be seen anywhere. That's weird. I mail Flybondi asking for this specific information.

I see red when I read their reply:

"Hi Nelson. Your reservation was rescheduled for TWO DAYS LATER. The system does not store the information about seats in these cases. You might want to tell us if you accept the change."

photo c01b


I reply politely. "This change is very incovenient for me. Please put me in the January 20 flight, AND MAKE SURE TO GIVE ME A SEAT IN ROW A, preferably 4A or 5A."

photo c02b

Their reply comes: "We can offer you flight FO 5461 on January 20."

photo c03b

Me: "Perfect! Don't forget about the seat in row A!"

photo c04b

Them: "Done! You can check the flight information on our website."

photo c05b

Of course, that is precisely what I'll do. I want to see my seat (in light green) in row A.

photo wrongseat

LA PUTA QUE LOS PARIÓOOOO!!!! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

What part of "ROW A" don't they understand?!?!

I'm not in the mood for more emails. I'll solve this straight away.

29A will be OK…

photo asto cambiado1

…though I have to pay an extra 253 ARS (6 USD). Now I have paid for "3 services": One baggage and two seats. Let's see the bright side. Now I can choose where to sit in case I don't like my neighbor.

photo pago exito 1


On December 23 -the day before the news of the shoestring- I read some disturbing news about Flybondi on Facebook: The company is experiencing its first economic problems. Does this mean my flight (and my holidays!) is in danger?

photo 23 dic

The weeks pass and I see no new reports on further problems with Flybondi. I check my reservation regularly, just in case!

Two days before the flight I proceed with my check in.

photo 2019-01-18-200936_1366x768_scrot

I'm expecting a lengthy process, entering all my information again, much like Sky in Chile.

photo 2019-01-18-200954_1366x768_scrot

But to my surprise I just click on my name…

photo 2019-01-18-201018_1366x768_scrot

…and I'm done! My BP:

photo bp


As I've explained before, you can get to BRC by taxi, bus or transfer. The cheapest way is the bus (about 30 ARS = 0.75 USD)

It's good if you have your SUBE card, but a lady who got on the bus after me asked the passengers if she could use their card and she would give them the cash. The driver told her that it was OK, that he had change. So she paid with cash.

It seems that the federal government is not being fair with the provinces.

photo img_20190120_154002

A word of advice: If you see that sign, leave the seat free. I didn't see it in my first trip (excited, taking photos) and when an elderly gentleman got on the bus he pointed at the sign with his thick, heavy walking cane over my head, saying "CAN'T YOU READ?????"

photo img_20190120_154317

Less than 5km east of downtown Bariloche we leave the main road and turn right.

photo img_20190120_160218

The road to BRC is lined with pines left from plantations of the time before this area was turned into a national park.

photo img_20190120_160220

We climb to the second level.

photo img_20190120_160858

Let's check if everything is in order.

photo img_20190120_161021

Yes, FO5461 is on time.

photo img_20190120_161055

Thanks to member Marathon for enriching my vocabulary. "Turista" has a whole new meaning for me now. XD

photo img_20190120_161124

You can see a detailed description of the main hall and the rest of the facilities in my previous visit to BRC.

photo img_20190120_161130

Anyway, I have enough time to look around a bit.

photo img_20190120_161155

Cafeteria at the bottom, also restrooms and sel-check kiosks.

photo img_20190120_161202

Oops! LATAM is not improving their service! XD

photo img_20190120_162057

I didn't visit these restrooms before.

photo img_20190120_161237

Being an LCC, it's only natural that Flybondi's measuring devices will be waiting for you.

photo img_20190120_161949

When I saw this 15-inch laptop backpack at the shop something told me it was the perfect size. I was right!

photo img_20190120_161930

Having no baggage to check, the best thing I can do is going airside right away. The first new thing I notice after six months…

photo img_20190120_162637

…is this charging station. Two thumbs up for Pizzuti, a supplier of electrical appliances, for this advertising idea.

photo img_20190120_162649
photo img_20190120_162705

Another one in the other waiting room. This room has a great view. I want to look out the window, too. I suppose nobody will mind if I drag a bench around.

photo img_20190120_163029

That's better. I don't have to wait long…

photo img_20190120_171317

…for the plane spotting to start.

photo img_7861

First one in sight is LV-BZJ…

photo img_7862

…a private Learjet 60.

photo img_7863

Minutes later, flight Austral Líneas Aéreas AU2807 departs to Rosario. LV-GAQ is an Embraer 190.

photo img_7866

Great! Only one more scheduled flight and it's Flightbondi's turn.

But then I get an unexpected email from Flybondi. Have I won some prize? I doubt it.

Gosh. The flight has been rescheduled for 8:40 p.m. That means a 55-minute delay. Grumble.

photo delay

Well, I can still kill some time watching a football match.

photo img_7867

No kidding! I can't help laughing out loud at how angry they get (jokingly, of course) when they lose. Mops, chocs and other stuff begin to fly!

photo img_7868

According to this website, LV-CCS -an Air Tractor AT-802- belongs to the "National Firefighting Plan."

photo img_7870

Next in schedule is Aerolíneas Argentinas flight AR1697 to Buenos Aires (EZE)

photo img_7872

And last, but not least, LV-ISR, a Cessna 337 Skymaster.

photo img_7874

A most interesting design that I had never seen before…

photo img_7875

…with front and rear propellers!

photo img_7876

Without more scheduled flights before my flight, I prefer to move back to the other boarding room. It's very quiet at this time.

photo img_20190120_185546

Yeah. I know that the flight is demorado.

photo img_20190120_185627

How didn't I notice this before? Now you can buy a snack for your flight… and claim it two hours later on arrival at AEP. Very practical!

photo img_20190120_185735

Those words -descargá, escaneá, agregá, retirá- are the Argentine version of imperative forms. The mark on the final A shows that they stress the word on the last syllable, making the words sound even more emphatic. That's why Argentine Spanish sounds "arrogant" to Chileans, but it's just our wrong perception. Actually, 99.99999% of Argentines are extremely lovely people… except the old gentleman that waved his walking cane over my head on the bus to point at the "Preferential" sign above my seat.

photo img_20190120_185840

Darn. It won't be 8:40 but 9:00 p.m. now. I better take a nap.

photo img_20190120_195113

Minutes before 9, LATAM and Aerolíneas Argentinas are on the apron…

photo img_20190120_201748

…and the stairs an baggage belt get ready for the Flybondi flight.

photo img_7878

And right behind LV-GVB…

photo img_7880

…Flybondi comes at last!

photo img_7881


I didn't realize what a coward I am…

photo img_7882

…or the effect that the media can have on me…

photo img_7883

…until now that LV-HFQ is taxiing towards me.

photo img_7884

I'm feeling something like butterflies in my stomach.

photo img_7885

Will I make it to Mendoza in one piece?

photo img_7887

Or will some corner of Patagonia be redecorated with my burned innards? Gulp!

photo img_7888photo img_7889photo img_7891

Is it the window glass or the plane really has a bulge on the top…

photo img_7895

…right above the "fly" in "Flybondi"? Do all 737s have the same bulge?

photo img_7896

Shouldn't I stay in Bariloche…

photo img_7897

…and enjoy the lake, instead????? D:

photo img_7898

Knock, knock.

photo img_7899

"Who's there?"

photo img_7900

"Broken pencil."

photo img_7901

"Broken pencil what?"

photo img_7902

"Never mind. It's pointless." XDDD

photo img_7903

Disembarking begins, but…

photo img_7906photo img_7907photo img_7908

…oops. Wait a second.

photo img_7909

Something needs the crew's attention before they continue.

photo img_7910

Here we go. This way, please.

photo img_7911

As they descend outside…

photo img_7912photo img_7913photo img_7915

…we line up the old fashion way -in two queues- inside.

photo img_20190120_203705b

With the three planes on the apron, the boarding room is chaotic. All jetbridges are busy. Will we have to wait?

photo img_20190120_203844

Ah! There is still an alternative.

photo img_20190120_204149

The escalators!

photo img_20190120_204158

It's fantastic! We'll walk to the plane!

photo img_20190120_204559

This is usually the road you take on arrival…

photo img_20190120_204613

…but gate D is "hidden" there on the left.

photo img_20190120_204617

It has a short ramp, too. To protect the garden, perhaps? XD

photo img_20190120_204635

Ahhh, there you are, LV-HFQ!

photo img_7916

According to, LV-HFQ is not an old plane but it's already a veteran! You can see it in its different liveries here.

photo 2019-03-20-144830_1366x768_scrot

It's Flybondi's fifth plane, and was named "Max" after a stray dog found at Córdoba airport.

photo max

If you ask me…

photo img_7917

…I do like this livery.

photo img_7918

The color is a bit strange, though.

photo img_7919

My failed attempt for a photo of the whole split scimitar.

photo img_7920

La libertad de volar = The freedom of flying. In English you use an -ing form after prepositions. In Spanish you use an infinitive.

photo img_7921

This is the first time I pay attention to the rudder hinges. Is it normal to leave the rudder in that position? Or does it make no difference?

photo img_7922

A view of he waiting room.

photo img_7924

I had my spotting session from that window behind the jetbridge today.

photo img_7925

Once in the cabin…

photo img_20190120_204854

…I have a nice view of the inside of the winglet with the colors of the Argentine flag. A yellow circle instead of the sun was a great choice. There doesn't seem to be much consensus on what the sun in the flag should look like. I have seen many variations, and some of them can even be spooky!!

photo img_7926

I have a better view of my gate from here.

photo img_7928

The seats are much like the old LATAM ones. Thick, soft and comfy.

photo img_20190120_204859

Smart choice. Collecto-proof safety cards.

photo img_20190120_204908
photo img_20190120_204917
photo img_20190120_204922

The space is more than enough for me.

photo img_20190120_204948_1

Ignorant as I am, I have the impression that you can't judge the age of an aircraft by its cabin. I have seen those large lamps in very old panels. I wonder if Boeing has changed them lately.

photo img_20190120_205044

Simple armrest…

photo img_20190120_205110

…with a connector for a double-pin plug.

photo img_20190120_205117

The seats are reclinable!

photo img_20190120_205130

The iflight-magazine is very thin, much like Andes'.

photo img_20190120_205514

We are told through the PA that me must leave the magazine in the cabin. Darn. :( On this page…

photo img_20190120_205635

…a description of the company ("first ULCC in Argentina, started flying in January 2018, 550 "colaborators", 5 planes, 900.000 passengers so far, of which 150.000 are first-time flyers") and of what an LCC is ("189 seats per plane, no extra charges")…

photo img_20190120_205651

…and the extras you must pay for. A 6kg bag is the only baggage included in your ticket. Hashtag at the foot of the page: "We are ultra low cost."

photo img_20190120_205644

Their routes. Those marked "*" are already being sold, and will start in March.

photo img_20190120_205705

The (rather limited) menu is included in the magazine.

photo img_20190120_205722

New routes for 2019.

photo img_20190120_205813

The Flight

A little information from about this flight.

photo route


photo img_7929photo img_7930photo img_7932

As we taxi…

photo img_7933photo img_7934photo img_7935

…away from the terminal building…

photo img_7937photo img_7938photo img_7939

…I try to reassure myself that this will be…

photo img_7940

…a flight like any other…

photo img_7941photo img_7942photo img_7943

…but in my feverish mind…

photo img_7944

…I can't help hearing, loud and clear…

photo img_7945

…the voice of the presenter of Mayday - Air Crash Investigation!

photo img_7946

"Bariloche, Argentina. January 20, 2019…

photo img_7947

…unbeknownst to the passengers of the low cost airline Flybondi…

photo img_7948

…disaster looms over flight FO5461."

photo img_7950

Well, there's no way to stop the flight now…

photo img_7951

…without going to jail.

photo img_7952

So I concentrate…

photo img_7953

…on taking some photos…

photo img_7954

…as we climb…

photo img_7957photo img_7958photo img_7959

…above lake Nahuel Huapi…

photo img_7963

…with a view of Bariloche…

photo img_20190120_211328photo img_20190120_211342photo img_20190120_211345

…and the mountains.

With the dying sunlight…

photo img_20190120_211551

…I barely have the time to see…

photo img_20190120_212313

…lakes Lácar and Lolog…

photo img_20190120_212349

…and lake Huechulafquén, at the foot of Lanín volcano, which is shared by Chile and Argentina.

photo img_20190120_212428

Minutes after the sun dies…

…the BOB service begins. I'll have only an alfajor and a coffee.

photo img_20190120_213239

Great! The coffee is Cabrales, the best Argentine brand, IMHO. If you can ever try it, go for the classic version in the yellow bag. It's superb. Other, supposedly more "refined" kinds are just fancy bags, not worth your money.

photo img_20190120_213255

Alfajores are a traditional confection in Argentina and neighboring countries, but Argentines have a special bond to them.

photo img_20190120_213304

As for its size…

photo img_20190120_213526

…Cecilio approves it! And I approve the rest. :D

photo img_20190120_213457

You can have an idea of the passenger load and the quiet atmosphere during the flight in front of me…

photo img_20190120_215114

…and behind.

photo img_20190120_215126

Who knows what towns we are flying over as we approach Mendoza in the darkness…

photo img_20190120_220109

…but this one loos much like Tunuyán. That means we are less than 100km from our destination.

photo img_20190120_221700

Luckily, the lights are switched off during descent…

photo img_20190120_221825

…allowing for much better photos.

photo img_20190120_222247

Mendoza is a large city with about one million inhabitants.

photo img_20190120_222358

These are its southern suburbs.

photo img_20190120_222410

This doesn't last long because the window gets foggy. It's quite warm outside.

photo img_20190120_222453

In fact, there was a heatwave during my stay, and I had to languish under 40°C. Unbearable.

photo img_20190120_222502

Welcome to MDZ.

photo img_20190120_222827

We have made it in one piece!!

photo img_20190120_223010_1

Everyone is eager to get off so I remain seated and wait while the cones are placed…

…and the stairs are brought.

photo img_20190120_223205
photo img_20190120_223503

I remember that John Paul II used to kneel and kiss the tarmac after getting off his plane. I feel tempted to do the same this time…

photo img_20190120_223636

…but I think I'll just keep this photo with a full moon as a souvenir.

photo img_20190120_223657

Mendoza is one of the domestic destinations of Norwegian in Argentina.

photo norweg

We arrive directly…

photo img_20190120_223820

…at baggage claim.

photo img_20190120_223828

There's a sanitary control before we going landside, but it looks like fruit and vegetables from Bariloche is safe because we just keep walking.

photo img_20190120_223845


photo img_20190120_223910

The main hall. MDZ is not a huge airport…

photo img_20190120_223920

…and the exit is on your left as soon as you emerge from baggage claim.

photo img_20190120_223933

So, is Flybondi a dangerous airline? What about its service quality?

If you ask me, after flying with them I'm more afraid of my flight being rescheduled than falling from the sky in a ball of fire.

I would suggest you keep an eye on your reservation.

To finish with, I want to say thaks to Cuchi, my cat. This report wouldn't have been possible without her help and inspiration. (It would have been posted sooner, though)

Thanks for reading! :)
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

San Carlos de Bariloche - BRC


Mendoza - MDZ



Flybondi is the first ULCC in Argentina. But far from being embraced and welcomed in their country, the media have extensively reported on a series of incidents that cast doubt on the airline's safety standards. What's more, Flybondi has been placed in the middle of a suspected case of corruption involving top government officials, including the country's President.

After flying with them, I would be more concerned of my flight being rescheduled without notice than having an accident. Here's the account of what I saw during my flight. Is Flybondi to be avoided? Is it really unsafe? You be the judge.



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  • Comment 494131 by
    emyrrs 109 Comments

    What a journey with Flybondi! Hahaha. But I do really like that Split Scimitar Winglets on that airplane, it does looks pretty for 'kinda' aging Boeing 737-800. It always confuse me when you posted the price :D like whattt $2000 for ULCC flight? but it wasn't that much in USD after I realise that. Thanks for sharing with us! I do enjoy your reportage about Flybondi ;)

    • Comment 494216 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      What a journey with Flybondi!

      Indeed! The flight itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but the constant feeling of "What if the reports are true...?" made all the difference. XDDD

      It always confuse me when you posted the price

      Well, yes. We could say that Argentine "ARSes" are gorgeous (most of them) but highly devaluated. XDD Anyway, it's worse here in Chile, but we don't have their inflation.

      I do enjoy your reportage about Flybondi

      Thank you very much, Emyrrs. And thanks for dropping by. :)

  • Comment 494177 by
    loukas 342 Comments

    Hola Nechus! Thanks for another amusing report. I hate LCCs, especially the ones that stick safety cards to tray tables, imagine why ;) No force could make me fly this airline, knowing myself I would have paid more to avoid the extra adrenaline (but I see you must like it: first this ancient MD80, now Flybondi... no risk, no fun :) ) This rebooking without notice reminded me of Viet Jet - a vietnamese LCC that is well know for the same habits. Nice spotting in BRC and aerials, as always! Have a great weekend!

    • Comment 494230 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      imagine why

      I can almost see you trying to peel one off! XD

      I see you must like it: first this ancient MD80, now Flybondi... no risk, no fun

      Now that you mention it.... Yeah! You're quite right!! I'm starting to like it!

      Have a great weekend!

      Igualmente, Lukasz! :)

  • Comment 494192 by
    Christian Gerber 2 454 Comments

    Thanks for this first "AeroDemora" report. I wonder how many months of delay they acumulated in one year.
    Are you candidate for the PASO with all these anti-macri Propaganda? I am not sure that an airline's birth can be so quickly (first flight on 2018 but FO annonces it only weeks After Macri élection).

    • Comment 494243 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      I wonder how many months of delay they acumulated in one year

      Good question. Anyways, I'll take this experience as a training session for next July, when I'm flying Peruvian airlines from Tacna to Lima. I have checked their history on, and one of their flights departing on time is a real miracle!!! Have a look here:

      first flight on 2018 but FO annonces it only weeks After Macri élection

      And then I am the one running for the elections??? XDDD

      Gracias por pasar por estos lados, Christian!! :)

  • Comment 494209 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6062 Comments

    Hola Nelson! Thanks for this first report on FlyBondi!! And what a good and hilarious read it is as usual!

    I'm not sure whether I should feel proud or take offense! XD

    Does that mean the dog was named after you or vice-versa ? ?

    In March, some pieces from the engine of a Flybondi plane fell to the runway.

    During an interview, a couple of union leaders warned that Flybondi had over 800 incidents during 2018, which could be setting a new world record!

    WT...! You really need to stop flying these unsafe carriers! You are too adventurous

    Corruption? Scandal? Poor safety record? THAT'S MY KIND OF AIRLINE!! Let's go for a ride!



    Oy...good thing you checked your rez. I also do that regularly because I've been screwed with seat changes so many times....luckily never a change this crazy!

    Though it seems the agent was very responsive through email, it's a shame they couldn't get the A-seat request right! Doh!
    Also, maybe it's because I only know Iberian Spanish, but wow, do Chileans normally say tu (se tratan de tu) to strangers like that? That just caught my eye. Also, I hear some Chilenos use vos. It's like a whole other language down there! Haha

    Speaking of...

    That's why Argentine Spanish sounds "arrogant" to Chileans, but it's just our wrong perception.

    I love all these cultural tidbits. To me Argentine Spanish sounds like an Italian speaking Spanish haha

    …I do like this livery.

    It's not bad. It has a certain Scoot-esque feel to it. What is that colour? Is it like mustard yellow?

    If you ask me, after flying with them I'm more afraid of my flight being rescheduled than falling from the sky in a ball of fire.

    Good to know! I don't have to have to worry about you ?

    Awesome report as always!

    • Comment 494262 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      Does that mean the dog was named after you or vice-versa ?

      They should at least give a discount to those bearing the name of their CEO's pooch!

      You really need to stop flying these unsafe carriers!

      I'll try to heed your advice!

      do Chileans normally say tu

      That's the standard here. "Vos" is also used, but mostly in aggresive contexts and mainly by uneducated people, unless you use it jokingly. "Tú" is friendly and informal. Twenty years ago I would have had to use "usted" (our formal "you") in my email, but now that we are getting richer and more fabulous by the day we feel more comfortable using an informal treatment. XD

      To me Argentine Spanish sounds like an Italian speaking Spanish

      I couldn't agree more! In fact, most of them ARE Italian descendents and the Italian language had an enormous influence on the way they speak, especially for the "porteños" (those who live in Buenos Aires)

      Is it like mustard yellow?

      Bump. It looks much like my cat's poop. :O

      Thanks for your comment, Kevin!! :)

  • Comment 494240 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    ¡Hola Nelson!


    At least they manage to put you on a correct flight. I had a nightmare that my airliner didn't notify (until I started asking questions a week prior to departure) of my change to a different flight (Mann Yadanarpon Airlines). The fun part was that the flight they placed me on was never going to reach my destination haha! Luckily it's all sorted for you and me!

    800 incidents?

    At least they are the best in doing something right? ?

    Sounds like an enjoyable airline I would definitely try too !

    • Comment 494266 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      The fun part was that the flight they placed me on was never going to reach my destination haha!

      Oh, yes! I remember that report! How could they be so careless??? XDD

      At least they are the best in doing something right?

      That's what I tell my students: Whatever you do, do your best! XDD I will show Flybondi to them as an example.

      Sounds like an enjoyable airline I would definitely try too !

      Nobody has died in a Flybondi accident so far, so just go for it! It can't be that dangerous.

      Thanks for dropping by, Thomas! :)

  • Comment 496356 by
    Fernando 67 Comments

    Hi Nelson, probably your best fr so far, excellent. I have to write two of them, so you will read them soon, I hope.

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